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Mission Impossible - The Fourth TV Season
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Foil the invasion of a democratic country? No problem. Rescue members of a royal family from their would-be usurper? Piece of cake. Replace the irreplaceable Martin Landau and thrice-Emmy-winner Barbara Bain, who departed Mission after its third season? Now that's impossible! But in this classic series' fourth season, the veteran and rookie members of the Impossible Mission Force still put on a good show. The most prominent new addition to the IMF dossier is Leonard Nimoy as Paris, magician and master of disguise. Lee "Catwoman" Meriwether appears in several episodes as Tracey. Other guest stars make less of an impression; Alexandra Hay makes her only appearance on the show in the season opener as Lynn, who, in the course of an elaborate plot to shatter an alliance between two would-be dictators is caught, strip-searched, and thrown into prison (she disappears mid-episode and is never seen again; viewers never do get to see her sprung). An unintentionally hilarious moment that would have made Mad magazine proud comes in the three-parter, "The Falcon," in which IMF leader Jim Phelps' (Peter Graves) dossier of agents at his disposal includes the eponymous trained animal! Lending Mission: Impossible its international intrigue are the villains from such exotic sounding countries as Nueva Tierra. Great character actors, including John "Dean Wormer" Vernon, Harold Gould and Pernell Roberts portray accented bad guys to the hilt. Each bafflingly complex mission unfolds precisely to plan. Everything must go like clockwork, and usually does, even a lame bit in "The Falcon" in which strongman Willy (Peter Lupus) disguised as a peasant, delays a priest from a coronation by transporting him via horse-driven cart in a roundabout route. Like the previous season's "The Exchange," one mission hits closer to home. In "Death Squad" electronics expert Barney (Greg Morris) is arrested by a brutal and corrupt police chief who also happens to be the brother of the man who was killed while attacking Barney's girlfriend (Cicely Tyson, by the way). Mission: Impossible has yet to self-destruct, but this season doesn't exactly deliver on Paris's promise to his audience to deliver "excitement you haven't seen before." We have seen this before, but watching the IMF in episode after episode pull off the impossible is still smart and suspenseful fun. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • One of TV's Best Espionage Shows In Its Fourth Season
    Mission Impossible - The Fourth TV Season continues the groundbreaking episodes that made this show so fun to watch.

    The show continued with its great guest stars, sometimes complicated plots, and skillful use of the "con the bad guys" approach that was the hallmark of the series. Graves came in and fit seamlessly at the same time his brother James Arness was continuing his long run as Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. A notable addition to this season was the arrival of Paris, a master of disguise, played with gusto by Leonard Nimoy, fresh off of what would later be a legendary performance as Mr. Spock on Star Trek.

    This show will always be treasured for its pioneering plot devices and its challenge to the viewer to keep up with what was going on. It's great that this series is finally on DVD....more info
  • Season 4 No Landau/Bain but Nimoy is pretty darn good!
    I am looking forward to season 5, 6 & 7. Just got season 4 from Amazon & watched The Code from disc one. Same great quality audio/video & as good as Landau & Bain were, Nimoy does a good job too. The scripts are still solid & I highly recommend this set. ...more info
  • great great tv.
  • The stories and writing take a nose dive
    The loss of Barabara Bain and the character "Cinnamon" are devastating. While Leonard Nimoy is a good addition, the stories and scripts are horrible compared to the first three seasons. The plot devices are even less plausible. Quit while you're ahead....more info
  • Leonard Nimoy is a great actor.
    I have fond memories of this show in re-runs. Nimoy was great as Paris the new master of disguises. I particularly remember an episode where he does Japanese Kobuki(sic). Strange there was a series a few years later called "The Barbary Coast" where William Shatner plays a con-man/master of disguise in old San Francisco. Even forty years later this show looks like it was done yesterday. Great quality....more info
  • Jim, if any of your IM force is caught or killed the secretary..
    Have watched the first two seasons so far. Gorgeous prints and sound. Remarkable how a mid-sixties show holds up and doesn't come across dated. Imagine the great writers this show employed because every week for seven years they wrote a one hour sting movie!In this fourth season Martin Landau left the show and was replaced by Leonard Nimoy just off the cancelled Star Trek series ( dumb Paramount executives! )His character was named Paris. Ironically, Martin turned down the Spock character and here we now have Nimoy replacing HIM on Mission Impossible!.. By the way Paramount, do we have to thank the ghost of Lucille Ball ( cause it was created by Desilu) for not screwing the public on the price by splitting it into two half seasons and charging the same price as an entire series like you have with Gunsmoke, Rawhide and the Untouchables? Shame on you. You should stop this practice immediately. We have only so much money to spend on DVD's. The Untouchables is four years, Rawhide is eight, and Gunsmoke is twenty. Please stop! PLEASE!!!!...more info
  • Your mission Jim...
    Being a looong time Mission fan, this season was my personal favorite. It told the viewers we can make a huge cast change & still hit it big.

