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Kodak EasyShare Z1012 10.1MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
List Price: $249.95

Our Price: $244.98

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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:12x zoomOptical image stabilizationAmazing quality prints with 10.1 MPBest-in-class click-to-capture speedHD picture captureHD video featuresHigh ISO modeSmart capturePanorama stitch modeHistogram featureOn-camera editing featuresFace detection technologyMultimedia slideshowText and sound taggingKodak Perfect Touch technologyInternal memory plusMultiple scene modes5 color modesManual controlsExclusive Kodak color science image processing chipCapture challenging action shots with one hand - the compact ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm of your handOn-camera share button - the simple way to shareSimple ways to print your pictures at homeReady to go - right out of the box

  • 10.1-megapixel resolution for prints up to 30 x 40 inches
  • 12x optical zoom with optical image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • Enhanced click-to-capture speed (0.14 sec) and auto-focus accuracy; Smart capture mode
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Enhanced click-to-capture speed (0.14 sec)
    The Enhanced click-to-capture speed (0.14 sec)
    is what first attracted to this camera.
    Very easy to use and intuitive.
    Will update later....more info
  • DSL Quality in a point & shoot
    The Kodak Z1012 is the best camera I've ever owned, and I've had a bunch (including 3 digitals).

    It does almost everything an SLR camera will do, but also has all the convenience of a point-and-shoot. Want to use macro-focus for a close-up of a flower? Can do. Manual exposure? Sure. Manual Focus? Yes.

    But if you don't want to fuss with all that, you can set it to automatic and let the camera do the work.

    It takes great pictures: teriffic color, fabulous detail.

    I love having a bigger LCD Screen, but I also love having the option to turn it off (Saving battery) and using the eyepiece viewfinder. This also helps in bright outdoors conditions where the screen is hard to see.

