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Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency
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The National Security Agency is the world¡¯s most powerful, most far-reaching espionage. Now with a new afterword describing the security lapses that preceded the attacks of September 11, 2001, Body of Secrets takes us to the inner sanctum of America¡¯s spy world. In the follow-up to his bestselling Puzzle Palace, James Banford reveals the NSA¡¯s hidden role in the most volatile world events of the past, and its desperate scramble to meet the frightening challenges of today and tomorrow.

Here is a scrupulously documented account¨Cmuch of which is based on unprecedented access to previously undisclosed documents¨Cof the agency¡¯s tireless hunt for intelligence on enemies and allies alike. Body of secrets is a riveting analysis of this most clandestine of agencies, a major work of history and investigative journalism.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Everybody knows about the CIA--the cloak-and-dagger branch of the U.S. government. Many fewer are familiar with the National Security Agency, even though it has been more important to American espionage in recent years than its better-known counterpart. The NSA is responsible for much of the intelligence gathering done via technology such as satellites and the Internet. Its home office in Maryland "contains what is probably the largest body of secrets ever created."

Little was known about the agency's confidential culture until veteran journalist James Bamford blew the lid off in 1982 with his bestseller The Puzzle Palace. Still, much remained in the shadows. In Body of Secrets, Bamford throws much more light on his subject--and he reveals loads of shocking information. The story of the U-2 crisis in 1960 is well known, including President Eisenhower's decision to tell a fib to the public in order to protect a national-security secret. Bamford takes the story a disturbing step forward, showing how Eisenhower "went so far as to order his Cabinet officers to hide his involvement in the scandal even while under oath. At least one Cabinet member directly lied to the committee, a fact known to Eisenhower." Even more worrisome is another revelation, from the Kennedy years: "The Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up and approved plans for what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government. In the name of anticommunism, they proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba."

Body of Secrets is an incredible piece of journalism, and it paints a deeply troubling portrait of an agency about which the public knows next to nothing. Fans of The Sword and the Shield will want to read it, as will anybody who is intrigued by conspiracies and real-life spy stories. --John J. Miller

Customer Reviews:

  • Another 'Landmark' book by a real INSIDER !!!
    I was very surprised by Mr. Bamford's new book. The book was suggested to me by a friend who had enjoyed his last book, The Puzzle Palace, which was a 'landmark' book in my mind. At first I did not think I would like it because I felt that it would be too technical. But I was wrong. Rather than being a dry history filled with technical data, it reads like a thriller.

    He does this by focusing not on the spy machines but the people behind them. I am very surprised that he was able to get so many former NSA officials to cooperate with him.

    Having read the TOP books in the Government Cover-up Genre; "Unconventional Flying Objects" (NASA UFO Investigator for 30 years) by the scientist Dr. Paul Hill; my FAVORITE is "Alien Rapture" by Edgar Fouche (Top Secret Black Programs Insider) and Brad Steiger (Great fiction-soon to be a movie); "Alien Agenda" by the best selling author of 'Crossfire' Jim Marrs (Best reference on UFOlogy); and "The Day After Roswell," by Colonel Corso - I'd say this book is a MUST READ also!

    Why would a respected, decorated, connected Military Officer (Corso) swear in a Court of Law that the UFO Conspiracy is real and that the facts and agenda in these books ARE TRUE? Why did NASA try to ban Dr. Paul Hill's book? Why were Fouche's home, car, and hotel rooms broken into? Why did he go underground after delivering his `insider presentation to the International UFO Congress? Why has the great researcher and bestseller, Jim Marrs, been slandered? Why are there still questions about the deaths of Corso and Hill? Were their sudden demise a product of this conspiracy?

