Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera (Black Body Only)
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Product Description

For stunning photography with point-and-shoot ease, look no further than Canon's EOS Rebel XSi. The EOS Rebel XSi brings staggering technological innovation to the masses. It features Canon's EOS Integrated Cleaning System, Live View Function, a powerful DIGIC III Image Processor, and a 12.2-megapixel CMOS Sensor with Optical Image Stabilizer. The EOS Rebel XSi's refined, ergonomic design includes a 3.0" LCD monitor, compatibility with SD and SDHC Memory cards and accessories that enhance every aspect of the photographic experience. Image Format - 22.2mm x 14.8mm 3 - 2 Horizontal - Vertical Aspect Ratio Color Filter System - RGB primary color filter Low-pass Filter - Located in front of the image sensor, non-removable Recording Format - Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 Image Format - JPEG, RAW (14-bit Canon original) RAW+JPEG White Balance Settings - Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, White Fluorescent Light, Flash, and Custom Focusing Modes - One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, Manual focusing (MF) Metering Range - EV 1-20 (with EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100) Exposure Compensation - Manual 2 stops in 1/3 or 1/2-stop increments and AEB 2 stops in 1/3 or 1/2-stop increments AE Lock - Automatic when focus achieved with evaluative metering and One-Shot AF, and Manual by AE lock button Shutter Type - Electronically controlled and focal-plane shutter Shutter Speeds - 1/4000 seconds to 1/60 seconds, X-sync at 1/200 seconds, 1/4000 sec. to 30 seconds, bulb Self-timer - 10-seconds, 2-seconds delay or 10-seconds delay plus continuous shooting Brightness Control - 7 levels provided Dimensions - 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.4 (128.8x97.5x61.9mm) Weight - 16.8 ounces (475 grams) body only

  • 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for poster-size, photo-quality prints
  • Large 3.0-inch LCD display; Enhanced Live View function
  • DIGIC III image processor provides fast, accurate image processing; improved Autofocus and framing rate
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning system, plus Dust Delete Data Detection in included software
  • Stores images on SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Canon Leads, Nikon, Others in the Industry Follow
    Canon has come a long way since it first turned the DSLR, the consumer digital version of 35 mm cameras, on it's ear about a half a decade ago. While competitors like Nikon and others have attempted to keep up, equal, or top Canon with a slightly better feature here or there, Canon still leads, the the industry follows. So the question when buying is this, do you want to buy the leader, or are you just a follower. Myself, personally, am not into imitation, and I've tried some of the other units including Nikon DSLRs, which their images always look hard, cold, and slightly off. Sony comes to bat with a lower entry price but not as much support sadly or features, Olympus as well. There's others of course, but really there's Canon and then everyone else.

    I like this camera, a lot, but have to deduct a half point as it's quality is even cheaper than the original 300D (Rebel XT), the plastics make it feel very toy-like. The other half a point is this camera has quite possibly the loudest shutter ever, next to perhaps those cameras that make the supposed shutter closing sound effect turned up to 11. I've shot with other consumer-grade Canon and Nikons that are much more quiet than this, it's really uncalled for on Canon's part. Perhaps their shutters are made of the same cheap plastic they're using for their cases. The 450D (XSi) is so loud, it borders on frustratingly annoying. Don't use this camera for even slightly hushed performances or places where some degree of silence is required, you'll only irk people. If shooting in even remotely quiet places requires no disturbance you may need to upgrade to a 5D or some such to retain the Canon quality edge and a quieter shutter.

    Despite this and removing a star, it has most if not many the features the higher prosumer level cameras have no blurring the line further between the $1K+ set and the sub $1K set of choices. In terms of bang for the buck, you're not going to get anything better. Besides, the true testament to taking good shots is in your glass, so if you're taking the route of investing in lenses and skimping a bit on the camera body, this is the camera for you! The images are stunning, no doubt about, it's almost hard, other than perhaps upping their body quality and shutter quality, what Canon could do better with the Rebel series, but I'm sure Canon will figure something out, and all the other poor imitations out there (Nikon, et. al.) will continue to play catch up. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied.
    i'm new on digital photography, a friend was living in the States, I live in Guatemala City, as soon as she brought it I started taking a shot to everything, i can't stop loving it, even my friends love it, and for the where else amazon can be beaten. A great product for anybody who is undecided about getting this or another nikon or canon upgrade, my advice, get this one ( which is incredible) and buy more lenses, its not about the camera, but the effect u are trying to get with the lenses...

    pd. the only thing that i dont like that much is the lense..but bleh since it comes already with the kit for the prize is ok..but get a 50mm f1.8 instead if possible, way better for beginners like me :) cheers everyone!...more info
  • Camera good - software bad
    My wife has used a Canon SLR for a number of years, so a Canon EOS was the logical choice when purchasing a digital camera as it uses the same lens.

