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Sony DVP-FX820/W 8-Inch Portable DVD Player, White
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Product Description

Take the cinema on the road. Watch your favorite DVDs anytime you want with the DVP-FX820 portable DVD player. Boasting a swivel screen and rugged design, this device is perfect for people on the go. Watch movies anytime and anywhere you want with Sony's cool DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Player. With a 6-hour battery life, an 8" high-resolution swivel screen that provides a clear and crisp picture from any angle, 2 headphone jacks for sharing, and a car adapter that ensures your movies outlast even the longest road trip. The FX820 plays your CDs or MP3s, and lets you view your personal photo albums. Control buttons are located on the screen bezel for ease of use. Skipping or fast-forwarding a scene is so easy to do, either with the control buttons or with the dual-sensor remote control. This portable DVD player is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it anywhere you go. 12 bit/108 MHz Video DAC Control Buttons on Screen Bezel dts Output Dolby Digital Multiple Disc Resume On Screen Display Disc Capacity Background Graphics Ports - 1 RCA Audio Input with Line Input/Output Select(TM) Switch, 1 RCA Audio Output with Line Input/Output Select(TM) Switch, 1 Composite Video Input with Line Input/Output Select(TM) Switch, 1 Composite Video Output with Line Input/Output Select(TM) Switch, 1 Optical Audio Digital Output, and 2 Headphone Outputs (Side)

  • 8" LCD Widescreen Monitor
  • High-Resolution (800 x 480 resolution)
  • 180 Swivel and Flip monitor
  • Up to 6 Hour of Battery Life
  • Dual Sensor for Remote Control

Customer Reviews:

  • Functions as described with no disappointments
    I bought two of these portable Sony DVD players for my Explorer. I hade an single audiovox TV/DVD player that I mounted in between the seats for my two kids but it did not work well and eventualy failed. I mounted each one on the headrest of each seat with a mounting system/carry case I bought from Walmart. It is mounted verticle taking up very little space and not in the way. They both work great. Picture is excellent and speakers deliver plenty of volume. I hooked up Gamecube to one which worked great. During a recent drive to Florida from Massachusetts, my kids had a traveling entertainment system with no complaining as they each had their own unit. ALL the dual systems in stores are made cheaply and will not deliver like this Sony unit. I did a lot of research before buying these. I am glad I paid the extra money for a quality product....more info
  • Nice "toy"
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband to use on airplanes, in particular. It's compact, has a great screen and sound...very clear and easy to use.

    The battery died on the way home from a trip...guess we should have charged the battery in the hotel room. Now that we know, I{m sure there won't be any problem. He used it to listen to some CD's, too. I think the battery lasts about 6 hours.

    ...more info
  • Still going strong
    I have had this product for only a few weeks but I am very happy so far. The picture is good on the actual portable dvd player and the adapatability to my TV is great - my home dvd player died, we hooked this player up and it was perfect. ...more info
  • Like it
    I really like this DVD player. I have had it 2 weeks now. Great sound, especially with headphones and great picture. I also get one pixel that stands out occasionally, but it seems to be random. Doesn't happen all the time....more info
  • Makes the kids happy!
    I looked high and low for a quality DVD player. This is the best one I found. Good picture quality, good sound and really easy for the kids to use. Very happy and would buy Sony again. ...more info
  • Nice unit
    I like the unit. However, I would like to see the screen move in both direccions and I would like to have more options to change the picture size on the screen, even if the movie does not allow it. At 8 inches, with a picture size like a TV, it's hard to see....more info
  • Best portable dvd i bought
    My first dvd player i bought was a toshiba mode SD-P91S i thought it was ok good battery life good 9 inch screen. But the sony with its 8 inch screen is alot brighter and clearer, also the battery life is about the same. the sony also performs better it dosnt feel cheap, and plays amlost any disc without any problems. the toshiba is very picky on the disc you play, and like to skip alot and make lots of noise. buy this sony its one of the few good sony products...more info
  • Great Player!
    The Sony DVP-FX820 8-inch Portable DVD Player is a great dvd player. So far we have not had any problems with it. It has been a life saver on long trips for the kids. It has great sound quality and great picture. I would pick this product again and would recommend it to my friends.
    ...more info
    I love the DVD player. It has an 8 inch screen, is very portable, and has a great, clean picture. I travel a lot and it's great for plane travel, just pop a DVD in and enjoy. For me, it works better than a laptop, as you can carry it in a travel bag, throw it under the seat, and pull it out at your whim, rather than jhaving to get up and access your laptop. The control panel is easy, and I love the swivel screen. It makes it easy to watch in my hotel on the bed....more info
  • Great portable..if only it lasted.
    I purchased this Sony FX820 based on the numerous great reviews it got on Amazon and I wasn't disappointed. My 2 1/2 daughter can open, change dvds, play and adjust the volume by herself. It even plays vcds (dvds from Asia). I love the clarity of the picture but the speakers could be improved. All in all I was very happy with this portable dvd player. That is until we started having problems with the screen. The picture wouldn't come on when we turned it on. There was sound and the dvd was playing but the screen was black. I'd have to fiddle with it; turn it on and off, switch from input to output, take the battery off and on before the picture would come back on. I've only had this player for 8 months. It's a big pain in the butt and I feel Sony should look into this issue for future model improvements. I plan to get another one soon...maybe not Sony this time around....more info
  • Privacy and comfort...
    I mainly got this because I needed something to be able to watch the movies that I like when the main t.v. and computer are both being used by others. I can put my earphones in, sit back at the table and watch my movies to my hearts desire, not disturbing anyone else or them disturbing me.
    I love the fact that I could get it in pink...keeps the menfolk away from MY little DVD I see nothing wrong with the picture or sound quality, it's all alright with me!...more info
  • Sony designs great product ...
    Looked at several different DVD Players on line and at the store. My criteria were battery life, picture quality and kid proof. 6 hrs of battery life, a great picture and the ability to spin the screen 180 to keep kids hands off the disc itself (if it's sitting on an airplane tray table) is a great feature.

