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HP W2408H 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
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Product Description

The HP W2408H Monitor rotates to allow landscape and portrait views, height adjustment, swivel, and tilt function. Dual inputs support true digital (HDMI) and traditional analog (VGA) signals. Connect your DVD player or gaming console with a single HDMI cable directly to your monitor. BrightView Technology provides brilliant picture quality. 160 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angle Display resolution - 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz Horizontal scan rates - 48 to 85 Hz vertical, 24 to 94 KHz horizontal Faceplate treatment - HP BrightView Technology User controls - Switch Video Input, Brightness, Contrast, Image Control, Color, Quick View, Language, Management, Information, Factory Reset, and Exit Dimensions - Width 586 x Depth 289 x Height 500 mm with stand Weight - 9.8 kg

  • Panel type: 24 in Diagonal Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD Active Matrix
  • Rotates / Height Adjustment / Swivel and Tilt Function
  • 1920x1200 Resolution and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 ms response time

Customer Reviews:

  • Still a ways to go...
    The w2408h WILL put a lot of pixels in front of you. Beyond that, I find most of its features leave something lacking. I came from an HP f2105 21" monitor and by comparison, the 21 is a far better computer component.

    This monitor has a number of nagging weakness noted by others here. THe colors are overbright and odd. The speakers sound like headphones turned up full blast. It has only one HDMI and one VGA input. One digital, one analog - better like these or buy adapters to convert them, but still limited to one digital and one analog. The control over which input is chosen is via the menu; it is crude, and when the computer power-saves the display, the monitor chooses to switch to the HDMI. Nagging.

    As an HDTV monitor, running off the HDMI, I also find the colors odd.

    Tilting this to the portrait position requires renting a crane and a crew of 2. It just doesn't work as it should - the monitor is quite heavy, it must be positioned just right or it can't flip, and there is a lot of resistance in the joints.

    Overall, as an intense computer user working on multiple large documents at once, I value having 1920x1200 vs the 1650x1065 I had with my 21". But my 21" behaved beautifully as a computer system component. Not so with this hybrid between a computer monitor and an HDTV.
    ...more info
  • Nice monitor
    No complaints here. Only minor problem is that Windows Vista does not want to recognize the driver and asks me on each reboot if I want to install a driver for the new monitor. But the driver installed just fine from the HP website and I just skip the message on reboot. Nice monitor. Very bright and crisp images....more info
  • Beats everything in the market
    I was tired with the Dell monitors in my workspace. I wanted something different. I wanted an iMac like monitor; but couldn't find one for that price. Instead I got this HP 2048h LCD widescreen monitor. It certainly rocks!! Absolutely satisfied with the product. The automatic contrast feature is awesome! It perfect for watching movies and TV. I recommened the product to those who are willing to spend a little more for the extra benefits. And oh...I forgot to mention the vertical swivel feature which helps you to get a landscape view of the display. It really helps when writing codes or reading long list of emails. 5/5 stars....more info
  • more screen?
    This LCD works great on my new HP pc joining an additional monitor of the same model. Great clarity and now twice as much screen to use. What more could you ask for? It was more expensive than many other monitors but since it was the same model as the one that came w/ my pc I thought it the best one for me. Had I not started with an existing 24" I'd have have looked harder at lower priced monitors but this one seems reliable and Im happy with my choice....more info
  • Great monitor, even with the reflective bezel!
    The monitor is absolutely giant! The amount of screen real estate you have is really obscene! Setup was plug n play, but you'll need the DVI to HDMI converter to plug into this monitor; it's pnly HDMI (Or wait, does it have a regular VGA? Not sure, but who uses that crap anymore?)

    2 Items of note:

    1. Don't install the stupid software that came with it. When I did, it screwed up my 'right click' ability by screwing up my right-click menus, their proprietary software jacked it somehow. Once I uninstalled it, it worked fine. Not sure what came with the software anyways, but I'm fine without it!

    2. The reflective glass can be a bit distracting during the first coupla weeks, but its far superior to regular LCD's. Example, when the sun is blasting on a regular LCD monitor, it becomes washed out all over. But in the case of THIS monitor, just like regular glass it only reflects in that small part where the sun is, just like a mirror. Pretty cool!

    Overall this thing was a super bargain; got one for teh artist fiance who normally complains about inaccurate colors on LCD's, but she's fine with this one. The gaming on this is awesome as well. Glorious widescreen!