    The Camera takes excellent photos and operates very similarly to the film model, only better in many ways.

    I would have rated it five stars, but...

    So far, it's been impossible to transfer images from the camera to the computer. We managed to transfer one, but that was it. Other images simply will not transfer. The software doesn't recognize, and refuses to connect to, the camera. Even after reloading the software and trying on a different computer. The Canon help line was absolutely no help! NONE!!! They insist it must be a "computer problem" as "no one else has ever had this problem".

    Consequently, we must take the memory card to the in-store developer-kiosk and transfer images there, which requires two trips.

    The camera is great and does everything she wanted, but the software and the Canon help desk are worthless! ...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up!
    I can't say enough good things about Adorama! I ordered a Nikon D60 kit Very friendly service, short wait times for customer service, super fast shipping. Item arrived in a well packed box. I thought I had an issue with the camera after a day of use. I called customer service, and they were willing to resolve the issue ASAP. Turned out the camera only needed a couple of blows from a hurricane blower. But the rep was willing to send a RMA ASAP. 1 week later I ordered a Sony point and shoot for the wife. I highly recommend Adorama based and my experience and the low cost of items. Thank you Adorama for being an honest seller, in these tough times were money is tight, it's good to know there are still some honest businesses out there.

    Steven - Central Ohio...more info
  • Big Things Come in Small Packages
    I have to say, I am totally and utterly in love with my camera. I bought this beauty in Feb of this year (2009). I bought it along with a couple of lenses and a speedlight. It is very easy to learn on. The camera takes wonderful photo's. Any issues have been totally user related. That camera does exactly what it is told to do. The software it comes with is easy to use. What more can I say, I just LOVE it!...more info
  • Pretty good, haven't gone back to film--yet
    There are a lot of things I dislike about digital SLRs.

    I've been a big fan of 35mm black and white and color slide film for years. With film, I get very graceful degradation (grain). With digital, low light noise is not as pleasing as pushed 400-speed film. I also seem to get more chromatic aberration with digital. Finally, I really dislike the smaller sensor on digital SLRs. It makes all my lenses more telephoto, and increases my depth of field quite a bit. I miss how my 50mm/1.8 EF lens looked wide open; the ability to really blur the immediate background came in handy.

    It takes an impressive digital SLR to make up for these issues. The XTi has been my first digital SLR, and I haven't yet gone back to film. Besides the convenience of processing (with Lightroom), the XTi performs well. Its low-light sensitivity, on-camera JPG processing, form factor, and interface all work well for me. The biggest feature I'm missing is a decent spot metering mode. I still break out my Pentax spotmeter (1 degree) occasionally--although with digital, it is just not as much fun as using the zone system and waiting for the negatives....more info
  • Should you trade-in for the T1i?
    I've been using the Canon Rebel XSi for about half a year.
    Question to all XSi and XS users, "Should I trade-in my XSi/XS for an T1i?"

    Answers all vary and depends what you need.

    1. Overall I think the Canon Rebel XSi is a very very good camera. It has more than enough megapixel as a regular digital camera. It is also very affordable and comes with its own lens.

    2. The screen is pretty amazing but not as clear as the T1i which has 920,000 pixel on it. But, that doesn't really matter.

    3. Picture taking, I think that the XSi actually take sharper and clearer images than the T1i. Probably because the T1i has more megapixel and if you use 18-55mm lens, it will actually show that the 18-55mm lens is pretty cheap when taking pictures. I also tried on the 50mm on both camera, pretty good result but XSi just a tiny little bit sharper. And when you reach ISO 1600 on the T1i, it get pretty noisy. T1i just a bit noisy than the XSi. When you reach ISO 3200, things get pretty loud and you would like one of those expensive lens that take silent pictures. Overall the T1i and XSi picture taking is almost the same. XSi if you want silent pictures and T1i if you want ISO 3200 or more.

    4. Liveview, I see no difference and both look the same and take the same picture quality. So no problem there.

    5. Digi Processor, the T1i has an upgraded processor, probably because 15 megapixel is a lot and takes time to save it into the memory card. But, the XSi may have a downgraded processor but it still save the picture at the same time as T1i. So there also no problem there.

    6. HD record on the T1i is pretty amazing when is on 720p. But if you 1080p I recommend getting a video recorder. dSLR aren't really meant for taking HD record and I would highly recommend that if you need to record video, I would go for a video recorder that can take true HD. Also, worst part about the HD record, the sound is pretty lousy. There is NO PLUGIN for a mic for the T1i. So not recommend if your using the HD record taking a speech.