    Why? If you read this excellent book and the others, you will know that they are indeed true. Two well-respected American Astronauts have come forward to proclaim they had seen evidence of the Roswell UFO crash and stated they know the cover-up is real. You be the judge. Read this book and check out the reviews of the other TOP books I have mentioned....more info

  • Way Cool
    I really enjoyed this book. I bought it at an airport and read it while I was away for work. I couldn't put this book down. It was almost like reading a Tom Clancy novel or watching a James Bond movie except that this was/is real. I liked the way the book progressed from America's first intelligence gathering capabilities through today's organizations (NSA). I highly recomend this book to anybody with an interest military history....more info
  • Extremely well documented and entertaining
    Bamford, also the author of Puzzle Palace, wrote this out of recently de-classified materials and (many) FOIA requests. There are close to 80 pages of notes and not because he has a note for everything he says. So it is well-documented. But it is not academic, dry and hard to read; on the contrary it reads like good conversation, story-telling even. After a chapter or two it becomes hard to put it down.

    The author is to be highly complimented for writing a book about as important a subject as this is that is also entertaining. If everybody who takes on a subject of this scope could write so well, we might get a notch closer to having a citizenry that has an inkling of what's going on....more info

  • Hmmmm ....
    At first blush, "Body Of Secrets" seems to be a meticulously researched if clumsily written history of the NSA. Indeed, there is much to commend this work insofar as it opens the door a crack and lets us peer into the inner sanctum of this almost mythic institution.

    When studying history there are The Facts and there is The Truth. The Facts are clouded by time, but can usually be tested objectively. But The Truth is harder to find because the historian applies his or her analysis to The Facts as they reveal themselves. No historical "Truth" is possible without some observance of the historian's personal biases. Our best historians make clear the separation between indisputable facts and their own analysis of same.

    Bamford fails to maintain this clear separation - He grinds an obvious anti-Israeli and anti-Pentagon axe throughout the first half of the book while weaving an intricate story full of what appears to be factual information. His credibility suffers thereby. There is clearly a lot of good research and fact-finding in the book but it is impossible to tell what is indisputably a fact and what is his opinion of what those facts mean. This is exacerbated by the fact that many of his claims cannot be checked against original sources. Over and over again we hear that his sources are "documents obtained for Body Of Secrets...". This kind of gnostic approach to history writing undermines the value of this sort of book - you never know what to believe.

    Without question, the most controversial aspect of the book is Bamford's claim that the Isreali's intentionally bombed the US spy ship Liberty in the 1967 war to cover up their own war crimes. Now this may or may not be true - certainly many supporters of Israel have taken him to task on the minutae of his argument. The problem is that there is simply no reliable way to check his claims.

    This is a good book flawed deeply by the author's obvious agenda. Bamford either needed to remove his personal tastes from the matter at hand, or provide incontrovertable evidence that his position is justfied, or, at the very least, offer some credible alternative interpretations to these events as a matter of balance and fairness. As it is, this is a fascinating read, you just won't be entirely sure how much of it is real and how much of it is authorial polemic....more info

  • Great book A must read for all americans!!!
    After reading this book i just was amaze even thou the last to chapeter are little dry but the rest will keep you wanting to read and read til you know what happen. Thit book is a must read for all americans that would liek to know the truth. expecially what going on the world today. Make you think what really happened sept 11 and what really happening in the middle east today....more info
  • Nice Overview with Interesting Details
    This large book attempts to cover the history and setup of the National Security Agency (NSA). This is the department of the government that sucks up all the radio and phone signals out there in the world and looks for intelligence valuable for the US and it's allies. The author does a good job of providing a high level view of the NSA operation; but I found the best parts of the book were the detailed chapters on the Powers U2 Shoot down over the USSR, the Cuban Missile crises, the USS Liberty attack by Israel, and the USS Pueblo attack by the North Korean's. We also get a nice overview of the workings of the NSA, the set up of the complex and a good direction of the size of the organization.

