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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (Widescreen)
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The cult television show (in which a hapless space explorer and his robot pals are forced to watch and deliver a hilarious running commentary on bad movies) makes a successful transition to the big screen as Mike and the 'bots lay waste to the '50s sci-fi yarn This Island Earth (a painfully stiff would-be epic that's actually a cut above the usual MST3K fare). While ardent fans may be a little miffed that more advantage isn't taken of the expanded theatrical venue (aside from a tad more scatological humor than usual, the content here would fit in comfortably as a regular episode of the series), the nonstop, hyper-literate salvo of comedy riffs that run the gamut from references to Tommy Chong's backyard to Yes album covers more than make up for any conceptual complacency. Be prepared to laugh till it aches. --Andrew Wright

From the makers of the highly successful cult classic TV series comes Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - one of the most outrageous, most irreverent, and most hilarious big-screen spoofs ever! A mad scientist, in his quest for world domination, concocts a diabolical scheme to subject the human race to the worst movie ever made: 1955's This Island Earth. It's up to one test subject's quick wit, sharp sense of humor, and utter intolerance for cinematic garbage to foil the plans of the scientist and to save the Earth. Experience the hijinks and low jabs of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - where the worse the movie is, the better time you'll have!

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun movie except....
    I know they were trying to keep to the form of the TV show by stopping and starting the movie. However, I found that annoying on the series, too. Otherwise, l love it when they get down to finally watching the show and giving their observations. A real hoot! I wonder why they cut some of the original movie out, though. Never mind, still lots of fun....more info
  • Forehead Maximus
    I'm thinking that Joe Wilson aka Weenie Man, Dr Meachams's sidekick, might have been the victim of an atomic wedgie or two while in high school. Noticed that Brack's dialogue coach was not listed in the credits...Too bad, he did one hellava job, eh? ...more info
  • MST3K - The Movie - latest edition
    Hello. Since I am a true MST3K fan I am not going to describe the movie, This Island Earth. It is a well-known movie and their are plenty of descriptions available on the internet.

    Rather, I would like to focus on the MST3K production itself. This is definitely an enjoyable MST3K production as are most, if not all, of their productions.

    As a fan, there are some things that I would have changed but I think that the MST3K people were trying to appeal to a wide audience and draw in other people that might not have been as familiar with the show as the fans are familiar.

    Any MST3K fan will tell you that the show on TV wasn't long enough. Bear in mind, that we are talking about a show that filled a 2-hr time slot. So, that is probably my biggest complaint with this big screen production. The whole thing, including credits is something like 70-75 minutes long. They should have included a short or additional breaks with skits.

    I am also sad that TV's Frank did not make an appearance. I know he left the show right around that time but it would have been nice if he stuck around just to be in this movie. I was also a little disappointed that familiar MST3K personnel like Paul Chaplin, Bridget Jones and Mary Jo Pehl did not make appearances in skits like they typically do on the TV shows.

    It is a shame that this movie didn't do very well in the theaters but I think that is largely due to the promotion of it. They certainly could have promoted it more but I think the movie should have been treated like a new Rocky Horror Picture Show complete with audience participation.

    As far as this specific release is concerned the picture quality is clear. There is nothing wrong with this release. The widescreen format is much better than previous commercial releases of this movie. I only wish that they would have included some bonus features.

    In closing, if you are a fan of this stuff like I am you will definitely enjoy this experiment. It is certainly worth getting, watching and having....more info
  • Crazy comedy!
    If you like REALLY crazy stuff like: Black Books, Green Wing, Father Ted you're gonna like this, not exactly the same kind of humor, but really crazy, what an brilliant idea!

