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I Am Legend [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 03/18/2008 Rating: Pg13

Will Smith stars in the third adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic science-fiction novel about a lone human survivor in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by vampires. This new version somewhat alters Matheson's central hook, i.e., the startling idea that an ordinary man, Robert Neville, spends his days roaming a desolated city and his nights in a house sealed off from longtime neighbors who have become bloodsucking fiends. In the new film, Smith's Neville is a military scientist charged with finding a cure for a virus that turns people into crazed, hairless, flesh-eating zombies. Failing to complete his work in time--and after enduring a personal tragedy--Neville finds himself alone in Manhattan, his natural immunity to the virus keeping him alive. With an expressive German shepherd his only companion, Neville is a hunter-gatherer in sunlight, hiding from the mutants at night in his Washington Square town house and methodically conducting experiments in his ceaseless quest to conquer the disease.

The film's first half almost suggests that I Am Legend could be one of the finest movies of 2007. Director Francis Lawrence's extraordinary, computer-generated images of a decaying New York City reveal weeds growing through the cracks of familiar streets that are also overrun by deer and prowled by lions. It's impossible not to be fascinated by such a realistically altered cityscape, reverting to a natural environment, through which Smith moves with a weirdly enviable freedom, offset by his wariness over whatever is lurking in the dark of bank vaults and parking garages. Lawrence and screenwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman wisely build suspense by withholding images of the monsters until a peak scene of horror well into the story. It must be said, however, that the computer-enhanced creatures don't look half as interesting as they might have had the filmmakers adhered more to Matheson's vampire-nightmare vision. I Am Legend is ultimately noteworthy for Smith's remarkable performance as a man so lonely he talks to mannequins in the shops he frequents. The film's latter half goes too far in portraying Smith's Neville as a pitiable man with a messianic mission, but this lapse into bathos does nothing to take away from the visual and dramatic accomplishments of its first hour. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • i am legend / blu-rey
    this movie was delivere to broken and i not happy costomer because dvd
    was brokem ...more info
  • Omega Man remake
    This is a fair remake of the great Charlton Heston movie.. Omega Man..First 3/4 of movie was good... Last 1/4 was weak...Mr Smith's acting was fair to good.......more info
  • Huge Holes ...
    I've neither read the novel nor seen either of the movies with Mr. Price or Mr. Heston. I am a big fan of Will Smith.

    I watched this movie with my 13-year-old son. A pair of geeks, I found that we had to stop the movie periodically to explain some of the points my son questioned (like why Smith's character was broadcasting in AM instead of FM.)

    After the first 1/3rd of the movie, I thought this movie began to have potential to stand as a metaphor for feelings of isolation in today's society. (Gimme a break. I coach/counsel a lot of powerful, isolated men.)

    Sadly, in a Hollywood way, the movie started to go downhill after the 1st third. Some points that jumped out include:

    1. Smith's character is a military man who can bobby-trap an entire city block, but is unable to spot (and avoid) a simplistic guerilla trap. (Note to the colonel: "Who do you THINK moved Frank the dummy? The deer?!?)

    2.He's been alone for 3 years and convinced that he's the last person on earth. A beautiful woman comes and literally saves him from death ... and he can barely have a civil conversation with her?

    3. How did the baddies get into his house at the end? It seemed like Smith's character left a window open in his daughter's room. Again, after locking down the house for 3 years (and it being a matter of life/death), he's gonna forget to close a window?

    4. Smith's character has the ability to design and construct heavy steel shutters over his house windows, and then builds a laboratory door out of .... what? It looked like cardboard the way those baddies blasted through it.

    I'm willing to suspend some disbelief when I watch movies, but the ending of this movie had too many holes in it. Even fictional worlds need to have some degree of coherency....more info
  • Very dull movie
    As are most movies that have a cast of ONE (unless you include the dog), this movie is DULL. Think Castaway, where the guy talks to a volleyball. Now simply substitute a dog instead of a volleyball and there you have it. ...more info
  • I Am Legend (DVD) ~ Will Smith
    Movie was OK would not watch again . Shipped very fast and in perfect condition ,I Am Legend (DVD) ~ Will Smith ...more info
  • Good and Bad
    Good - Will Smith, an alternate cityscape, survival. Sounded really good to me and the trailers were good. The depressing book and film were required reading/watching in Jr.High, but this adaptation is more like a summary of the book and it isn't fair to compare what special effects were available back when Charlton Heston played the role so I won't go there.
    Bad - The ending. I had hoped they would change that part of the story - I looked forward to something better than status quo and I prefer movies (and books) that leave me satisfied, not wishing I'd stayed home and cleaned the kitchen. If you feel the same way, don't watch this one. I heard a rumor that 2-disc version will have an alternate (happy) ending. If it does, I'll watch it. If it doesn't I won't...ever....more info
  • I Am Legend

    When Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND came off the press in 1954, he had no idea that his story of the future would see three film incarnations. In 1964 LAST MAN ON EARTH with Vincent Price premiered with its stark black and white images of a war torn European city. 1971's OMEGA MAN with Charlton Heston reflected the current society of the late 60's with its violent iconoclasts.

