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Academy Award? winner Diane Keaton, Academy Award? nominee Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes are all in for the crime of their lives! Deep inside the most secure bank in America, three desperate women from very different worlds cook up the most unlikely heist of the century: Smuggle out millions of dollars in worn-out currency headed for a Federal Reserve shredder every day. Taking the cash is going to be easy but getting away with it will be insane! Ted Danson, Christopher McDonald (HAPPY GILMORE), Roger Cross (24) and Stephen Root (OFFICE SPACE) co-star in this wild comedy caper from the creator of THELMA & LOUISE about chasing your dreams, beating the system and paying the price for MAD MONEY!

Take three women in need of cash, a slew of money about to be shredded, and a plot that nicks a bit from 2005's Fun with Dick and Jane and you've got Mad Money. Diane Keaton stars as Bridget, a stay-at-home wife whose life as she knows it ends when her husband loses his cushy, high-paying job. Her college degree in literature turns out to be useless, so she accepts a janitorial position at the local bank. There she meets Nina (Queen Latifah) and Jackie (Katie Holmes), who could use some spare scratch as well. Suddenly, it dawns on Bridget that the bank has plenty of what they need: money! Because the gals are so cute and nice, it's clear they're not really going to rob the bank. What they will do, though, is take the old bills headed for the shredder and recycle it back into the economy by spending it. (Oh heck, they're basically stealing the money.) Played for laughs, the movie doesn't bother to discuss the economic ramifications of what would happen if too much money was recirculated, but that's neither here nor there. The trio of personable actors--particularly Keaton--does a good job of making the characters likable, even in some unbelievable situations. But Keaton deserves better than Mad Money, which isn't really funny enough to be a comedy and doesn't have enough romance to qualify as good chick flick. Still, Keaton, Latifah and Holmes share warm camaraderie. It'd be fun to see them reunited in a film that had a little more weight to it. Ironically, Mad Money was directed by directed by Callie Khouri, who wrote Thelma & Louise and Something to Talk About--movies that had all the key components (compelling storyline and characters worth cheering on) that Mad Money is lacking. --Jae-Ha Kim

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Customer Reviews:

  • Movie of the Year
    I love Mad Money. It is a great family feature film and you cant help but laugh.
    A+++++...more info
  • I thought it was funny
    I thought this movie was funny especially with the way the economy is in the crapper. Ok so maybe it was a bit on the unrealistic side but who really cares. It wasn't so unrealistic that it took me out of the movie. I loved the friendship aspect of the show and I liked the "happy ending" aspect as well. The characters were funny and I like that it was a "feel good" movie. We need a few of those. It had a decent plot and none of the characters were overly annoying. Its not going to win any awards but who says every movie has to be a contender? Mad Money tells a good story and gives a few good laughs in the process, and even made me think a few times. Hey, I liked it.

    Best line, "Hot damn, we're finally organized crime."...more info
  • A good piece of mindless fun. :-)
    "Mad Money" is not trying to be new or original, it is just trying to be a fun and mindless comedy. The movie, starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah, and Ted Danson respectively, is very enjoyable if you keep its light-hearted nature in mind.

    This movie did remind me a lot of Fun with Dick and Jane although I felt that that movie was far more silly. This one was produced by an independent film company, which explains the slightly somber tone that it has, even though it isn't a very serious movie. Both movie revolve around people who are about to lose their comfortable lifestyles and go to desperate measures to obtain financial security.

    The main highlight about the film was the sense of comraderee that you get from the three lead characters. Diana Keaton is fantastic as Bridgette, a women desperate to not become financially destitute. Queen Latifah is fun, but a little underused as Nina, a single mother struggling to give her children a good life and education. Even Katie surprized me in her role as Jackie, she plays an almost hippie free spirit type.

    If I reccomended this film for any reason, it would be on the stregnth of the performances and not on the stregnth of the story telling which is realtively weak. However, if you are just looking for a diversion and do not want to think a lot, "Mad Money" is a great diversion.

    God Bless ~Amy ...more info
  • Who is dumber - Hollywood for making or you for watching this unrelastic, made up piece of fluff
    O.K I know Hollywood thinks that the viewing audience is mainly composed of the "great unwashed" and BASED UPON literally means that they have an open license to portray the plot in what ever manner they feel is advantageous to the producer but this one takes the absolute cake.