    The author provided a nice amount of detail on the U2 shoot down over the USSR and the reaction of Ike to the situation. I found the additional details of the other intelligence gathering missions over the USSR also interesting and somewhat scary given they were all playing with live ammo i.e. nuclear missiles. Bamford also slipped in a little intrigue with the assumption that Powers U2 was never designed to let him eject safely. As this section of the book was very interesting I did not find the solid connection to the NSA only - it looked to me that this operation have a number of departments of the government and military involved and no one branch could claim it for themselves.

    I felt that author also provided a nice amount of detail on the Cuban Missile crises. I learned a lot in this section of the book; the author enhanced the image of JFK saving the day. He also included some very startling plans that the CIA was working on to start a series of terrorist attacks on the US and blame Cuba. Anything to get a war started to get rid of Castro. The author also provides a great run down of the Pueblo attack, what lead up to it and how the Navy let it happen. I would have liked a bit more linkage to the information that was lost and how that loss effected the US going forward.

    The most I learned in this book came from his coverage of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Talk about unflattering to the Israeli's, the author claims that the Israeli's attacked the ship to cover up war crimes they were performing on the Egyptian's. There are a ton of details and the author does a great job of taking the reader through the whole attack and some of the political cover up and fall-out.

    I was disappointed in the author's coverage of the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the political use of the NSA information. He could have done more or put more detail in these sections and left out some of the fluff. Given the current climate it would also have been nice for the author to provide some information on how the NSA could help in the war on terrorism. I also would have liked some maps and pictures to be able to better familiarize myself with the different parts of the world the author was covering. Also what was with the chapter headings, sure after you are reading the chapter you understand the cute little reference, but come on - this is a non-fiction book, not some romance novel, give me chapter headings that mean something.

    My biggest complaint of the book would be the jumpy nature of the set up. The author seamed to bounce from one topic to another with no seaming reason. I also think the author could have also done a little editing to kick out some of the less then interesting bits. Overall the book in a nice overview of the agency and provides some good and interesting details on some cold war incidents. If you are only interested in only one of two of these topic's then it may suit you to find a book dealing with just that topic to get a more detailed review....more info

  • A Must to Read Again!!
    The first time I read this book was immediately after it was published. After another read, I have come to the conclusion that as with many other things, this should be required reading by all red blooded Americans. What's not to believe? The people that don't believe it are the direct descendents of the ones chanting "Peace in our time" after Neville Chamberlain returned from his meeting with der furher and are doing it again every time Bin Laden goes on the air. Bamford continues to tell the truth and if that gets a little close to home so be it. Without the spooks who knows where we'd be or be going....more info
  • In God We Trust, In All Others We Monitor
    ~Body of Secrets : Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency~ is an intriguing look into national security apparatus of the NSA. This less-than-known history of political intrigue and power play intel-games in the 20th century is enthralling. The chapters on the U-2 spy missions against the Soviets and the Cuban Missile Crisis are really interesting. Another chapter captures the tragedy of the intelligence ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, which in the heat of the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, was attacked by Israel and a debacle ensued thereafter. The circumstances surrounding the attack have never been fully probed, but the implication is foul play. A fascinating chapter documents the NSA cat-and-mouse games in a trawler off the coast of North Korea in the midst of the Cold War. Another chapter called Heart gives walkthrough of the Crypto City in Maryland-the elaborate intelligence complex, which remains the core of the NSA machine-and Bamford delves as deep in detail as the NSA will publicly allow. The author discusses the UKUSA agreement that brings America's WWII ally and Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada into our nation's cooperative intelligence sphere. (The NSA operates a huge SIGINT installation in the UK and much to the chagrin of the continental European Union states.) Bamford captures the successes of the NSA with clarity and admiration, but shows its bureaucratic bungling on occasion and its conflicts with other agencies for power and funding.