    Overall I think the T1i is a pretty good camera. But there's no reason to trade in your XSi/XS for a T1i unless you really need that ISO or the HD recorder. I think the T1i should be $50 cheaper because the only thing I see in the T1i compare to the XSi/XS is the megapixel and the HD recorder. I would recommend getting the D90 if you have a bit more money to record HD. D90 not only record HD but it take pretty good pictures compare to T1i.
    If you want more information heres a link comparing D90 and T1i:

    Resource: I own Canon Rebel XSi, Canon Rebel XS, Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 5D Mark II, and Nikon D90.
    (Note: I rarely use Nikon D90 probably cause I have more lens for canons.)

    ...more info
  • GREAT!
    First DSLR. Coming from a AE-1 Program to the XSi. Could not be happier... Easy to use and included lens good enough to take most pictures of family, pets, parties. Would recommend to anyone looking for plenty of options and great quality pictures....more info
  • Love it!!!
    I bought this camera in December after months and months of research and I absolutely LOVE it!

    I wanted something that would give me a little bit more opportunity to be more creative. And while my digital point-and-shoot may have had some features I hadn't explored, I just love the feel of an SLR in my hands. There was somethign nostalgic about owning a camera like my dad had when I was little but with modern technology.

    The only con I can think of is my budget. When I bought the XSi kit, I also got another lens... Since then I've bought books, a flash, filters, a Joby gorilla pod, and all kinds of other accessories! Whew!

    I think this is a great camera for anyone who is just taking on (digital) photography as a hobby. It's one of the more featureful DSLRs on the prosumer spectrum. There's just enough for me to feel like I didn't lose out on anything because of the low price and plenty of things I have time to master before I feel the need to upgrade....more info
  • Canon Does It Again!
    I have two other Canon Cameras, the last one being the XTi. The larger screen alone makes it worth the upgrade to this XSi. However, the extra MP's are icing on the cake. This camera is very lightweight, well planned-buttons and functions, easy to grip and operate. A pleasure to use. I have several Canon IS lenses that work great with this body. The photographs are superb. I almost bought the newer T1i but now wonder why I would do that. No need really, the 12.2 MP's give you quality that would permit even a large poster-size photo (which I will most likely never need!). This is a wonderful camera. Highly recommend it. ...more info
  • canon rebel xsi
    Good camera but a lot to learn regarding all of the options. Can be expensive to maintain. Best for serious hobby or professional work....more info
  • First DSLR
    I decided to upgrade from a point and shoot camera to a digital SLR camera 2 weeks ago. I had done hours upon hours of research of what dSLR to get. Some suggested the Nikon route, but I opted for Canon.

    The XSi was everything I could have asked for. As a beginner, I feel like I can grow with this camera. The only con I have is not waiting 2 weeks for the price to go down to what it is now! Haha

    If you are thinking about getting this, definitely check it out in a store first so you can actually hold it in your hands. Some say it's too small for their hands. I have small hands, so it fits perfectly. But if it's too small, I've heard that some people just add the grip and it works for them (plus the extra stability for heavier lens and the extra battery life).

    Overall, I would recommend this for anyone looking to buy their first DSLR camera....more info
  • Great overall camera
    This is a great camera. I bought a tamron lens to go with it and its awesome. I'm probably not the best person to review since this is my first SLR camera so i'm not using it to its fullest potential. Although so far i'm learning alot and this camera will bring out my love for photography. ...more info
  • Awesome camera
    This camera takes cystal clear images. Very easy to use and download?upload photos. Highly reccomended- Canon is superior to all others.:)...more info
  • Great camera, but buy body only
    Great camera, but the kit lens is not very good. If you are new to SLR photography you will not be unhappy with it, it really is a huge leap from point and shoot, and you can use this lens to learn your camera. However if you have owned an SLR before and have used quality lenses you will be dissappointed. For more experienced buyers I suggest buying body only and invest in a good lens. A better lens will truly utilize this camera's capabilities. ...more info
  • Great camera, Great value
    This was given to me as a Christmas present this year and I absolutely love it. It's been a great camera to learn on, takes fantastic pictures, is very versatile, and quite easy to use. Great for the amateur photographer who aspires to be professional....more info
  • Great purchase
    I'm glad I went with the XSi. It's feature packed and takes amazing photos. The only thing I would change is the ability to see your photo in live view through the LCD screen. ...more info
  • Total novice, awesome camera
    I don't know anything about ISOs, image stabilization, or auto focus. I couldn't possibly tell you -- yet -- what half the buttons on my new camera do. But the picture quality is amazing, and I picked up the basics in about fifteen minutes of playing around. The interface is clear and easy to understand, there are more photo options than I know what to do with right now (i.e. "portrait" versus "night portrait"), and my auto-focus is working beautifully.

