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Dark Demon
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Christine Feehan has worked magic on a legion of fans with her darkly thrilling Carpathian tales. Now she delivers the provocative story of a female vampire slayer who proves as seductive and mysterious as the night dwellers she stalks... For as long as she can remember, Natalya has been fighting demons: first in the form of childhood nightmares, then later, immortal creatures that kill and prey on the innocent, including her own twin brother. Whether Carpathian or vampire, she slays those who murder by night, and has no equal until she is seduced by the very thing she considers her enemy... A Carpathian who has seen nearly everything in his endless existence, Vikirnoff doesn't think he can be surprised anymore until he faces a woman who rivals him as a vampire hunter. A formidable and gifted warrior in her own right, Natalya has a nature that is strangely familiar, yet alien, to his own. Who is this mysterious female who fears no one, not even him? Natalya could be the key to the survival of the Carpathians, but all Vikirnoff is certain of is that she is the key to his heart and soul...

Customer Reviews:

  • Same plot...good read
    It is a good book. It follows the series well, the plot stays with the ones that come before it.
    The sex scenes are too drawn out, the story line is good though. I have become accustom to skipping the 3-4 page long sex and then starting to read again.
    I'll continure to buy the dark series, just because I like the stories.
    ...more info
  • Starter
    I started reading the Dark books a wile back and after a wile I got bored with the plots ((as did others)) Don't get me wrong the books were great but they never really tied to eachother and left you wondering about some things. This book ties up a lot of things that were left for the reader's brain to make since of and made the rest of the books make more since then before. I think if your just starting out with the Dark series then you should start with this one! But I will say sometimes she puts to many people in a fight sceane to the point it gets to "Wait, wait, wait who was that again?" But other then that this book had me reading it until I was finished!
    -Samantha...more info
  • Wonderful
    I loved this book it has to be one of my all time favorits! The main chartiors were great and powerful! Buy this book you wont be disapointed....more info
  • Dark Demon
    If you love Christine Feehan's Dark Series, this one doesn't disappoint. It's romance and action all rolled up in one and I found it hard to put it down....more info
  • reviewing dark demon
    This was one of the best books i have ever read, I loved all the action the hot sex, and the fact that Natalya seemed to always we rescuing Vikirnoff. Natalya kicked but through the entire book from start to finish. it was an excellent read hard two put down, I read in less than one day. ...more info
  • Dark Demon
    It is a great book. It follows the series well, the plot stays with the ones that come before it. Dark Demon is a book that I would recommend to others...especially if you like vampires, good vs evil, and books that you can't put down!...more info
  • One of the better books out the series.
    I thought this book was a step up for the series, considering several let downs before. In the book the reader learns more about the history of the Dragonseeker family, which better explains both Colby's (from Dark Secret) and Natalya's characters. Vik and Natalya are a cute couple, one of my favorite thus far, but be warned that they are not necessarily the mushy couple some people look forward to; rather they are more sassy. They do not drag on, thank god, and also their relationship exceeds the previous "Dark" format of simply rebellious girl turned lifemate. I'm glad to say the characters are more in depth in this novel. I personally loved all the action scenes (once again a new format), if your looking to possibly buy this book then take into consideration that some reviewers like different things in their reads, and will mark a book differently by their own tastes. Do not be put off by one reviewer. ...more info
  • guilty pleasure
    This series is a true guilty pleasure.

    In this one, the heroine is part Carpathian, and a mage, and can turn herself into a tiger. She knows about Carpathians, but Carpathian hunters killed her brother, so when a hunter announces she's his lifemate, she's not particularly enthused by the idea.

    There's an intriguing mystery about what really happened to her brother, and her grandfather, with missing memories.

