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I Am Legend (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition)
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Robert Neville is a brilliant scientist but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable incurable and man-made. Somehow immune Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and maybe the world. For three years Neville has faithfully sent out daily radio messages desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. But he is not alone. Mutant victims of the plague -- The Infected -- lurk in the shadows... watching Neville's every move... waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Perhaps mankind's last best hope Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered... and quickly running out of time.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE/THRILLERS UPC: 085391139621 Manufacturer No: 1000023980

Will Smith stars in the third adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic science-fiction novel about a lone human survivor in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by vampires. This new version somewhat alters Matheson's central hook, i.e., the startling idea that an ordinary man, Robert Neville, spends his days roaming a desolated city and his nights in a house sealed off from longtime neighbors who have become bloodsucking fiends. In the new film, Smith's Neville is a military scientist charged with finding a cure for a virus that turns people into crazed, hairless, flesh-eating zombies. Failing to complete his work in time--and after enduring a personal tragedy--Neville finds himself alone in Manhattan, his natural immunity to the virus keeping him alive. With an expressive German shepherd his only companion, Neville is a hunter-gatherer in sunlight, hiding from the mutants at night in his Washington Square town house and methodically conducting experiments in his ceaseless quest to conquer the disease.

The film's first half almost suggests that I Am Legend could be one of the finest movies of 2007. Director Francis Lawrence's extraordinary, computer-generated images of a decaying New York City reveal weeds growing through the cracks of familiar streets that are also overrun by deer and prowled by lions. It's impossible not to be fascinated by such a realistically altered cityscape, reverting to a natural environment, through which Smith moves with a weirdly enviable freedom, offset by his wariness over whatever is lurking in the dark of bank vaults and parking garages. Lawrence and screenwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman wisely build suspense by withholding images of the monsters until a peak scene of horror well into the story. It must be said, however, that the computer-enhanced creatures don't look half as interesting as they might have had the filmmakers adhered more to Matheson's vampire-nightmare vision. I Am Legend is ultimately noteworthy for Smith's remarkable performance as a man so lonely he talks to mannequins in the shops he frequents. The film's latter half goes too far in portraying Smith's Neville as a pitiable man with a messianic mission, but this lapse into bathos does nothing to take away from the visual and dramatic accomplishments of its first hour. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Good and Bad
    Good - Will Smith, an alternate cityscape, survival. Sounded really good to me and the trailers were good. The depressing book and film were required reading/watching in Jr.High, but this adaptation is more like a summary of the book and it isn't fair to compare what special effects were available back when Charlton Heston played the role so I won't go there.
    Bad - The ending. I had hoped they would change that part of the story - I looked forward to something better than status quo and I prefer movies (and books) that leave me satisfied, not wishing I'd stayed home and cleaned the kitchen. If you feel the same way, don't watch this one. I heard a rumor that 2-disc version will have an alternate (happy) ending. If it does, I'll watch it. If it doesn't I won't...ever....more info
  • I Am Legend

    No need to say: the edition is awesome!
    I Am Legend (Ultimate Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]...more info
  • Worse Will Smith movie ever!
    Thank God he gets killed at the end so there'll be no sequel!
    Watch the Omega Man with Charlton Heston instead....more info
  • Great visuals, decent story..
    This movie is very interesting to watch, New York looks unbelievable. Although many people didnt like look of the Darkseekers, all of their moviements and actions were motion captured so it was real people acting.. good movie but not for a lot who are religious buffs...more info
  • Not bad, but not that good.
    There's a lot to like in this film. Will Smith is excellent, the direction is sharp, the first half of the film handles the problem of one actor alone with no one else to interact with marvelously, and even the special effects manage not to go too overboard.

    It all falls apart in the last half hour. The ending of the film (either ending, theatrical or alternate) totally destroys what the real meaning of the title was in the original novel. In the interest of appealing to a mass audience, the writer's completely abandoned the heart and soul of the story and replaced with a paper-thin pseudo-religious feel-good miracle plot device that you would expect from a made-for-TV movie.

