Norton Ghost 14.0
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Product Description

Crash! It doesn't happen as often as it did in the past but, when it does, it can be a very inconvenient truth. Symantec Norton Ghost 14 is the latest, improved version of backup and recovery software for your Windows PC. It's an assuring insurance that your valuable data is safe just in case the 'less likely' might happen. Incremental and differential backup Backs up only files that have changed Customizable, event-based backup Triggers backups based on key events such as new program installations or sudden increases in data storage Advanced compression and encryption Minimizes storage space and helps keep sensitive documents safe System protection Recovers your system and data even when you can't restart the operating system EXCLUSIVE! Remote management Controls other Norton Ghost installations (12.0 and higher) on your local area network LightsOut Restore Restores your system with an on-disk software recovery environment, no bootable CD required File backup search Finds and backs up specified file types such as photos, MP3 files, and documents File and folder backup Backs up only the specific files and folders you choose rather than saving an entire drive Virtualization conversion wizard Converts physical images for use in VMware instances Fast, efficient, and secure backup Provides password-encrypted backup and lets you define the level of compression and amount of resources used for backups Throttle control backup Lets you continue using your computer while backups occur seamlessly in the background NEW! FTP backup Copies recovery points to a FTP site for easy offsite backup

Norton Ghost 14.0 protects PCs--including all applications, settings, folders, and files--with advanced backup and recovery. It provides powerful protection with new features such as offsite backups and Symantec ThreatCon integration, as well as enhanced performance, remote management, LightsOut Restore capability, and more. With Norton Ghost 14.0, you have a choice of backup types: full system (disk image) or specific files and folders. Incremental backups and enhanced compression help reduce the amount of required storage, while encryption helps keep everything safe. Norton Ghost 14.0 works with most storage devices, including external hard drives, networked drives, and recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs.

Norton Ghost 14.0 protects your PC--including all applications, settings, folders, and files--with advanced backup and recovery.

At-a-glance system status displays all scheduled backups and the degree of backup protection for each computer drive, all in one view.

Key Features and Benefits

New Features and Enhancements

  • New--Offsite backup. Copies recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.
  • New--Backup to NAS devices. Backup and recover from Network Attached Storage devices for expandable and flexible backups.
  • New--Symantec ThreatCon integration. Leverages intelligence from Symantec's industry-leading security research organization by triggering incremental backups whenever ThreatCon reaches a specified threat level. Great for PCs without antivirus protection.

Data Backup and Recovery

  • Exclusive--Google Desktop integration. Makes data recovery even faster with searchable backup indexes.
  • Backs up and find specified file types such as photos, MP3 files and documents.
  • Full disk image backs up everything on a hard drive or partition.
  • Incremental and differential backup saves only files that have changed.
  • Customizable, event-based backups triggers automatic backup based on events such as new program installation, ThreatCon level change, or sudden increases in data storage.

Advanced Data Compression and Encryption

  • Minimizes storage space and helps keep sensitive documents safe.

System Recovery and Restoration

  • System protection recovers your system and data even when you can't restart the operating system.
  • LightsOut Restore will restore your system with an on-disk software recovery environment--no bootable CD required.

Remote Management

  • Exclusive--1:1 remote management allows you to control other Norton Ghost installations * (v12.0 or higher) on your local area network.

* Separate license required for Norton Ghost on an additional networked PC.

Additional Features

  • Virtualization conversion wizard converts physical images for use in VMware instances.
  • Fast, efficient and secure backup provides password-encrypted back and lets you define the level of compression and amount of resources used for backup.
  • Throttle control backup lets you continue using your computer while backups occur seamlessly in the background.
  • At-a-glance system status displays all scheduled backups and the degree of backup protection for each computer drive, all in one view
  • Protects your computer with advanced backup and recovery: creates full system and file backups, restore from system failures, and back up based on schedules and events
  • Offsite backup copies recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management
  • Backup and recover from Network Attached Storage devices for expandable and flexible backups
  • Google Desktop integration makes data recovery even faster with searchable backup indexes
  • Backs up and find specified file types such as photos, MP3 files and documents

Customer Reviews:

