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HP W2207H 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
List Price: $408.00

Our Price: $219.99

You Save: $188.01 (46%)


Product Description

The HP w2207h is a monitor with extreme resolution at 1680 x 1050 for bright, awesome graphic quality. It is perfect for videos, photo editing or gaming on your PC.

  • Panel type: 22 in Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor w/BrightView Panel
  • Full Ergonomics / Height Adjustment, Swivel and Tilt
  • 1680 x 1050 Resolution and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 ms response time
  • 24.2 Lbs (WxLxH) 11.38" x 20.61" x 10.43"

Customer Reviews:

  • 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor HP W2207H
    Great, big, low cost, high quality, and flexible monitor! Purchased 1/3/09 works great! HDMI! Haven't used high def. yet, but connection works great with older video card! I'm looking for a new comp. w/HDMI card now! I no longer need my eye glasses to view sceen, images and fonts! You won't be disappointed! Spent just $243 for a great monitor! Very pleased! Speeakers are only negative I have on this purchase, but I alrdy knew about that before buying!...more info
  • Buying Tips For This Monitor!
    It's a nice monitor, blindingly bright at first but there are plenty of settings to play with, even the defaults don't seem to bother me anymore.

    Now the tips...

    Don't buy this monitor for the built-in speakers! They are bearable for computer sounds but make music sound like second-hand music from someone's MP3 player. Just forget it's got speakers.

    Don't buy the HDMI/DVI "Cables Unlimited" cable that Amazon lists under "Frequently Bought Together". This monitor ships with an HDMI cable. All you need is an adapter (you can find them on Amazon for less than $5 inc. shipping). Besides not needing the cable, the Cables Unlimited one isn't very good. My cable died overnight after under 6 months. I'd have returned the monitor if I hadn't read the bad reviews of the cable while troubleshooting - it seems a common issue with that cable.

    This LCD panel has an optimum resolution. This one is 1680 x 1050. If you only have a VGA video card you can probably find new drivers. I bought a DVI card and honestly can't tell the difference....more info
  • Great display, terrible sound, non-working USB ports
    - Great display color and sharpness
    - Very solid base that allows monitor height adjustment

    - Speakers are worthless and one didn't work at all
    - Two USB ports on left side of monitor don't work

    If the speakers and USB ports aren't important, then this is a great monitor.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely incredible!!!
    This monitor is just absolutely incredible!!!

    It is very bright, has high contrast, and is definitely one of the best monitors out there especially for watching high resolution videos. If you ever get a chance to check it out in person, try playing one of those high definition movie trailers at Apple's website, or play some videos at Hulu, and you'll know what I am talking about.

    It does have a glossy screen, which means that you'll see a reflection if you have a bright light source in front of it. The reflective screen might drive some people crazy though. One way to get around it is to make sure that the bright lights in the room are to the side of, or behind the monitor but not directly in front of it. Trust me, I absolutely hated glossy screens before I purchased this one and now I don't any more after looking at the picture quality. I somehow feel that the glossy screens tend to show better colors. The colors don't look like they are faded or washed out.

    The speakers that come with it are good enough for some basic voice chat. If you're thinking of listening to music or enjoying movies (on Hulu/Netflix, for example), I'd suggest you buy some good external speakers. The bass and the volume aren't very good with the built-in speakers.

    The on screen menu is intuitive and easy enough to learn. You may not necessarily like the "Quick View" preset modes they have but you can adjust your settings and save them as "custom."

    The height adjustment and the 90 degree rotation adjustment are good to have. Although I think that it would have been nice if it had a "tilt" feature as well. I usually put a book at the back of the base stand to make it tilt forward.

    I've had trouble getting the computer to recognize USB wireless adaptor when I plugged it into the monitor's USB port. Strangely, the same port worked fine when I connected a mouse. It is probably just Vista :-)

    Hmm.. what else.... aah... don't put your dirty fingers on the screen. :-) It would be a pain to clean it off. I still haven't figured out the best way to get rid of some of the fingerprints I have on the screen. I'll have to find the manual and see that it says.

    I'd say it is definitely worth getting it. Although a bit pricey compared to the other ones out there, its image quality seems far superior to that of many other monitors that I have seen....more info
  • A+ If your looking for a monitor... you have found it...
    Best Monitor on the market that I have seen. I would only replace this when a glass front model (when available) for the scratch resistance.

