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Sony Alpha DSLRA300X 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization with DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 & DT 55-200mm f/4-5.6 Zoom Lenses
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Product Description

Move a step up to digital photography as an art form. This DSLR is simple to use and takes great pictures in automatic modes but it goes further. It brings you in-touch with your creative instincts. Sony a (alpha) DSLR-A300: the camera that links you and your subject. Begin your new hobby with a phenomenal camera and two high-grade lenses, a DT-18-70 standard zoom and a 55-200mm telephoto lens. The Sony a (alpha) DSLR-A300 lets you capture the moment like never before. Perfect for first-time DSLR users, Sony combines impeccable 10.2 MP quality with Live Preview in a large tilting 2.7" LCD monitor for point-and-shoot simplicity. You'll have super-quick AF response, 3 fps continuous shooting while you see your subject in the viewfinder, and high sensitivity (ISO 3200) for great low-light shots. What's more, you get simple controls, Creative Style settings and in-camera Super SteadyShot(R) image stabilization that work with every Sony, Carl Zeiss and legacy Minolta A-mount lens. 1200-zone Evaluative Metering 9-Point Center Cross AF Sensor Scene Select(TM) modes for optimal results Dynamic Range Optimizer Anti Dust Technology Auto Pop-Up Flash Accepts CompactFlash Type I/II media and optional Memory Stick(R) PRO Duo storage media In optical viewfinder mode, you can take up to 750 shots on a fully charged NP-FM500H InfoLITHIUM battery On-screen menus Dimensions (Approx.) - (WHD) 5 1/4 x 4 x 3; 20 oz

  • 10.2 MP for high-resolution image detail
  • Kit include DT 18-70mm zoom + 55-200mm telephoto lenses
  • High sensitivity (ISO 3200) with noise reduction
  • Tiltable 2.7? LCD screen for high/low angle shots
  • In-camera image stabilization

Customer Reviews:

  • Good camera
    I am not unfamiliar with DSLR's and in fact I bought this to replace a Nikkon D40. The sony is easier to use and takes great pictures. However, the flash is a pain in the rear because it is mounted very low. It will leave shadows (from the lens) if you are not careful. I don't use the flash much so it really doesn't bother me. The ability to preview your shots with the LCD is a nice feature, but only use it when you absolutely have to. I recently took 400 shots using only the LCD and the pictures all looked great on the LCD, but they were over/underexposed when I uploaded them to my PC. The photo quality was actually a little bit worse than the D40, which was a disappointment because of the higher megapixel. I have not bought a better lens yet, but that will fix the problem. The problem with that is I could have bought the Nikkon D60 kit for the cost of a high quality lens. I still give it 4 stars. The price is right and the LCD is handy, but do not rely solely on your LCD. If you have the extra money I would recommend the D60. This is a great entry level DSLR I just wish the kit came with a better lens....more info
  • Stellar for the price
    I bought this camera at Circuit City's going out of business liquidation sale for $480 to capture my first family vacation to Puerto Rico. During our 8-days in P.R. we shot over 1500 photos on beaches, rain forest, resorts, restaurants, driving down the road, etc. The only accessories used were a standard UV filter and high speed 4GB CF card.

    - Exceptional Battery life. Took close to 800 photos over three days before battery needed replacement.
    - Very intuitive menu. My wife, who has never used a SLR or DSLR was able to take great photos with this camera (menu setup also makes it easy to teach)
    - Tilting live view screen. Nice feature if you want to avoid bending down to take pictures of the kids or get some low angle shots. Also nice to take pictures over obstacles (walls at El Morro fort)
    - Compatible with Playstation 3. I just plugged the camera in to my PS3's USB port and was able to upload the photos into the PS3 hard drive... which brings me to the next point
    -- Absolutely stunning photo quality! After uploading the photos to my PS3, I viewed them full screen on my 65' Mitsubishi HDTV (1080p, connected via HDMI cable). The results are stunning. Clear, vibrant colors (all photos shot at 10mp.) I can even zoom in another 50% and the photos still look good. We're talking the equivalent of a 31x56 inch photo!
    - Great instruction manual. I wasn't expecting the instruction manual to provide a crash course in photography, well done.