  • Ghost is Great - best yet
    This Norton product works as advertised! I searched online and asked my colleagues for a security software product that provides more than simple protection you get from a single focus or category vendor. I?,'ve been a user and fan of Norton for years, but wanted to ensure I got current information. I am very pleased my research led me again to Norton. This product is fantastic. Easy to set up, monitor and change if needed. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Norton Ghost 14 simply does not work on Vista 64 bit. Will not even backup to either USB External drive or internal SATA drive. Says either disk is giving errors indicating imminent disk failure. WRONG!!
    Useless product!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I was first given this product as a gift and I'm so glad! It's so reassuring to know that Norton Ghost is constantly keeping my computer system/files backed up. It's very user friendly and even has a pop-up message that asks me if I want it to "start any missed back-ups now" (in case I have had to reboot my system for some reason). Most of the time, however, it does automatic back-ups. You can even go in and change the scheduling of how often you want this performed. The installation process is a breeze...very clear instructions. I highly recommend Norton Ghost. When I ordered this upgrade from, everything went very smoothly and I received it in a very timely manner....more info
  • Did not work
    I own a Dell Dimension Computer with XP and a lot of installed software and I wanted to move my whole bootable C drive to a new larger drive. The software that came with my new Western Digital drive did not work. (Didn't expect it to really.) So I thought I'd just go top of the line and buy this. Big Mistake. I tried Norton Ghost 14 three different times and it simply would not make a bootable copy of my original. (Each attempt takes several hours on a big drive.) The software is buggy and will not do what it is supposed to do. If you want to clone your drive, download Acronis True Image. Acronis worked perfectly the first time. Not only that but the download gives you a 15 day free trial. (If you can't clone your drive in 15 days, you've got a big problem.)

    Norton Ghost 14 is a big expensive piece of S@*& !!!!
    Acronis True Image, two thumbs up !!!! ...more info
  • How does Norton/Symantec still hold onto its undeserved reputation?
    I must admit, Norton is getting better. I agree with most of the other comments below - this version of Ghost is better than previous versions, with much more efficient backup & friendlier user interface. But while it might do a quick, decent backup, it is not reliable in restoring your system.

    I simply cannot recommend any Norton/Symantec products. And for the life of me, I cannot understand how they have held onto a reputation of being the PC security/backup/recovery company.

    There are many, many better products out there that are free. Just to name a few security/recovery programs (that every PC user should use): ZoneAlarm or Comodo, AVG, a2, spybot search & destroy, AdAware, and every PC user should download and install the HOSTS files from MVPS-org.

    For backup, use a combination of these programs, and look on life hacker, boing boing, zdnet, and other forums for a backup/recovery system that works best for you. Do NOT rely on the Vista backup system, either. Or, buy a 1-touch external hard drive. Or perhaps my best advice would be, move to a Mac, or get Linux (I am especially enjoying the new Ubuntu version on my Asus Eee). But I strongly suggest avoiding the temptation to get ANY McAffee or Norton products. None of them work well....more info
  • Giving it a try!
    I'm upgrading to a more powerful "tech-savvy" focused security solution. It installs easily and so far the features are intuitive and work well. I notice no drag on my system. I look forward to writing more after a month or two of use, but so far it has more features and capabilities than Norton 360. ...more info
  • Norton Ghost 14 = Frustration & Disaster
    I have enjoyed using Ghost 9, and for some stupid reason, decided to upgrade to 14. It installs a menu system that dumbs down and limits your options. Major problem using if you have an IDE, SCSI, or SATA drives, especially if you installed a Promise type card to get more drive slots.

    If you need support, all their 800 numbers go through (even during USA daytime) to India or Philippines for support, and they are all following scripted answers. If you try their CHAT they want to have you install software so they can remotely control your desktop in every case, and they still don't fix the problem, or know what is going on.

    The Gear Software drivers do not work in many cases. If you have other products that use drives/burners like Nero, AnyDVD, etc., you will have conflicts.

    The price at Norton's website is $70 and it will take more than 10 days if you select the most cost effective method of shipping box.

    I have wasted almost 5 hours in chat, endless "on hold," ridulous telephone routing qeues, and there are no phone numbers to speak with anyone at Symantec in the USA. I will never use another Symantec product again for the rest of my life...and returned this Ghost 14...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is a fantastic upgrade from other packages I've used. This is a fantastic upgrade from other packages I've used. This is a fantastic upgrade from other packages I've used. This is a fantastic upgrade from other packages I've used. This is a fantastic upgrade from other packages I've used....more info
  • Norton Ghost takes more than a little knowing before it works
    Norton Ghost takes more than a little knowing before it works and even then it can create problems the likes of which will challenge the most experienced computer user. ...more info
  • Great for VMWare Users; So-So for Backup
    In this digital age you would think that everyone would know the value of a good backup -- unfortunately, for most of us we don't realize what electronic assets we have on our hard drives and computers until they are gone. Backing up is one of the "chores" that many home users simply don't do. The problem isn't that people don't recognize the danger, they simply don't want to take the time and effort. People want something simple and easy -- Norton Ghost, unfortunately, doesn't quite fit into this category.