    This one is kinda easy to clean(unlike other LCDs), with 1 to 1 mix of bottled water and pure rubbing alcohol(don't get too wet), clean with a soft towel. Don't touch in the first place!

    ...more info
  • Very happy with this monitor
    I've had the monitor for about 6 months. I went to the store to buy a different monitor, but this one was so superior in the quality of the picture, I took this one home instead. I've been very happy with it ever since.

    I use it with a MacBook. One thing about that is to get the picture to use the full screen, I have to start with the computer asleep, then plug the monitor in to the computer. Then with the computer lid closed, I have to wake it up by tapping on the keyboard and/or mouse. Then ONCE it's awake, I can open the lid of the computer. I use an external keyboard, but I go ahead and open the computer because I don't want to have any issues with heat.

    But as far as the monitor goes, I love it!...more info
  • HP W2207 22-inch LCD Monitor
    This is one stylish LCD! The picture is great and perfect for all around use. The software that comes with the monitor is a little quirky, but the image and quality of the LCD more than makes up for that. I had one problem with the driver for this monitor, however, HP was so helpful, walking me through steps to resolve the problem.
    This is one of the best all around monitors out there. There is some light bleed through when screen is totally dark, however, I haven't found it to be a huge issue....more info
  • HP W2207H 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
    This is the most awesome moniter I have ever owned. I first saw one at Home Depot. I wrote the model number down, and ordered one online the same day. The speakers are worthless, but I never use moniter speakers anyway. Go to any computer store and check out the moniters. If they have a dozen of them, 11 will look good, and one of them will look great-This One!...more info
  • monitor
    excellent product. worked first time with our 4 yr old HP desktops and new laptops.
    recommended....more info
  • Great monitor, what else can I say
    I bought this monitor a while back, and it's been great for me. I was initially amazed by just how huge this thing is, but I've gotten used to it since then, and now 17 inch monitors just seem really dinky. If you buy it, you won't regret it. I use this monitor for both my computer and my xbox 360, and I can switch back and forth with just two clicks of the monitors menu button. Hooking the 360 up with a dvi cable, and my pc up with a hdmi cable. Though I'm certain you could save some $$$ if you did it the other way around. But I guess hindsight is always 20/20. I'm certainly satisfied. My only qualm is that this monitor has the same resolution as the smaller 20 inch monitor, meaning the pixel resolution is simply lower. If you want full HD, got for the 24 inch monitor, but you certainly won't be disappointed by the value of this 22 inch model if your wallet isn't made of gold....more info
  • This monitor almost has it all!
    I originally ordered an HP 2207 but after seeing the HP 2159 HD monitor at the same price, I changed to purchase the other monitor. And I'm gald I did. ...more info
  • Very high Price/Performance
    This monitor is quite amazing. I use it for photo-editing, graphics programming and development, DVD playback. Its enough that its a 22inch monitor for under 200 (though shipping took it way over that). The picture quality is crisp and the DVD playback at fullscreen resolution is fantastic. Just watched LOTR part 1 on it. The stand is solid and adjusting is smooth. You can use it landscape or portrait. It was easy to setup, worked straight out of the box. Shipping was fast. Overall very happy with it so far. Ive had it a couple of months. I could do without the stickers on the frame. ...more info
  • Brokedown on me
    I've purchased this from ebay but new for $180. In little less than 5 months it broke down. The screen is white and you can see the images very very lightly about 2% of screener. Called HP support for out of-warranty service. It will cost me $215+tax to replace with the same model. Should I do it for $180 + $215= $395? I will rather get a well trusted brand new 22" samsung lcd. ...more info
  • At this price, you can't find a better monitor
    This monitor is an excellent choice at this price point (@ $245 special). Visually, it compares to the best of the best (even Apple monitors, which are better, but this compares admirably). The speakers are worthless, but you shouldn't be buying this for sound. This monitor is all about good looks and stunning rendering. It has vivid colors and brightness (I don't think I have ever seen a monitor that can get this bright). It has fantastic response times for gaming and video. It is adjustable (tilt/rise/lower - you can even make this thing rotate for viewing) and is aesthetically pleasing with a black and silver base/monitor that is very easy to fit on most desks and/or spaces. I've been looking a long time for a good wide screen LCD monitor and researched the competition pretty well. When considering specs and beauty, this is the most bang for your buck that you will ever get (@ $245 special). Merry Christmas to myself! ;)...more info
  • Good monitor with some drawbacks
    I use this monitor for word processing, spreadsheets, and the internet. I do not watch movies with it. I use the monitor in portrait mode. It comes with software to allow portrait mode, but this software is unstable. I spent three hours with tech support trying to get the software to work properly. The lessons from this experience are that HP is willing to spend any amount of time with you on the phone, but their tech support representatives are so poorly trained as to be useless. I learned more from 5 minutes research on the internet than I learned in the 3 hours that I spent on the phone. Most video cards will have software that allows the use of portrait mode. I strongly suggest that you use this instead of the HP software.
    The monitor is very well sized to display in portrait mode at 1080x1650. At that resolution, the monitor is exactly the right width to display one page width of text. The stand is incredibly adjustable to make it easy to get just the right position. Many of the competitors may work in portrait mode, but the stands are not up to that task. One interesting feature is that if you turn the monitor from portrait to landscape mode or vice-versa, most video cards can detect that and automatically adjust the picture (but not with HP's software).

