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Casio Men's Multilingual Databank Watch #DB36-1AV
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $11.95

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Product Description

Perfect for world travelers, language enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a globe-savvy timepiece, the innovative multilingual databank watch by Casio is the transcontinental ticket. The square digital window displays the time (in 12- or 24-hour format), month and date, and the day of the week in up to 13 different languages. (The languages include: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, and Russian.) Best of all, this versatile timepiece also serves as a 30-page databank, storing up to eight letters and 12 numerals per page, with a convenient auto-sort function and Reverse and Forward buttons on the bezel. The five multi-function alarms with snooze capabilities make this watch especially ideal for a busy lifestyle and multiple time zones. This watch also features a countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch capabilities, and LED light afterglow illumination. The durable black resin band, bezel and case create a sleek and sporty look. This long-lasting watch comes with a 10-year battery, offers water resistance up to 165 feet, and is backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

  • Quartz movement
  • Protective Mineral crystal protects watch from scratches
  • Case diameter: 36.6 mm
  • Resin case; Digital-gray dial; Day-date-and-month functions
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • good watch, great price
    the watch is generally a good one, it all depends on how long the band last, i've had it for 2 months....more info
  • Watch as multi-tool.
    I have been a fan of Casio watches for many years because of the useful features above and beyond the simple telling of time. My main reason for using this watch is the ability to store phone numbers and sort them alphabetically. The 5 alarms, count up and down timers are also great. This is not jewelry or a status symbol and time is available on most other hand held devices, but this watch has so many uses, I find it indispensible. And the latest model has a 10 year battery. What's not to like....more info
  • Too Many Changes
    Casio has changed the functions of individual buttons to the point that it's not nearly as intuitive as the previous model (DB-35H). They've also made the screen smaller, all names must scroll now, and the font size/layout in the memory section is crazy. Too many changes....more info
  • Feature-Packed Value
    This watch is a great bargain, with just about every feature one could imagine in a lightweight, easy-to-use package....more info
  • time to roll
    I love this watch and it lets me know when the hour comes up. and you can hear the alarm good If i could afford another one of these now I would get another one the price was good in all is worth waiting for....more info
  • DB-36 vs DB-31
    After breaking the case on my Casio Telememo 30 Data bank, I purchased the DB-36, thinking it would be the same or very close to it. While it does have a light which the DB-31 doesn't, it just isn't as usable a watch. ...more info
  • Extremely rugged and long battery life
    I had this watch for a little over seven years now, and the battery is still going strong. I wear this watch everyday as it is my main watch. After all these years of wear, the glass crystal display barely has a scratch; must be coated with anti scratch! The plastic shell has taken lots of abuse, all the etched letters around the crystal screen scratched off, but body is holding up well. The six buttons are worn down, sticks sometimes, but all are still functional. I've had a Casio G-shock in the past, but this watch was more reliable than my G-shock because this watch's original rubber wrist band is still intact after all these years! The only complaint is that this should be a watch worn on the right hand, because if worn on the left hand, sometimes the 12/24Hr button located on the right side of the watch is pushed by my left wrist during light compressions. Even worse is that if the 12/24Hr is pushed long enough, the daylight savings time is turned on/off which will provide me the wrong time. Button is too sensitive. Still, it's an excellent watch from Casio and I will buy Casio again....more info
  • Good watch but not model I ordered
    Watch came within 24 hours; it is a good watch for the money but I ordered model 1510....more info
  • Casio DB361AV
    I am not as happy with this watch as I was with the one I was replaceing
    (DB31). However that model is no longer in production. Watch Zone shipped
    the order promptly and for the price I feel that the watch was definately a
    Thank You:

    Darl Clites...more info
  • A simple watch
    I have been a casio watch fan since my high school days. I have been wearing the same watch since 4 years. I never changed a battery, its good for a daily use. The last watch strap broke, so i had to buy a new one. Otherwise i think this is the best watch for daily use.......more info
  • Excellent watch
    I like storing phone numbers and having multiple timers.

    Simple unassuming styling.

    ...more info
  • Great little watch
    I just got my Casio watch today. The manual was fairly thick which was mostly translations in a lot of languages. I decided to forgo the manual and see if I could figure out how to set the watch without it. With little effort, I was easily able to figure everything out and set all the functions without any difficulty. The watch has all of it's setting functions labeled on the watch itself. They are named under the glass crystal or impressed in the watch itself or it's buttons. This makes setting this watch really easy. Buttons even included backward and forward buttons which made it easy to go back if you over-shot the date or time going forward. The watch is small compared to my old watch (a G-Shock which is a good watch but now needs a battery after maybe 5 years). I like the small profile and design of this watch a lot. It's water resistant to a depth of 50 feet and has an LED back light. It's an inexpensive watch but with a 10 year battery, I'll probably loose it before I ever wear out the battery....more info