    Not going to go into plot and sub plot both of which did not really exist, but am going to explode the utterly fabricated story line.

    I worked for the Fed for eleven years and was in charge of the unit that actually shredded the money besides working in the other areas of the currency unit. FIRST the money is shredded a bill at a time going through a CVCS computerized processing unit. NO repeat NO Fed shreds money in the manner portrayed. SECONDLY all currency is kept under dual control at all times. THIRD currency is processed by denominations and there is no mixing of denominations as shown in the first removal scene. FOURTH money to be destroyed that was in straps as shown in the movie was to be burnt but before burning had holes punched through them to identify them as such. As a matter of fact an employee who did steal was caught when the punched notes showed up in circulation. And as far as comparing serial numbers the numbers are only recorded when the currency is paid out and NEVER NEVER NEVER again.

    A separate issue that tried to portray the MAN is oppressing the common people maybe to develop some empathy was the portrayal of the constant video surveillance by the guards. Does not happen. The cameras shown in the movie are located in the control room and are used to keep the public area monitored for security reasons. There was not a reason to monitor the currency because the currency never was in any publicly or general employee available area. Also monitoring in the secured areas was not done by the guards but internally.

    For the record the entrance and exit scenes where the search and harass tactics were portrayed was even more made up than the shredding spoof.

    I could go on but to try to spin any story line or evolve a plot without any touch of reality to base it upon is the main reason this midnight conceived drug induced piece of loosely spun "America will buy whatever garbage we put out" mania is fruitless.

    ...more info
  • We actually liked it... who would have thunk it??
    Ok... we truly don't understand all the negative media regarding this release. We found it to be a cute movie to pass the time. Diane Keaton was in it as her funny manic-self as was Ted Danson.

    Yes, the ending can be a tad predictable... but then, aren't most endings that way today? It doesn't matter, because you want it to end that way. I won't kill the story but it moves along quickly. You don't find yourself watching the clock or getting up for bathroom breaks. It is an Oscar worthy movie?... NO... but it is something to watch and laugh about. Is it something that you will put in the DVD player over and over; probably not. Katie Holmes isn't horrendous in this... again, I don't understand all the negative media. I have a feeling that it did get so much crap because she is married to Tom Cruise and regardless of what she does, that will be the cross that she will have to bear.

    All in all, a funny story, that went quickly and has some big names. Enjoyable, that makes you wonder what you would do in the situation. Buy it or atleast rent it....more info
  • Cash at First Sight
    This Movie is Enormously fun. Just on a personal level I have always liked Diane Keaton and Ted Danson ( Especially in NESSIE ), and Queen Latifah is always a good cast member in a movie like this , or basically any, and I could care less about Katie since anyone can do her role.
    Superficially its a very basic film, but apparently it took 5 years to put together. The Directors Commentary is very informative and states some key details that some film critics should learnh by heart. The Bonus "making of" film is short but very nice to watch. Essentially what you have is a great fun film experience that works superbly in 5.1 sound, and the bonus directors commentary informs the events. It was based loosely on a British event, but this is its own film and works very well. Not perfect, but well worth a buy as a film to take out and watch
    whenever you need a laugh.And, as the Director says, Its a crime film with no Bullets being fired....more info
  • Recipe for mediocrity
    If anyone had a question regarding the outcome of bringing together a generally appealing Academy Award winning actress, an Academy Award nominated multi-medium performer, supplementing them with a reasonably endearing actress who gained her chops in a critically acclaimed television drama then supporting the lead actors with a bevy of others who have turned in laudable performances in the plethora of programs, including a comedic icon from one of the best situation comedies ever, the answer lies within this movie. Unfortunately, that answer is...not much.

    Mad Money is an absolutely unmemorable vehicle for a few recognizably named stars to pick up a nice little paycheck. Nothing about it will incite the reviewer to smash the DVD into shards but it is not a movie that one will leap into the memory even if the objective is light, undemanding entertainment. Diane Keaton seems to have found a niche in her post-fifty acting career and to her credit, she tends to get all that can be expected out of the same character mold movie after movie. Queen Latifah has arrived at a comfort level as well, however she has far too much talent to continue to accept these bootstrapping/struggle to enlightenment/modern paradigm stereotypical roles. Katie Holmes...well, she's still cute...and so is Ted Danson.