    The monitor is extremely sharp in its native resolution. Make sure that your video card is capable of displaying in this exact mode. Sharpness is way off in 1600x1200 mode or any mode above or below the native resolution. Many people prefer lower resolution modes to make the type size larger. This is not a very practical solution with this monitor (but there are other ways in Windows to make the text larger).

    The screen has a lot of glare on it. It took me quite a while to get used to it, but I now prefer it to a matte screen. The glare on the bezel is BRIGHT. I put electrician's tape over it to get rid of the glare. Yes, that looks like crap, but I could not use the monitor as it was.
    The connections are HDMI. Unlike other monitors, there is no DVI connection, and therefore, you will likely need to buy a special cable.
    Overall, I like the monitor a lot, but it does have its limitations and drawbacks....more info
  • Overall well made and easy to install
    No issue with install. Basically plug and play set up. Vivid screen works best for video. Great for having two windows open. Included speakers don't appear to work very well, I have not tried to tweak them as using external speakers and I notice a slight hum from the screen, which again is not something I have tried to adjust. probably the best feature for me, that I didn't even consider when purchasing, is being able to twist the screen from landscape to portrait mode instantly and the picture adjusts automatically. Very useful for web browsing....more info
  • Great monitor at a great price
    If I had room, I'd put two of these side by side.

    Rich colors, great detail and a wonderful price. The tilt and height adjustment works well. The stand acts as a nice tray for my laptop and keeps the fans clear.

    The screen is glossy...which I was hesitant about, but it look really good.

    My only complaint is the gloss monitor 'frame'. It collects that worth complaining about? I guess that depends!

    Well worth the money....more info
  • Amazon sent me a DEFECTIVE MONITOR.
    The people at Amazon sent me a defective product. My monitor had a dead pixel on it, so a blue dot every time I use my monitor. It's a great monitor, don't get me wronge. However, I wasn't able to replace my product. Amazon wouldn't let me, so be careful of what you buy....more info
  • excellent product
    i have been testing the monitor and i just have one thin to say, is a excellent monitor and if you can buyit, do it, have an excellent image, time response. i have no problems with this.

    ...more info
  • Very nice monitor
    I bought a Samsung one before this. That did not work with my Mac. Their support said they didn't support Macs.

    So I bought this one, and it has been wonderful. No special config, no fighting with it, just plug and play :)

    I am surprised at HP's monitor quality. I expected a LOT worse. This has been a pretty good monitor!...more info
  • It is LOVE!
    I just love, love, LOOOOVE this monitor! I purchased two, one for me and one for my parents. I cannot believe what an awesome price and quality for this monitor! At work, they furnished us with the 24" monitors, which were a little out of my price range, but for 22", the price was outstanding! I work as a Web Designer and this monitor displays colors extremely accurately, and is great for having multiple windows open and stacked.
    Did I mention how much I LOVE my new monitor?...more info
  • Horrible Customer Service
    The first monitor I recieved was defective and stopped working after 1 hour. Not a real big deal as every manufacturer will have a percentage of defective products.