    It's worth seeing, especially for Will Smith, but the ending will leave you disappointed....more info
  • A Great Movie
    Will Smith is once more playing a role that can really suite him. While not a comedy, he does pull off the serious role required in I Am Legend.

    While this movie does lose something the second time watched, the movie is still rewatchable and a good addition to any movie collection, whether you love Will Smith, Suspense, or just a movie buff....more info
  • I Am Legend
    I'm not a huge fan of remakes, nor am I a fan of Will Smith, but I wanted to like this and went into viewing this movie with an open mind. First problem with this movie is Will Smith, he can not carry a movie by himself. If you're a fan of his, you'll probably love it, but not being a fan of his, I have to say he seriously lacks the chops to pull this off. Second massive issue is the horrendously awful CGI. The wide shots of the city look fine, but the lions in the beginning are just unbearably bad, and then when they finally show the vampires, that was just the final nail in the coffin for me. No pun intended. They just looked horrid, very poorly done. I watched both endings, and they were both very bland, the unrated theatrical version being the worst of the two. And while I have to say that the movie is very much watchable and not the worst thing to ever grace the silver screen, it needed a lot of improvement and a new lead actor to make it a worthwhile film....more info
  • Huge Holes ...
    I've neither read the novel nor seen either of the movies with Mr. Price or Mr. Heston. I am a big fan of Will Smith.

    I watched this movie with my 13-year-old son. A pair of geeks, I found that we had to stop the movie periodically to explain some of the points my son questioned (like why Smith's character was broadcasting in AM instead of FM.)

    After the first 1/3rd of the movie, I thought this movie began to have potential to stand as a metaphor for feelings of isolation in today's society. (Gimme a break. I coach/counsel a lot of powerful, isolated men.)

    Sadly, in a Hollywood way, the movie started to go downhill after the 1st third. Some points that jumped out include:

    1. Smith's character is a military man who can bobby-trap an entire city block, but is unable to spot (and avoid) a simplistic guerilla trap. (Note to the colonel: "Who do you THINK moved Frank the dummy? The deer?!?)

    2.He's been alone for 3 years and convinced that he's the last person on earth. A beautiful woman comes and literally saves him from death ... and he can barely have a civil conversation with her?

    3. How did the baddies get into his house at the end? It seemed like Smith's character left a window open in his daughter's room. Again, after locking down the house for 3 years (and it being a matter of life/death), he's gonna forget to close a window?

    4. Smith's character has the ability to design and construct heavy steel shutters over his house windows, and then builds a laboratory door out of .... what? It looked like cardboard the way those baddies blasted through it.

    I'm willing to suspend some disbelief when I watch movies, but the ending of this movie had too many holes in it. Even fictional worlds need to have some degree of coherency....more info
  • It's just not that great
    I was really disappoined with this movie. The Zombies/Vampires or whatever they look sooooo fake. Like someone else said they look like video game bad guys. I really hope someone lost there job for that POS. Other then that I thought Will Smith did a great job playing our great hero but I also think the ending was lacking...more info
  • Very dull movie
    As are most movies that have a cast of ONE (unless you include the dog), this movie is DULL. Think Castaway, where the guy talks to a volleyball. Now simply substitute a dog instead of a volleyball and there you have it. ...more info
  • Pleease - how could he have elctricity 3+ years after human wipeout?
    He is the only living human in NYC and 3+ years later he has electricity and can watch DVDs and listen to CDs and turn on powerful floodlights? His refrigerator works too, as does his either electric or gas stove. Has potable water from the sink and shower too? His washing machine must work, too because his clothes are always clean. I think this is a silly movie....more info
  • What Does it Take to Become a Legend?
    I Am Legend, the novel, spawned the vampires-as-physical-phenomena genre. Vulnerabilities to religious icons were merely psychological holdovers from victims of a disease who believed they were vampires. But the thirst for blood was very real. It established the post-apocalyptic fear of contamination.