    Norton Ghost is an Enteprise-level product that has been brought to the consumer market. THe idea behind it is that you take ghost images of your hard drives and then can restore them anywhere -- even move them to a new computer. Unfortunately, while this gives you SOME protection, it is not an ideal way for you to be backing up your system on a daily basis. You'll only be able to restore to that point-in-time ghost image, which could be months out of date, should the need arise.

    On the other hand, the one area where Norton Ghost shines is in its ability to help move physical machines to virtual machines through its ability to convert the ghost images to VMWare disk images. For companies and individuals who are getting onto the virtualization bandwagon, they will find Norton Ghost a treat and much better than P2V provided by VMWare.

    In short, it's a so-so backup program and an A+ VMWare conversion program. I honestly think Symantec would sell more copies marketing for VMWare than for backups.
    ...more info
  • Locks up system when drive not connected
    This product has a lot of potential, but when I disconnected my drive one afternoon and Ghost started it's daily backup, it spiked my processor and locked up the system. Major bug! I showed the tech support person and he said you must have the drive connected to backup. Of course, but what if the drive isn't connected - crash! Because of this one problem, I decided to try a different backup software....more info
  • This can NOT be used to clone a crashed computer, it is a downgrade of version 2003.
    I have owned three versions of Norton Ghost. My previous version to 14.0 was Norton Ghost 2003.

    Norton Ghost 2003 would let you take a crashed computer and clone the entire remaining contents of a damaged Hard disk in a single step. Unfortunately, the 2003 version is not compatible with my USB drive.

    Well, version 14.0 IS compatible with my USB drive, but customer support has informed me that it WILL NOT clone my drive unless I installed 14.0 before my disk became damaged. This is very annoying, because I wouldn't even need this "upgrade" to 14.0 if it weren't for the fact that MY DRIVE HAS MANY ERRORS ON IT, so I CAN NOT install 14.0 to clone the drive before attempting to repair the errors.

    This version should be called version 22.0, for catch 22.

    Don't waste your time with version 14.0....more info
  • Persistent problems across many different machines
    I've given up on Symantec products.

    Norton Ghost 14.0 has worked erratically from the start, on a variety of machines with a variety of hardware and OS configurations. The tech support staff in Bangladesh invariably conclude that uninstalling and reinstalling is the answer to your problem, no matter how many times you've done it. You'll get similar responses for Norton 360, which is even worse.

    I wash my hands of it, and I hope you never get your hands dirtied by this product....more info
  • Another solid product from Symantec.
    The only reason I gave Ghost 14 four stars is because during the backup screens you do not see all the partitions on your hard drive in the default configuration. A novice user would not know that other hidden partitions exist on their computer and would probably not backup them. If the purpose of Ghost 14 is to backup an entire computer then the user should see all partitions that exist on their hard disks as the default configuration. Let the user hide any partition as an option since I know hidden partitions are important too. If your hard disk fails you do want everything back including the hidden partitions. In my opinion the menu configurations of Ghost 14 are more complicated than what it needs to be for the average user.

    Gone are the days of Ghost 2003 when Symantec would allow a home user to backup all his computers at home with a single copy of Ghost. Now we must all purchase one license of Ghost per PC. The only Reason I purchased Ghost 14 was because DELL messed up their bios on my new laptop so Ghost 2003 would not work with their USB ports. Ghost 2003 would allow you to create your own boot CD disks if you knew how to create boot CD disks with Nero and knew how to modify batch files. You were able to boot Ghost from a CD and backup your entire computer to an external/internal drive or burn a CD or DVD backup. Ghost 2003 is still able to backup all my other computers with Windows Vista and Windows XP (32bit and 64bit versions). The Ghost 14 bootable CD only restores images and does not have any backup software available so it behaves like a rescue CD. All backups in Ghosts 14 are conveniently done when logged in to a Windows XP or Windows Vista account unlike Ghost 2003 which requires you to use a bootable CD, USB Drive, or floppy disks.
    ...more info
  • Works well!
    This does everything it says it will do. A good choice for those who need these services on their computers....more info
  • About As Good As It Could BE
    This program is a MUST have if you are serious about protecting the
    data on your system! It will save you from worry that will take years off your life when your
    system eventually crashes and you are in peril of loosing all of your vital information.

