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You're in the middle of World War II and you must lead the British 2nd Army to liberate Caen, France. Or command the German Panzer Elite as they struggle to repel the largest airborne invasion in history. Play alone or with friends online in four playable armies. Realistic effects like Dynamic Weather Effects and AI and physics enhancements make this the most exciting RTS game ever.

2 New Armies - Play as the British 2nd Army or German Panzer Elite, each with devastating command trees options and unit upgrades 2 Full Single Player Campaigns - Command the British Army to liberate Caen, France. Control the German Panzer Elite to repel the Allied airborne invasion in Operation Market Garden. For the first time, players get to play as the Germans in Single-Player Real War, Real Battlefields, Real War Enhanced - Mission Persistence, Dynamic Weather Effects, Enhanced Vehicle Tactics deliver a new level of realism and new battlefield tactics. Vehicle path finding, meta-formations, AI and physics enhancements, and new MP modes such as objective-based missions Multiplayer Modes - Combine Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts with the original Company of Heroes for a total of 4 playable armies online

  • Contains Company of Heroes and the expansion Company of Heroes - Opposing FrontsCompany of Heroes features -
  • Graphics quality and a physics driven world that is unprecedented in an RTS
  • Real-time physics and a completely destructible environment guarantee no two battles ever play out in the same way. Destroy anything and re-shape the battlefield. Use buildings and terrain to your advantage, or deny them to the enemy
  • Advanced squad AI brings your soldiers to life as they interact with their changing environment, take cover, and execute advanced squad tactics
  • 2-8 players MP competition via LAN or InternetOpposing Fronts features -

Customer Reviews:

  • Good game, TERRIBLE company
    The most frustrating experience ever.
    I buy the game.
    I install it.
    I pla-
    No.. I DON'T get to play it yet.

    It has an auto update which goes on for about half an hour.
    I understand, that's cool, but it's for online play, and I don't want to play online, Bah whatever, I can wait... Even though I'm not using this patch AT ALL.

    Now I pla-

    It asks where you got the game, Retail Store.
    Validating Media,
    Spews a few errors at you,
    Tells you to log in, but wait! The CREATE ACCOUNT button is greyed out.
    Hmmm... I hop on firefox, google relic online, perhaps I need to make one on the site, and NOTHING.

    This is ridiculous.

    I highly suggest reading more reviews outside of amazon on this game.
    The game itself once you get around to playing is pretty decent. I like it. Is it worth all that time and frustration? Perhaps.

    I personally didn't get it worked out, had to torrent the game.
    I bought it so why not. Middle finger to you relic....more info
  • Great game IF you can get past the installation
    I am late arriving to the CoH party but better late than never ... mostly. I have to dock this otherwise superb game a full star (and I'm being kind at that) for installation nightmares and pitiful THQ support. I spent hours getting CoH installed and running. Error messages, endless mandatory patches to support online features I will never use (solo play only here), internet required to play, it goes on and on. But once I got the blasted thing up and running, I discovered one of the best designed, best balanced, and most fun to play RTS around.

    Wanting more a believing surely THQ had gotten things straightened out by now, I ordered CoH:Opposing Force. Wrong! When I inserted the disk, the opening screen had a play button but no install button. Trying to run the installer from the disk delivers an error message that the sparse help on THQ's support forum apparenetly never heard of. After a couple hours of searching THQ, Relic and internet forums without success, I e-mailed a message to THQ support describing the problem. Voila, they got back to me within 24 hours with advice that worked. "Uninstall COH and then install COH:OF. OF has everything you need on the disk." That's great support. So why, if this is a known issue, would the website not address it? And of course there is nothing about uninstalling CoH in the manual. By the way, I don't have some bizzare custom PC setup, it's a year old Alienware with Vista, standard software and up to date drivers. If things won't work right on my rig, I imagine there are a lot of other folks for whom they won't work either. And remember, this is a Games for Windows product. Isn't that supposed to mean load and play?

    Anyhow, once OF was installed I enjoyed another two hours or so of downloading patches. Surely there must be a better way.

    CoH and CoH:OF are great games but if installation hassles are not your thing, you want to avoid them. For my part, I am now enjoying what I have but I will not be picking up the Tales of Valor expansion when it comes out. Life is too short, and there are too many other excellent games out there, to put myself through a third frustrating go-round with these folks....more info
  • COH:OF
    I want to first state that I really enjoy the play of COH and COH:OF. The problem that I have with COH:OF is the security features of this game. In the original COH you just loaded the game up and you did not need to have the disk to play. This all changed with COH:OF. Now you must either log on to their servers to validate your copy of the game or have the disk in to play. I absolutely hate the trend that companies are going with their validation of games. I have paid for the game. I have a security code with the game. That should be enough. I do not think that I should be the one that is inconvienced because of others pirating software. I hope this is not a direction that THQ has decided to go with all of their future releases on their games. They make great games but I will not support a company that punishes those who actually bought their product with extra security measures. It will be really a shame to see THQ go down the same road that EA games has gone with their products. If you are just looking for a great tactical game this one is it. I just will not support THQ or any company in the future that has these BS anti piracy items in place to protect their profit margin. THQ had it right with COH but they got it all wrong in COH:OF with this addition of anti piracy items that they have added to this good game....more info
  • One of the Best RTS ever made
    Company of Heroes is one of the best RTS ever made hands down. The game focuses on strategy instead of how many commands you can do per second. It forces you to use your head, and use cover. Very realistic, great graphics, and smooth gameplay. It has a great campaign, and a great online experience. All errors are very easily fixed, if any. The reason you have to download when you connect online is because they patched the game, to balance it out. So if you complain about downloading patches, you shouldn't comment on video games. It caters to both the hardcore and casual gamer.