    Since I Am Legend is a Will Smith vehicle, I figured it'd have some wisecracks, a lot of action, and Smith saving the day. So I was surprised to get exactly that - but not delivered in the way I expected.

    I Am Legend is very much like a A Boy & His Dog in that our two protagonists are Robert Neville (Will Smith), a virologist responsible for finding a cure in New York City, and his dog Samantha, wandering a world gone mad. What's interesting about I Am Legend is the question posed by the title. Why is Neville a legend?

    The most obvious answer is that Neville is immune to the disease that has converted 90 percent of humanity. As such, he believes he holds the cure within himself. In that regard, if Neville can succeed in stopping the plague, he will be a legend to all of humankind. But there's more to I Am Legend than that.

    It's fitting that his companion is a dog. With only Sam as his companion, Neville is truly a legend; the only other living being idolizes Neville, just as dogs idolize their masters. Neville also creates a fictional community of people out of mannequins in a DVD rental store, where everybody knows his name. Neville is indeed a legend in his own mind.

    There's also the possibility, posited in the original story, that Neville isn't famous as a savior, but infamous amongst the new breed of humanity as a mass murderer. In that regard Neville is legendary not because of whom he saves but whom he kills. Neville sacrifices countless of the infected in a quest for a cure, and in the process loses a little bit of his own humanity.