    This Norton Backup utility is the Dean of software in this class. What
    else could you expect from the Norton people ? This robust backup package features a full
    system backup that backs up EVERYTHING on your hard drive or partition, A file and folder
    backup where you can selectively choose files and/or folders that you want to protect
    instead of doing the whole drive. Comprehensive system protection will let you do a recovery even
    when you cannot boot your OS. This package will point to FTP sites and will allow you to
    restore your system anywhere! Now this version has a Google Desktop integration using
    search able backup indexes that make the recovery super fast. This Norton 14.0 will back up other
    Norton Ghost installations version 12.0 or higher. Norton uses its exclusive
    ThreatCON integration where it will automatically back up your latest files when the ThreatCon
    meets or exceeds a specified level that you set. Norton claims that this feature is good
    for people who have PC's without antiviral protection. In the past, previous versions of Norton Ghost
    have appeared to have problems doing incremental backups but this version appears to have solved that
    problem. Installation is a breeze that will let even the most naive computer novice get the
    system up and running in moments.

    Finally, this is a great resource for protecting your system from those eventual crashes.
    Although people have complained about this product in the past, all that is needed to make the product
    perform as stated is to READ the instructions and FOLLOW those instructions
    as the company intended. Then it should work as advertised...more info
    Don't bother spending your hard earned money on this product. I have used Ghost before Symantec acquired the product and it was a great deal. I the bought the current product, in the store, assuming I was purchasing a License rather than a 1-year download subscription. Shame on me for not reading the box more closely. And like clockwork I got a subscription notice stating in so many words that the product would stop working if I didn't pay up. So I was stuck with backups I couldn't use unless I continue the subscription. Well being a good consumer I voted with my feet and will be spend my money elsewhere. The subscription price Symantec is asking for will easily cover the cost of a backup utility software I will purchase with money to spare. If I wanted to take a 1-Year download subscription I would RENT a Porta Potty. Don't mess with my backups!!!!...more info
  • norton
    WARNING to anyone thinking about buying this product! Please understand that you will not be buying this product only RENTING it. If you do not renew every year the product stops working....COMPLETELY! I'm not just talking about updates, etc. It actually tells you that it has stopped working and it won't work unless you renew. I have just wasted more than 2 hours with Norton's online tech support. This is the case with ALL Norton products and I am quoting the tech....more info
  • Norton Ghost 14
    I'm afraid that Norton Gost 10, the program I use on my older Windows XP computer, is much easier to use...much more user friendly....more info
  • best way to upgrade to a larger main disk and backup as well
    This is one of the few software apps available that can backup your system AND help you upgrade to a bigger internal hard drive.
    Usually when attempting to swap out your entire main hard drive (C: drive with the operating system on it) you can only upgrade to an identical size partition, so what is the point?!. Norton Ghost lets you back up your current main C; drive on a separate disk, even a USB drive!, swap out your main drive to a higher performance and bigger drive, and then load your "backup" to the newly installed hard drive. Norton at this point lets you select if you want to make the new partition use the full new drive size, then it works flawlessly to do what it says. I updated an old laptop with a 32gb drive to a 250gb 5400rpm (PATA) drive and my performance improved 6 fold. Highly recommended. Oh yes, the incremental backups are fast too after you capture the first disk image.
    ...more info
  • Two Stars May Be Generous
    I bought Norton Ghost to make disk images in the event I had a disk crash -- which I recently had and spent two days getting my system running again after reinstalling drivers, printers, network attached storage and programs.

    Oddly enough, the download from Symantic let me make a backup. Then I bought the full version and suddenly was unable to access the drive that had the backup, even to make another backup, much less restore the first backup.

    Ghost had a terrible tendency to hang up my computer and freeze all activity.

    I finally uninstalled the program, but even that normally simple process was complicated for reasons that are still not clear.

    I would say that this software was a big disappointment....more info
  • Sophisticated yet simple
    Norton Ghost 14 is a great backup tool that offers lots of potential for scheduling different types (files or full system; local or off-site) of automated backups. It is simple to use, yet offers every conceivable option one could need. As a bonus, it offers its famous 'ghosting' ability to copy full hard drives accross, e.g. when moving to a new PC or upgrading a hard drive. An older Ghost saved me from the effects of a complete HDD crash, and since then I am hooked on Ghost. V14 is the same good product, but even better. GET IT, or face the consequences one day! ...more info
  • Norton Ghost 14.0
    Bought the program in March, didn't get it installed til April, here it is May It's still NOT working properly due to "Authorization" of program or maybe PC?...more info
  • Bloated and Not Ready for Prime Time
    Error after error. It's bloated with too much junk and doesn't do the main thing - the imaging - near as well as many of its lesser known competitors. Norton's latest 'GHOST' product can't hold a candle to simpler solutions from smaller companies like StorageCraft with their 'ShadowProtect' program, Acronis with their 'True Image' application or Paragon's imaging solution, 'Drive Backup'.