    The NSA of the 21st century is faced with new challenges. The focal point of its SIGINT and espionage operations during the Cold War was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union's byzantine intelligence structure with its fixed bureaucracy advanced in technology at a snail's pace even with technological espionage and leaks. Every so often some turncoat politician or a bureaucrat in the U.S. State Department acquiesced in loosening technology transfer controls on exports, and Soviet technology would get a shot in the arm. Otherwise, the NSA didn't have to move very fast. But times have changed, and the communications revolution that has reached critical mass. So with the advent of fiber-optic connections, broadband and wireless technologies, the NSA is in a frenzied race to upgrade its technologies. NSA remains an albatross bureaucracy and concessions have been made that all 38,000 employees couldn't even receive an e-mail from the Director because there were so many separate e-mail systems. Yet with a focused target, the NSA has the most advanced electronic surveillance practices and capabilities in the world. A post 9/11 follow-up chapter was added analyzing the oversight that lead up to that terrifying day and the subsequent shake-up thereafter. At times Bamford really captivates the reader and overall this book makes for a fascinating weekend read.

    After 9/11, with the advent of Homeland Security, the concern for civil liberties abuse is obvious, as private citizens could become targets of surveillance. Also revelations have been made about the Clinton Administration utilizing the NSA for corporate espionage to help American interests against Airbus. More innovations like the Patriot Act provide the impetus for the NSA being more closely integrated with CIA, FBI, DIA, DEA, and other intelligence or law enforcement agencies. The Patriot Act leaves the NSA's previous prohibition against operating domestically in limbo, and it sets the stage for their counterintelligence and counter-terrorism activities within the U.S.

    "Sue quis ipsos custodiet custodes?"
    -Juvenal...more info
  • More history than "anatomy"
    The title of this book in pretty misleading. The "anatomy" of the NSA isn't really the focus until the final 25% of the book, the rest is mostly on the history of the various activities of the agency. Still, this is a mighty ambitious and impressive volume that I found fairly engrossing in places (especially the harrowing attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967). I learned a bunch, but I'd say this one is best suited to military history and espionage buffs. Definitely more info than I needed....more info
  • False Pretexts and Damaging Secrets - A Consistent Theme
    Sure, some of his claims of NSA's present day technical capabilities and current invasion into US civilian privacy were somewhat exaggerated in the Puzzle Palace, but you can't deny that this guy's responsible for blowing the lid off a significant amount of dirt stored in this nation's vaults. Case in point: Operation Northwoods. The plans by the JCS under the direction of Gen. Lemnitzer and extreme right wingers in the defense planning establishment to attack American cities, ships, aircraft, and bases and blame it on Cuba in order to get us into war...and beyond. A lot of people go on and on about CIA and JFK, but in reality by that time CIA was removed from most Cuban activities and the pentagon became the chief player under the Cuba Project. Makes you wonder who was posing as Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City and making calls to a KGB assassin. We know Oswald was there, along with an imposter following behind him. We know CIA monitored both. We also know CIA got spooked when the assassination occurred and tried to suppress what they eavesdropped on. KGB certainly had no interest in creating a false KGB-Oswald connection. CIA wasn't actively involved in Cuban ops anymore because they'd once again proved inept. So that only leaves the DoD establishment as the likely operator in Mexico City. This would certainly explain why CIA covered it up and bit the bullet. God bless 'em if they've been taking the heat for so long to prevent the revolt this revelation would bring. Hoover and LBJ both said it was either a communist conspiracy or a conspiracy by the right wingers in the pentagon trying to make it look like Soviets/Cubans. We know they did everything in their power to make sure the Warren Commission testimony and evidence supported a lone gunman, preventing WWIII. It's also consistent with LBJ's troubles with the military, including the famous and real line with the Pentagon brass, "You just get me elected and you'll get the war you want." Since there never was the WWIII the JCS and right wingers wanted, I suppose you can still rationalize that LBJ and Hoover did the right thing; though they died thinking Cuba and the KGB were responsible.