    And what I really, really liked about this was how Vik not only accepted her strength and ability, but loved it. He's still got the instinctual imperative to keep her safe, but it doesn't keep him from feeling exhilarated fighting at her side. ...more info
  • The Dark Series
    Absolutely One Of My Very Best Favorites Of The "Dark Series".Dark Demon (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 13)...more info
  • Dark Demon
    Christine has done it again! What an awesome story and a hero and heroine that compliments each other. I liked how strong Natalya was and how Vikirnoff (even though he thinks his lifemate should be wrapped in cotton and set up on a shelf like a fragile porcelain doll) understood her feelings and the need to fight for herself. They become equal partners and defend each other from the vampire's and the love scenes are absolutely erotic. I loved this story with all the plots and twists that kept me turning page after page. Christine is the #1 author on paranormal romances and her stories and characters make you feel as if you are living in the book. Thank You Christine!!...more info
  • My Least Favorite
    I have read EVERY one of the Carpathian Series books which I think were absolutely, positively electrifying and sensually erotic. This book, however, falls dead last. I can't really put my finger on the reason. Perhaps I was bored with the many fight scenes with hundreds of vampire clones. Or, maybe I wanted more chemistry between Natalya and Vikirnoff. Maybe their sex scenes were not as dramatic as those in previous books. I rarely, if ever, skip over parts of a book, especially the romantic scenes. This time, I did skip many parts of the book. I'm a big fan, and I raved about her last Carpathian novel. Perhaps Feehan was trying to do something different this time by placing a great deal of the book's focus on Natalya, the "kick-ass" heroine. Whatever the case may be, it is with regret that I must say that for the first time, I feel Feehan missed the mark here. ...more info
  • Dark Demon
    This was one of Christine's best books to date. I go hooked on her books by accident and now I can not get enough of them....more info
  • Patytico
    Se?ora Feehan.. d?nde se ha ido ? d?nde ha escondido a los Carpathianos ?
    Solo de ver que se pasa m?s de la mitad de libro con elucubraciones mentales entre los dos protagonistas, cosa bastante incomprensible siendo ?l un carpathiano al ke, en el anterior libro, nos lo presentaba como un mega alpha. pues se ked? en cachorro, por ke otra cosa... como ke no !.
    Y despu?s.. llega la fat?dica p?gina 45x ( no dar? m?s pistas ) pero... COMO PUEDE LLAMAR A UN HOMBRE MANOLITO ? Si pensaba un nombre espa?ol, me parece perfecto por la parte que me toca pero.. ponerle Manolito ?. Soy espa?ola y no me imagino a m? misma con el susodicho Manolito... en una escena de cama diciendo.. 'yes yes Manolito... Manolito my love... Manolito. yes.. yes... oh yes Manolito.. ' pues va a ser ke no ! Manolito es un nombre de la Espa?a profunda de los a?os 40-50 se?ora Feehan !!! Bien podr?a haber utilizado Manuel, y no su pat?tico diminutivo.
    Un libro que no tiene alicientes, desenga?a y te sientes.. perdida.
    D?nde est?n los carpathianos ?????

    yolanda...more info
  • Feehan's worst book
    I'm a huge fan of Feehans. I buy all her books and I love to reread them over and over. With that said, I HATED this book. It was a poorly written sci-fi book. I missed the drama and erotic sex scene from her earlier works. It had all the makings for a good read but lacked everywhere. I would not recommend buying this book. And for all of you romance readers I wouldn't recommend even reading this book. I hope Feehan gets it together for her next book....more info
  • Dread this Demon
    I simply must comment on this book. I've read and for the most part enjoyed Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. I think the earlier books in the series were better. DARK DEMON is much more violent than past offerings, to the point of being gratuitous. This book started off very well, but I have to say the heroine of this book, who was initially intriguing becasue she was part tigress and a dragonseeker, is probably one of the worst female leads in a novel ever. She's supposed to be intelligent, but you'd never know it by the sarcastic, idiotic things that constantly came out of her mouth. I was actually rooting for the Troll King to get rid of her. Her sarcasm was supposed to be funny. I just thought her comments and her thought processes childish, offensive, selfish and annoying. When she compared Virkinoff, the sexy, strong, intelligent hero to Gomer Pyle, I couldn't read any more. Why Virkinoff would be attracted to such a creature, I have no idea. I really like Virkinoff and that's why I kept reading DARK DEMON. He was totally a hero and great guy who risked his life countless times for Natalya but it took her a long time to figure out that she actually liked him. I never got the sense that she loved Virkinoff and he deserved so much better than her for a lifemate. Natalya's ridiculous obsession with archaic TV shows was also puzzling. Over all the years of her existence, that's all she could find to do with her time? And she called Virkinoff an idiot for not having watched any of the programs she was familiar with? Give me a break! Christine Feehan knows how to create wonderful heroes. But many of the heroines of her books are usually whiny, selfish, annoying women and Natalya did not break that tradition. She ruined Dark Demon for me. Too bad, because I really liked the hero and the storyline actually evolved the Carpathian mythology somewhat....more info
  • Dark Demon
    I wrote a review before a couple months ago before really giving this book a chance. I brought it on audible and I have to say compared to the 1 star I gave it before, I moved to 4 stars. Reason, the book itself is well developed and there are numerous fight scene, which makes the book different from other Christine's books....more info
  • Creating the History
    I love Feehan's Dark series. I like the relationships and the sex. However, while this book does have a relationship front and center, there is much the reader learns about the history of the Carpathian people and their relationship with other species. (Some readers found this boring?!)