    I then called HP support and after struggling through the language barrier a bit (English is clearly not their first language), we trouble shooted the monitor over the phone. It was determined that the monitor was defective and they sent out a new one. I asked if it was going to be new or refurbished and the technician stated the monitor would be new.

    Well the monitor arrived in a few days which was nice but it was clearly not new. The black bezel was dirty and scratched all over. The monitor did work though and the monitor is nice when it works. I'm happy with the brightness and color reproduction etc. The viewing angles are typical TN viewning angles, to be expected at this price range.

    Anyways, the replacement to the replacement monitor was sent. I was told orders would be backed up for 6 weeks. The current monitor worked but had cometic damage so I decided to wait. Well HP shipped the monitor the next day and arrived in a few days, well sorta. Fedex showed the monitor as being delivered but I never recieved it. Fedex wrote in the details that the monitor was left at my front door step so clearly it was stolen.

    I called HP about this and it was a nightmare. Nobody knew what to do. I was transfered a total of five times. And the call totaled 1 hour and 43 minutes. The language barrier was huge, two of the technicians couldn't understand me when I told them I never recieved the shipment from Fedex. None of them knew what to do and they all said they couldn't do anything from their end. When I asked to speak to a surpervisor he refused to transfer me and he would not give me his name either.

    Finally I was transfered to the orders department a second time and he said his computer said a reshipment had already been filled out and was scheduled to be delivered in a few days. I have no idea who filled out the reshipment but I'm currently waiting for an email confirmation.

    Right now I feel like never buying a piece of HP equipment again. I'm sure in a few months after everythings settled I may opt to buy something from HP again. But here is what I promise I will never do. I will never deal with HP directly again.

    I made the mistake of not returning the HP monitor I bought directly to the store. I went to HP with the problem, HUGE mistake. HP customer service is unbelievably horrible. Stephen King could write a novel on it.

    Based on my experience, I can't recommend this monitor at all. I know a few will say I should be rating how the monitor itself performs (first one didn't perform at all) but customer service is part of the package that comes with the monitor. And people need to be prepared to know they will spend several hours talking to HP if they end up having a problem. Even a simple issue becomes complicated because of the language barrier and employee incompetence.

    *edit* The nightmare continues.

    I'm too tired to keep going on. But even the first case manager I talked to didn't know what she was doing. The second time I called I got a different representative who told me the first one handled the case wrong and apologized. The second agent said they were out of 22 inch monitors so they would send me a 24 inch. A nice gesture I thought. I get a call the next day and they tell me that they do have 22 inch monitors in stock and that I won't be getting the 24 inch one instead.

    It's horrible to tell a customer that's lost several hours dealing with incompetent employee's that he's getting an upgrade and then call back to say "I changed my mind". I never asked for the upgrade they volunteered, so whatever.

    *edit* 2

    The first replacement monitor they sent was in terrible cosmetic damage. They said they would send a new one but they didn't. Well on top of the cosmetic damage the side USB ports no longer work. When I first recieved the monitor and I plugged in a usb device I noticed that my computer would recognize it, unrecognize it, and then recognize it again. A small bump would do this but then it stopped doing it so I figured it was a software glitch. Seems it was only a usb heading for its death and it has finally died.

    The next replacement monitor I was told would be new and I'll be ebaying it for a loss. I've lost all trust in both HP's customer service and monitors.

    *edit* 3

    The nightmare just won't end. Now HP charged me 450.32 for a monitor under the claims that I didn't return it. I've kept all documentation though and I have the proof that they received it because of the fedex tracking number. I had to call the case manager again and they said they were refunding me. I'm sick of having to call these people. I feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day....more info
  • Good buy
    This is not a top of the line monitor, but is well worth the price paid!...more info
  • Wonderful Monitor
    This monitor is super--we love the size and rectangular shape and the image it provides is very clear. We are very satisfied with this product and would purchase another if we needed one....more info
  • Great value
    HP W2207H 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
    True plug and play, great image. The only downside is the built-in speakers are worthless. This may be because my sound card can't drive them....more info
  • Great Monitor
    this is a fantastic monitor for what i use it for. i use it mostly as a second monitor connected to my lenovo laptop for programming. i've had no problems with this unit whatsoever for the six months i've owned it. its been bright, vibrant, and crisp. and if your wondering about buying from amazon, don't even hesitate. i buy pretty much anything i can that is shipped and sold by amazon. their prices and customer service are one of a kind, unparalleled. ...more info
  • Beautiful monitor of great value
    This screen is a great screen. It is clear and beautiful. The stand is also probably part of the best part of this screen--to purchase a stand that is comparably functional would range between $70 and $200. Because of the included stand that will turn 90 degrees, it gives it quite a bit more value. I purchased mine refurbished through GLBargain. It arrived dead on arrival, but with little hassle, they replaced it, and I am VERY pleased with this screen. It has a glossy surface that I figured would be problematic, but this proved not to be the case. I am just very impresed with its clarity. ...more info
  • Great HP monitor

