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Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo Frame
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Product Description

Experience full color, digital desk-top photos at an incredible value. This Sony Digital Photo Frame is a convenient device that lets you view and share your memories in brilliant, high-contrast color on a 7-inch LCD screen. You get 256MB of internal memory with optional image resizing to maximize internal memory, plus multiple display modes, including nine slideshow styles, to find the setting that you like most. A clock and a calendar is also included, and most memory card formats are supported.

  • A 7-inch digital photo frame with 800x480 resolution, 15:9 aspect ratio LCD screen
  • 256MB of internal memory with optional image resizing to maximize internal memory
  • Multiple display modes, including nine slide show styles; clock and calendar modes included
  • Supports most memory card formats; equipped with a USB B-type connection
  • Decodes and displays up to 48-megapixel and 100MB images

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Digi Pic Frame
    ..The S-Frame is a nice simple hassle free digital picture frame. I had mine up and running in no time once I got my hands on it. I exported snaps directly from my Macbook (iPhoto app) directly to the S-Frame connected through a USB cable.

    Now the Bummber!!
    The picture frame has a Clock + picture display mode and a Calendar + picture display mode - Well nothing wrong with that......
    .......BUT in the "Clock + Picture" mode guess what the clock displays - NO not your local displays the time the picture was VERY useful!!....duh!!
    AND in the "Calendar + Picture" mode guessed get the calendar date on which that snap was clicked........HOW DUMB is that?????

    Good Quality Pic frame for folks who want a plain Vanilla pic frame with VERY VERY good display quality. Also has a collage mode - works well.
    But do throw your plans of having a Calendar/Clock + Picture display, into the nearest dust-bin!

    Am I happy with the buy?.....YES VERY!
    Have Frame ..Can Display.... Tarzan Happy!...more info
  • Simply Very good - you get what you pay for
    There are many digital picture frames on the market. Most no-name brands look OK from 4 feet away, but have seriously disappointing resolution at close-up. This sony has very good 1024-600 screen resolution and vibrant colors that hold up even when watched from a few inches away. Its stunning.

    I managed to copy well over 1700 pictures into its internal memory and still have 220M of the 870M left. That is much more than the 1000 pictures that Sony claims. The device quietly reformats the incoming pictures into it a size. This happens without any noticeable quality degradation. I'm impressed.

    Setup is easy, and the thing has many cool features such as auto-rotation. The main drawback is the $[...] price tag which is double that of a Chinese picture frame. Add another [...] and you could buy a netbook or a secondhand notebook computer that does the same and more. But if you can spare the have money, this is this the very good choice. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This!
    As other reviews has stated, this picture frame by SONY will NOT show any JPEG images that have been altered, created or saved in your computer! This goes for anything you do in Photoshop?. This is unacceptable. Especially if you are an artist and want to display images you created digitally. Or if you have done anything to a photo to make it nice and unique. This frame is for housewives (and stay at home dads) who want to plug in a camera and nothing more, not for anyone concerned with real digital imagery.

    It also does not support a USB stick and the packaging makes it seem as if it does. Too bad, it looks great. I have it all packed up and ready to return to the store. Now I have to figure out which company makes the best digital picture frame....more info
  • "Plug & Play"

