BreathableBaby Breathable Safer Bumper, Fits All Cribs – White
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Product Description

This remarkable crib bumper lets fresh air through, while keeping little limbs safely inside the crib. Soft and padded for extra protection. Compatible with most crib styles, including convertibles and sleigh cribs, provided they have slatted ends. Hypoallergenic poly mesh. Attaches easily with Velcro?; no dangerous ties. Machine wash. Imported.

  • Reduces the risks of suffocation, entanglement and climbing
  • Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside
  • Easy-wrap design; adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends, attaches easily with hook and loop fasteners, no dangerous ties
  • Collapses to prevent climbing, patented and safety evaluated
  • Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set, award winning product

Customer Reviews:

  • Does't match the picture
    The company said that the bumper would work on Sliegh beds but it does not. Since it does not have ties you have to wrap it in and out of the rails and then it doesn't stay up. I would not buy this product again....more info
  • Good idea, Bad bumper
    When I was pregnant and shopping for the nursery, I was torn between what type of bumper to buy. One one hand I liked the softness of the Carter's brand bumper, but I liked the "breathable" bumper because my daughter was born in the beginning of summer and I wanted her to stay as cool as possible; so I bought the breathable bumper. When I put it on the crib, it looked very nice and while my daughter was little and imobile, it was very useful. As soon as she began to roll around, about 4 months, I would wake in the night to screams...her litttle arms and legs would get caught in the spacing of the crib, up and over the bumper! She would roll and turn while sleeping and apparently her limbs would lift over the bumper and the bumper would crumble under the light pressure of a babies arm. I have since bought the Carter's brand bumper and I am happy. It stands up to her limbs and no more limbs get caught. Great idea, but bumper needs work....more info
  • Peace of mind
    For safety reasons, experts recommend that you don't use stuffed bumpers inside of the crib because they believe it increases the risk of SIDS. However, my son was one of those babies that was throwing his limbs out of the crib at night and getting stuck. This bumper works great. Very easy to install. Note is does come in two pieces to accommodate cribs that have drop fronts. Ours didn't so I used the longer three sided piece for the front and put the single piece in the back so that there weren't any holes in the front. It has held up really well and still looks nice. Ours is the sage green color which looks nice, but I wish they had more colors....more info
  • Awesome invention!
    I wasn't sure about this when I ordered it, but am absolutely sold after a month's use. My 6-month old loses pacifiers at night and they fall behind the crib (as they did with my 2 1/2 year old)...instead of fishing them out in the dark of the night, they're all contained in the crib now with the breathable bumper. Also, even when my baby has her faced pressed against the crib wall/bumper, I don't worry at all about SIDS since she can still breath with the mesh material of the bumper. I wish I had this 2 years ago when my oldest was in the crib. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Does NOT fit all cribs
    I purchased 2 of these bumpers when my twins were born. They were labeled SLIGHTLY differently. This one said, "Fits All Cribs," while my other one said "Fits Slatted Cribs." This one was WAY too small to fit around my standard Graco crib. The other was a perfect fit. Needless to say, I had to return this one. However, I can sleep a little easier at night knowing that if my little guys roll over (which they do quite often) they won't suffocate. They are very soft and well made as well as easy to install....more info
  • Awesome Bumper for peace of mind
    I purchased this breathable crib bumper after finding my 4 month old pinned up against our regular crib bumper and getting very upset. Nothing was wrong with her but it could have been. I immediately purchased this bumper and it fits on our crib fabulously, so now when I find her with her nose pinned up against this in the morning I know she can breathe fine at least. Fabric is soft, instructions easy, I would recommend this to a friend....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    My baby was rolling over and getting his arms and legs stuck between the slats of his crib, but I didn't want to use a standard fabric bumper because of the SIDS dangers. The mesh allows air movement, but keeps his limbs inside the crib. I also really like that when he starts pulling up he won't be able to step on the bumper because it's so flexible. He was just over 4 months old when I got this, and now he is just over 6 months and I haven't had any problems with it. I highly recommend this product, with one caveat: The set includes one length of fabric for the front rails and then one much longer length for the other 3 sides of the crib. This allows for people with adjustable front rails to use the product. I don't have one of these, so there are two small spaces that aren't covered by the bumpers in the front corners. This hasn't posed any problem at all (and my baby is very active), but it should still be included somewhere in the product information....more info
  • No crib should be without this!!
    I got this for my 3rd baby who was 10 mths old. I can't believe I waited so long. This is a lifesaver for the parent whose baby uses a pacifier. How many nights have you spent looking in the dark for the lost paci?!?! A friend used this years back and raved about it so I went ahead and ordered one. My little one was getting her legs stuck in the bars and the pacifier was forever falling out. Now her legs can't pop out of the crib and the only time the paci is missing is if its stuck in the corner. I love it and would recommend this to all parents!!...more info
  • A decent short term solution if you are wary of crib bumpers
    I was pretty determined to have a "naked crib" but our son started flipping himself while swaddled and we had to stop swaddling him. He's a rather long baby and went through a phase of jamming his hands and feet through the crib rails and becoming frantic because he believed himself to be stuck (he wasn't "really" stuck, but it freaked him out.) He would wake up several times a night screaming because of this.