    Mats Wester/ Uppsala Record & DVD Exchange (Uppsala Skivb?rs), in the wimp-ruled country of SWEDEN....more info
  • I Was A Young MST3K Fan
    I remember back in the early 1990s of a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000. My parents occasionally watched it...but I got hooked at age 9. Strangely enough, the jokes didn't totally whiz over my head and I was able to enjoy Joel (when he was there...mostly reruns), Mike (who I saw mostly), Servo, and Crow. Now I never got so see the movie in theaters (due to young age and I didn't even know there was a movie until I saw a commercial for the VHS!). Once it was on TV I watched, I laughed, I even recorded onto a VHS myself and viewed at leisure. Now, I'm 21 and am hoping to get the DVDs so I can enjoy like I used to (with more understanding to the jokes...and I see this price tag for USED copies of the movie on DVD. I understand it's out of print, but I think it's best to shop around....more info
  • If you are a fan, of course you have to have it!
    This has been long overdue on DVD, and it has a place in any MST3K's collection. But is it worth the price? The answer is still no, running at just over an 1 hour 20 minutes, it is significantly shorter than the original movie, it is shorter than the TV shows by 20 minutes. I had hoped that it would contain some extras, any kind of extras. But sadly no, just the movie at a premium price....more info
  • A lot of fun
    I saw this with people who were unfamiliar with the series and they laughed out loud throughout the movie...more info
  • LOVED IT!!!
    I watched MST3 awhile back ago when it was on Sci-Fi(witch now sucks most of the time)and I fell for it.My mom even agrues it's funny.One day at blockbuster I found this.I rented it,watched it and laughed.I would buy this movie and the series.If...

    1.ome of the movies did not have any nudity. 2.I can find the DVDs. 3.the price is good. There's not realy any difference between the movie and the T.V. series but either way I'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase. ...more info
  • laugh out loud fun for kids of all ages
    We absolutely love all of the Mystery science theater 3000 shows, and this is one of the best. The entire family and all of our friends can watch and enjoy these films. They are so much fun to mock....more info
  • Finally on DVD: the truth behind the government's secret Egg-o project
    A quick recap for anyone who is somehow reading this without knowing what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is. Originally a local television show, it posited a mad scientist wishing to take over the world by shooting a man into space and forcing him to watch the worst movies ever made. The victim (first Joel, then replaced by Mike who appears in this, the film version of the TV show) can only hold on to his sanity by heckling and mocking the movie with help of two small robots. They watch the bad movies; we watch them watching the movies.

    For a non-insignificant amount of time during my undergrad years, a VHS tape of this was the only copy I had of Mystery Science Theater 3000 content. As you can imagine, I watched that video quite a few times. Quite a few times.

    So for me watching this DVD release all those years later is more an exercise in nostalgia than anything else. I can recite most of the riffs from memory. In my everyday life, when I see an oddly framed item on the wall, I wonder why someone has hung a picture of a burger. When I see a scattering of cardboard or wooden boxes, I wonder if a guy named Joe is going to have to search for his boss in them. When I see serious men doing important work, I wonder when they're going to adjust the Flash Gordon noises and put more science stuff around.

    The film they chose for mocking was THIS ISLAND EARTH (I had only known it from the short clips they used in that classic 1980s kids sci-fi movie, THE EXPLORERS). THIS ISLAND EARTH isn't nearly as bad as some of the films they tackled during the TV series run. For good reason: they figured that being released in the cinemas meant more mainstream eyes would be upon the screen and that perhaps the world wasn't ready for something along the lines of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE or THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES. Regular people may think they've seen bad movies, but, trust me, you need to work up to a viewing of MONSTER A-GO GO or INVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN.

    But what the film lacks in sheer awfulness it makes up for in pretension. This is one of those 1950s science-fiction movies that takes itself incredibly seriously. And if MST3k did one thing extremely well, it was taking the air out of something overbearingly pompous. The jokes at the expense of the producer's vision are amazingly funny. There's a reason that most of Mike and the bots' comments are burnt into my brain; they're hilarious.

    As far reviewing the DVD-specific content, it turns out that I can't because there isn't any. By the way, I'm not exaggerating; there really is zero extra content. I regularly buy DVDs at the Dollar Tree and from the one dollar DVD bin at Wal*Mart, and I have never before seen a DVD that didn't even feature a chapter menu. The most basic of all DVD features is absent. It's quite a difference from the DVD sets of the TV episodes which provided us with interviews, bloopers and (occasionally) the original movie as a bonus. There's nothing like that here.

    When I heard that MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE MOVIE was coming to DVD, I put in my pre-order information. This is a great way to introduce someone to MST3k. It's not quite as funny as the best that the series had to offer, but it's still pretty good. And a word of warning to anyone who does make this their initial foray into the world of MST3k -- as Pearl Forrester states during the final broadcast episode: "The movies are only going to get worse." ...more info
  • One of the best
    This is wall to wall fun if you're a MST3K fan.

