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Transcend - Flash memory card - 4 GB - 133x - SD
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $10.96

You Save: $49.03 (82%)


Product Description

The best choice for high-performance results from your digital camera and other handheld devices.

  • Data transfer rate: Up to 133X speeds
  • Mechanical Write Protect Switch
  • Zero power data retention.
  • Cryptographic security for protection for copyrighted data
  • Supports auto-standby, power-off and sleep modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent choice
    Speedy enough for a camera that's supposed to need a 20 Mb/Sec card. Wish I knew the exact speed of this one though. Shipping was indeed much higher than necessary, but just take it into account when comparing with other cards....more info
  • Combine shipping for multiple quantities?
    Product delivered as advertised. I tried to buy more of them in the same shipment, but I was unwilling to pay shipping 3 times over for something that would fit in the same package as one. I bought two more locally. ...more info
  • Great service and quick delivery
    I could not find a standard SD memery card in my local stores, everything has upgraded to HD. My GPS will not handle the HD cards and the Transcend 4GB-133x-SD card works great, I should have purchased two of them....more info
  • Great for non-SDHC compatible devices
    Works great in devices that don't support SDHC, yet gives you 4 Gb of storage. I have two of these, and I have had no trouble with them....more info
  • Unbeatable price for a quality product from Transcend!!
    Got this to use for my non-SDHC compliant equipment. I have older cameras that do not support SDHC and this 4GB regular SD works like a charm. At this price and huge space, you just can't beat it! This also works on equipment that I own THAT SUPPORTS SDHC. Tried it on both my SD and SDHC compliant cameras and the read/write speeds are just plain fast! Very happy to have purchased this card for use in my camera and laptop. Highly recommended product!...more info
  • Works for me
    Since I have two 4GB MP3 player\card readers, it was a no brainer to get these cards. I ordered 4 of these. 1 fail in less than ten days. I sent it back and I was sent another one. Its been about six months now and all cards are working fine. If you need a standard SD card, with high Capacity, this is the only one that I know. Its not the fastest, but its not the slowest either....more info
  • Works Excellent... With Some Tweaking
    I purchased this for my Palm T|X because it is one of the few 4GB SD cards that isn't HCSD (which my Palm can't read). At first the card was very, very slow. I formated it a couples times using windows, using my Palm, but neither improved performance. I finally downloaded a free sd card formatting program from Panasonic (Link: [...])
    It took a looong time for the program to format the card but it was well worth the wait because now it runs just as fast as any other card I've even used.
    In short, with a little help from Panasonic, this card works awesome....more info
  • Doesn't work as a normal SD card
    I bought this card and expected it to work as a normal SD card, but it doesn't. My camera (Lumix FZ7) couldn't read it. My standard SD card reader couldn't read it. My PS3 (80GB) couldn't read it. My Mio C520 couldn't read it. Only gadgets that support SDHC could read it. Very disappointing. I'm very sad. ...more info
  • Works well in Garmin iQue 3600
    I'm using it in the discontinued Garmin iQue 3600, with a FAT32 driver, as described on Brighthand forum,

    and so far it works great. I did not touch the formatting as it came formatted FAT32 with 32K clusters.

    The VFSMark scores were very good with an aggregate of 690% and all individual scores over 300%.

    I'm ordering two more in case they get discontinued....more info
  • Doesn't work in my IPAQ
    I have an IPAQ 6315 that wont work with SDHC cards, so I try to scrounge non HC cards when I can. My card reader on my computer has no problem with this card so I know it's good, but my IPAQ won't recognize it. ...more info
  • Fast, Fast, Fast.
    Great service. Received in one day. For the price brought two. Can't beat the price for a 4G SD card. Plus, it's getting harder to find a 4G SD card and not a SDSC. Thanks. ...more info
  • Really fast card
    I bought this for my wife's 9MP camera and it really works great. The continous shooting mode is where you'll really notice how fast the card is. When you get ready to download you'll also see a big difference.
    This is a very good buy at $10.99 w\free shipping....more info