    So what we end up with is variation on a theme: Fun with Dick and Jane, How to beat the High Cost of Living, Thelma and Louise(adopt Pippi Longstocking), Mad Money. All perfectly enjoyable movies but even in these often challenging economic times, sometimes the screenwriters ask for a suspension of disbelief that is beyond the sensibilities of the movie goer.

    While the title of this movie has multiple meanings, it's probably exactly what the producers told these actors they would be receiving for agreeing to participate in this project.
    ...more info
  • How to Rob The Fed and Get Away With It
    The Fed has screwed America --- just ask financial experts such as Jim Cramer: Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer). So why shouldn't three ordinary women strike back a la Thelma & Louise? There's no Brad Pitt in this movie, but there is the adorable Roger Cross as well as the convincingly slackerish Adam Rothenberg. It's definitely better than Diane Keaton's last film, "Because I Said So," although Diane Keaton does get stuck with the upper-middle-class naive white woman shtick. She is, however, the mastermind as a janitor in the Federal Reserve of Kansis City. Queen Latifah excels in the sympathetic but predictable black-single-mom-holding-onto-her-kids role. Katie Holmes shows off just what she can do without Tom, and a potentially lackluster role such as the free-spirit-on-the-edge-of-society pops off the screen thanks to Katie throwing herself into the character as a typical twentysomething grooving to her iPod.

    The movie, written and directed by Callie Khouri, who masterminded "Thelma and Louise," has some incisive social commentary inside the fantastic plot. The women (as well as their husbands and boyfriends) are stealing money that the fed has earmarked to be thrown away. While consumerism and debt aren't an excuse for what the three female masterminds cook up, they are a reality of our society. Queen Latifah's character never entirely gets seduced by materialism (buying a nicer house is as daring as she gets), which would have strenghtened the movie's point. One of the funniest moments involves Adam Rothenberg cavalierly discussing how he became a day trader and made seventeen percent on his investments---which is a teeny problem because the IRS is always watching you. Darn the Fed!

    This movie is pure fluff and mostly feel-good fantasy, with a DVD that only has commentary and a "Making Of" featurette. The featurette on its own is interesting but the DVD is lightweight as far as extras go....more info
  • Excellent movie - seems overlooked - great theme
    So you are down on your luck, getting to the point of losing everything you have worked for for decades and take a job as a janitor in the Federal Reserve location in your town. This location just so happens to be the place where they shred all of the old dollar bills of all denominations.

    Diane Keaton plays the mastermind behind the sheme to steal thousands of dollars each day from her new place of work. Hey, who is going to know, they are throwing it away anyhow. She enlists two others she meets at work. One working the shredder and one carting the bills to be shredded.

    There are definately some funny moments as her husband and others get involved in the plot to get money out of the fed. The story is not only comical, it is touching in places. Queen Latifa is a single mom teaching her boys to stay out of crime and getting them to focus on studying to get ahead. Those she is involved with in the crime of the century care about her situation. She is really funny and the movie would not be the same without her antics.

    Katie Holmes plays a ditzy trailer trash type who is more like a valley girl in a way. She is very good in her role as the one who talks too much and sometimes way too loud.

    Ted Danson plays the reluctant husband whose loss of a job and pending loss of a house that he and his wife have lived in for years starts the whole process.

    Overall, this movie will not dissappoint you it will surprise you at actually how good it is. Not much by way of language, a little by way of inuendo, but very little and the references to sexuality are rather light. In fact, there are some scenes where one person is harrassing all the women in the work place and the other guy is being rather decent. Very tastefully done too.

    Without giving away the story, I recommend this movie to families and friends. Good story, good theme, good presentation. One thing I like is that you did not see them stealing the money over and over again where the attempt was to get you to be anxious, the focus was on the people who were involved and what they were doing to hide or get around the difficulties of the plan.

    Functionally, the DVD was overall okay. I liked the fact that you there was an immediate choice to view the previews/trailers or go right to the main menu. I really liked the trailer of the movie "The Visitor." The extras were rather slim though. Would have preferred an interview or quick documentary on why the fed destroys the older bills. Maybe some outtakes or deleted scenes as well. The pakaging was simple and actually a little more functional than others although the disc was a little more difficult to get out of the holder.