    In 2007 Will Smith would bring a different take on the character of a noble scientist in I AM LEGEND. With his faithful companion, Sam, a devoted German shepherd given to him by his daughter, he patrolled the desolate streets of New York City during the day.

    Every day he broadcasted the same message to an apparently silent world. "Food, shelter and security" were more than words to this Dr. Robert Neville. For him and Sam over 1000 lonely days have passed since the end came. Sometimes, the desire for the past can lead one to the verge of insanity, especially of the past is clouded by the mists of lost hopes.

    Unfortunately, the end did not come for those humans who mutated after exposure to the miracle cure for cancer. They became a new species who lived together like a hive in the shadows of dead buildings. They became prowlers roaming the streets at night searching for fresh blood.

    The only fault of this film is that the mutants both human and dogs are too super in their abilities. Unlike the previous two films, the mutants are not really believable, especially the dogs. It is difficult to have pity for them since every trace of humanity has been ripped from their souls. However, there is a twist near the end of the film.

    Neville's experiments on the mutants were his desperate attempt to find a cure, to bring normalcy back to a barbaric land filled with savages. Of course, the mutants knew him and Sam all too well. During the day they were ever watching for him from the dark shadows of their lives. This day creature and his dog were their mortal enemies.

    The story is well written. Will Smith gives another A+++ performance. James Newton Howard adds another excellent musical score to his impressive library.

    This DVD contains an alternate ending on disk two which differs from the first two films. In many ways, I prefer this ending to the theatre version.

    This is what the second disk offers: for there comes a time, when two evolving races must find common ground or face total annihilation. This "controversial ending" gives a hint of hope that true humanity will never die. ...more info
  • Mrs Sue
    First of all, Will Smith. Next, he made this movie worth every hard earned, economy deprived, buck I had in my account. Awesome! And I think the excercise sequence alone should of been longer....but anyway, it was all that and a bag of chips, a soda,and a burger!...more info
  • Typical Hollywood butchery
    Can you write an honest review of a movie without comparing it to the book it's based on? I think the answer is "Yes". When major film companies create big-budget movies with highly-paid A-list stars, they deserve, even demand, to be compared to the book they were based on. And this movie, to put it mildly, is a hugely disappointing adaptation. They went not for a true-to-the-book ending, but a typical feel-good Hollywood conclusion, with none of the author's emotionally shocking impact. The movie makers of this joke of a film completely missed the point of the climax and conclusion: it's the book's ending that gives the reason for the awesome title. It's the book's ending that shocks us with it's unexpected closing sequence. And it's treatment of the female vampire Neville befriends, turning her into a human with possibly romantic undertones, undercuts and undoes the poignancy of their meeting.

    This is a movie made with just the most cynical attempt to make a lot of money. Which it did....more info
  • Great performance
    Will Smith blew me away with this movie. It's action, drama, and thriller all into one. I love it!...more info
  • Almost as good as the original!
    This is a remake of the original film starring Charlton Heston in "The Omega Man" A lot of good detail is missing from this remake....more info
  • What If You Are the Only Person Left on Earth?
    Imagine going everywhere you used to go to, and never encounter another living human. Robert Neville does. He ends up talking to statues, and listening to pre-recorded news clips to remember what humans sound like. He broadcasts from a radio to see if there are any other humans who survived the killer virus. For a time, his only companion is his dog.

    All this time, Neville has dreams at night that remind him how an out-of-control virus ended wiping out nearly the entire human race, and turning the remainder of them into nonhuman-like predators. He locks himself up in his home in New York City every night, fearing these predators.

    Virologist Neville knows that he is immune from the virus, and is trying to make a vaccine that could change these predators back into humans. Will he succeed? Will he meet any other humans? Or is he alone forever?