    Unfortunately the first one I bought had a problem within the first week with the carrier for the laser (stopped tracking) but Amazon replaced it immediately.

    Replacement is working great....more info
  • I highly recommend you guys to buy this unit.
    I bought this unit, when there was a sale. So far no problem I found in this product.
    I have only pros to say, but not a single cons to say, because that's how this device is made. I think so, people who made this product has installed antcons organisms to prevent any damage to this
    Any way I highly recommend you guys to buy this product. It's a good stuff.
    ...more info
  • Mrs. Obenauf
    Had to return the item to Sony after two days. The screen wouldn't display the picture. Waiting to receive replacement....more info
  • good purchase
    I am really happy with this purchase. I have only used the dvd player for a few trips. My daughter(20 months) seems to enjoy it.
    I decided to go with Sony after reading some positive reviews for this product. I looked at other brands(cheaper ones), and read those reviews too. Like what other people have said, the battery life seems to be good, and volume from the built in speakers are loud enough so that it can be heard amidst traffic noises (this was something that was important to me, as my daughter is too young to use a headset).

    I also bought a Targus carrying case from Walmart, and that made setting it up in the car easy.

    I would highly recommend this for anyone with kids, it could be a life saver on long trips....more info
  • Great Size!
    Any bigger and this would be more like a laptop than a travel DVD player. We have used it several times and while the sound quality could be a little bit better, overall it is a great little travel media item....more info
  • Overpriced
    This product is good, but not great. For the money I paid, it should have been much better. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, but I've seen cheaper DVDs players that are just as good. More specifically:

    Picture: Good, but has trouble with deep blacks. Even after adjusting the backlight and other settings, certain scenes in dark series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer are borderline unwatchable. There are several times per disk, I can't even see the characters.

    Sound: Speakers don't create bass very well. Very tinny. But to be fair, if you're using headphones, the audio is terrific.

    Features: There is no rewind or fast forward buttons on the player itself. To step through the disk, you need to use the remote. I found this borderline unacceptable as I now have to cart the remote around with me if I want to rewind and watch a funny scene again (which happens often when watching Mystery Science Theater 3000).

    Form: The lid is hard to open because there is no latch or groove to put you fingers into. You have to kind of jam your fingers between the lid and base and pry it open. The notches in the disk drive itself aren't well positioned either. Some people grab the disk from the top, some from the bottom. I hope you're a bottom-grabber, because there is no notch on the topside of the disk in the drive.

    Size: Not really the player's fault, but if you're coming from a laptop or even a 10" screen, this will seem really, really small. If you're stepping up from a smaller player, you'll probably think the screen is huge.

    Finish: The glossy black gets smudges, grease, lint, dirt, and fingerprints on it in less then three seconds after you start using it. Some people don't ding a product for this because almost every high-tech product has this kind of finish on the body, but I say it's time we start dinging all products for this. Having to clean the screen's border every two seconds or putting up with seeing my fingerprints all over the device is not a choice I love making everytime I watch a disk.

    I think that's it....more info
  • Love this DVD Player
  • Highly recommend
    We got the Sony portable DVD player to use during airport / flight times. Battery life was very good, picture was excellent, sound through dual headphone jacks was excellent. Sound via the player's speakers was fair at best....more info
  • High resolution, brilliant images
    This product has a higher resolution LCD than most other cheapo models, and that translates to brilliant, crisp pictures. Well worth the extra money spent! Coupled with an excellent battery life, build quality, and style, and this player is definitely the one to beat. I love the video input/output feature as I use this as an auxiliary monitor for my Canon DSLR when it is mounted on a tripod and I can't look through the viewfinder. The only thing I wish this DVD player had is a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot so I can watch MP4s of shows exported from TiVo for my PSP. Hey Sony, are you listening?...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I did a lot of research before deciding on this purchase, and I agree with many of the other reviewers that this is an excellent value for the money. The screen resolution makes for a clear, crisp picture, and the sound is loud and clear. I use this product almost daily, as I do not own a television or a computer, and rely on the Sony DVP-FX820 to be my primary source of film-related entertainment. Fortunately, the player is not overly sensitive to scratches and smudges on DVDs. I have retired my previous portable DVD player made by another manufacturer, and there is really no comparison. I believe this is by far the best quality player in its price class. It can be set to play full-size (rather than widescreen) DVDs with letter-boxing on the sides. While there are larger-screen DVD players available in a similar price range, the high-resolution screen on this one makes for a MUCH better picture quality. I cannot speak to the battery life as I have not used that feature (I use the player at home). The swivel screen is very nice, and the body of the player feels sturdy. The accompanying user guide is well-written and useful. I would highly recommend this player to others. Sony has earned my confidence as a consumer, and I am very likely to purchase other Sony products in the future....more info
  • Sony FX820 - Excellent DVD player
    I purchased this to replace an older unit with a failed rechargable LI-ion battery. The price was attractive on Amazon - not a lot more than a replacement external battery pack. But...the picture is a fantastic improvement over the old technology!

    I have played more than 30 DVDs and have had no problems. The controls on the display panel are a bit confusing but the remote is very user friendly. The battery will play about 3 movies without recharge. Not the longest out there but plenty long enough for my needs - even international travel.

    I'd recommend this unit with no reservations....more info
  • good product
    Product is very nice. Has alot of nice features that my old one did not. I bought it for my 4 year old daughter who has to have it in the car . She found all the buttons very fast and is easy for her to turn on and off. Over all, very good ....more info
    Excellent product that made a 13 hour flight much more tolerable. Great battery life and great picture....more info
  • Great Player, awesome screen picture, swivel a must for airplane
    I bought this after reading the reviews. The screen is really sharp, just as others have said. I didnt think I would need the swivel part, but when using on a plane it is a must. I took this to a trip that involved a 5 plus hour plane flight and watched hours of movies. The battery life held up and the swivel screen was very handy in the cramped seats because you can swing the player portion around to slide back while the screen can be tipped back and slid back. ...more info
  • Good quality in small package
    I haven't taken this on a trip yet, but I really like what I see. The picture and sound quality is very good. I'll be using it for my workout DVDs, so I plan to use it often. I also got a travel case and headphones to go with the player - a nice convenient package....more info
  • Great DVD player
    Awesome DVD player! The best of it: when the playing is paused then the machine goes to sleep after several minutes, saving energy. I go back after a few hours to continue watching the show when I press 'play' the movie starts exactly where it was paused before. Love it....more info
  • Very Disappointing
    After a lengthy comparison of the features, I had narrowed my choices down to Toshiba's SD-P101S Sony's FX-820. I have some DVDs of movies I recorded off the air to take on trips. My recorder is a Panasonic [which is great, by the way] that has a "flex-record" feature that allows you to specify the record time. For example, if a movie is 125 minutes, rather than record in the 4-hour mode at lower resolution, or two-hour and use two discs, you can get it all on one disc with better resolution than the 4-hour by setting the time to 2 hours and 5 minutes. So I wanted a portable that would play them, and the Sony was the only one of the two that did. [The specs don't say this; I had to try a couple of discs to verify it.]

    As of this writing, 03/31/09, I have owned this unit for only four days, so I will update this as I learn more about it.

    First of all, I must make clear the fact that I like my TV picture adjusted to look as much as possible like a movie in a theater. This means that flesh tones and contrast should look natural. It never ceases to amaze me that people will spend thousands of dollars on high resolution and then adjust the contrast so the detail is gone, and so the color is saturated and the subjects' faces are orange, even Afro subjects! What is even more mind boggling is the fact that default factory settings produce these results. Why people like their TVs to look different from a theater escapes me.

    And this is where the Sony is a big disappointment. The specs do say the color, contrast, hue, and backlight can be adjusted, and they can ... but not enough.

    Another disappointment is the remote control. It is not very intuitive like the one on my 40-inch Sony. Why doesn't Sony make the controls the same?
    [To be continued]
    ...more info
  • not a right regional code
    My husband bought this player in US as a gift. The seller hasn't warned him of the fact that it would only play region 1 stuff. It is useless for EU users.
    ...more info
  • DVD player
    After using this product for the past week, I love its convenience
    and reliability. I am looking forward to many presentations of our
    Rhode Island Operation Lifesaver program on this unit. ...more info
  • Short Battery Life
    I recently purchase this Sony DVD Player. It has an excellent picture and the sound is ok but the thing that worries me the most is the battery. I only watched 1 movie and was just about to start another one and the battery indicator light showed up. It says 6 hours battery time but I only got about 3. That is kind of disappointing. I guess the only way I can really like this player is if I always have it plugged up to the car adapter. ...more info
  • Sony Portable DVD Player
    Great so far. Setup was quick and easy - great picture quality - haven't checked out battery life yet, but I'm optimistic!...more info
  • great product!
    This is a great product. It was realitivly inexpensive and worked great. Battery lasted long and it holds up well in heat and being tossed around, not on purpose. ...more info
  • Just go for it!!
    The Sony DVP-FX820 8-inch Portable DVD Player is wonderful!! Because my home was flooded, I have been living in a hotel for the past 3+ months. The hotel is very upscale but the telly is terrible--and the stations they offer are even worse!! Between my generous family donating CD's and Netflex, I'm able to avail myself of a movie or sit-com when I want. (Oh yes!! I read--I have a Kindle that I love!)

    I'm in my 70's and not necessarily gadget-literate, but his little portable is so easy to use. Basically plug in and go!! The pictue is crystal clear. It's light-weight and the controls are easy to manage with my arthritic fingers. I must admit, the sound coming directly from the speakers are not that great to my ear; I purchased Bose earphones and with them, the sound is truly fantastic!

    I highly recommend this product, and I couldn't be happier with the performance--it's been a life-saver, believe me. It has earned each and every star!!...more info
  • Great player - Sony delivers again!
    Compact, great picture, long battery life. Looked at lots of players and Sony definitely has the best features and quality. Spend a little more and get one that you'll actually enjoy. Works best with headphones....more info
  • disappointed
    I was completely happy at first, we bought it to entertain our 2 year old for a vacation. It worked great for the first plane ride but once the battery went low, I wasn't able to charge it again. Maybe I just got a lemon. Oh well time to return it to Sony....more info
  • Great Quality. Can Play Video From Your iPod (w/attachments)!
    This DVD player works fantastically! The battery lasts plenty long for plane rides and car trips (which is what we bought it for). The two headphone jacks are a great feature, the video quality is superb, the built-in speakers decently loud, and the controls and swivling screen are elegant and easy to use.

    One of the key differentiating features in my view, however, is the support for both video OUT and video IN, unlike most other portable DVD players. This gives you the capability to, for example, watch video from your iPod if you purchase iPod Composite AV cables. Unfortunately, Sony has a proprietary RCA adapter (included) to save space on the DVD player itself, so you have to deal with an extra cable and an RCA coupler for the setup, but it's a small price to pay for the ability to leave your stacks of DVD's at home....more info
  • Pretty in Pink
    Very good fit & finish, quality, and ease of use. The 800 x 480 resolution is the highest available for portable DVD players I believe. Nice video and audio quality. Few things to note about this unit: 1st it had a constant yellow pixel on the left of screen just above the 1/2way point. 2nd I had to keep on selecting widescreen option (16:9) after powering on and/or putting in a new (4:3) movie in. 3rd Though Sony just came out with a 9 inch model, I think an 8 or 9 is just a touch too small for us - too bad a 10 or 10.2 inch doesn't exist with Sony. Lastly, I returned this unit and will probably opt for the 10.2 inch Coby for about $140 delivered....more info
  • Great!
    This is an excellent CD player! Child lock prevents little wondering hands! My daughter loves it! She will watch it while in the airport. Priceless investment. Best DVD player with great features - Sony never dissppoints!...more info
  • Cool little thing but...
    Works perfectly and battery life is amazing.
    Only down is that you need the remote to fast forward it... You can skip scenes, but as I use it to pre-screen movies, it is slightly annoying that I need the remote for that.......more info
  • Good Product
    Great DVD player, good picture and sound. Plenty loud in the car. I did have an issue with the location of the battery release and the ease in which the battery would slide off. Other than that, it worked well at keeping the kids entertained on our 5 hour drive blasting Yo Gabba Gabba and The Chipmunks. ...more info
  • Wonderful Machine!
    This portable dvd player I highly recomend. Its 8" for 1 thing. Its picture quality is amazing, easy to use buttons, and I love the 180 swivel flatscreen. Also to conclude this review, I love how simple it is. NOTE: To buyers. Buy from your local Best Buy. They sell it for $20 less then amazon, NEW.

    I hope this helped customers,
    Space1999...more info