    The only reason I don't give it five stars is that it is extremely light on special features (what special features???). Some of the earlier releases (of the ongoing show) at least had the original film being poked at in its entirety included for your own MST3K treatment.

    BUY IT. Even with no specials, it's cheap. There's no reason not to have this gem in your collection....more info
  • Beware the audio
    I won't try to add to already detailed reviews but I will add; buyer beware. The disc I have has an audio glitch which sounds a little like a record passing regularly over a scratch. It's not bad enough to ruin the experience but it is a nuisance. This sort of thing should not be slipping through production....more info
  • "So The Aliens Live In Hooterville?"
    Filmed at Energy Park Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota, this Mystery Science Theater 3000 big screen adaptation of 1955's "This Island Earth" will tickle the fancy of any aficionado of the show, fan of science fiction, or lover of comedy. The plotline is essentially unchanged from the brilliant TV show, although sets are more extensive and costly. In this iteration Dr. Forrester (Trace Beaulieu) taunts his test subjects Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot (also Trace Beaulieu), and Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy) with the classic sci-fi film about atomic power, aliens with giant foreheads, and huge mutant insects, in an effort to break their wills, an effort that, predictably, fails.

    "This Island Earth" follows Dr. Cal Meacham (Rex Reason) and Dr. Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue) as they journey to the planet of Metaluna with giant foreheaded Exeter (Jeff Morrow,) who is on a mission to save his home planet from destruction by meteors. The Metalunans are much advanced over humans, but need the help of Meacham and Adams for purposes of obtaining uranium to shield their planet from destruction. The thing that's most interesting about this film is that they spend a whopping total of about five minutes on Metaluna before Exeter, Meacham, and Adams start back toward Earth. It's like they go to the planet, tell the ruler "no, we won't help you" and promptly leave. All this makes for a movie with a very short running time and even with the MST3K host segments the final product is only 74 minutes long, which is a bit of a disappointment considering the original unedited version of "This Island Earth" is 87 minutes long.

    The choice of material was controversial both within the MST3K camp and with fans. The film was readily and cheaply available, but was viewed by many as not as strong a choice as could have been made as "This Island Earth" is viewed by many sci-fi historians and fans as a classic of the genre and something of a good movie. Certainly the film is not among the worst that MST3K has skewered ("Monster a Go-Go" anyone?) and as a result the riffing is weaker than a normal MST3K episode. Don't get me wrong, there are some great lines from Nelson and company: "Suddenly I have a refreshing mint flavor.", "Hey! It's a moth equipped with a lightning bug!", and my personal favorite exchange after seeing the wacky Metalunan architecture that so resembled dreadful album covers from the 1970's, "It looks like Dr. Seuss designed their planet....They're really into 'Yes' on this planet."

    While I like the film, this is the first (and likely only) time I can't give five stars to an MST3K production. While good, the riffing and host segments weren't as funny or wry as their best efforts ("Manos," "Hobgoblins," "Mitchell," etc.), and the film lost some of it's low budget charm when dressed in the trappings of a Hollywood release. I certainly like the movie and recommend it, but still believe that it could have been so much more than good; with the right movie it could have been great....more info
  • Off-kilter hilarity
    One of the few movies I have seen many times and continues to be regarded highly by my daughter and nephews. When we go on family outings invariably this movie is quoted multiple times. If you have an off-kilter sense of humor do yourself a favor and watch this movie with your teenaged kids (and their friends). I have rarely laughed so hard....more info
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie
    Despite the warning that this DVD might not play on players downunder I took a punt and it played ,much to my delight....more info
  • excellent Movie
    I am a great fan of Mystery Science Theater and love most of the movies. This one is no exception. Grab it while it's available, since most MST3K's tend to go out of print and sell for bundles on online auctioning sites....more info
  • Pure Genius!
    I have been a fan of MST3K for quite some time, since I was 9. I didn't even know there was a movie, but as of a couple years ago, I discoverd this. I like this movie. Okay, it's not as great as the show, but still it's pure genius. Mike Nelson's pretty funny, as is the 'bots and Dr. Forrester. There are some pretty funny jokes as well. The movie being watched is the 1955 classic, This Island Earth, which isn't actually a bad movie. It's just that Mike and the 'Bots make it funnier & easier to watch. Now onto the DVD. Just like the previous 1998 Image DVD, there's no extras, but whether there are extras or not, it's still worth the buy. However, I must admit that the widescreen presentation is good too. So if you can find this DVD, get it. Also, as for bonus features, I could probably assume that a special edition will come out eventually, but who knows?