    I Am Legend could easily have been an egotistical macho romp in a world gone mad in the vein of Mad Max. Instead, it is a thoughtful meditation on how communities define ourselves, even if your only friend is a dog. Although the director flinches at the uncompromising ending that could have been (and is on the two-disc special edition), I Am Legend is a serious entry in both science fiction movies and Will Smith's string of blockbusters.
    ...more info
  • A Lacklustre Treatment Of A Classic Novel....
    As a standalone last-man-on-earth movie or a remake of The Omega Man , 'I Am Legend' is a film of two halves. The first half, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, is very good indeed and doesn't concede to the big guns, explosions and one-liner forumula popularised by the Bruckheimer and Simpson school of Blockbuster movie-making; In keeping with the novel, what you have is the laconic introduction of a man going about an ordered routine in a world in which order has ceased to have meaning. The first section of the film, prior to the first appearance of the living human infected (and minus some dodgy CGI deer and a CGI lion that looked like it had padded into frame from the film, Madagascar (Widescreen Edition) ) is nothing short of breathtaking. The vistas of an empty New York slowly returning to nature are the best CGI that I've seen since Children of Men (Widescreen Edition) largely because, bar the opening shots, they borrow a trick from that film in not dwelling on the landscapes with the obligatory "look at our cool effects, kids!" shots. Because of the ordinariness with which they're treated one doesn't relate to them as an effect. Smith's performance as Bob Neville is, thank the lord, note perfect. The unspoken dread in his eyes as he's washing his canine companion in the bath-tub and waiting for the sun to set is palpable and, I take my hat off to him, he deserves an Oscar for the strength and subtlety of his performance here. Films like this are carried by their actors and this is a spectacular performance. Not the best of its kind - that accolade still goes to the late, great Bruno Lawrence in the brilliant The Quiet Earth - but certainly in the top five. However, the scene which is the film's greatest triumph is also its greatest tragedy. Namely, when Neville is forced to chase his dog into a darkened building and we're treated to a bravura sequence in which he unequivocally panics as he tracks around darkened corners with his rifle. We, the audience, know that the human infected - whom we still haven't seen - are going to jump out on him. And they do. And when they do, they are unfortunately completely unconvincing as anything other than a special effect - and not a particularly convincing special effect at that - at which that point all of the carefully accrued tension dissipates and the audience finds itself firmly in rubbery Matrix CGI country. Make no mistake about it, if Francis Lawrence had opted for human performers in make-up (of the like seen in 28 Weeks Later (Widescreen Edition) and Zack Snyder's superb Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut) remake) rather than CGI, it would have probably have been the most terrifying piece of big-budget horror film-making in recent history. In fact, one wonders whether the budget wasn't the deciding factor in making the human infected CGI, as the audiences awareness of them as a special effect drastically reduces the level of horror which would probably have garnered the film an R17/18 rating; something which would have prevented vast swathes of the audience demographic from seeing it and probably would have spelled box office doom given the millions involved. From then on, the film marches steadily on to a denouement which is hurried, rather limp and a complete juxtaposition to the dark themes of the novel. If you're a fan of the novel, you're not going to see it here. The only resemblance to it is the title, the name of the protagonist and, superficially, the situation. Neville is no longer a borderline-alcoholic, blue-collared schmoe barely managing to contain his own self-destructive urges. The scientific examination of the vampire myth that made the book so fascinating is not here. Neither is the final heart-breaking inversion of Neville's plight which so haunted me when I read it as a thirteen year old. Suffice to say, despite three official screen interpretations and numerous unofficial interpretations, the definitive version of this massively influential novel is still to be made. One day, maybe Hollywood will realise that this is one story that doesn't need a rewrite or eye-candy to bolster what is already a supremely haunting and still frighteningly relevant tale....more info
  • Looks great!
    Good movies on Blu-ray are just such excellent keepsakes. I Am Legend looks super-good....more info
  • Average Film
    This wasn't a very detailed film. I liked it but was glad I saw it on cable and didn't pay the regular movie price or I would have felt cheated. Also, his blatant advertising of Shrek in this movie was a little nauseating. Smith shouldn't taint a good film with a mediocre one. Don't bother buying I Legend. See it on cable or order it though internet library loan at your local library if it doesn't have it on the shelf. Will Smith dropped it with this film. ...more info
  • Luney toons!
    It would seem like a good idea to use CG for the monsters in this flick. I mean this way you can make them faster and do things guy's in suits just can't do. But to me they looked like lunatic cartoons, and it took me right out of the fantasy. I've seen cheesy movies based off VIDEO GAME'S with better effects. Will Smith is basically a national treasure at this point and deservedly so. The film has some very moody scenes and is shot beautifully. But didn't we watch this film for the monsters? I did. And I thought they sucked. ...more info
  • I really wanted to like it, but...
    it was just SO depressing! I am a big fan of Will Smith and will watch anything he's in-- but if I never have to see this movie again it will be too soon! There is just one sad event after another and really there are no "feel good" moments at all. I felt like I wanted to hang myself while watching the movie-- not really, but that's just how depressing it was to watch. Props to Will Smith on an amazing performance-- the only good thing about the movie, taking out all other content.

    Don't waste 2 hours of your life on this movie......more info
  • For a remake, much better than I really expected
    When it comes to remakes of films I've always liked, I generally have very low expectations. This one, of course, is a remake of _The Omega Man_ (the only good film Charlton Heston ever made, in my opinion), which was based on the novel by Richard Matheson -- also one of my favorites. (The version meant to star Schwarzenegger fell through before completion.) And there was a terrible version starring Vincent Price called _The Last Man on Earth._ Also, Will Smith, who is actually a pretty good actor, had already appeared in _I, Robot,_ one of the worst films ever based on a classic science fiction story. So, would this attempt be any better?