    I think Feehan is trying to end the series and is providing the reader with background information. I found it facinating because i have invested so much time into the series.
    I am looking forward to the reunion in Dark Celebrations, the next in the series.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    The author has a way with words that keep you interested in the story. Plus she has knowledge and done research to make the story real....more info
  • Good stand alone shape shifter, strong woman character book
    Natalya is a demon hunter, whether in her dreams or in the form of the immortal Carpathians who have gone vampire. After the death of her brother she also hunts the Carpathian "vampire hunters" as she is convinced that that is who has killed him. Natalya is not your normal woman, she has a dragon tattoo that she considers a birthmark which heats up whenever a vampire is near, and she can shapeshift into a tigress.

    Vikirnoff is a Carpathian male who has come home to talk with his prince and is considering "walking into the dawn" to end his life. He is close to turning vampire and won't let that happen. But, when he arrives back in the Carpathian Mountains he is immediacy drawn to a woman in the middle of a fight for her life with multiple vampires. He immediately realizes she is his life mate, and the one that can save his soul. But, Natalya doesn't buy into the whole life mate thing, especially with a vampire hunter, her sworn enemy.

    I found this book to be a well written stand alone addition to the Carpathian male series. I do have to say that the genealogy at the beginning of the book was daunting and confusing to one who has not read many of the series. I liked the strong woman character and how she is appreciated for who she is and not made to change into who the male wants her to be.
    ...more info
  • review for all the books of series dark
    I write my commantary in this book, I am french canadian and I've been reading in english since high school. So enough about me, I siimply adore all the books of Christine Feehan and I read them all starting by Dark Prince up to this one, I still have to read Dark Celebration but it will come

    Now for my own opinion, every book is different and every Carpathian is different also, all have qualities and faults, none of them is perfect, when I read commentary saying that there is rape or forced sex, I don't see it that way (Rafael and Colby) if this is the case then we also have to judge poor Gregori and the nearly kill of Savannah.

    As I see it, when we read a book or see a movie, we have to take it as an imaginary trip down the author or producer lane. I remember going to a movie with my sister (the Chronicles of Narnia) where she analyse the whole movie talking about pedophilie and judeo chritianity, for God sake, it is a movie or in this case a book.

    We know that Carpathian are a species that is ancient and have a demon in each one of them and when they meet their lifemate they become teddy bear so next time bear that in mind when you try to analyse every book.

    No Carpathian is alike, I love all of them from Mikhail to Gregori, Jacques, Darius, Byron, Dayan, Gabriel, Lucian, Troie, Dominic, Rafael, Aidan and I know I forgot a few name, none of them is basicaly bad or totally good, there are warriors and artist and musicians and none of them are wimp or anything else, they are different from each other, tHat is all, they are super humans for God sake, so stop analysing everything they do and simply immerse yourself in the story and enjoy.