    Bamford achieves a first in describing and documenting the DoD, JCS, and NSA's rival with the CIA, which DoD felt was encroaching on its covert ops territory. NSA is not only a civilian intell agency, but is also responsible for funding and coordinating the military's SIGINT and IMINT activities. There is so much more to intelligence history than just the CIA. State's Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD) was responsible for all sorts of illegal activities related to Iran-Contra, including the Nicaraguan Migs story. It was closed by Congress for breaking the law. Like I said, a lot of people go on and on about CIA mistakes, but in reality, the CIA did just that...screw up. Allende's assassination was an accident, not intentional. Most of the super sensitive MK Ultra and Bluebird activities were actually run by DoD and its subsidiaries, not CIA. There was a saying back in the day, "If a bomb went off and killed everyone except the intended target, it must be CIA." I think between this book and Marchetti and Mark's CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, you have about as accurate a look at the history of U.S. intell you could possibly get. We can now further see that the use of 9/11 as a pretext for going into Iraq was coordinated out of the Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon under the direction of Rumsfeld and Cheney. This office was also responsible for compiling and selecting biased and misleading intelligence, bypassing the objectivity mandate the CIA is now beholden to. It's no wonder that OPD's former head Otto Reich was appointed by Bush to the State Department's Latin division. Cold War redux? If we go back even further, we can see the thread all the way back to the 40 Committee under Kissinger and the DoD's PSYOPs in Brazil, probably the most successful news manipulation and overthrow of a democratic government in the history of the world. So successful that to this day Brazilians still think the progressive, Catholic, anti-monopolist Goulart was a hardcore Commie.

    As a result, I think Bamford's next book needs to broaden to include the entire DoD, JCS, and NSA structure and its integrated history, rather than fixate on the NSA. The worst corruption has always occurred within the Pentagon and the numerous secret planning committees and defense advisory boards, many with deep connections to corporate America (e.g. ITT, United Fruit Company, Bell Helicopter, Halliburton, etc) often using defense issues to mask hidden profit motives...more false pretexts. Body of Secrets' best moments are when he starts doing this, but it's always cut a little if he fears being called a radical. I think it is also this fixation that tends to tempt him to go off on NSA technical capabilities, the more extreme of which he is speculating about and has little evidence for. The EU did probably the best recent study of the NSA's likely capabilities and it has turned out to be very consistent with revelations post-9/11, like NSA still relying heavily on manual transcripts of audio conversations, not massive voice recognition computers...though we know NSA and DARPA are making advances in that department. But the trail of evidence when looked at in terms of trends and common themes should force more radical directions in his writing, not the geeky techno indulgences he sometimes gets side-tracked with.
    ...more info
  • Information...and disinformation
    What is the NSA? and what does it do? This book is an effort to describe and explain the history of an agency that most Americans have never heard of until recently. The Reader is given much information about its role in the past and present. But in the shadowy land that the NSA seems to occupy, such 'information' is not necessarily the same as fact or truth or even recorded non-events.
    Diversions, double agents, disinformation and outright deception are what the NSA does on a daily basis and one has to wonder just how much of the information 'released' or 'leaked' about this agency is close to what it appears to be. And that is of of itself is very troubling because if there is ANY agency in the United States that has the alleged ability (or at least the potential) to be "Big Brother", the NSA is the one. The ability to intercept ,monitor, and manipulate just about every type of modern communication is staggering in its implications.
    In the post 9/11 world of 'The Patriot Act' (face it, a loyal citizen can now get a reward for 'turning in' a neighbor for undefined 'suspicious acts'), The NSA's seeming ability to 'monitor' everyone as spelled out in this book is very alarming. The spying capability is there and use (or misuse)should be a concern of everyone....more info
  • Body of Secrets
    The accounts of cold war incidents like the attack on the USS Liberty read like a good novel. Also , very interesting are the more documentary segments about some of the clandestine activities of people like Ariel Sharon. I found the small errors of fact like his references to .50 caliber machine guns on the Liberty as 50 mm machine guns mildly annoying in a book purporting to uncover the truth of many secret activites. All in all it's an informative and interesting book worth the reading....more info
  • Prepare to Be Amazed
    An illuminating look behind the curtain at an agency that was unknown for so long. Bamford's history of the NSA reveals so many AMAZING secrets that were classified until shortly before his book was published:

    - Eisenhower frequently sent fighter/bomber formations into Soviet airspace to see how far they could get before being detected, and how quickly the Soviet air defenses could react. This provocative action led to aircraft being shot down on several occasions before they could get out of Soviet airspace, and lives were lost. This finally ended when Gary Powers' U-2 was shot down.