    So, simply put, get Mad Money. Worth the time to watch it for sure....more info
  • Superb!
    This movie is wonderfully conceived, with great writing, directing, casting, acting, and editing. I was skeptical about this movie when I first learned about the basic premise, since it is one that has been done many times before, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see how fresh and funny this came off. The plot has more twists than you might expect. A director's commentary and a behind the scenes documentary are included. The only problem I had was with the packaging! I have handled thousands of DVDs, but the case this DVD came in would not release the disk! I had to break the center hub to get the DVD out. That is a first. Hopefully, you will have better luck....more info
  • Mad Money
    I really enjoyed this show and am glad I bought it. Is worth watching again and again... I don't wanna say too much as I don't want to ruin it for others. (a girlie flick for sure)...more info
  • A financial farce
    If you're looking for a sort of farcical satire on the dreadful state of the economy these days, this flick might be a good one for a little escapisim. The premise of the story is quite familiar, but sad. An elderly couple (Diane Keaton & Ted Danson) is caught up in a financial mess. They have both worked all their lives, but they've never been able to "get ahead." Their children are grown up & gone and ostensibly don't even keep in touch anymore.

    Pressed to desperation, Bridget (Keaton) goes to work as a janitor at a federal depository. This is not exactly a dignified profession for someone w/a college degree, but no other businesses will hire her due to her age. While there she meets up with Nina (Queen Latifah) and Jackie (Katie Holmes). Together, they finally decide that enough is enough. They want to finally get a "piece of the pie" that has so long been denied them.

    So, they endeavor to come up with an ingenious plan to steal $$ from the depository. They almost cover all their tracks, but.....eventually greed gets the better part of their ability to reason. Listening to Bridget rationalize about how she is justified in her actions almost makes you believe she's telling the truth! Along the way we get plenty of laughs at these amateur con-artists who are able to steal sums that would make cat burglars jealous.

    While the ending is a little too good to be true, movies like this would not be very fitting if they had tragic finales. Keaton is good as the ambitious thief, and Danson is a pleasure to see as her dumbfounded husband. If you're looking for a zany heist movie and / or a female buddy flick, this one just might be for you.

    ...more info
  • The Perfect Crime In An Imperfect Film
    While I gave "Mad Money" four stars, it truly deserves a solid three-and-a-half stars (I round up as a rule). Diane Keaton heads up a great cast in this criminal comedy about three women who pull off the perfect crime at a federal reserve bank. Keaton plays Bridget Cardigan, a woman desperate for money when her husband Don (Ted Danson) fails to find work after losing his job. She takes a job as a janitor at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, where she concocts a scheme with single mother Nina Brewster (Queen Latifah) and trippy trailer girl, Jackie Truman (Katie Holmes). They manage to make quite a profit off of their seemingly no-fail scheme, but how long will it last?

    For what they have to work with, Keaton, Latifah and Holmes do excellent jobs. All three are quite funny in their respective roles. Ted Danson steals every scene he is in, and I believe that he delivers one of the best performances in the flick. Roger Cross executes well as Barry, a security guard with a crush on Nina. Christopher McDonald has a small but enjoyable role as the Cardigans' neighbor. Adam Rothenberg plays the dim Bob, Jackie's husband and handles the role quite well. One last mention deserves to go to Stephen Root who plays the head of the bank. He, much like Danson, is a scene-stealer.

    What keeps "Mad Money" from being an excellent comedy seems to be a combination of the writing and the direction. Glen Gers' screenplay lacks the punch necessary to keep this film from getting boring at times. This left the actors with a weak script that, despite their best efforts, couldn't lift the the film from the lulls at times. I also think that director Callie Khouri is also to blame. Quicker pacing might have helped the film stay afloat.

    Overall, though, "Mad Money" isn't a bad film. I rather enjoyed it, especially the moments that involved the trio of ladies planning their scheme and anything involving Danson. It received a PG-13 rating for sexual material, brief language and brief drug references. I feel that the sexual material referred to was particularly light (and funny) but not deserving of a PG-13 rating. The language is brief, but may not be suitable for children under ten in my opinion. The drug references are laughable, and explained away quite innocently enough.

    I recommend this film to fans of light comedy, but don't expect too much from the script. The performers are all top notch, but weighed down by a story that just seems to fizzle out too often....more info
  • For the Love of Money (4.5)
    Diane Keaton, Queen Latifiah, & Katie Holmes make a hilarious team along with their spouses as they proceed to pull of the ultimate crime.