    Great monitor in almost every way, though the speakers could be better, as that was the main reason to buy it. It's so good I don't really care... Would do it again......more info
  • Great Monitor and the price was even better!
    The HP w2207h is a great monitor. Very clear and yet compact for it's 22" wide angle. I take lots of high resolution photography and in the month or so that I have had this monitor it has not let me down!...more info
  • Fine monitor, colossally bad software
    I bought this monitor specifically because I could rotate it 90 degrees to portrait mode. I am also using it as a secondary monitor attached to my laptop.

    Unfortunately the only way to do the portrait thing is by installing the absolutely horrible HP My Display software, which is the most buggy thing I've ever encountered...and that's even comparing it to Windows Vista!

    Right now, after two days of trial and error and fiddling with video drivers, I have somehow gotten it to _almost_ work--I can at least set the 90-degree pivot in my Display settings, without opening up HP MY Display, which makes both monitors flicker and turn off. But it might be a losing battle, because HP My Display is default to run at startup...but I can't get into it quick enough to turn that option off. More tinkering required. Hate. Hate. Hate.

    I was so frustrated today, I actually called the HP help line. Which was no help.

    The monitor itself--hey, it seems to work fine! ...more info
  • Great Picture
    I been using this monitor for several months now. I still love it. It has a very clear picture and large enough to see everything. ...more info
  • Good Monitor
    I am quite happy with the HP monitor I purchased. About 6 months prior I purchased the same monitor at Circuit City. I purchased it for less at Circuit City as it was part of a complete computer package but I had no problem purchasing it thru Amazon. The pricing I found to be quite competitive with other websites. It was delivered nicely and I haven't had any problems with it. It is being used for one of my teenagers and he likes it. No dead pixels.. works fine, screen is a nice size. Movies play quite nicely on it. Picture looks nice.. Just make sure to keep the screen clean.. Sorry no "detailed" info. on technical stff..LOL but the picture always looks good.Of course I'm no computer expert..You will have to purchase additional speakers if you want to play movies that are 5.1 or better..(no sound in monitor otherwise) We bought speakers at Walmart for 75 dollars (Logitech) and they work well.. The monitor's a good buy for a teenager. I recommend it....more info
  • Gotta Love It
    This monitor is awesome...if you view documents all day as I do the verticle image is fantastic. And it's so nice to have the ability to just turn the monitor for a nice wide view for pictures and such....more info
  • Beautiful and worth the price!
    If you are willing to spend a little more to get an excellent widescreen monitor, get this one! You'll not regret it. It's built-in speakers make it so convenient for Skype. The 2 USB ports on the side are priceless. The colors are so rich and bright, you will be spoiled from here on out....more info
  • Great video, tinny audio
    This would be a dream monitor except for one big drawback. It has extremely tinny sound. Couldn't they have done better?...more info
  • Fantastic Monitor
    I bought my monitor, a 22 inch, with my computer running Vista. It is almost 2 years old and functioning at an excellent level, as do all my HP products. They have a 24" monitor that is amazing too. I highly recommend this monitor for all the reasons you can think of. Easy to set up. Most people have trouble cleaning their monitors, but I just use a very soft cloth [cotton tee shirt] and a solution from Office Depot that simply says "screen cleaning fluid" on the bottle. I spray it on the cloth, not the monitor, and find that it works very well. Bottom line, you can't go wrong with HP products....more info
  • Great Monitor!
    This monitor is great, the only draw back is that my photography looks under contrast and bad quality when viewing them in the OS default photo viewer. However, when opening them in Photoshop they seem to look alright....more info