    This bumper basically prevented him from doing that most of the time. Not always, because it does slide down the crib rails and a determined baby can still get their arms and legs over or under it. But if you're having this problem, this might be a solution for you.

    The "breathability" of the bumper is apparent and very reassuring. My son has slept with his face pressed up against it several times and even this anxious mother was not alarmed by that.

    It is hideous, because it's basically a thick gauze crib wrapper, but that can't really be helped.

    We've used it for about two months and will probably take it off pretty soon because my son has gotten good at sliding it up and down and now entertains himself that way. But it definitely served its purpose and was worth the money for that....more info
  • Safe for my baby!
    A bit tricky to put on the crib, maybe because ours is a bit smaller than most, so the fabric overlapped. Otherwise, a great, safe bumper that provides protection from bumped heads and that I know will not endanger his breathing. It's not that stylish, but who cares, when it's safe?...more info
  • Best Bumper for Mom's Peace of Mind
    This is a great product - I'm really surprised by the negative reviews. We've been using this for several months now and have had no problems, even though our baby is very "active." Before we bought this bumper, we had a cute plush one, but baby would sleep with her face right up against the bumper and I worried about the SIDS risk of re-breathing air. When we had no bumper our baby got her legs stuck between the crib slats. Now she sleeps just fine. This is the only thing that works for baby and gives me peace of mind. I can't understand why some reviewers found it hard to install or that it didn't stay in place - you do have to weave the bumper in and out of a few of the crib slats and pull it tight, but it's really very simple and ours stays in place just fine. There's a YouTube video of a woman installing one, if you want to get a better idea, but it really is simple. I'm going to make sure grandma gets one before we stay at her house again....more info
  • Easy to install and does the job!
    I bought this bumper because my son kept getting his arms and legs stuck in the slats of his crib, but I was afraid to use traditional bumpers because of the SIDS risk. This bumper provides good ventilation, along with a little bit of padding to cushion bumps. The bumper was easy to install and is very secure. It also helps keep the pacifier in the crib, saving us multiple trips into his room at night to pick it up off the floor. ...more info
  • Easy Install, love the design!!!
    I love this product! My daughter loves to toss her binky and this helped keep it in. Her little legs always ended up using the standard bumper as a foot rest with her foot hanging out of the slats and this has stopped that so far. She loves to scoot right up to the corner of the crib too and with this bumper I do not worry as much about suffocation. It looks good and was easy to install. We have a slatted crip that does not have a up and down front rail. We lower the mattress as she gets bigger. I attached the long piece bumper to the short piece to make it go all the way around with no gaps and it works great. I would recomend this to all. If you are worried about length, there is enough velcro to stretch or tighten to your desired length....more info
  • Decent product but doesn't fit quite right and leaves 2 gaps
    Bought this bumper for my baby's crib which does not have a drop rail. It is designed for cribs with a drop rail and so it comes in two pieces - one piece for the moveable side of the crib (the one that drops), and a larger piece that covers the other 3 sides. So it leaves 2 gaps because the pieces don't come together completely. This makes it easier to drop one side of a drop-side