    - The flash is mounted low and creates a shadow when shooting on objects closer than a few feet
    - 10mp means really large files and slow transfer times. But that should be expected...
    - LCD: Doesn't sit flush with the back of the camera... This would be a great improvement.

    I highly recommend this camera to those new to DSLR's. Just make sure you budget for all the gear to go with it (good protective case, cleaning kit, UV filter (cheap investment that will save your lenses, CF card.)

    ...more info
  • awesome camera
    I upgraded to this camera from a Konica Minolta 5D. I'm very happy with the quality and ease of use with this camera. I can use my minolta lenses as well, As a matter of fact, the kit lens on the sony doesn't seem to be all that great really. So I'm using my kit lens off my km5d and am a lot happier with the results. I like the live view preview ability but mostly still shoot through the view finder. I recommend this camera to anyone. From the first time dslr user to the pro....more info
  • Very pleased with this DSLR camera
    I spent two months reading reviews and looking at the sample pictures taken with various cameras posted on various websites. At first I got caught up in all the specs of different models and the technical aspects of the descriptions. The more I read the more I was inclined to purchase a high end camera and lens. But, I kept saying to myself, "Do you really have to spend $2,000-3,000 to get a good picture?" I kept looking at the sample pictures between cameras and decided not to spend 2x or 3x more for a picture that is a little better. In the end, I am glad that I purchased a Sony A300 with the kit and telephoto lens for $600. I did purchase an additional lens, the Sony DT 18-200mm f3.5 zoom (used $250). That is lens I use the most. I really like that lens and the results I get with it and the A300. For me it came down to value, liveview, and image stabilization within the camera itself.

    I have used the camera for two months and continue to learn its features. Overall, I am happy with the results, the quality pictures. The mistakes I make in failing to get 'the shot' rest more with me than the camera. Some reviewers stated that good photographs depend more on the photographer than the equipment. I believe that statement. So I'll keep my money in the bank, thank you. I will continue to use my small P&S and superzooms when I don't want to carry something as big as a DSLR around. ...more info
  • Perfect Point and Shoot D-SLR
    This is exactly what I have been looking for: A D-SLR that can be used like a point and shoot most of the time (just with better picture quality and a lot faster) but gives you the flexibility of a SLR when you have the time and leisure....more info
    I received this as a Christmas present. Within 3 days of having this camera I had taken almost 600 pictures. I have owned many cameras (pentex, kodak, etc... ) NONE were this good. You really have to try to get a blurry picture. I was changing the zoom and took a pic and it still came out clear. I tried everything and kept it on the auto setting for type of pics and it was always clear. I am not a camera buff and it will take me some time to learn all the features, but so far so good. I would highly recommend this to someone without a lot of picture taking knowledge that just wants a good camera like I did. ...more info
  • Awesome Camera for the money..
    For the money you cannot get the features this camera from any other competitor. Make sure you read all of teh features and what this camera can do, for one it has 2x Teleconverter built in! that means my 300mm lens is now a 600mm lens. Wow! Even with the standard lens you have good telephoto! Plus it has live view! and an adjustable LCD? for $599? out of this world for an extra $100 over the A200, i bought that at Wal-Mart and took it back and orderd the A300 with overnight shipping!...more info
  • Great entry level DSLR
    After reading dozens of reviews on lower end dslr's, I decided on the Sony A 300. Mostly I choose this camera over the canon XSI, both within my price range, because of the "kit included lens" that came with the Sony and Canon. It just seemed amateurs and experts agreed that the canon stock kit lens wasn't as good as the Sony kit lens. So that meant buying the Canon and then buying another lens to accompany the camera. I've had the Sony for about 2 months and I haven't been disappointed. I've used the camera on a daily basis, taking 100's of shots. Now, I'm just an amateur photographer, but I've been at this for about 12 years and this camera really takes beautiful shots, both indoors and out. I've recently purchased a 70 by 300mm Sigma DG Macro lens for the Sony and the results are most pleasing. Sony has done a great job with making this camera user friendly. So, if you're just a little bored or disappointed with the typical point and shoot digitals and want to jump up to a DSLR, then I would highy recommend the Sony Alpha 300....more info
  • Great value DSLR for the beginner
    This is a great DSLR camera. I've been completely satisfied with it. I originally decided on Sony because the ability to re-use my old Minolta Maxxum lenses (which is a huge plus). The Live View was a big selling point for choosing the A300 over the A100 or A200 (as well as over Canon and Nikon), it's definitely worth it for the LCD tilt and taking pictures like you do with point and shoot. My kids and wife exclusively takes pictures that way.

