14-Inch Surveillance Monitor w/Built-In DVR, 4 Cameras
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Product Description

By connecting a digital video recorder to your surveillance cameras, you'll eliminate the need to maintain a constant eye on your property. With a built-in 80GB hard drive, the 14-Inch Monitor w/Built-In 4-Channel 80GB DVR functions as a standalone digital video recorder, connecting to up to four cameras, and its built-in high-resolution color monitor is a 14-inch CRT for local viewing without connecting to a television. This kit includes 4 color cameras that can capture images in complete darkness.

  • 80GB hard drive records data from up to four surveillance cameras
  • High-quality imaging at up to 30fps
  • 14-inch CRT built in for easy local monitoring
  • 4 color night-vision cameras and cables included
  • Dimensions: