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Toshiba 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive HDDR320E03X
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Product Description

Hassle-free, simple and easy, Toshiba's external hard drives are the solution to your backup needs. The included NTI Shadow backup software eliminates the need to push a button or click an icon to activate a backup. Plug in the drive, load the software and you'll have peace of mind in knowing that all of your important digital photos, music, movies and documents are backed up, protected and portable. The software runs in the background capturing updates to files and automatically saving them to the external drive. The Toshiba USB 2.0 External Hard Drive fits easily within a laptop pouch, a knapsack or even a bookshelf. With a USB cable included, the drive can be plugged into just about any desktop or notebook with a USB port and used at home or at work. With everything you need right in the box, Toshiba's External Hard Drives are the ultimate combination of storage and style. Plug and play, ready to go out of the box Easy to use Windows and Mac software Internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology to help protect your drive Simple solution for backup or increasing computer storage System Requirements - Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, USB 2.0 Port Approximate Unit Dimensions - 0.65 (H) x 3.2 (W) x 5.0 (D) Approximate Unit Weight - 6oz

  • USB Powered for Portability/ 320GB Capacity/ Up to 480Mb/s Speed
  • Small Size Saves Desktop Space/ Compact/ Lightweight/ Just 6 oz./ Black and Grey
  • Internal Shock Sensor and Ramp Loading Technology
  • Simple Solution for Backup or Increasing Computer Storage
  • Perfect for Music/ Movies/ Photos/ Games/ Large Business Files/ Etc.

Customer Reviews:

  • Looking for a hard drive? Recommend this one to you
    I'v had this hard drive for around a month now, is one of my top best buys that I've made to amazon. It works great!! I bought it to be able to backup my PC. Now, I save everything directly into my portable hard drive instead of having in it my PC.
    You can be saving a 2GB file while you listen to your favorite mp3 song and the song won't get interrupted, it's even better than an internal hard drive.

    H I G H L Y - R E C O M M E N D E D!!!

    Shipped fast, as well....more info
  • .
    This harddrive works very well. My only complaint is that the cord is so short. I velcroed it to my cpu unit as a resolution....more info
  • Less than 500GB
    I like the dimensions and performance of this hard drive, it is quiet, fast, and my computer (windows XP OS) does not seem to have issues when trying to "safely remove" the hardware, as many other external hard drives I have used seem to have. The reason for giving it 4 starts is because I has somewhat disappointed to realize that the actual capacity of the drive was only 465GB! I feel manufacturers should announce the actual capacity or else increase it to 500GB in windows metrics (which are the same metrics used to calculate the size of files). To me, 35GB missing seems a lot....more info
  • Sometimes small is better
    This is very light weight. unlike the external Seagate drive, this one does not require a separate power source. All power/data transfer is done via one standard USB connection. There is no need to tie up (2) USB ports with this model.

    A++++++++++++++++ ...more info
  • Just plug it and ready
    I read many reviews that said the product wasn't good, and also many saying the opposite, but for me so far it has been very reliable and super easy to use. I was looking for something where I didn't need to do anything but take it out of the box and plug, and that's exactly what it is and all my data is safe nd easy to update with this hard drive.
    It's super easy to take anywhere, not heavy or bulky.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    If you are looking for a small portable hard drive...this is the best in the market....more info
  • 250 GB USB drive
    I work in the intelligence industry and needed a way to securely transport important information in bulk. This device was a great alternative to multiple USB flash drives. Just one HDDR250E03X could hold a large volume of KMZ and RDF files, while a small 8G flash drive could hold only a few of each.

    I encrypted the hard drive and password-protected it for additional security.