    The stabilizer also is very good and helps alot - as I mentioned, even my son (7 yrs) can take very good pictures.

    My only complaint is the popup flash, I wish it was a little higher and possibly a little more powerful. I do see some pictures have a shadow from the front of the lense cover (or overhang - not sure that its called).

    Overall, a great DSLR camera for the beginner, you will not be disappointed. I would definitely recommend purchasing the LCD cover to protect it from scratches....more info
  • Very nice!
    I bought the Sony Alpha 300 in December and really enjoy this camera. The more I use it, the more I like it. It is a camera that really grows on you.

    For somewhat of an entry level DSLR camera, this is one great camera and anyone that gives it enough time to really get familiar with it will certainly enjoy it. As with all cameras there are pros and cons. You need this lens, or that lens, etc., but each step is important and as you use it you learn all those additional things.

    This camera is fairly simple and easy to use and once you really get familiar with it (take some time to get familiar with the various features and settings). You will surprise yourself at the great photos you can take. I have seen great photos come from some of the "not so expensive" cameras.

    So the "art" of the camera really boils down to the one behind the lens taking the pictures :) You never know when you might catch that "perfect" photo and this camera can do it!...more info
  • Versatile camera that is simple enough for a novice and feature-filled for an enthusiast!
    I've had my fair share of point and shoot camera experience, dabbling in small Olympus and Pentax cameras as well as trying out more advanced, full-featured Canons, Samsungs, and Casios, but I was tired of taking mediocre pictures with compact cameras featuring small sensors. This A300 is my first digital SLR and I went through tons of research to finalize my decision on this model. The other models I considered were the Canon XS and XSi, the Olympus E510, and the Nikon D40x. The Sony Alpha 300 is a superior camera to those listed above for the following reasons:

    1. IN-CAMERA IMAGE STABILIZATION VIA SENSOR SHIFT. While I intended to use a tripod every now and then, I realize that my shooting will predominantly be handheld, and image stabilization is important. It roughly allows you to shoot at a shutter speeds 4 times slower than one can while holding a camera. For example if you can typically keep a camera steady for 1/40 seconds, you won't have a problem with a 1/10 shutter speed with IS on (not exactly, but a good rule of thumb). The Canon XSi had IS, but it was in the lens. IS in the lens works well, but makes the lens bulkier. With the Sony A300, you don't need to get an expensive lens with IS. That would've been the case if you go with Canons and Nikons.

    2. MINOLTA A-MOUNT LENS SELECTION. Yeah, yeah, I realize that Canons and Nikons have huge libraries of lenses. But the Sony Alphas have the Minolta A-mount lenses at their disposal. This means cheap lenses (featuring IS, see above) with quality lens glass. And by cheap, I mean cheap! A must-get is the Minolta Maxxum 50mm f/1.7 prime lens. When the Alphas were introduced you could get these for as cheap as $50! Now they're upwards of $100, but try finding a lens with an f/1.7 aperture for the other cameras (with IS!!!) at that price! Great lens for low light conditions. Another must-have is the Minolta beercan telephotos (I don't have it yet but it's on my shopping list!). On top of that, Sigma and Tamron both make lenses for all aperture and price ranges for the A-mount.

    3. LIVE VIEW AND LCD TILT. Live View may be a gimmick to some, but I feel you can be more versatile when shooting when the camera isn't pressed to your face. Shots in the air and shots close to the ground are a breeze with the tilt screen. Almost all photo magazine publications rave about the Live View that Sony Alphas have. This was one of the reasons I chose the A300 over the A200. I know that the optical viewfinder is smaller than most (around 80%?) but that doesn't bother me. The Live View feature was important enough to scratch the Nikon D40x from consideration. I suggest you go to your local electronics or camera store to see first-hand how well this camera operates.