    In this movie Bridget played by Diane Keaton is force to get a job when her husband played by Ted Danson is laid off but when she gets a job at the Federal Reserve and sees Nina played by Queen Latifah shredding money she devises a plan to remove bills in small amounts one at a time. With the help, Jackie played by Katie Holmes who moves the untraced bills from one location to another the trio finds their selves pulling of the heist of the lifetime to only be busted by their husbands. As the movie, plays on a security guard Barry played by Roger Cross shows interest in Nina but not before a mistake goes wrong and he busts the girls plan leading to him becoming a part of the mission but not before another mistake by someone's husband sets off some alarms that starts a investigation.

    Little does everyone known Bridget has the perfect plan with the help of a restaurant owner and a tax attorney that gets her out of the perfect crime but still leaves her happy. MAD MONEY is a funny chick movie that any male can sit in and be amazed by what females will do to make their family happy.
    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    This light-hearted comedy that plays on a popular fantasy of characters struggling to get by finding a way to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, even if it involves an elaborate plan to rip off the government. A very light-hearted, feel good comedy with enough tension to keep you wondering, and an ending that will leave you smiling. A huge plus in my book. I also loved the chemistry between Keaton, Latifah and Holmes. I honestly hadn't seen Katie Holmes in much, other than the brief photos as I breezed by the tabloids in the grocery store. Her talents are largely unsung. She played the perfect spunky, entertaining employee who helps in the caper and didn't overplay the 'dumb brunette' role hinted at in the movie. Her character had subtle depth without overshadowing her co-stars. Loved the concept of this movie. Had me daydreaming...

    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • Funny, and very entertaning !
    This is a great movie that I have watched several times and still love it. ...more info
  • Whap!
    I think I could have liked this movie more if I hadn't spent most of it wanting to reach through the screen to SMACK Diane Keaton--or at least her character. ...more info
  • Cute film....
    This film has a well-rounded cast in a combination I would never have imagined. The story is a fantasy most people have indulged in at one time or another. While it certainly is not the funniest film I have seen; it is humerous enough and well-acted enough to make for an enjoyable film that was far better than one would expect given the critics' point of view upon theratrical release. But as so often is the case; critics seem to be looking for different elements in films than the general public. I found 'Mad Money', cute, enjoyable, light, funny, and now that it is on DVD, a great way to spend an at-home date night or a rainy afternoon alone or with friends sharing an enjoyable film that doesn't tax your brain or make you depressed, it just entertains you, and quite well at that....more info
  • Money may buy happiness, but is it funny?
    Bridget (Diane Keaton)'s husband (Ted Danson) has been out of work for over a year, they've spent all their savings, and are about to sell their house, so she gets a job as a janitor at a Federal Reserve Bank. There, worn-out bills are taken (by Katie Holmes' character) to be shredded (by Queen Latifah's character). Bridget comes up with a fool-proof plan with the other two ladies to take the money home instead of shredding it. Who's to know?

    This movie is loosely based on an incident that occurred in England. Despite the talented cast, I didn't like this movie. I WANTED the women to get caught and punished. Bridget's manic greediness went way past annoying and became offensive. I hated her. They lived in a mansion. If they needed money, they could sell it. And her husband could have gotten off the couch in almost two years and found a job, but he didn't. I couldn't respect or like either of them.

    The characters aren't developed beyond a brief overview: Bridget's a rich and spoiled, Holmes plays a drugged-out space cadet, and Latifah plays the world's best mother. That's it; we never see them develop a friendship or any common ground except greed. I did like Latifah's character and thought Roger Cross (Curtis in 24) was excellent as a kind-hearted security guard, but the hysterical pleasure the women take in breaking the law just rubbed me the wrong way.

    In the movie, someone asks, "When you go to a bank, don't you think about stealing all the money?" I don't, so I guess that's why I didn't like the film. ...more info
  • Run of the Mill Comedy About Stealing from the Feds
    Mediocre comedy with a charming cast. The story isn't much though it is somewhat clever but it is the cast that makes this movie watchable. Diane Keaton is charming. Queen Latifah is charming and even Katie Homes. The movie just lacks a real fun center. The actors are merely pleasant. ...more info