    -The reason we wanted the UN in New York? To make spying on everyone easier!

    -The USS Liberty saw Israelis massacre 150 Egyptian POWs... so the Israelis tried to sink it, fully knowing it was a U.S. gov't ship.

    All in all, a very readable, very informative book. While every page doesn't have jaw-dropping secrets from US history, there are enough to ensure you'll have fun while learning a bit of history.

    One excellent point of education was the many disasters in our history resulting from agencies not sharing information. One thing Bush did right was making sure that something like 9/11 will never happen again because of this inter-service rivalry.

    A very enjoyable book. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's not as cutting edge as when I first read it. (Body of Secrets was published within one-two years of many classified documents being made public.)
    ...more info
  • Another 'Landmark' book by a real INSIDER!
    I was very surprised by Mr. Bamford's new book. The book was suggested to me by a friend who had enjoyed his last book, The Puzzle Palace, which was a 'landmark' book in my mind. At first I did not think I would like it because I felt that it would be too technical. But I was wrong. Rather than being a dry history filled with technical data, it reads like a thriller.

    He does this by focusing not on the spy machines but the people behind them. I am very surprised that he was able to get so many former NSA officials to cooperate with him.

    I also recommend 'Alien Rapture' by Brad Stieger and Edgar Fouche (another insider) and 'Unconventional Flying Objects' by Dr. Paul Hill (and yet another insider). Both books are written by authors who have proved their credientials inside the Top Secret Black world of the DoD and NSA. Again, I recommend this book highly -- it is both very readable and very authorative....more info

  • Excellent Book!
    Bamford has done a masterful job of laying out the full details of the NSA's history - it's origins, inception and early years. He further offers up in stunning detail Israel's deliberate attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during the 1967 Israeli conflict with Egypt and the capture of the U.S.S. Pueblo by North Korea in early 1968 and President Johnson's maddening inaction.

    The author also lays out specifics of the agency in such detail that I sometimes asked myself, "Should he really be writing this stuff? Shouldn't this be still secret/classified?" He obviously had some great access to write this important book.

    I was a little surprised at Bamford's occasional liberal slant on events, specifically his criticism of President Bush regarding the 9-11 terrorist attacks. As a liberal myself, I wasn't offended, just surprised to read it here. (I was also outraged all over again at Bush's behavior on the morning and afternoon of 9/11/01.)

    He also does a nice job of telling how the NSA slipped in the 1990s in keeping up with rapidly emerging technology. He also wrote very insightfully about what the NSA is doing in the future to catch up.

    The only significant thing that disappointed me about the book was the lack of discussion about important events in the 1980s and 1990s. It's almost as if he got to the end of the 70s and said, "That's good enough." Since the book was published in 2001, I would have expected a lot more. Perhaps another book is forthcoming?

    Anyone wishing to know about this super-secret agency, it's beginnings and it's role in many important 20th century events will be thrilled to read and own this book....more info

  • An electrifying reading !!
    Bamford has done an enormous job in his extraordinary book "Body of secrets." He clearly and copiously dissected the most powerful spying agency on the face of the earth. His research is opulent and his writing is excellent. "Body of secrets" will provide the reader with a fascinating analysis of the most surreptitious spying agency that has ever been assembled.
    I would highly recommend this book and gives it a definite two thumbs up !! ...more info
  • Good INsight to Sigint History
    Jeffrey W. Bennett, author of ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manualand Under the Lontar Palm

    This book is well written and an easy read of one of the most fascinating agencies of all time. Mr. Bamford has performed exhaustive research into the workings of the super-secret NSA. Personally, I have a long history as a intelligence analyst during the Cold War and reading this book brings back a lot of memories of the history and working of the world at the time. Thanks for putting this work together.

