TRENDnet 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader (TEW-637AP)
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Product Description

Connect the Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader to your existing wired or wireless router to upgrade it to Wireless-N with up to 12 times the speed and 6 times the coverage of a Wireless G Network. The Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader is designed around ease of installation, ease of use, performance and environmental friendliness. The compact TEW-637AP simplifies the process by cutting the number of installation steps in half and automating the installation process where possible. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) technology is designed to automatically setup networked devices at the touch of a button. Simply press the WPS button on the 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader and it will automatically detect and integrate wireless network devices that support this technology. The compact 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader is made with lower levels of harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium thereby reducing its environmental impact. The TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader is cute, compact and environmentally friendly. Now you don't have to throw away your old router to enjoy Wireless-N speeds.

  • A smaller and faster access point solution suitable for upgrading to wireless N
  • Affordable wireless N device for easily migrating from wireless G and B networks
  • Compatible with the 2.4 GHz frequency work off of a single-band design
  • Improves the data transfer speed by working with existing wireless G and B Networks

Customer Reviews:

  • Works like a charm
    Plugged this into a Linksys wired 10/100 DSL/Cable 4-port router to add wireless capability for our Wii. I just followed the quick setup instructions and it was working with no problem. WPA/WPA2 security was a breeze to setup....more info
  • Do yourself a favor, avoid, avoid, avoid Trendnet.
    For some reason, the connectivity drops, and I'm not talking about once a month, I'm tallking about 1-2 time a week. For this kind of $, I expect so much more....more info
  • Nice upgrade to an existing network
    This is convenient way to fill in a blank area in your existing home network. The defaults are a little lacking - take the time to explore all the settings and it should work fine....more info
  • Disappointing range, no better than 802.11g
    The 637 installed fairly easily and worked immediately. But I paid the extra money for 802.11N because I needed to reach the other end of the house (the router is at one end.) The 802.11g from the router would just barely reach the other end, sometimes, unreliably. And that's just what the 637 does, even after I positioned it in a window where much of the other end of the house is line-of-sight. Just not enough power in the signal. Actually, my 802.11g had bad coverage, but it was still slightly superior to the 637.

    Two stars for working right, loses three stars because it isn't "N" coverage at all....more info
  • Good Product
    The problem I had was downloading large files. When I saw this product I thought it was just what I needed as my G-router was working fine. It was a $40.00 gamble that paid off. Proof of the product working fine is that these large files download much faster than before. I am happy with the results and consider the item well worth the money....more info
  • Plug and play with minimal documentation ......
    Ran the configuration from the CD, plugged it into my old non-wireless router, set the security in my Toshiba laptop with built-in Draft N and I was up and running.

    I took a star off only because I had to Google settings to get the security options as secure as I wanted. Maybe I need to take a star off of me.

    Excellent speed and signal strength but the laptop is only about 30 feet from the device.

    ...more info
  • No major disappointments, setup not too hard, but not 100% foolproof
    So far the performance of this wireless access point is decent. I have a 802g card in my laptop and this supports 802n (faster) so I am limited by my laptop's card, but so far all seems pretty well. Occasionally I get brief hiccups in responsiveness but I hesitate to call that a signal drop since they come back pretty quick w/o having to reset the wireless access point. The range overall is pretty good but maybe could be a tad better. To give you an idea, I live in a 3-story 1600 sq. ft. townhome (garage below ground, main floor on ground level, and then an upstairs w/bedrooms). The wireless is located on the ground (middle) level at the back of the house. In my front upstairs bedroom, I can barely get a signal. But if I step into the hallway I get a signal, so maybe the furthest 1/3rd of the upstairs gets no signal. Works fine at the rear of the 2nd floor. Works fine everywhere on the main floor. If I go down to the garage, no signal (not that I'd be doing much on the internet down there).