    Simple, intuitive design. We bought this frame mostly because we needed a digital photo frame that would accept an SDHC (high capacity) memory card (most of the digital photo frames accept SD cards, but can't process the high capacity cards). The camera that the recipient has uses SDHC cards, so we needed a frame that would allow the transfer of photos by simply taking the SDHC card out of the camera, and popping it into the photo frame (no computer involved). This frame immediately started playing the photos on the card (we didn't need to look at the instructions). We still haven't bothered to check out what all you can do with this photo frame because we already have accomplished what we wanted from it, but at some point we may be curious enough to access more options.
    We chose the RED frame because the recipient of this gift LOVES red (there is no other color in his universe). The red that Sony chose is a really nice hue--it has an upscale "glow," and is a true red (not a burgundy, or a brick red).
    We are very pleased with the look, and ease of use of this photo frame.
    ...more info
  • Excellent picture quality
    Gave this to my daughter for Christmas and she really loves it. The picture quality is excellent. So clear and bright....more info
  • Very nice Digital Photo Frame
    Per reviews, I splurged on this item and spent more for it than other comporable models. I am not dissappointed. As typical with SONY, the picture quality is excellent--bright, accurate colors. The software is fairly intuitive, though a little clumsy. We put photos from a MAC directly by pluggin in, and also by dropping pix from a Windows machine to a SD card, then from SD to the photo frame. The calendar and clock functions are nice for an office desk, but we use the "slide show" function the most for home use. Highly recommend this product if you want a high quality dig frame....more info
  • Best photo frame and worth the price.
    I spent a lot of time researching and looking at different digital photo frames before deciding on this one. The image quality is excellent, the configuration options are extensive, and the frame itself looks great. The best part is Sony even let you turn off the SONY logo light. Then it's just a featureless black frame and really shows off the displayed photo. It's a bit pricier than the other options in this size range, but if you can spare the extra money it's definitely worth it....more info
  • Great digital picture frame!
    This is a great digital picture frame. It is very easy to use and looks nice. It isn't nearly as thick as I thought it would be. It made a perfect gift for my parents as they love how they can scroll photos on their computer monitor when it's not in use. The size is nice as well. They are using it in their great room and it's not too distracting....more info
  • Outstanding Clarity and Brightness
    Outstanding clarity
    bright screen
    photo rotates with frame
    Sony light can be turned off
    600x800 resolution
    Random view - photos appear in random order
    Multi-image view.
    Clock and calendar view
    Remote control

    Small perimeter
    Frame perimeter is not wood
    backstop leans frame only about 10 degrees. Would prefer if it leaned back a bit more.

    I highly recommend this frame. ...more info
  • Beautiful Picture...but some issues
    We bought this 7" Sony, and also got a Viewsonic 7" at about half the price. The Sony has a gorgeous display. The Viewsonic display was also very nice but not quite as good as the Sony. The Sony would give a "random" slide show, which we wanted, where the Viewsonic wanted to show the loaded pictures in order. We would like to have had different "Folders" in either the onboard memory, or the SD cards that we were inserting. Unfortunately, the Sony would only recognize one folder. Not a real big issue.

    Con: Nearly all photos that we take or have scanned from slides are enhanced using Adobe CS3, and then resized for the frame. For some reason, a number of pictures will not display on the Sony. An "error" box is displayed. After trying a number of things, none of which worked, until we stumbled on opening the troublesome files in Corel Photopaint and resaving them with a slightly different name. Then they worked! Don't know why. Both files were saved as JPEGs, and no additional editing was done in Corel. File sizes were essentially the same. We did NOT have this problem with the Viewsonic frame. It was "happy with all files....more info
  • My son loves this frame!
    Before purchasing this frame for my son, I researched digital frames for weeks, on the internet. I listed pros and cons of all the frames which had the desirable features, as well as good customer reviews, then consulted my other son for advice. He agreed with me that this was the hands-down favorite (although also one of the most expensive). Since giving the gift to my son for his graduation, he has repeatedly told me how much he loves it, and assured me of the excellent quality of this frame (as has his wife); it is also a classy-looking frame. With their second daughter on the way, I know it will get lots of use! ...more info
  • Sony Digital Picture Frame- User Friendly!
    This digital frame is simple to set up and use even for a techno-lame
    person. The picture quality is excellent and the color brilliant. It looks fabulous especially if you can somehow hide the electrical cord. We bought one and then bought two more as Christmas gifts. A great gift that keeps giving!...more info
  • Best digital frame, hands down.
    A long time ago I had a Sony Walkman that I loved. I used it for years. I haven't loved many Sony products since then. But this frame is awesome. It is by far the best digital frame on the market. The screen is sharp and bright. The frame looks classy on the desk. Highly recommended and worth the extra money....more info
  • Good product, but not perfect.
    The frame overall is good. I don't even need many features it has. Yet some features it has need improvement.


    Randomization. I don't know how a company with such a big name can create such a poor algorithm for showing random photos. Repetitive display of its "favorite" images makes it sometimes annoying.

    IR sensor. Works fine, but you need to aim at it otherwise you can miss.

    If you saved your images using some software that adapts them for internet (so-called progressive scan) then the frame will not recognize them. The same will happen with some images downloaded from internet.

