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Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Craft Light-Pink
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Product Description

GOLD CREST LLC-Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 offers pure, smooth light guaranteed. Features no bulbs to replace-ever! Coils to super compact size, can be clipped on or freestanding, can be positioned in any direction, and a long battery life of up to 40 hours! This product is great for readers and crafters. Includes 2 super LEDs as bright as 6 regular LEDs. Measures 9 inches when it is in a ready to use position. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) or an AC Adapter (optional, sold seperately) that can be plugged into an appropriate AC household outlet. Color: Black.

  • Clip-On or Free-Standing
  • Xtra battery life - up to 30 hours
  • Xtra lightweight
  • Special Lens spreads light evenly with no hot spots
  • Bendable neck

Customer Reviews:

    I bought three of these for each of my daughters. They use them for our long vacation rides. It provides them with a great alternative - instead of video games or movies they can finally read at night. The light is bright enough for them to see but isn't distracting for the driver. Excellent product!...more info
  • Great Gift Idea
    I bought a purple light with the adaptor. My main desire was to use it to read during my morning carpool commute to work. I loved this product so much that I bought three as gifts and am ready to buy one more.

    There are three versions of this light offered for sale. One is just the light. One includes an adaptor. One includes batteries. The light does require 3 AAA batteries if the adaptor is not being used. I've found it available in blue, green, silver, black, purple and pink. There is also a Kindle version.

    I have been using this light for over a month and am still using the same batteries. I have yet to use the adaptor. The batteries are more convenient for me. I had purchased rechargable batteries and a charge but haven't broken into them yet.

    There are two lights on this product and three light settings. The left, right or both lights can be used. The neck is flexible so that it is easy to move to a position that actually sheds light on the entire page (if not two pages). It is bright. My husband still complains when I read in bed with it...however, it doesn't bother my carpool driver.

    The clip is large and will easily attach to hardcovers. I usually clip it to the top of the pages that I've already read. When reading mass market paperbacks, I try to clip it to as large of a hunk of pages as possible because I don't like the light to move around.

    A very useful product. Make sure to buy only what you need. As I did pay extra for an adaptor and just don't use it at all. ...more info
  • good for quilters
    I got this for a friend who quilts - she loves it. It's a perfect size to fit on a quilt hoop, and the double light makes it bright enough for any situation....more info
    I recommend this to all readaholics...its great for bed time reading with out disturbing others. Its light and VERY bright almost too bright but you have the option of using one light and best off all the batteries are your run of the mill AAA. So when they die no doubt you can easily find another set. I have no complaints you cant go wrong with trying this at this price....more info
  • A Must Have
    I can't believe that I have gone without this product for so long! This light is so handy. I originally got it for a book light, and doing homework after my roommate has gone to bed, but it also doubles well for a small desk light. I like using it in the morning when I am getting ready for work and I don't want my big desk light on. I love the color and it is really well built. I have also discovered that it woks well for my computer. My laptop's back light went out, so I have an external monitor hooked up, but I still need to see the keys on the keyboard. I just clip this light onto the top of my laptop and problem solved! This was a great investment and I would highly recommend it. This book light is better built than others similar to it, so hopefully it will last a long time....more info
  • Light up my world!
    Wow this light shines bright, and batteries included. It is worth it and it has two light settings that are very nice....more info
  • Wonderful light with average clip
    Bought it for my daughter for Christmas after doing some research. The light is fabulous. She has used it every night in bed. There are two LEDs and she only turns one on, and this is plenty bright. She was using it in the car when I was driving and I couldn't believe how much light came from it! She's still on the first set of batteries. Only complaint she has: when attaching it to a hard-cover, the clip tends to slip down on the cover. Really like this product though and will buy one for our son soon....more info
  • Mighty Bright
    I love everything about the bright light. It's very light weight, clips onto the back of the book jacket easily, adjusts easily and gives ample light for reading.I even like the color! It's come in handy when I'm away from home i.e. when I'm on a plane.Can't go wrong!...more info
  • Mighty light is very "mighty"
    This light puts out great light. It won't hurt your eyes and helps keep you from straining your eyes in darker rooms. The to different settings is a great option. I love the cushion on the inside of the clip, it helps keep things from scratching as well as from slipping. I would recommend this light over some of the others that I have ordered....more info
  • 2 LED's allow for brightness control, long battery life, light is a little bluish
    I received one of these (different color) a few months ago and my verdict is that I am likely to use it when reading books at night.

    Brief overview:

    - 2 bright LED's with lenses
    - light has more blue and very little red, or yellow (think of a steady neon light)
    - uses 3 (THREE) AAA batteries which makes the base a little heavy
    - 40-hour battery life (claim is made on the package, not exactly timed by me) but it does feel like it lasts forever on a charge
    - power supply not provided but, given the long battery life I never felt that I missed one
    - relatively long, flexible arm
    - can turn on 1 or 2 LED's
    - solid build
    - a bit heavy but had no problem using it with a paperback

    I am and I will continue to use this lamp when reading at night. I doubt I will ever use it as a flashlight or a work light unless I had no other choice....more info
  • good idea
    Well this is a good product for the Kindle 2 as the contrast isn't enough in the kindle in dim light. The only thing there is a slight glare when not adjusted just so also it's a little bulky but that's because of the batteries....more info
  • Great purchase!
    We bought these for our daughters (3 and 6 years old) for Christmas to use in the car. They can use them well. It gives them plenty of light in the back seat without being distracting. We do occasionally have to tell them to point their lights down, but when they do, it isn't bothersome to the driver. I like that they are LED and don't eat up batteries. They really are flexible and can point any which way. Very happy with our purchase!...more info