    Well worth your money....more info
  • Excellent RTS.
    The number of games set during the Second World War borders on the ridiculous. The number of titles which attempt (usually badly) to recreate D-Day or Operation Market Garden is vast, but the overwhelming majority of them fail to capture either the atmosphere or historical feel of the conflict. First-person shooters like the Call of Duty franchise have proven a lot more successful at depicting the conflict than strategy games, with most WWII strategy games being quite boring (such as the Sudden Strike series, which is so anal your soldiers can actually run out of bullets, which is taking pedantry to a new level).

    For these reasons, when Company of Heroes was first announced there wasn't a huge amount of excitement about it, especially as the developers, Relic, were responsible for the entertaining-but-lightweight Dawn of War series. When it came out, however, it was an absolute revelation, doing for WWII strategy games what Medal of Honour did for WWII shooters a decade earlier.

    Company of Heroes is set purely on the Western Front of the European theatre of WWII, starting on D-Day and proceeding through to the end of Operation Market Garden. The initial game features a single campaign focusing on the US forces and depicts the assault on the beaches, the behind-the-lines movements of special forces which silenced the German's artillery pounding the beaches, the assault on Cherbourg and the battles of St. Lo and Falaise that resulted in the final defeat of German forces on the Cotentin Peninsula. The expansion, Opposing Fronts (which is included with the CoH Gold Edition), features two campaigns. The first centres on the German Panzer Elite as they race to defeat the Allies' assault on Arnhem in Operation Market Garden, and the second (set some months earlier) focuses on the British assault on Caen, a gruelling battle that was supposed to be won in a single day but instead lasted more than a month due to the unexpected presence of elite SS forces in the town. A notable lack in the game is that the fourth side, the 'normal' German Wehrmacht, lacks a single-player campaign, but Relic have surprisingly noticed this and decided to remedy this with a downloadable German campaign, to be released in early 2009, although it will use different mechanics to the rest of the game.

    The game is notable for minimising base-building, although it doesn't eliminate it as the Ground Control series did some years earlier. However, resource-gathering has been eliminated in favour of holding territory on the map. This mechanic encourages aggressive play from the start, as he who seizes the most territory in the shortest possible time will find the balance of power swinging in their favour. This leads to an interesting trade-off as players must decide to reinforce earlier in the game with lots of low-level units such as jeeps, mortars and machine gun teams, or instead holding off until more advanced technology such as artillery and tanks becomes available. The variation in these mechanics is what makes the game interesting to play, particularly in the compelling multiplayer modes.

    On the single-player front, the game is unfortunately rather cliched. Some of the maps are excellently designed, but the stories are rather traditional WWII stuff featuring good old American boys and stiff-upper-lipped British soldiers facing off against the ruthless-but-with-a-sense-of-honour Germans (as usual for a game, the actual Nazis play no role in events). The storytelling is also weak, as it happens entirely within the cut scenes between missions. The actual characters do not appear in the missions and no storytelling takes place during the missions themselves, which means that after spending an hour on a tough map you've forgotten what is going on in the story, and don't particularly care about what is happening to these cliched characters.

    The American and Wehrmacht forces are excellently-designed and balanced against one another, although the higher-level German units (particularly their tanks) are tough to stop once they get rolling. The game engine delivers the chaos of battle particularly well, with massive artillery bombardments, air strikes and ferocious tank duels giving us some of the most convincing WWII action in a game seen to date. However, the newer sides of the British and Panzer Elite are less interesting and, although well-balanced against one another (the British focus on static defence whilst the Panzer Elite are focused on attack) feel a bit off when fighting the established sides. In particular, the American and German ability to lock down and defend territory markers whilst the Brits and Panzer Elite cannot is rather unbalancing.

    Where Company of Heroes comes to life is the excellent multiplayer which, after two years, seems to have finally gotten some stable and reliable servers. Cracking a particularly tough co-op skirmish or fighting a challenging battle with human players is tremendously satisfying, and the varied tactics and relatively fast pace of the game make Company of Heroes the most satisfying multiplayer RTS game since the venerable StarCraft.