    To Christine Feehan, I say thumbs up, continue to write about this beautiful race and make me dream...more info
  • Carpathian Language Bugs Me
    Overall, I enjoy the books in the Dark Series. However, I really don't need my concentration interrupted with a foreign language thrown in. I find myself going to the Appendix to look up meanings. Please, Christine STICK TO ENGLISH. Another thing that annoyed me . . . why was the book published in trade size (7-1/2"X4-1/4") instead of the standard size? I find it difficult to read as you have to bend the book backward in order to read it. AND it does not fit in my bookcase with the other books. If it was printed in trade size for the extra couple of dollars, I'll gladly pay the price for a standard size copy.
    ...more info
  • Yum
    One of my favorite in her series. She's keeping me enthralled after how many books? Not easily done. True, some of the books were getting a bit old and redundant, but this one really turns it around. ...more info
  • Excellent
    If you love the Carpathian series, you will love this book! Ms. Feehan never disappoints!! ...more info
  • I liked it!
    I guess I am going through my paranormal phase and picked up Dark Celebration last week. While reading it, I realized that I have read Dark Demon, the back story to Natalya and Vikirnoff. Although they are a small part in the Dark Celebration storyline, I enjoyed remembering this book and thought "what the heck, give a brief review". But because this book has been reviewed by tons of people, I will give only a brief outline and let readers make their minds up for themselves :).

    Natalya Shonski, vampire hunter/slayer/dragonseeker/independent woman meets sexy/honorable/warrior, Vikirnoff. And although he is a bossy Carpathian (similar to a vampire but good) she falls head over boots for him. The thing that I found interesting is some of the Carpathian history, although it is still not really clear to me....apparently, Carpathians are similar to vampires, or can become a vampire if they do not find lifemates to bring back feelings and emotions. Apparently after years, centuries even of protecting their species, they can be pulled into darkness (evil) if they do not discover their mates. So while fighting evil (vampires), turning into a tiger (with bands of color in her hair), struggling with her mage powers (kind of like a sorcerer), discovering her dragonseeker powers, and fighting her attraction to Vikirnoff, she and her "lifemate" get into tons of fights, which have apparently been started by her evil twin brother.

    Anyway, Dark Demon is entertaining, and I didn't think all that bad, and if pushed I would give it a 3.5. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed From a Hugh Feehan Fan!
    First off, let me just start by saying that I usually love Feehan's Dark Series books and have read everyone, and several of them more then just once, but this long-awaited book was very disappointing to me! I loved Vikirnoff in Dark Destiny and Dark Secret, but he fell "flat" in his own story, Dark Demon!

    I'm sure that just like several other readers, I was left wondering "what happened to everyone?" I know that Gregori & Jacques make an appearance at the very end, if you could even call it that, and that Falcon, Manolito & Dominic each have small appearances too, but where are the legendary twin hunters like Gabriel & Lucian or Julian & Aiden? In all of "their" books we are constantly reminded that their duty is not only to their lifemates, but also to ensuring the continutation of the Carpathian race and to the protection of their Prince! And what about Nicolae? I mean after all, Nicolae & Vikirnoff are brothers and they've had each other's backs for centuries now and when Vikirnoff really needs him, where is he? They don't even communicate telepathically!

    I mean come on! Their Prince, of a race that is almost extinct, is heavily outnumbered and under attack and none of these hunters even show up? I'm not saying that they should have been major characters in Dark Demon, I know that would be impossible, but they should have had at least played a small role during the battle at the end of the book! Even Vikirnoff questions why the Prince is so unprotected! It's almost like these hunters have all found their lifemates and are so busy playing at their domestic roles that they've said the "heck" with the Carpathian race & it's Prince!

    And I'm sorry but Natalya was just plain annoying! I'm all for a strong female lead, but some of the things that she said and always comparing Vikirnoff and their relationship to old late night TV shows just got on my nerves! And the love scenes between the two of them had absolutely no chemistry at all!

    Also, there are "so many" cliff hangers in this book, it makes my head spin just thinking about them! I'm just hoping that Dark Celebration will be better then Dark Demon!

    I know that it's just a book and it's definately not something that I'm going to lose any sleep over, but it's sometimes nice to just be able to escape into a good romance/fantasy book every once in awhile, and that's usually what Feehan's books do, but not this one! ...more info
  • Predictable, No Plot, Terrible Writing
    I had the misfortune of receiving this novel for Christmas. A friend, noticing the lovely cover, thought I would enjoy it and bought it. Unfortunately, she failed to notice that it was a "paranormal romance". I looked with apprehension at that and the back cover, which detailed a plot that I have seen repeated many times before, and ended with a sappy, vomit-inducing "Key to his heart and soul" line. Regardless, I read it. Thankfully, the book was so bad I laughed all the way through it.