    crib but is pointless if you don't have this feature and looks funny. Also, baby is always losing his pacifier out of these gaps. I was disappointed that it looks like one piece in the picture and doesn't show the gap or mention that it is a two-piece bumper. I ended up buying a new bumper and using this for the crib at grandma's house. I would have returned it if it weren't for the shipping cost. As for the breathability - the mesh seems to be good quality, just don't let the grabby side of the velcro attachments touch the mesh or it pulls and damages the mesh. The fit was somewhat loose on my crib and hard to adjust it to be tight. I am not terribly impressed - I wish it was tighter and also wish it was one solid bumper. ...more info
  • Saves my little ones limbs!
    I didn't like NOT having a bumper, but could no longer use the one that was part of the bedding set. I've found my baby with her mouth pressed up against this bumper. Gives me peace knowing she can breath through it. I also don't have to worry about her little arms or legs coming through the bars. I didn't love the way it goes on and could be a little more secure, but non the less, I'm happy with this purchase. I did love the nutral color!...more info
  • Works awesome, and gives me peace of mind
    I was a little hesitant to purchase this product because of some of the bad reviews. I went ahead and bought it because I thought it was better than not having it. I'm so glad I did. It took a little creativity and a couple tries to get it installed to the point I was happy with it but it wasn't too bad at all. I realized those complaining about it folding over do not have it installed correctly. You need to pull it really tight and it works perfectly. I suggest checking out the Breathable Baby Website if you have any questions on them. There are a few options depending on your crib style. We were worried about suffocation risk with our regular bumper so weren't using it, but our son was getting his arms and legs stuck between the slats....this is perfect for all situations! I highly recommend to anyone....more info
    I purchased this product with a little hesitancy after reading some reviews about the different crib styles not working with it. I am satisfied with keeps my son's legs and arms inside the crib but he can pull it down and mess it up as it doesn't stay in place that well with the velcro. It does beat the old style padded crib liners so I really like that he can mush his face against the side of the crib without me fearing suffocation....more info
  • Not as safe as you expect
    I was convinced by our baby coach that we would be endangering our son if we had regular bumpers. SO of course we bought mesh bumpers. Problem is, they don't work well for sleigh cribs. My son, 9 months old, is now crawling and in the past few weeks his crib has become a danger zone. I still find him screaming with a limb sticking out, and have even seen him via monitor put a hand on the mesh in hopes of pulling up only to go crashing face first into the wood slates. As a non crawler, I'm sure this is safer then the regular bumper, but at this stage now I'm not sure. Not that I want him standing on a bumper in the near future. I have heard of kids who can scale doing this- I am wondering why I don't move the crib out and put in a playpen. In the meantime, I have been looking for alternatives. The breathable bumper has been a big let down.
    ...more info
  • pretty great bumper
    My husband was freaked out by real crib bumpers but we needed to keep those little arms and legs from popping out of the crib. The bumper looks great, though it won't protect your little one's head when he rolls all the way over to the edge. Very easy to set up- you may need to re-adjust the velcro after a while if the bumper starts to sag....more info
  • Breathable crib bumper
    I really like this breathable bumper as an alternative for the origional sytles of crib bumpers. I am pleased with the color (green)and it was easy to put on the crib. It really helps in preventing my baby's arm's and leg's from getting stuck in the slat's which was happening before I purchased this bumper. Whoever came up with this safer idea of a bumper did a great job!...more info