    4. IMAGE QUALITY. I hear complaints that the A300 doesn't perform well in high ISO settings. I think it performs superbly. For a good picture, you'd like something under ISO400 anyway. Nikons outsource their sensors to Sony, so if Nikon cameras have great quality I would tend to believe that Sony's Alpha series won't be too shabby either. The 10MP is good enough for me. According to benchmarks, the A300 is a bit faster than the A350 at the highest resolution, but if I had the resources I wouldn't hesitate to grab the A350 over the A300. As far as color and quality goes for A300 pictures, I've been very pleased. Well-exposed shots feature vivid color. The A300 color settings can be customized to your liking in the camera. All the pictures I've taken with sub-par color or exposure have usually been my fault, not the camera's.

    5. ERGONOMICS AND DETAILS. The A300 isn't too light nor too heavy. The Canons are very light and I feel like it's a bit harder to hold a steady shot when you don't have a solid camera in your hands. The menus are simple and straight-forward. The proprietary hot shoe may not work with Nikon and Canon flash systems, but it's mechanically sturdier (Sony took Minolta's great design) and is compatible with Minolta Maxxum 7000i and 5000i flashes, among others. The lens mount on the camera and the kit lenses are steel, which is way better than the plastic mounts that the entry level Canons and Nikons feature.

    6. ISSUES SO MINUSCULE THAT THEY DON'T BOTHER ME. Using the kit 18-70mm kit lens and the built-in flash will result in a slight shadow from 18mm up to approx. 25mm. I suggest either use an external flash, or zoom higher than 25mm. It's not a big problem at all. It's only at wide angles. As stated, The optical viewfinder is smaller than most, but fine for me. Support for the Alpha series isn't as good as Canons and Nikons in camera pro shops, and the customer service usually don't know a lot about these models.

    I got this camera for a steal of a deal. The camera kit with 18-70mm lens, and another 75-300mm Sony SAL75300 lens, a free Epson photo printer, a photography for dummies reference book, and some freebies from Snapfish all came out to $599 plus tax! It hasn't been 20 days since I've had my A300, and the picture count has already surpassed 1,300! It's such a pleasure to use that I hate putting it down. I can't wait for my next vacation so I can use this amazing piece of machinery! If you choose the A300, you will be very pleased and I guarantee you won't have buyers remorse!...more info
  • Forget about your old DSCF828 Accessories
    Don't get me wrong; I do like this camera. BUT, if you're an old DSCF707 or DSCF828 user--such as me (I have both), forget about any of your old stuff working on this camera.

    I'm disappointed that even the lens cap does not have a lanyard anymore. The high-end flash for my 828 will not fit the A300 and forget about the batteries, chips or even the USB wire plug being the same. Making matters worse my two Sony remote control tripods won't plug in to the new camera.

    I'm more than a little bummed that as an avid Sony Pro-user (daily) that everything has to be bought again. The old 828 unit even came with a charge plug slot, now this new one you have to remove the battery. They could have done better. But, alas, in fairness, I paid more $$$ for the 828 so they had to cut somewhere...just didn't expect EVERYWHERE!

    UPDATE 9/2/08--I may have to send this back--this camera does not appear to imprint a date stamp on the photo like the F828. It appears the date only imprints when your have a "compliant printer" which does me no good because I print to .pdf--for investigative work (email). I have a note into tech support but after doing a search of the issue I've come up with a blank. Had I known it would have been a no purchase for sure. I sure hope I'm missing something here. IF this gets corrected I will report back.