    ...more info
  • Wow! A Must Read
    What a fascinating book. Covering the history and development of the NSA. This book is very interesting. Covering some of the older secrets that have not been read about and hinting at the direction that this agency and our government is going. An overview of how this little agency turned into the monstrous agency that it is now and how much of the governmental budget it sucks up. Do we get a bang for our budget buck? Read this book to find out.

    Many disturbing world instances are brought to light including a relatively unkown incident that the Israeli's attacked a US ship in 1967. The facts that so many secrets exist at the NSA that most employes don't even tell their spouses where they work. Covering Crypto City and the effort it takes to run and guard it.

    A very important book to read covering the end of World War II, the Cold War, the observations of many counties (China, Korea, Egypt, Argentina, Cuba, Soviet Union and more), the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Vietnam War and so many events in history as seen through the eyes of the NSA.

    Buy this book, set aside a weekend, a be prepared to open your eyes to what your government has been up to....more info

  • information overload!
    a very intersting and detailed book about the NSA. however, i found myself feeling like an analyst at NSA in that i had to plow through a LOT of information, some of which was interesting but could have been condensed.
    my only complaint is that the author looses his objectivity in the afterword when describing the actions of george w. bush in response to the events of 09/11....more info
  • Deliberate and lethal Israeli attack on a US Navy ship
    Fascinating: worth the money if only for the chapter about the little known but brutal and ruthless attack on the USS Liberty by air and naval units of the Israeli Defence Force in which 54 US sailors were killed. The Israeli govt later claimed the attack was a mistake. They said they thought the Liberty, which was flying a huge US flag, was an Egyptian ship. What the Israelis did not know was that there was a US Navy EC121 flying far above the scene listening to all the damning radio calls of the attackers and to the pleas for help from the Liberty. The Israelis strafed and bombed the ship. Then torpedo boats torpedoed the ship, and machine gunned US sailors attempting to launch life boats. But why did they do all this? Read the book. It is a shocking eye opener. Highly relevent to current Israeli operations. The book and especially this chapter is must reading for any student of military and signal intellegence history .( See also "Attack on the USS Liberty" by William Gerhardt and "Conspiracy of Silence:Attack on the USS Liberty" by Anthony Pearson....more info
  • Compelling but Misguided
    Horribly exaggerated by a journalist that tries to present personal insight as historical fact. He makes outrageous allegations that are wildly misguided and unproven. He is persuasive in his arguments, which make his assertions even more dangerous and outright foolishness.

    It is a compelling read. Just be careful what you perceive as storytelling, what is attempted journalism, and what is fact.
    ...more info
  • Secrets your Government hid from you!
    I am not completely done with this book but I have to admit, it is engrossing from the very beginning. After the Government recently told the Public of the "Shadow Government" this book is even more fascinating.

    The part I found interesting so far was Eisenhower ordered American planes to trek into Russian air spaces that were supposed to be no-fly zones and KNEW that it could cause WW III, but nonetheless, the Russian airspaces were tested. Many pilots died in this cause as did many of our highly sophisticated planes.

    I also never knew of the "Fish" and the other secret writing tools used for communications during WW II. I have to admit, there are Governments SMARTER than the US Government and have more technological capabilities than you can imagine, THAT is what the US Government doesn't want you to know.

    And as for the secret NSA bunker that is now empty and is a tourist attraction, one CANNOT tell me that there are not more of these installations in place around our country and in full operation as we speak!

    Deception at its worst! Which makes for great reading on History and technology and secrets. It's a must read I say!...more info