    Company of Heroes (****?) is a compelling and fun game where the single-player experience suffers slightly but the multiplayer and skirmish games more than make up for it. The game is available now in the UK and USA in a 'gold edition' with its expansion, Opposing Fronts, included. A second expansion, Tales of Valour, will be released in the spring of 2009 and Relic are considering a sequel, possibly adding the Russians or being set in North Africa. ...more info
  • Excellent RTS WWII Game
    This is the best WWII simulation in RTS form I have seen to date. The models of the Tanks and characters are very highly detaled. Overall an excellent buy....more info
  • Runs Great On Intel iMac (2006 - 24") Via Boot Camp
    Great Game. Ran into a little snag during first install. Installation went all the way to the end just to tell me it didn't complete the install. So i installed all the microsoft updates and gave it another shot. Worked just fine. Also, I didn't have any issues with the 40mb or the 70mb patches downloading or installing. Runs great. Love it....more info
  • Do a little research before buying
    My son bought Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts and has yet to be able to play the game. I have spent two days going through instructions found online and provided by tech support through email. Do an internet search on error 10104 and you will see that the dvd is garbage. The files are corrupt as soon as you install and the game refuses to patch. Tech support likes to blame everything from bad memory to faulty DVD Rom firmware for the problem. The bottom line is that the company will not back up their products when they know they have put out junk....more info
  • Company of Heroes Gold Edition
    This is a very fun game to play if your computer can support it. we have three computers and one, the graphics card doesn't support it and its a brand new dell laptop computer. the second does support it but the graphics are funny and its a fairly new desktop computer. the third is a Compaq computer and it supports it pretty good and the graphics are very good. the reason i have come to believe is because the game was made to run with an Nvidia Graphics card and the only computer we have with an Nvidia is the Compaq. so i would recommend making sure your computer and graphics card can run the game before buying it. also make sure that your computer has plenty of memory because that can effect the game as well. Overall i will say that this is one of the most fun RTS games that i have played. I would recommend buying it....more info
  • Great game, good price
    Basically this rules, COHG is dank. The online play is where it shines for me. I cant wait to get the next expansion....more info
  • An Excellent Choice to play a GOOD RTS PC GAME
    Well , GAME OF THE YEAR 2006 ......
    an excellent Choice to get a lot of hours playing in front of your PC

    BUY it !!!!...more info
  • Black Screen of Death on Boot Up
    I can hear the sound when the game loads but all I get is a black screen. Sounds like a common problem with a hard to find fix that works. I have spent several hours on this and I am about to give up. Why doesn't microsoft test their products more before release so much buggy software?...more info
  • One of the best RTSes in years.
    Company of Heroes makes sure that you always have something to do, and that you're always focused on taking and holding map nodes. Positioning and cover are very important as well, so matches end up becoming contests for defensible buildings or fortifications around resource nodes. But even as powerful as cover is, there are plenty of tools to flush your enemies out of their fortifications, from mortar teams to flamethrowers to artillery strikes. It creates a very fast, very focused dynamic which is unlike any other game I've played.

    Regarding people's objections to the forced online connection: yes, it is somewhat onerous for those who do not plan to play online. However, the things the game forces you to do (make an account and download patches) are what you would have to do to play online anyway... and you really will want to play online. The campaign is good, but the game becomes orders of magnitude deeper when played against other humans.

    I very highly recommend this game to any RTS fan....more info
  • Great game, Relic Online is awful
    I've had this game for about a month now and I really like it. The game play is good and there are enough units to keep it interesting without being overly complicated to learn. The single player campaigns are a little on the boring side, but skirmishing against the AI is pretty fun. Online play was my main reason for purchasing the game and I gave CoH 3 stars because the multiplayer experience is terrible. The Relic Online service suffers from numerous networking issues that make the simple act of setting up a game very frustrating. Several brands of routers do not work smoothly with CoH. Check out the Relic support forums before purchasing this game to see the depth of the problems....more info
  • Enabling DMA on your DVD drive fixes the 10104 error
    I just bought the game Monday and ran into the same error as D. Freysinger. After installation, the game asks to download and install a 40MB patch. The game out of the box is version 2.202. During installation of the patch, it crashes saying that there is a problem with WW2Art.sga and error code 10104.

    I spent all night long digging through the internet looking for a solution. It seems that there are tons of people on the Relic forums having this same patch problem.

    As far as the Gold edition, it turns out that you need to enable DMA on your DVD drive. I had it on PIO. WinXP automatically downgrades to PIO and locks it if it encounters a certain number of errors on your drive.

    In order for me to enable DMA again, I had select "DMA if available" on my Primary IDE Channel in Device Manager. However, it was still locked in PIO mode so I also had to uninstall and let WinXP reinstall the Primary IDE Channel. Ultra DMA was now enabled.

    I reinstalled the game and not only did it take half the time to install, but both patches (the 40MB and the 70MB) worked.

    So if you're running into the same problem I have, try enabling DMA. I don't know why it makes a difference but it does. Somehow, having your DVD drive in PIO corrupts some of the data files during installation....more info