    ...more info
  • a great entry-level pro camera
    i'm not a professional nor a novice, i have researched most of the entry-level DSLRs (going to the nearest bestbuy,is the best bet).Compared oly 510, canon xti,pentax 200d,and believe me this is over-all,one of the best built and most functional DSLRs in the market..altough two of them have in-camera image stabilization..the amazing lcd and the excellent live-view are just few of the features that got me hooked,the kit lens is not that bad either and the image quality is highly what if it has a proprietary flash-shoe, it's not like u would buy all the accessories at once.. save up and buy the best(ahem, pardon me for the bias)if you are in the "professional" zone you wont be looking at these cameras anyways.. moreover sigma and tamron are already making excellent quality lenses for sony SLRs, stop fretting about flashes and lenses, if the body feels right, whether it's sony,canon or olympus,go ahead.. get the rest of the accessories slowly..i'm more than happy with this cam....more info
  • Expected more than what I found
    I have been using various sony cameras right from P9, P10, some fancy handy types which came out as limited editions and lately using DSC-H1 past 2 years now. I decided to buy a new series alpha of sony and is when I finalized the A300 and bought. The contrast, clarity, liveliness on the true colours is all that is lacking in A300. My DSC-H1 is excellent comparing to A300. The pictures from A300 look as if somebody has set an extra film of colour which ruins the results and photos look like they have been stored for many years. I am talking of clicking the photos in either "P" mode or "Auto" mode. So not as expected. Otherwise, the look of the camera, price, some extra features are not matcahable with other brands. Sony stays quiet exclusive in those terms. ...more info
  • Sony + Minolta = Looks & Specs to back it up!
    I just bought the A300 about a month ago, and it is everything a serious amateur wants in photography. I've compared it with other DSLRs of the same level from all sorts of big brands (Nikon, Canon, Olympus, etc.), and I decided to get the A300. Minolta has a lot of history and prestige when it comes to making camera body and lenses, and Sony just seems to make improvements on every product they get their hands on.

    My girlfriend complains a lot about how I tend to move towards more bulky and heavy cameras, and so she stays clear of being the photographer when I bring the camera. But with the A300, she loves to use it because of its design/compact design, weight (pretty light compared to other DSLRs of the same level), and overall simplicity on operating the darn thing.

    Sorry if this review doesn't provide the Pro's and Con's on specifications and other technical aspects of the camera; I'll leave the Specs page of the product description for that. ...more info
  • Best Camera, I mean it
    After researching all the available DSLR's cameras online with in depth reviews from reputable unbiased sites, I found the sony alpha 300k, to be the best price/product available.

    I have tried the nikon D 60, and then returned it,.I am aamazed at the sony alpha 300 ease of use and excellent pictures quality. All the features included, i.e.: tiltable screen, live view, extra foucs, steady shot and the 2 lenses i got with it, I thought this to be a steal...

    I am a beginner with DSLR's but not with photography,..I thought i will be using the live view, but I find myself shooting more with the OVF.

    All the reviews about the small size of the OVF are bull, you see what you are supposed to see and what you need to see to take excellent photos... the CF feature is great.

    I bought the extra flash (199, ONLY 99 W/SPECIAL COMBO OFFER), the pictures qualities at night are amazing, it adjust automatically to the zoom degree to give excellent exposure.

    I bought extra batteries, sony alpha bag, and uv protector lens. I think i'll be bying the 28-300 mm zoom sigma lens once the price drops some more..

    Overall, after spending hourse of reserches, I was drawne to the this sony alpha 300,..i did not know about it befiore, but i am extrmely pleased with the pics quality. ps the 14 mp, does not make a lot of difference unless you are shooting in macro, as the lens mount is the same for the 300 and the 350, in fact it may blurr the puiture by trying to insert more mp through the same size lenses,.. i am glade i stuck to the 300 and saved me 200 dollars.

    The camera built and feel is excellent very pro, and is very well designed even for the smallest fingers, has a great grip and feels well buils, unlike the nikon d-60.

    So all of you who may be confused about the camera or what to get: the sony will not disapoint, I am picky by nature and can not find flaws in this machine yet... just make sure to get the extra flash (wireless), and some extra zooming lenses,.. you'll be happy you did.

    Amazon deliverd the camera in under 1 week, excellent conditions. Just buy the CF, i found the transcend brand to be exceptionaqlly good and fast. get the 8 gb it is a bargain and do not forget the CF reader as most computer doe not have ability to read cf yet. it cost about 15-30 dollars depending on brand.
    Happy photography dslr style.
    paul 06 29 08...more info
  • It's like a toy
    I bought this and returned it for a Nikon D90. Poor quality and it felt like a toy compared to the Nikon D90. Don't waste your time or money. Go with Nikon or Canon. ...more info