    Let me begin with how overused the concept is. This story follows a vampire hunter who is herself a shape shifter, and a Carpathian -- basically, the precursor to a vampire -- who decides she is his soulmate. They have to fight vampires and a myriad of other "bad guys" that are trying to destroy their race for... Well, I can't recall the reason. I don't think we were ever given one. In any case, the heroine, Natalya, is haunted by dreams and needs to get to some place, while the hero, Vikirnoff, hounds her and badgers her all the way through. Other stuff probably happens too, but the afore sentence summarizes the basic plot.

    That's the end of the plot. Now, I don't even read this genre often and I can identify the plot as old and overdone. The book reads like it too; the entire novel is spent either wandering around aimlessly, yelling at each other, fighting, or having sex. It's so overused that I was able to predict what was going to happen in the novel, even in the romance scenes themselves. This quickly made the book dull; I could skim entire chapters and not miss a thing, since nothing ended up happening halfway through the novel anyway.

    The writing is predominantly awful. The fight scenes are not that bad, but they easily become repetitive and, at times, overwrought. For example, the author spends one powerfully worded paragraph telling us that the main character threw a wolf into a tree. Sadly enough, the entire book is like that. Even the simplest action gets big, strong words that make the entire book read as over-dramatic and silly.

    The dialogue isn't much better; I'm beginning to wonder if there is a set of Standard Dialogue that you can copy and paste into romance novels, because so many conversations seemed familiar ("Come to me now. Come to my world." Ugh!). The sad thing is that I don't even read much romance; the last romance novels I read were Earth's Children, and, if I recall, the dialogue from that series and this book were very similar. That's pretty bad, since this is about vampires and Earth's Children was about cave people.

    Continuing, the characters are cliche and just plain stupid. The heroine is a smart-talking, dominant woman who, at the very same time, is mopey, helpless, and tearful. The hero treats the dominant heroine like a piece of garbage, and yet claims that he loves her. He is constantly bossing her around and trying to protect her even though she can fight and transform into a tiger, making her perfectly capable of defending herself. He forces her to become his soulmate, angering her for most of the novel. Yet, somehow, they become lovers, and I can't recall any real explanation except that they were meant for each other. The other characters are equally bad -- the Prince is good, the vampires are evil, the Carpathians are noble, etc. It got to the point where I just didn't care about any of them because they had no real personality.

    However, it is nothing compared to the sex scenes. First off, the "synonyms" are positively hysterical. I think that if you don't have the guts to call everything by its proper name, or at least give it a respectable one, you shouldn't be writing explicit romance. Then, it's so dramatic, graphic, and repetitive that I just ended up laughing through each scene. Most of it makes no logical sense. Worst of all, the last half of the book is packed full of these scenes, yet nothing bad ever happens. It's almost as if time stops for the couple, making the book even more disjointed and unbelievable.

    Ultimately? It's positively horrible. I tried to read this book with an open mind, considering I hate romance in general, but there is really nothing to give the author credit for. The book is full of "Over"s -- Overused, overwrought, overstated, overdone, etc. I wouldn't even recommend it if you want a good laugh; give that money to the humor novelists. Let this book stay on the shelf.

    I hope this review helped you. Happy reading!...more info
  • Blah, Blah, Ramble oh did i mention Blah!
    This was such a disappointment. OK, first yes, I only have myself to blame. I read the reviews and everyone said that it wasn't very good. But, I just didn't believe it. YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!! This book had so much action I thought that I was reading an action novel. Feehan totally strayed from her earlier methods of romance/vampire novel. Now don't get me wrong. She puts some carpathian and vampire stuff in it.. But really, the novel isn't romance.. They didn't even "get it on" until like page 300! Oh, did I mention that this book is like 500 pages, AND $10.00. I wish that I had just waited to get it from the library. It would have saved me some money. Now I've just searched and her next book is like $15 dollars.. what the @***@ I just don't understand it. It's like she's getting so big that she feels that we will buy her stuff even if its over priced. Well, thats really all I have to say about this book. I'm not going to re summarize the story. Just take my word for it.. You can wait until its at the library.
    I've recently fallen in love with this new novelist Susan Kearney. She's written "The Challenge", "The Dare", "The Ultimatum". She is a fabulous new author. Reminds me of Bertrice Small meets 22 century. Yes, I meant that. Her novels are futuristic, with just the right amount of eroticism. ...more info