    The only negative is upload speed. But for someone who is not uploading multiple 32 GB files, the device should prove efficient....more info
  • lovely
    Stylish, passport size, and fast. Just what the doctor ordered. But I can't give it 5 stars unless it doesn't crash for at least 2-3 years. (I've used it for 6 months.)...more info
  • work's great on both platforms
    Because my iPod died, I use this as my portable music between home and work. It is smaller than I was anticipating which is an added bonus. It is slightly bigger than an ipod and fits nice in my hand. The cord is very short at about 12 inches which is also nice, no cord wrestling! I have it formatted for the PeeCee and at work I have it mapped permanently to the X designation and on the Mac it mounts fine because they can use it formatted in any way. I use iTunes on both computers. I copied a selection of songs from my main library to it, about 190 gig and it took less than 2 hour's and remained relatively cool throughout the transfer. It has nice no-slip rubber feet. The only downsides are that they can't be daisy chained and there is no carrying case. I am using a Crown Royal bag that works great in a pinch. For less than $75 I am extremely satisfied! better than $300 for a new pod!...more info
  • Holds ALOT!!!
    I love this thing! It holds all my pictures, music, and personal files. If that isn't enough, it's able to hold multiple movies and any large recordings (and I haven't even filled the thing up yet!) Great product and works fine....more info
  • Drive okay but horrible cable
    I bought two of these, one for my main files and one as a backup. I use these with a laptop. I have had them for several months and have had no problems with the drives themselves.

    However, both cables have died. One died after just a few days of use. The second one finally died after about 6 months use. The drive has a recessed jack so it is hard to find replacement cables. I have bought or tried many cables but find that they often fall out every few minutes which is quite annoying.

    I finally found some cables with a tapered end that look like they will fit into the recessed area and am hopeful this will resolve this issue. If you buy this drive I would suggest investing in some cables right away too. ...more info
  • Great, Slim & EASY!
    This is a great item.. For $100. big capacity, super slim & sleek, and EASY to use!! The 1st time was kind of slow saving all of my pictures & files but it was like almost 150GB! I would def recommend & purchase again! I am very happy!...more info
  • Great item
    This is a great product. Simple to setup and simple to use. Great back-up for all me pictures, itunes playlists and important documents....more info
  • a real organizer of ur collection....
    so far so good, i was able to organized all my picture collection...and its already a good deal!...more info
  • Pretty handy and useful
    I have been using this for a month now and its flawless yet. Its small enough to fit in your pocket etc. The only problem is that the USB cable is short and if you have to move your laptop even an inch, it is either dragged or hangs. This is especially disturbing if you want to use it while traveling etc because you can not keep it fixed at some place around. Overall, its a fine product and is extremely useful considering its size and its ability to run on USB power rather than requiring any external one. On another note, you will not get a full 500GB space on that. It will give you some where around 460GB. ...more info
  • Producto excelente.
    Me gust¨® mucho el disco, es muy bueno, muy r¨¢pido, muy liviano, es pr¨¢ctico; no le doy 5 estrellas en la puntuaci¨®n porque la parte donde va el conector usb vino como defectuoso y se sube un poco; entonces tengo que darle con el dedo para que beje ya as¨ª poder conectarlo; realmente es algo tonto porque no afecta en nada el rendimiento del disco, pero es un detalle que considero importante....more info
  • Great Product
    I have to say that I really love this hard drive. I take it with my everywhere. Hook it into my X-Box 360, and my friends PS3 and it works quite well. Small and compact, fits in your pocket without being too much of an annoyance. One issue I had was that I wanted to upgrade my 360's storage space so I bought this HD to store my saved files and games but it doesn't allow you to do this. I suppose this is more of an issue with Microsoft and not a short coming of the product so I didn't factor that into my review....more info
  • USB powered drive - not necessarily true
    I returned the Toshiba drive because once I had it, I discovered it was not possible to power the drive via USB unless you plugged it into 2 USB ports. My PowerBook has only 2 USB ports and I wasn't about to tie them both up for one peripheral. Not to mention having to search out and buy a USB cable harness with 2 plugs (a $20 addition to a $65 drive). None of this was covered in the product information.

    I ended up buying a Western Digital drive with firewire connection. Its dandy, but Amazon doesn't sell it....more info
  • very, very short cable
    if you plan to connect to a deskstop, don't bother. the supplied cable is way too short (less than 1 foot). not even long enough to lay it on top of desktop. i used an extension cable to connect to the original cable but that didn't help -- maybe the added cable length reduces the power to the drive. even the optional y-cable is 1 ft long.
    if you're using it with a laptop, the cable length shouldn't be an issue since the hdd would be placed near the laptop on a desk.
    performance of the drive itself seems reasonable, sleek look (similar with other brands). would have given a higher rating if not for the inconsiderate design of cable length....more info
  • You've Got Something In Store"age" For You!
    Excellent product. Toshiba (name drop), in my opinion makes one of the better products on the market. I own a Toshiba (another drop) Laptop & bought this HDD because I trust not only the name, but the reliability that I always find in Toshiba (oops, must have a hole in my pocket).