    10/10. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great movie
    One of my all time favorites. Thrilled to see it in dvd format. No extras but would not have got that with vhs anyway. Did skip a few times but overall pleased....more info
  • rent it
    this was a gift for and ex boy friend and this was an ok fil not realy worth the hype he gave me to get it for him...more info
  • welcome return to dvd
    About time this one made it back to dvd...but only a bare bones release. This movie screams for a special edition release....more info
  • "Play" and "Languages" - that's your WHOLE menu.
    The movie itself is great, an episode of MST3K that new fans can enjoy (the jokes are less obscure and less rapid-fire).

    HOWEVER, this is a VERY barebones release. You can't even select a chapter from the main menu, although they are there if you use your DVD player's menus and chapter buttons.

    I never saw the original DVD release (I do still have the VHS!) so I don't know if anything was left out from that release.

    You can't tell from the pics here but the DVD art is *metallic*. Very nice....more info
  • Best Movie Ever!
    hands down one of the best shows ever goes big screen. classic sarcastic comedy for the whole family....more info
  • VERY Bare Bones!
    As at least one other reviewer has noted, this is a very poor DVD release.
    No extras, not even chapter selections, which is extremely annoying for those of us who've seen it many times and would like to be able to skip to our favorite parts.

    As others have said, this film has been out of print for a long time, so it's nice to have it on DVD, but this release is really not much of an improvement on my VHS copy, except for the better picture quality.

    The DVD case credits this release to Rogue Pictures, which is maybe a subsidiary of Universal? I don't know, but I guess the suits, whoever they were, decided to go with the rock bottom basics and keep the price low, rather than jazz it up a bit with some extras and take a chance on a higher MSRP. I think they were wrong on that bet, because I think the true MSTies among us would have paid $25-$30 or more for a "deluxe" edition, based on what people are paying for out-of-print MST3K releases on eBay. I got the single disc release of Giant Gila Monster and it was great to see and hear the contemporary cast riffing on that. How great would it have been to have a lead-in or special feature short with commentary by Mike, Kevin M, Trace and the others? Oh well *sigh*. Maybe there will be a "Special Edition" MST3K The Movie, if this one sells well. I know I'd invest in an upgrade!...more info
  • Nanu, Nanu.
    When I was younger, my parents would watch MST3000 a lot (back when it was still on Sci-Fi). I didn't understand the movie humor, but I liked looking at the goofy monsters and I thought the robots were pretty funny.

    Seven years later, I watched this movie, and now I understand more of the humor. This movie is hilarious.

    Tom Servo is by far my favorite. His jokes crack me up, and he's voiced brilliantly.

    I suggest buying this movie. It really is hysterical....more info
  • Because in Space, No One Can Hear You Riff
    Over a decade later, it is still hard to believe that the boys at Gizmonics were actually able to get a theatrical release for an honest to goodness MST3K: The Movie. The irony involved in that event actually taking place is just too sweet not to savor.

    The choice of This Island Earth for the subject of Mike and the Bots' theatrical premier was truly inspired. MST3K was always being attacked by die-hard movie buffs for maligning little-known cult favorites, so it was only fitting that they chose a major classic of science fiction cinema to mock in their very own movie. Not only is this film hilarious, but it serves as a warning to film fans (like myself) not to take our beloved classics to seriously. Nothing is sacred, but it is hilarious....more info
  • stunningly barren
    Aside from the new shiny cover, this DVD is a disappointment. It may as well just instantly play, there is no point to have a menu to simply tell you to play the disc. It doesn't even have a chapter menu. If I had known that, I would have picked up the German version of this film that has the original "This island earth" included.

    They could have included this in one of the MST3k boxsets and you'd have gotten far more value.

    I would almost say that $15 is too much to spend on something that is essentially a glorified VHS. That's not to say that the audio and video aren't good, its just such a dull little disc that I would say its only for serious fans....more info