    Get this thing. You won't regret it.

    PS No dead pixels on the purchase....more info
  • great monitor
    I don't normally like to leave reviews but I think it's worth leave a good review for a well built monitor. The picture is crispy clear and the contrast is prefect for picture editing. The only reason I give it a 4 star is because it doesn't have DVI input I have to buy a cable that convert from HDMI to DVI. Other than that it will be a good monitor...more info
  • The 22" was great, this 24" is just plain awesome
    Got a 22" monitor to replace my Acer LCD which had 2 black lines on the top after just 6-7 month of use in the office. Utterly impress with this monitor. Everyone else in the office uses LCDs, I still use an old Dell 22" Flat CRT, it's the only monitor that doesn't get my eye's watery after a day of work.

    This HP is an exception. Ultra sharp, and easy on the eyes, only odd thing is this monitor does not have a DVI Input. Even with a regular VGA input, the images were just as good as any other LCDs. But then, you can get DVI to USB cables on amazon for $3, and that works wonders.

    4 month after getting the 22", got a couple of these 24" for the office, everyone who got it was very happy. ...more info
  • Possibly okay as a TV, but horrible as a monitor
    Professional software engineer and digital artist here, so I'm ridiculously picky about my monitors.

    Did a lot of research before deciding on this monitor, and was sorely disappointed. Size is impressive, and the coated screen (glossy) is gorgeous and makes the colors pop, but that's where the good news ends.

    Downright inexcusably poor light distribution, bad light leakage from bottom and sides, dead pixels and embarrassingly bad ghosting of dark text on white (yes, using a digital connection).

    The HDMI connection is nice, incidentally, but the absence of a DVI input is bizarre and inconvenient (add about $30 to your cost for the converter cable you'll need).

    Probably an acceptable unit for use as a TV or gaming monitor, but utterly unacceptable for any serious computer work.
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  • Great for business
    I didn't buy this at amazon but got it from some where else but wanted to sing praise about the HP w2408h anyways. Its a great monitor for the business that I'm in the resolution is awesome also the viewing angles are great. The only gripe that i have about it is that it doesn't have a DVI port like some of the newer or even the older lcd models do but i guess I'm gonna half to get the dvi to hdmi just another wire i gotta buy...more info
  • Excellent display when used without the HP software or driver
    Pros: HDMI, Ambient Light sensor, crisp, very vivid and bright picture, high resolution, extra USB ports, includes all cables.
    Cons: Mistake laden installation guide, weak speakers, clumsy unpacking setup, no DVI input (dvi to vga does not count).

    Very nice monitor. Images look stunning on it. It appears that HP pumped up the vividness alot. This display is by no means accurate tho. But if you want to have something enjoyable to look at then this display is the one. A reminder, do not follow the installation manual or sheet. It shows a picture telling you to install the hp driver and software. However do not install the drivers and display programs from HP. Its a known problem that HP and Vista has conflicting driver issues. Its funny, if you look at HP's product website, it tells that the display does not need drivers... thanks for the update HP. It took me 4 hours to resolve it as the drivers screwed up my vista and I had a corrupted image when vista booted up. So just allow windows to install its own driver. Also HP does not tell you that the HDMI audio is turned off by default in the OS and display. Other than that, its one of the best entertainment display ive seen. Ambient light sensor is pretty cool, like the Macbooks, however automated changes dont vary as much as I hoped given the changes in lighting....more info
  • Noisy fan and erratic sleep mode
    Not sure if others have this issue, but 2 issues caused me to send this otherwise very good display back:
    - the fan inside the monitor developed an irritating drone
    - when the computer goes to sleep, instead of going to sleep this monitor alternated between bright white, magenta and green displays forever.
    ...more info
  • Mine died one year and 18 days after I bought it and HP service is horrible
    Mine died one year and 18 days after I bought it. Since HP only warranties their monitors for one year I'm out of luck unless I want to pay HP $374.99 to fix it. No thank you!

    I bought the 25 inch Samsung to replace it and so far so good. I've had a 19 inch Samsung lcd for about 4 years with no problems so I'm going to stick with Samsung monitors from now on. Samsung's warranty is three years by the way.

    The articulating arm on the HP is a nice feature but useless when the monitor won't power on....more info