    Setup was pretty easy but their troubleshooting section is very poor. I originally set it up and I got connected, but even though I was connected, I couldn't get anywhere on the internet. IIRC I had selected TKIP/AES on the wireless settings on my PC and I think I had the access point set to AES, so I figured that TKIP/AES would work (I honestly had no idea what to really pick) but it didn't. If I switched it to AES as a wild guess and now it works fine. But nowhere in the instructions did it offer help on this. Fortunately my guess was right and within 20 minutes total I was up and running. So overall it's not perfect and those not knowing anything about any home networking might need to call support or something, but once it's up and running it's pretty good....more info
  • Small Price Small Size Small Signal Strength -JUNK
    This is a very low price AP. I added mine to a FIOS Motorola G Router on the end of a very long cable in the attic. The device has very small anatenae and the signal is very easily disrupted. Sitting next to it I did get 4 bars but thats it. Installing it made some odd defaults like thinking I had a two factor requirement which required going in and turning off the option on the PC. But it barely works as a AP. It seems very unstable. After 6 weeks its for sale on EBAY. I have yet to be able to connect to it via the Browser..guess it ll be the cable to the device thing...annoying...more info
  • Trend Easy N upgrade EXCELLENT
    Was very easy to install and works great, my old router (from AT&T) was not replacable, so the Trend upgarde seemed the only way to get N speed. It works and works very well....more info
  • Met all expectations!
    TRENDnet 300Mbps Wireless N Broadband Router
    This product met all my expectations. No Problems.
    JAM...more info
  • Love it and it is FAST, excellent Tech. support!
    This product is fast and reliable and they have an excellent Tech, support system. I liked it so much I now have two of these TEW-637AP and I also have bought (3) three TEW-624UB for my home wireless network. These products are the fasest I have ever used. Fast delevery and excellent products. They don't have a rating system high enough for me to rate these two products. Tom Perry ...more info
  • Good product at excellent price, I would highly recommended.
    I just bought this router to add to my Fios network which was installed couple of days ago. I added to the Motorola gateway router provided with Fios. I thought that Motorola gateway router did not really do what I need to do so I decided to add this wireless device. I like what this device does, simply add wireless network to existent network. I disabled wireless on Motorola gateway router. So far I liked simplicity of this router, it took me less than 10 minutes to figure out what to do to configure it. Signal is great and wireless seems to be much more stable. I like more than Linksys router which I had with cable previously. Overall this is great product and I already recommended to others. Great price for excellent product in my book....more info
  • Holy Smokes!
    I didn't think Wireless N was going to be this fast, but it is. It made everything in our wireless network fast. I went from 16,000 k/bs on a good day to about 32,000 k/bs almost consistently now.

    All my older appliances that are on Wireless G and B work too without any problems.

    I would have given it 5 stars if it was easier to configure. It was as easy as it described. I went out to their website to look for other documentation that made more sense....more info
  • Perfect upgrade for your existing Router
    I have had a Microsoft Router for about 5 years now and it has been perfect in every regard, but I was really wanting to upgrade it and get the latest speeds....I was torn since my Router is still working great, I hated to mess with something working so good when you read the spotty reviews (some 5 star---some 1 star) for some of the new routers.

    So I thought this one would be the perfect choice and after 2 months of ownership I am proud to say that it IS !...I just hooked it into a port on my existing router and now I have the Microsoft Router in B speed and the Trendnet N Speed working right beside each other perfectly...I am very happy with it...It took about 15 minutes to install using the included instructions and their website that is very helpful...I was able to print out the entire manual before I even got the router !

    In the couple of months I have had it...Not one dropped signal...haven't had to reboot it...nothing.....It's been flawless from day 1....It works WAY out in my backyard.....and everywhere in my house (1,500 Square feet).....I get 80% signal in the yard and back porch...and 92% to 95% inside the house.

    I have used it with a iPod Touch...PS3....and a Wii....and setup was easy with them all....even with the best security settings.

    ...more info
  • Weak weak weak
    I purchased this excited to see the benefits of "wireless n", but was sorely dissapointed. The device is small (that could be good), but so were the antennas, so the rage on the wireless was pathetic. Sitting right across from the device I could only connect at 54mb. As soon as I started to walk down the hall, it dropped to 6. Across a bedroom or two and it was down lower than that.

    Very dissapointing indeed. Needless to say, I'm not using this one any more. :-(...more info
  • Average at best
    I purchased this for my Dell laptop, comcast Internet high speed service, and I live in a 2 story town home with basement. It was fairly easy to set up and it works fine, but I don't see the added boost compared to my super G router. Plus, this router has a habit of slowing down on certain sites. When I switch back to my super G signal, the computer work better and I feel faster. The positive is that the signal is better, but only by a few bars, from very good to excellent. I still believe that you are at the mercy of the router that the unit is plugged into to to get this to work at over 100MB.
    Positive: It works, but not any better then my super G wireless router.
    Con: It slows the load of a web page on certain sites, seems to hang up. I have to refresh the browser several times.

    I would go ahead and buy a new "N" router. I loved the idea of saving the planet by reusing the old router, but this up-grader just doesn't work very well....more info
  • Great Access point
    Setup is easy and everything went fine installing this. The only problem I do have is it interferes with my phones, because of this I have it disconnected....more info
  • Worth the low price
    This is nice because the ActionTec I get with my FIOS is good enough for general family use. For my media streaming PC and my work computer I get 200MB/s without having to share all the bandwidth.

    Very easy to set up and a real cheap price on Amazon....more info
  • Solved all my problems!
    I have a Linksys cable modem/router. My connection was dropped every 5 minutes and the range was poor. With the 300MBPS Wireless Easy-n-upgrade I have had no dropped connections. Easy set up. I get full range anywhere on my property. ...more info