    I'm pleased to say that, while this version of one of the best "zombie" yarns ever written has significant differences from both the book and the Heston movie, it's a very good piece of work taken on its own. Smith is Robert Neville, an army researcher involved in developing the genetically mutated virus that brings an end to cancer as it spreads. Unfortunately, it mutates farther than intended and kills off ninety percent of the world's population. Of the survivors, another few percent become inhuman "Dark Seekers" and kill off all the others. Neville is one of only a handful of naturally immune individuals. And while cooped up in his house on Washington Square, trying desperately to find a cure for the plague he helped cause, he's going slowly and quietly insane. And when night comes, the windows are shuttered and the doors bolted because the Infected will be coming out to hunt. Smith plays the role with considerable power and believability. The camera work and the sets are excellent, and the screenplay is first-rate. One of the best horror films I've seen in awhile....more info
  • I Am Legend
    Item came in good conditions no scuffs or scratches of any kind on the cd played well just as described....more info
  • Shelby Mustang GT500- I'm in.
    I could get up and do the dishes. I could...but the dog, Samantha, she's stealing the movie so far. She's so cute and I love dogs. I do want to see what happens to the dog. Oh, and now there's a flashback...seems like some sort 'Omega Man' type thing going on. There's vicious rats that I'll probably have nightmares about tonight and omigod, the monsters are for reals, very scary. Um, did I mention the freakin' car? Any gearhead worth her spit will get off on the 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 as it literally destroys the streets of Manhattan, even if it is CGI. It's still a dream come true. Good story telling, escapism, and, in my opinion, the best actor of my generation, Will Smith. And definatly the best car. The dishes will have to wait. ...more info
  • Incredibly depressing movie.
    I was not at all impressed with this film. In fact, all I remember about it was that it was very, very sad, and that I ended it vowing I would never watch it again. It was entirely forgettable and way too depressing. Want to see a good Will Smith movie? Watch Independence Day. Stay away from I Am Legend. ...more info
  • i am legend / blu-rey
    this movie was delivere to broken and i not happy costomer because dvd
    was brokem ...more info
  • Nonsense...
    How do you give the 'ultimate collector's' treatment to an 'ok' sci-fi flick. There's no big fan following for this film. It's easily the worst adaptation of the I AM LEGEND story. Last Man On Earth is the best one and even Omega Man is more fun to watch. If you're going to go collector's on this, why not tie into it the short brilliant story by Matheson...perhaps print a small version of the story as a booklet, detail the parts where the writers took from the novel, where they strayed off. Include Last Man on Earth and Omega Man as discs into the set...make it a collector's tribute to the I Am Legend story. This movie alone is just an 'ok' sci-fi flick...nothing profound or cultish about it. And in this era of great special effects, the creatures were no better than video game quality (and even sub par from that at times). You can clearly see that the creatures and Will Smith did not occupy the same space on screen. I'd only get an ultimate set of this if you include the short novel, Last Man on Earth and Omega Man...the creature designs by comic legend Ron Garney AND the comic adaptation by Steve Niles as well...then you'd have an ultimate I Am Legend Set. Get on that asap....more info
  • Great Remake!
    I have the Charlton Heston version of this film, titled "The Omega Man," and can say that "I Am Legend" is a great remake of the story. While TOM was more religious in nature, which was accepted at the time (it was in essence a Vegetable Myth story,) IAL takes a more objective view of the story. And the approaches to the theory behind the approach that the writers took, with the research into the development of mutations of viruses made it the more believable.
    I applaud the believability that the writers presented....more info
  • Perhaps not reading the book was a good thing
    I have not read the novel, so the review of this movie stands on the cinema performance and story only, rather than if it is true to the novel. Will Smith continues to add depth and range to the characters he plays, and in this he is brilliant as an army scientist driven to find a cure for a virus that has mutated 500+ billion people. The loneliness reminded me of Castaway when Tom Hanks and "Wilson" became friends, as this man talks to mannequins and his dog, Sam, as he hunts during the day. When he finally meets another human, her words are "you're not very good with people anymore, are you?". There were times I was unsure of what was happening and the end puzzled me, but it was worth watching what might happen if the human condition changed and you alone could make the world right again....more info
  • Digital Copy
    I thought the movie was great. One bit of information that isn't listed though is that the Digital copy only works on Windows. I have a Mac and can't access that or any of the other computer-only special features. Just a heads up....more info
  • Definitely Entertaining, But Fair Overall
    Well, this certainly was entertaining. It's no award winner, but it's involving. The hour-and-a-half goes by pretty fast, and gets you into the plight of the main character, so I give it four stars for that.