    This HDD from Toshiba (anyone got a needle and thread?) has fast communications and quick read/write capability.

    I recommend this to anyone looking for a small, external and on-the-go HDD. Make sure you pick up a case for it as well.

    Case Logic Compact Portable Hard Drive Case (Black)...more info
  • sleek
    for some strange reason, i was very suspicious. the 500Gb was cheaper than 400Gb. The warranty information on the site was very vague and unclear. It was not even clear if the part# was right as there were mismatches between this and those on the toshiba website.

    But decided to buy it anyway as 100$ seemed a steal with free shipping. Just checked it out today. It works fine. The cable is really long..... NOT. It is the most stupidly designed cable i have seen. it is a whopping 8 in long tip to tip which makes it very inconvenient. I need to look for a longer cable. Otherwise its too early to tell about performance but it seems to be fine.

    Oh and it does have a 3 yr warranty.
    ...more info
  • So far so good
    I have had the product only a few months and so far NO problems. That doesnt mean I will not have probs. later, just as of now, no complaints, no problems. Works as advertised....more info
  • Great Buy!!
    Wow!! i really enjoy this item...I would not trade it for the world...It's very small and nice ..anybody who buys this hard drive will not regret it...By the way, I bought it for a really good price!!I will encourage anybody to buy it..Thanks Amazon......more info
  • File Saver
    At about the size of a deck of cards, this attractive, easy to install and easy to use hardware is a great storage device for any important documents, photos, music, etc. that you do not want to keep on your computer hard drive. Plus, it is a good back up system in case your computer crashes and you lose everything. ...more info
  • Excelente compra
    Muy buen precio y rendimiento, tambi¨¦n buena presentaci¨®n. El acceso es r¨¢pido y silencioso. Su tama?o es perfecto para andarlo diariamente, adem¨¢s que como toma la electricidad del puerto USB, no hay que cargar mucho cable....more info
  • Time Machine Backup
    The Toshiba device with its success rate and price is an ideal little tool. I own a Mac and bought this hard drive as a back up for Time Machine. However, this is not a good back up program for saving extra files; it is intended for week to week back to allow your computer to return to its last saved state after a crash. So, if you're a Mac owner who wants to hold files remotely do not choose the default Time Machine option. The hard drive works fine for both Time Machine and standard, I'm just giving you warning if you're a person who like to set things up with out reading. ...more info
  • Alright.....
    Delivered on time, in good condition and was as described. No problems so far............Takes a while to transfer data as it's only usb powered and 5400rpm..........It was very good for the price in comparison to the other competitors....more info
  • Toshiba hard drive
    You need to know that an external hard drive comes formatted with FAT 32 and will have to be reformatted to NFTS prior to being used with a Windows operating system. This can be done with your computer. After formatting the Toshiba hard drive performs as I had hoped and I'm glad I purchased it. ...more info
  • Holds to other positive reviews
    Product is up to speed relative to most of the positive reviews. Actual disk size 465 GB. This is true relative to printed size, is very convenient, plug and play works with no problems on xp and vista machines haven't tried other OS's. I have had no issues.

    ...more info
  • Great price, kinda slow :)
    It is small, portable, and very nice looking. It works great, but a tad on the slow side. That doesn't bother me any because I had the time to let it transfer. I put about 100GB on it all at once and it took about an hour. So if you don't mind letting it do it's thing, I'd say this is a great buy! :)...more info
  • A Much Needed Space Saver
    We purchased this Hard Drive in the hopes of protecting our ever-expanding music collection. It is amazing how far external hard drives have come. This has been an easy to use and easy to store piece of equipment. A must have if you own a digital camera or have an itunes account....more info
  • As Good as Expected
    Passport Drive arrived on time, was immediately ready for use, easy to pack for a weekend trip, and is very convenient. Highly recommended....more info