    I have not read the book on which this movie is partly based. As a movie, it is chilling and suspenseful.
    ...more info
  • Heart-breaking...
    I am a fan of Will Smith, as he has performed incredibly in films, yet I was unsure if I wanted to watch this movie. It is sad, my dad told me before we watched it, but he called it incredible.
    The plot is very alarming, for a number of reasons. One scientist thought she had a cure for cancer in the year 2009- ironic, right? But three years later, it is shown that the "cure" actually backfired and created a terrible disease that wept out nearly all of the world's population- except for one man and his loyal dog, Samantha (aka Sam). The man, Robert Neville, continued to work on a cure, even after losing the whole U.S. to the disease, and avoiding the people that survived the disease but turned into monsters.
    Neville, somehow immune to the disease, lost his family and he kept a promise to them- to make things right. And he intends to keep that promise. But life isn't easy now for Neville, and he is being watched by the monsters, who are becoming more intelligent and are plotting to take him down...
    This is an EXTREMELY sad movie. His wife and daughter die while trying to evacuate New York in a plane-crash, his loyal German Shepard comes to a heart-breaking fate, and the hero himself must sacrifice something of the most importance to give humanity a chance to restore themselves.
    Maybe it's not meant for "kids", but I'm half-glad I watched it- it is an excellent movie. Will Smith has become an incredible actor, and this movie closely reflects that. I see it as a once-in-a-lifetime movie: watch it once, but never forget it. Maybe you will, too. ...more info
  • Worse Will Smith movie ever!
    Thank God he gets killed at the end so there'll be no sequel!
    Watch the Omega Man with Charlton Heston instead....more info
  • Great visuals, decent story..
    This movie is very interesting to watch, New York looks unbelievable. Although many people didnt like look of the Darkseekers, all of their moviements and actions were motion captured so it was real people acting.. good movie but not for a lot who are religious buffs...more info
  • It's just not that great
    I was really disappoined with this movie. The Zombies/Vampires or whatever they look sooooo fake. Like someone else said they look like video game bad guys. I really hope someone lost there job for that POS. Other then that I thought Will Smith did a great job playing our great hero but I also think the ending was lacking...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Everything with Will Smith fighting loneliness by himself in New York City is worth watching and everything with Will Smith fighting poorly-CGIed zom-pires is worth fastforwarding--throw in some heavy-handed religiosity and you've got a mixed bag of a film that should be approached with caution....more info
  • Shelby Mustang GT500- I'm in.
    I could get up and do the dishes. I could...but the dog, Samantha, she's stealing the movie so far. She's so cute and I love dogs. I do want to see what happens to the dog. Oh, and now there's a flashback...seems like some sort 'Omega Man' type thing going on. There's vicious rats that I'll probably have nightmares about tonight and omigod, the monsters are for reals, very scary. Um, did I mention the freakin' car? Any gearhead worth her spit will get off on the 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 as it literally destroys the streets of Manhattan, even if it is CGI. It's still a dream come true. Good story telling, escapism, and, in my opinion, the best actor of my generation, Will Smith. And definatly the best car. The dishes will have to wait. ...more info
  • Incredibly depressing movie.
    I was not at all impressed with this film. In fact, all I remember about it was that it was very, very sad, and that I ended it vowing I would never watch it again. It was entirely forgettable and way too depressing. Want to see a good Will Smith movie? Watch Independence Day. Stay away from I Am Legend. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Great movie. I bought it used and was leary of that. The movie came exactly as described, used but in new condition. It was exactly that. Shipping was fast and they kept me informed of all info that was necessary. This was a very positive experience and I will do it again many times in the future....more info
  • Will Smith is hanging out too much with Tom Cruise.
    I am not sure why he did this movie,as the original (Charlton Heston Omega Man based on same book) Is better. The plot like the book is pretty tom cruise-ish dumb, about the end of the world and so fourth. very long movie.
    I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come from Mr/Mrs.Smith?...more info
  • An Okay Movie Made From a Very Scary Book
    I saw this film a couple nights ago and although I have nothing but the greatest respect for Will Smith as an actor and believe he did an extraordinary job in this film, I found the movie wanting. I didn't mind the movie makers changing coasts and moving the action to New York, didn't mind them making Neville an Army Scientist, didn't mind them making the dog a bigger deal than he was in the book, didn't mind any of those changes.

    I did wonder how a woman and a child could fight off the zombie-like monsters (they were vampires in the book, but I didn't mind that change so much either) when Neville who was in about a perfect a shape as a man can be couldn't do it. So she had some light, Neville had plenty of that. And why would she lead them to his home? He told her drive around till it was light. You'd think she'd have known about that, having survived so long and all.

    But that aside, what I didn't feel from this movie that I got from the book I'd read so long ago was the profound sense of loneliness Neville felt. The shear terror I got from Matheson's words. That didn't come through for me. It was an okay movie, but it couldn't light a candle compared to the the book....more info