    The Kodak Software is very clunky and not user-friendly. So I don't use it. But that's not a big drawback. You can use any software you like." ...more info
  • Kodak Easy Share Camera
    Both my husband and I are thrilled with our new camera! It is easy to use and takes beautiful, clear pictures. We did need to go out and buy a memory stick shortly after getting it as the original memory only holds about 10 photographs. The battery is also short-lived. A lithium battery is just such an expensive proposition, so we bought rechargeable ones and it works just fine now. I love the way it can be hooked up to my computer and the ease with which photos can be shared as part of the software in the original package. A GREAT deal for the money!...more info
  • Great Camera! Great Photos! Easy To Use!
    I love this camera! Excuse my lack of professional camera terms but I will try to explain the camera performance in a day-to-day functional way. My main reason for purchasing this camera was the information that stated the camera took good quality photos with quick shutter speed. I am pleased with the shutter speed, especially since I shut off the picture review which seemed to allow for faster consecutive picture taking. My kids are young and active and before I purchased this camera I felt like I was missing some great shots because my previous cameras had slower shutter speeds. The shutter speed is certainly not as fast as a professional camera however it works great for my needs. I mainly use the automatic settings which have produced great photos so far. The camera is pretty light weight and easy to carry with you if you don't mind a camera that won't fit in your pocket. The videos I have taken with the camera have come out well, the sound is audible and clear. I have only two compliants. The first is that the camera will occassionaly "freeze" and I have to open the battery cover to get the camera to respond again. My second complaint is that it is hard to get the rechargable battery out of the camera, there is no "eject" button like my previous cameras have had. I have to pinch and pull to get the battery out. For all of the things that I love about this camera, my two complaints are pretty minor. I purchased the KLIC-8000 rechargable batteries and charger and have had good success with them: long life, quick charging. Overall, I would certainly recommend this camera. ...more info
  • WOW!
    After my son's wedding and all the digital slr's pictures were viewed, my wife began the I wants. I looked at numerous cameras. A co-worker said his Kodak Z 600?? series camera was his all time favorite. After reading some reviews and looking over the stats I decided on the Z1012 camera. Big hit with the missus and I must say I was quite impressed. I've spent 3 times as much and never have I enjoyed a camera nearly this much. While I'm sure it falls short of the $1000 plus slr's.... for ANY application I can think of this is the camera.
    KUDOS KODAK...more info
  • Pleased so far
    I'm still exploring the features of this camera, but so far I've had no trouble with it. I like the view screen and the zoom is much better than my last camera. I have not printed any pictures yet, so I'll need to reserve judgement on that. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is my third Kodak. It did not disappoint me. It takes excellent pictures and is easy to use. Love the image stabilization, so I get great pics even when using the zoom without a tripod. I have taken over 350 pictures so far on the battery it came with and it is still going strong. I do think it is pretty cheap of Kodak to not include a rechargeable battery, which means I had to buy one separately. Otherwise, the only con I have found is the lens cap falls off very easily. ...more info
  • Great Camera
    Bought this camera a few weeks ago to upgrade from my last easy share. The pictures are great, and you can capture shots real fast and clear. I even had the chance to use the panoramic on it and it turned out great! I have had so many people ask where I got it and how much did I pay. I will definately stick with this one for a while....more info
  • Amazing pictures, Great price!
    I have been using this camera for over a month now. I decided on this camera because of the high marks given it by Consumer Reports (top rated in digital cameras, non-SLR). I originally wanted to purchase an SLR, but this camera performed as well and better than the SLRs reviewed by Consumer Reports. The pictures are very clear and look like a professional took them. I don't know if I will be going back to a portrait studio again! The features on the camera are very easy to use. I recommend this camera to anyone looking to get shots of their busy children and those wishing to take high quality photos for framing....more info
  • using the Kodak Z1012IS
    I have had the camera for about a month now and very happy with the purchase. I read many reviews and have the following comments.
    I use KLIC-8000-1800 rechargable batteries and carry 3. I typically use 1 battery in about a 3-4 hour period with the camera on and taking about 150 pictures during that time. You can not expect much more. I use only the electronic view finder and have the image stabilization always active. I use the automatic and manual modes. I have taken photos using the 12x opitical zoom with 5x digital zoom, 60x equivalent, without a tripod. The images were in focus and produce very good 8x10s. Croping and enlarging not recommended because of loss of resolution at 60x. 12x zoom is excellent. Camera does well at low light but requires more operator ability. The HD movie with stereo sound is nice. I use only fixed focus. Sound level is a little low for my taste but can be corrected using external software. The camera can only except 4gb SDHC memory. Any more will cause problems. If you need more, buy extra. I have much to learn. The extened manual from Kodak is better than the short pocket version. Alot of fun expermentation is required....more info
  • love my new camera
    I picked this camera because it was rated number 1 in Consumer Reports in its class, and it had all the features I wanted at the right price. It is easy to use and the first pictures I took were great. This is my first digital camera, and since I am not an expert have not used all the features it has yet. The software works very well and is easy to use. I am very happy, and would definitely recommend it....more info
  • there must be bad ones loose
    Lots of good reviews here, Consumers Reports, too. However, either no one thinks this is important, or there are some really poorly focusing examples of this camera out in the wild. I got this Kodak 2 weeks ago, and noticed immediately that it seemed to have trouble focusing. It seems constantly to be working on it. An image almost is brought into focus, then it goes out, and stays there. My first and last adventure with this camera was a wedding. I took many available light photos, that were clearly viewable in the viewfinder. Roughly half of them were out of focus, or the focus was on a part of the image that wasn't in "the box". This camera replaced a 7 year old Olympus Camedia that died. The Camedia never had this problem with focus. Reviews discussing shutter lag indicate it is due to focusing taking place after the shutter is pressed. In that event, with the lag being described as under two-tenths of a second, it would seem that focusing should be very quick, very accurate. Not in the example camera I had. One other Amazon review mentions focus issues similar to mine. No one else. I've returned mine (to Target), and I'm afraid to get another. I'll keep looking....more info
  • Beautiful pictures
    I am not an expert on Barrel distortion and all that but I do know that this camera takes beautiful pictures. I have several digital cameras and I love the pictures this camera takes best. As with all high megapixel cameras there is grainyness in dark lighting conditions but it's not bad as others. The 12x zoom is amazing. I can take a picture at full zoom without even trying and it comes out beautiful. Thanks Kodak!...more info
  • Great pictures
    This camera has great features and provides very good picture quality in most modes. Candlelight mode leaves the pictures a bit too yellow. Stage mode works great. Only real problem with the camera is it is a power hog; On our third battery in just 6 weeks, and we only took around 200 pictures or so during that time period. At this rate, we have decided to get the rechargable battery, which will pay for itself in short order....more info
  • Automatic setting useless, Kodak won't upgrade firmware
    Do not expect to be able to use this camera in automatic setting. After taking only three pictures, the camera freezes up for processing. I contacted Kodak, and they told me to stop using the automatic setting. I own a Kodak C875 which does not suffer from this defect. The Kodak Z1015IS had the same problem which Kodak provided a firmware upgrade to fix. They will not offer an upgrade for the Z1012IS. Avoid if you do not constantly want to reset the camera for proper lighting conditions by hand....more info
  • Nice Camera
    This camera works very well for us. We did have one problem with the rubber piece around the viewfinder. It popped off and wouldn't go back on. Weren't impressed with Kodak's response to that problem but we ended up just using the camera without it. We have found that the camera is only a battery hog if you use the screen to display the photos. If you just use the small view finder you can takes over a 100 photos on a Lio batteries....more info
  • Battery Eater
    This camera has a lot of great features: high zoom, automatic and manual settings... too bad your batteries won't last long enough to enjoy all the features.