    I can't say the story is anything special, or particularly intelligent. The theme of few people left on the planet, a kind of "Planet Of The Ape" type tale, is nothing new. This one just has a few different twists to it and, film-wise, is different in that it features computerized special-effects. As one who normally enjoys those visual treats, I would rate this aspect "fair," too, like the story.

    Early on, the animals racing down New York City streets looked very fake. Later, the effects were a little better with the zombies, but nothing that would make you drop your jaw in amazement.

    Like the story and FX, Will Smith as the lead character was okay: good, but not Oscar material. Actually, I thought the German Shepherd did the best job of acting in the film!

    Having said all that, I still enjoyed the film and recommend it iff you are looking for suspense, some scary scenes and a good diversion in your life for 91 minutes. Just know what you're getting: this is very horror-like in many spots. It's a tense story.
    ...more info
  • What If You Are the Only Person Left on Earth?
    Imagine going everywhere you used to go to, and never encounter another living human. Robert Neville does. He ends up talking to statues, and listening to pre-recorded news clips to remember what humans sound like. He broadcasts from a radio to see if there are any other humans who survived the killer virus. For a time, his only companion is his dog.

    All this time, Neville has dreams at night that remind him how an out-of-control virus ended wiping out nearly the entire human race, and turning the remainder of them into nonhuman-like predators. He locks himself up in his home in New York City every night, fearing these predators.

    Virologist Neville knows that he is immune from the virus, and is trying to make a vaccine that could change these predators back into humans. Will he succeed? Will he meet any other humans? Or is he alone forever?

    I have not read the book on which this movie is partly based. As a movie, it is chilling and suspenseful.
    ...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Everything with Will Smith fighting loneliness by himself in New York City is worth watching and everything with Will Smith fighting poorly-CGIed zom-pires is worth fastforwarding--throw in some heavy-handed religiosity and you've got a mixed bag of a film that should be approached with caution....more info
  • Heart-breaking...
    I am a fan of Will Smith, as he has performed incredibly in films, yet I was unsure if I wanted to watch this movie. It is sad, my dad told me before we watched it, but he called it incredible.
    The plot is very alarming, for a number of reasons. One scientist thought she had a cure for cancer in the year 2009- ironic, right? But three years later, it is shown that the "cure" actually backfired and created a terrible disease that wept out nearly all of the world's population- except for one man and his loyal dog, Samantha (aka Sam). The man, Robert Neville, continued to work on a cure, even after losing the whole U.S. to the disease, and avoiding the people that survived the disease but turned into monsters.
    Neville, somehow immune to the disease, lost his family and he kept a promise to them- to make things right. And he intends to keep that promise. But life isn't easy now for Neville, and he is being watched by the monsters, who are becoming more intelligent and are plotting to take him down...
    This is an EXTREMELY sad movie. His wife and daughter die while trying to evacuate New York in a plane-crash, his loyal German Shepard comes to a heart-breaking fate, and the hero himself must sacrifice something of the most importance to give humanity a chance to restore themselves.
    Maybe it's not meant for "kids", but I'm half-glad I watched it- it is an excellent movie. Will Smith has become an incredible actor, and this movie closely reflects that. I see it as a once-in-a-lifetime movie: watch it once, but never forget it. Maybe you will, too. ...more info
  • Omega Man remake
    This is a fair remake of the great Charlton Heston movie.. Omega Man..First 3/4 of movie was good... Last 1/4 was weak...Mr Smith's acting was fair to good.......more info
  • Very Pleased
    Great movie. I bought it used and was leary of that. The movie came exactly as described, used but in new condition. It was exactly that. Shipping was fast and they kept me informed of all info that was necessary. This was a very positive experience and I will do it again many times in the future....more info