Multi Sweep Hidden Camera Bug Detector
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Product Description

The S26 is the first device of its kind, that builds two technologies into one. This compact device features a 1 MHz ~ 6.5 GHz RF Signal Detector as well as a powerful IR Laser Detector. The combined technologies makes it easier than ever for you to locate Wired or Wireless Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, Listening or transmitting devices. This amazing device also functions as a powerful Bug Detector allowing you to detect Audio Bugs and Wireless Signals from the 1 MHz ~ 6.5 GHz range. This includes Covert Cameras and allows you to monitor UHF, VHF, GSM, and GSM Car Tracking Devices as well. The S26 features a powerful IR Laser function that uses proven reflective technology designed by the military to locate not only Wireless Cameras, but Wired Cameras as well. Optical augmentation; a phenomenon whereby light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a Video Camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This feature works well to eliminate unwanted interference and allows you to detect hidden covert cameras at a greater distance.

  • Powerful Multifunctional Hidden Camera Bug Detector
  • Combindes Two Technologies into One
  • Proven Reflective Technology
  • Wide Range 1 MHz ~ 6 GHz Rf Bug Detector
  • Scan Your Room for Bugs and Hidden Cameras