    PROS: Overall it works, looks nice even might be a bit overpriced....more info
  • Love My Sony Digital Photo Frame
    Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo Frame
    I love my new frame and I'm also very impressed with the simplicity of the set up. I had read a few reviews on this particular frame where folks were having difficulty using .jpeg files but fortunately I didn't encounter this problem. I also have modified quite a few of my pics with a photo editor and had no problem displaying these pictures either.

    I'm alround 100% pleased with the quality, style, ease of use and appearance of the frame and would recommend it to others....more info
  • Great way to share photos
    I bought this item for my parents and girlfriend for Christmas. I loaded a bunch of pictures for them so they could see some of the things I am doing while overseas. Much nicer then sending a bunch of pics over the internet. I loaded a bunch to the internal HD and also loaded some to a 2GB Kingston SD Card. Both ways worked great and were simple to load up. There are a ton of frames out there, but I wanted to go with the Sony name. The pics are very clear and both parties were extremely happy with the gift. ...more info
  • Great Gift
    I bought this for my 10-year old niece. She is very smart but it is still a testament that it was easy for her to set-up and use. She even discovered features I didn't know it had (like the difference between using the back lighting for a sharper image). She had it set up in no time, is very happy with how easy it is to use, and loves the quality. I also chose this for the aspect ratio so, for most photos - as long as they're landscape (i.e. horizontal) there is no wasted space on either edge....more info
  • Rich features
    Auto on/off, auto photo orientation detection, auto rotation depending on orientation of frame, fit-to-display...great features. And a very good display....more info
  • Great Picture
    This digital frame was a Christmas gift for my wife, she likes it a lot, it is easy to use and has a great picture....the only thing i didn't like is that it is advertised to download pics from your phone via bluetooth, i learned it can't do that without buying an addition part...but for a simple digital frame that has a good picture and holds a lot of pics...its a good frame...
    ...more info
  • Beautiful pictures, well done features, few minor quirks
    I've been looking at digital picture frames for a long time since I've been shooting digital since 2001 or so, but had never bought one before. It used to be they were low resolution, or had low picture quality, or had a widescreen aspect ratio because they used the LCD panels from DVD players. Finally, I saw the Sony DPF-D80 frame.

    The most important part of a frame should be the picture quality, and this frame excels in that department - bright, vivid pictures from almost anywhere you look at it, with a 4:3 aspect ratio like the pictures digital cameras output.

    The frame itself is a beautiful glossy black... looks great when clean, but prone to fingerprints. Fortunately there's no need to touch it except to load pictures, as there is a remote.

    It comes with a generous 256MB of memory - enough for several thousand pictures if you take the time to resize your pictures to the 800x600 resolution of the frame (you can use the batch resizing in free tools like IrfanView) rather than just dumping the full size camera output. If you choose the later the frame reads most memory card formats.

    It does have a couple of minor quirks, mentioned in other reviews. First, it always starts up on the same image, even in random mode. Secondly, for small numbers of pictures (100 or so) random doesn't seem quite random, as I often see a picture cycle back through after just a couple of intervening photos. Also, the time selections for the slideshow are limited, you can't pick an arbitrary time - so that, for example, you can only have 3 or 10 seconds per picture, not 5 or 7 or whatever you want.

    To counterbalance that it has many more features, including different types of views easily accessed from the frame or the remote. The multiple-image view is actually pretty nice, though the pictures end up being too small unless you have the frame on your desk.

    I highly recommend this frame. Hopefully they'll tweak the firmware to address the quirks in the future.

    ...more info
  • Good but could be better
    Same problem as everyone else with the clock and when you turn on the unit it always start in the same picture; it does not take into account where it was previously.