    We have had this camera for about a year. We don't take a whole lot of pictures, so the camera sits for a good while between uses. This wasn't a problem with our old camera, but the Z1012 just doesn't like that.

    Even batteries with a fresh charge get sucked dry in a matter of minutes. We have three sets of rechargeables for our camera, and it seems that if the batteries lose even a little charge, the camera won't power up!

    I'm glad we bought ours with the extended "return it for any reason, no questions asked" warranty. It's sad, because the camera does take good pictures, and has a lot of excellent features. Too bad its power consumption is so out of whack....more info
    I absolutely LOVE this camera. Everything about it! I have an active toddler and wanted a new camera that just took a picture when I wanted it to. This camera does a pretty good job. Under certain lighting it takes a second longer, but it's still very quick. Bottom line.....LOVE IT!...more info
  • Takes Great Pictures
    This camera replaces my Kodak Z612. I expected similar performance but with higher megapixels and better zoom. I got that and more. Thanks to updated technology many more photos come out just as expected, with little or no editing required. The camera is big but very comfortable in the hand. I'm happy with this purchase....more info
  • Good Camera
    Can't find anything bad about this camera- it meets expected performance, easy to use, takes great photos. I've owned several Kodak cameras, have always been pleased with performance and long usable life. Can't comment on longevity yet (will take a few years before I know for sure...), but performance is great. Good product....more info
  • Unbelievably Good
    This is a great camera with lots of neat features built in. It's nice that picture taking can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It's light-weight and small, but not too small. It has a good size LCD screen but if you happen to be at the beach, (like with my last camera) and can't see the screen because it's too bright, there is also a digital view finder that you can look through so you can actually see what you're taking a picture of. The 12x zoom, panarama stitch, time delay shutter, burst pictures, image stabilization, the optional manual selections for focus-speed-aperture and flash, all make this camera a huge step up from other cameras in its class. Beginners can easily take a perfect(and fast) shot with totally automatic settings as well. Beach Camera had the best price I've seen for this camera. Delivery was in 5 business days....more info
  • Great camera
    I would recommend this camera. Bright color, excellent performance in low light, powerful zoom. The lens is great. The camera is easy to use, just leaving it automatic mode yields great results, although there are a large number of manual settings available to you. It captures great outdoor detail yet can also provide close-up detail in a dark theatre. A surprising feature is the high quality HD video (720p), although as expected, recording video in HD creates huge files. I've been pleased with the video recorded in 480. The camera has a high-quality feel to it. Compared to a compact camera, this Z1012 uses more battery power and may not fit in a shirt pocket, but its performance is far superior....more info
    I purchased this Kodak Z1012 to replace our older, and no longer in production, Kodak P880 with great concerns that it wouldn't measure up. We've had the camera for several weeks now and absolutely love it! It has by far surpassed all of our expectations and we recommend that you ignore any negative reviews that you may read if you you are an average family (rather than a nit-picky professional focusing on insignificant details) looking for great quality pictures capturing everyday Kodak moments....more info
  • Z1012 Review
    The shipping packaging used for my shippment was extemely poor. I was surprised that the camera was not damaged. The shipping container was too large for the camera and the packing consisted of a couple of air bubble bags that took up less than half of the empty space in the shipping container. Thus far the camera works fine, but improvement needs to be made in your shipping container size and amount of packing material used....more info
    We are quite happy with the performance and ease of use of this camera. The pictures are sharp and the colors are accurate....more info
  • great camera,very satisfied
    I bought a Kodak Z740 three years ago, and took almost 13000 pictures without any problem. I upgraded it to Z1012 two weeks ago, and very surprised to find the HD video of Z1012 even better than my JVC330. The picture quality of this camera is really good, clear,sharp,and the great color of Kodak camera. But don't forget buy a rechargeable Li battery for it....more info
  • very sharp,great color, good zoom,but-----
    as advertized it uses AA batt.---ha, it does use AA batt. size but the batt has to be lithuims; i got it to work with eneloop batts. big hassle, sent it back ...more info