    Save your money and get a much better program for imaging your hard drive for a LOT less money from one of the products mentioned above - all of which are far superior....more info
  • Had to give up...
    I installed this program on an XP machine with service pack 3. After two online chats with support it finally installed. Once installed though I could not get the program to do a backup of selected folders. I could get a backup of a complete drive but I don't always have the amount of time it takes to do a complete backup. So after several more chat sessions with tech support and a 7 1/2 hour troubleshooting session I had to give up and return the software. The last straw was when I was promised five days ago that a senior tech would call me qithin 24-48 hours and no call took place. I chatted with support about not receiving my call and was again promised a call back within the same time period. Yes guessed it, no call. The only good thing I can say about their support is the use of remote control software that allows the tech to do all the work while you sit and watch. Good luck if you buy this product....more info
  • Bad choice for migrating to new hard drive
    After wasting two days trying to copy my old hard drive to a new hard drive, I gave up using this tool for that purpose. I think the problem was the new HD was formatted incorrectly to be a bootable drive. The software has a "Copy Master Boot Record" option, but it never made the drive bootable. This software never tells you the result will not be bootable. Even if it did there is no option to repartition the HD with either Ghost or plain XP options.

    If you want to migrate your primary HD to a new larger HD, use Acronis Migrate Easy since it is half the price and has the ability to adjust your partitions to be bootable.

    I think Norton wants this to be purely backup software. As a backup software its buggy. If you have SQL Server installed, you probably run into the "COM Surrogate" error. I hate the way the software is presumptuous. I didn't need a LiveUpdate in the control panel. Ghost gives you a startup tray app that scans HDs on startup. This slows up the bootup and I don't see how you can turn it off.

    Since backup software comes with Windows not sure this is worth $70.
    ...more info
  • Corrupted CD/DVD driver
    The title says it all. I couldn't use my CD/DVD drives after installing the product. Very buggy. Not worth it....more info
  • A complete failure
    Being a computer repair and network tech geek for over 15 years, I know what I am talking about.

    SKIP this pathetic excuse of a product.

    Spend the same amount of money and check out Acronis True Image...there is a HOME version for about $45 and a Business "Workstation" version for $85 and up. The HOME version will be great for most users but the Workstation version offers Universal Restore...for a little extra cash. This means you can restore the PC image to another PC with dissimilar hardware. I have used it for years with much satisfaction! And it has saved me and my clients HOURS of frustration.

    There is no subscription except for get 1 year of updates. The product does not expire. You buy it, it is yours.

    Some magazines gave Norton Ghost 14 top ratings. THEY MUST HAVE BEEN BRIBED or biased by the ad revenue Norton/Symantec spends each month....more info
  • Norton is great, I just can't get this to work
    The first think you do when reviewing software --- know what you are doing. Don't assume that your Flash drives will magically work with the software. Do I think Norton Ghost is a great product that is most likely useful to people on a network trying to remotely back up and image hard drives? Yes. Do I plan to test it when I get my own wireless network set up? Yes. Do I know how to work it at the moment? No. I'll update this review when I get Norton Ghost fully deployed.

    I will say that I love Norton in general even if this product is a bit confusing. The domumentation doesn't provide much help....more info
  • A huge NO from this average computer user
    So I got Norton Ghost to try even though I'd read it wasn't great. Seemed like a good way to try the product. So much for thinking. I installed the product without any obvious difficulty. Running it, however, was an entirely different matter.

    I consider myself to be an average computer user: I know a fair amount of stuff but am not within throwing distance of a guru and know better than to tackle difficult problems by myself. Norton Ghost tested, and beat, my frustration level. The short version is that after a couple of hours, I still was unable to get anything done. I didn't have the kind of hardware the program wanted (for a complete backup) and the software refused to back anything up on CD or DVD. That means it won't work at all for me; or if it would, I don't have the time or patience to figure it out.

    So I happily uninstalled it and will look for something else to back up with. My advice: Unless you're really computer proficient, find something more intuitive that requires considerably less user knowledge....more info