    Everything else was fine, including the price....more info
  • Good picture quality, but not recommended due to image compatibility issues
    First of all, the image quality is good. Now that we got that out of the way, I felt very compelled to write this review because as a few others have stated, this frame has compatibility issues with files that have been editted via photoshop, or even simple renaming files like infranview. all i actually did was just download files off of an online photo album (smugmug), and the files would load with question marks. Some have experienced the same, and as one reviewer said (Alex), he had to convert the files to BMP in order for them to show up. When loading photos, it takes a while for the files to transfer, or even recognize external media. The auto correct mode also does not work very well. I got this as a present for my grandparents, and luckily, they wont be tinkering with it much often. But for a photo person like myself, be careful of the hassle you'll experience with this frame. For a $200 frame, I expect more from Sony. Once again, for those who have bought this frame and experiencing the ? mark issue with file recognition, you need to convert the files to bmp in order for them to load correctly. I found a review on here that saved the day for me, so i hope this helps somebody else as well. ...more info
  • Great pictures but complicated requirements...
    The Sony DPF-D70 displays photos nicely.. but, if you own a Mac and are accustomed to merely clicking and dragging files into a drive.. you'll be sadly disappointed. The DOS Fat formatting of the internal memory can't store all you'd like in one quick transfer. You have to separate the photos in files or folders to use all the memory. Also, if you do your photo editing in PhotoShop you must save the jpg's as standard or optimized. Never save them as progressive jpg's! The Sony will not be able to display the images. Sadly, the instructions that come with the product don't tell you this. I had to find out on the web. Once photos are loaded however they do look nice....more info
  • Be careful! It doesn't come with a USB cable!!
    I was excited when I received this product and eager to set it up & put pictures ready in before send it to my mom as a birthday gift at the next day, since my mom doesn't know anything about electronic product operations. But what a disappointed thing that it does not come with a USB cable for PC connection!! I tried 3 cables that I have for different cameras but none of them were matching the Mini USB that this frame has! Sony is Sony; everything is unique... I was so upset that I couldn't send it out on time and my mom won't get my gift before her birthday because I have to order another little piece of cable and wait for another few days! Feel disappointed about the poor packing list design of Sony and product info presentation of Amazon....more info
  • The nicest frame I've seen
    I had been on the fence about getting a digital photo frame for almost a couple of years now, but it seemed as though the ones I thought were affordable were also a bit cheap looking. I happened across the Sony DPF-V900 frame at an electronics store, and immediately fell in love with it. "Affordable" needed to be redefined.

    The frame is striking, but without being over the top or gaudy. The image quality is absolutely top notch. The only LCD I've seen that looks quite as good is on my MacBook Pro. The function buttons are intelligently placed, and hidden from view at most angles, and there isn't an obvious sensor on the front for the remote control.

    In terms of features, you get a mixed bag that keeps this from being a five star product. The image correction is hit-or-miss. More often than not, the face detection works, but usually at the cost of degrading the rest of the image (fortunately, this isn't an automatic setting). There are loads of settings that let you customize how pictures are displayed, whether or not the Sony logo is visible, automatic power on / off, and so on -- but navigating the menus is a bit of a chore. You can easily spend about 15 minutes getting it set up just the way you want.

    One particular note: There's a display mode that lets you see a clock next to your images, but the clock doesn't show current time. It *should* show you the time the picture was taken, but it assumes the timestamp on the file is the correct time, not the EXIF data. Personally, I'd prefer a clock.

    Getting photos on to the DPF-V900 is incredibly simple. Connect a mini-USB cable to your Mac or Windows computer, and it mounts as a drive for drag-and-drop copying. Or, it'll read just about every memory card format out there.

    This frame is squarely targeted toward people who are willing to pay extra for aesthetics. Unless you really appreciate the way this frame looks, you can absolutely find frames out there that cost less and do more. But if you like the design and are looking for the best image quality around, you can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Sony DPF-D80 - what a beauty
    The first digital photo frame I ever own but I'm really impressed by the design. Just a few points that may not have been touched upon by other reviews:
    (1) On Mac, using iPhoto to export pictures is a breeze. Each file is roughly 500 k with Maximum quality - Large format JPEG, which means that the internal 256 MB memory stores ~500 pictures. I've tried lower quality compression that produced smaller files; the pictures still looked very good.
    (2) The auto-rotation works like a charm.
    (3) I agree with other reviewers that I wish that there is a way to select sub-directory for display.
    (4) Folding the stand back to its storage position is a bit tricky. I was afraid that the plastic housing was going to break. Remember to push the ball-joint downward till it clicked before returning the arm to the storage receptacle.
    (5) Hard to compare to those $50 models sold at Wal-mart, but I think that the price for this model should come down more. On the other hand, if you can not stand a piece of ugly crap, you will be pleased with the aesthetics of this Sony DPF....more info
  • Clear picts and nice features
    This is a high-quality digital photo-frame. I'm glad I went with the 8 inch diag. instead of a smaller one. Really makes a difference. ...more info