    Unfortunately, this was the last season of the high ratings. Just when the show was high on the hog, the departure of Bain & Landau didn't set well with some, but was welcome for others.

    If you could lump all of the things that made Mission great, the episode that shows this is here: Submarine.
    Voted a fan favorite & an award winner, it compiles all that made Mission good.

    The whole set contains great a transfer, excellent sound quality & all that is to love about the greatest spy show ever.

    A true diamond in anyone's collection....more info
  • Mission Impossible tv season 4
    This set is great for the collector or for someone just starting to enjoy the era that these were filmed it....more info
  • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE #4: Enter Paris the Great!
    You step into the fourth season (1969-1970) of "Mission: Impossible", produced by two men: Stanley Kallis from season 3 and newcomer Bruce Lansbury (former "Wild Wild West" producer) who brings with him writer Ken Pettus, and, above all, it's creator Bruce Geller's final input before his departure. Witness if you will two paramount changes: a new master of disguises named Paris (played by Leonard Nimoy) and a legion of female agents but only one appear almost regularly (six times): Tracey (played by Lee Meriwether aka Bruce Geller's prot¨¦g¨¦e) and she gives her best performance as fortune-teller Mrs. Vinsky in the three parter "The Falcon". You'll find three top episodes: "The Controllers, Part I & II" (guest starring David Sheiner and Dina Merrill), "The Falcon, Part I, II & III" (a superb monarchist and adventure story written by scripts genius Paul Playdon and guest starring John Vernon, Diane Baker and Noel Harrison), "Submarine" (guest starring Stephen McNally), and a selection of good ones: "The Crane", "Fool's Gold", "Gitano", "The Choice", "Orpheus" (written by scripts genius Paul Playdon and guest starring Albert Paulsen and Jessica Walter), "The Numbers Game", "The Code", "Robot" (guest starring Malachi Throne and Larry Linville), "The Double Circle" (guest starring Anne Francis). Actor Leonard Nimoy shines in three episodes: "The Code" as Che Guevara-like revolutionary El Lider, "The Falcon" as flamboyant magician Zastro, "The Choice" as Rasputine-like charlatan Emile Vautrain. Supported by producer Bruce Lansbury, writer Laurence Heath introduces private episodes centered around the love affair of IMFers: Paris ("Lover's Knot") and Barney ("Death Squad"). The music scores are very strong, especially two: "The Controllers" composed by Jerry Fielding and "Submarine" by Lalo Schifrin....more info
  • Mission: Impossible Goes In New Directions
    Season Three of Mission Impossible had major upheavals in which the main writers of the series abruptly quit. The show survived this by brining in Paul Playdon as lead writer and Stanley Kallis as Producer. Season Four began with even more potentially damaging changes as Martin Landau and Barbara Bain also abruptly left the show. To replace Landau's "Rollin Hand" character who wore masks and impersonated other people, Leonard Nimoy was brought in as "Paris" (we never learn his first name). Nimoy is not the actor Landau is, and he complained later that he was not given enough challenging roles, but he was adequate. His best performances were in the episodes "Gitano" and "The Code" which otherwise were not among the best stories. Later in the season, lead writer Paul Playdon left the show due to exhaustion, along with Producer Stanley Kallis. In spite of this, the show continued to make fine entertaining episodes, in spite of the fact that no single leading lady actress was brought in to replace Barbara Bain's "Cinnamon Carter" character.
    In two especially good episodes, "The Crane" and "The Submarine", the IM Force has to race the clock as intensive police cordons are zeroing in on them while they have to deceive a leader of a police state or break an "unbreakable" prisoner. On the whole, this season has as many fine episodes as do the preceding seaons, in spite of the difficulties the cast and crew faced. Highly recommended....more info
  • Mission Impossible
    Mission Impossible is just impossible.Very good action, very good concept and still without bloody screens like most of current movies.
    You can watch the movies over and over again.Never enough....more info