    Some other reviewers have mentioned the kit lens, and I agree that it is good for indoor and close shots, but I'll definitely be spending the money on something more powerful for a better zoom. I took it to my niece's dance recital and all my non-flash, far-away shots of the stage were pretty blurry.

    All in all, this seems like a GREAT camera for a beginner with a pretty decent price-tag. ...more info
  • Great!
    This is my first Digital SLR. I have to say I am very pleased with it so far! I was a little nervous of some of the reviews of the Auto focus. But I don't use the auto focus that much. So no complaints here.
    Very Good Camera!...more info
  • IN LOVE!
    I absolutely LOVE this camera... It's GREAT for beginners and anyone who gets frustrated by not being able to figure out a camera. After a couple days you get pretty used to it and can take amazingly beautiful pictures that you'll adore. I have no regret buying this camera. I never use my small poor quality digital camera anymore... This is all I need :)

    -simply perfect-...more info
  • Great prosumer camera
    Great camera for the price. Has a lot of features. I mostly shoot in manual and aperture priority. Do keep in mind that this is a cropped sensor camera - I didn't know about cropped sensors before buying this camera. So those of you like me that are switching over from a film SLR will notice that the view finder is a lot smaller then what you're use to. But a full frame will set you back a lot more, so this is a good one to start with.

    The only thing I was concerned about was megapixels, thinking more is better. But if you're only going to be printing as large as 5x7 than, this really shouldn't be that much of a concern. I've read that the D series (30D, 40D, etc.) produces images with much less noise, so these might be cameras you may want to consider as well.

    I upgraded to the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 lens, and it is SUPER sharp. Highly recommended combo, but 28mm is a bit too tight for some indoor shots, so I got a 12-24 as well. ...more info
  • Great gift for the amateur photgrapher!!!
    Bought it as a gift. Person who I bought it for loves it.

    Sorry no critique of the product....more info
  • Great entry level camera
    I moved to my first DSLR from a Canon S5 IS. Great machine. Feels just about right in terms of weight, size and handling. I do miss the variety of functions the S5 had but I guess that comes at a price for better image quality, interchangeability of lenses and versatility of shooting.
    I could have technically waited a month more for the T1i but I decided not to spend 200 bucks more for having a movie feature in my SLR. I am looking forward to buy some more lenses (50 mm prime to start with) and take some cool pics.

    Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The reason why it is not a 5 star purchase is that the kit, did not surprise me with its performance (which may be just because I am new to DSLRs).
    It is sure the best purchase for an entry level feature packed DSLR.
    ...more info
  • Great Camera - Fantastic Deal
    I'm old school, 35m Canon. Gambled on the world of SLR digital and I truly enjoy this camera, great features, light-weight, easy to use. My older premium lenses attached without issue. I shot over 275 photos at a benefit dinner this past weekend, utilizing every possible function without issue, including not having to change the battery. Truly A Piece Of Workmanship. I'm impressed, you will be too! ...more info
    im a beginner photographer and i just started my business this year, ive owned this camera for a year its features are awesome and there are never enough lens for this camera! i take awesome pictures and i can print them up to 16x24 and there SUPER clear, i just dont like using it in live mode if its not bright outside, i do not use it inside, the shutter speed is slower its kinda blurry. its awesome camera tho...more info
  • No brainer
    The quality of this camera is amazing. Light weight and the way it is designed makes things easy on handling and using it. ...more info
  • Awesome Camera!
    This camera is easy to use right out of the box. The picture quality is amazing, and all the lenses from my 20 year old Canon film SLR work with my new digital. Transferring pictures to the computer is a snap. I would recommend this Canon camera to everyone....more info
  • Perfect DSLR Camera
    I had begun thinking about purchasing a DSLR camera and reading reviews and comparing. When the time for a decision came, everything pointed to the Canon Rebel XSi. The quality of photos is wonderful. All of the possible combinations of features are easily accessed and simple to set. I have taken beautiful shots inside and outside, with the flash and without, up close and far away. I am extremely satisfied with this camera and highly recommend it for anyone looking to jump up to DSLR....more info
  • Great dSLR for the price!
    For an enthusiast, I'm very impressed with the image quality from this camera, especially for the price. I was even impressed with pics taken with the kit lens, but I primarily use a 28-135mm as an "everyday" lens (but much bigger and heavier than the kit lens). The kit lens was simply lacking in zoom capability for my typical shooting needs, but the kit is probably a better indoor lens. Still tweaking camera settings to get optimal results, but I'll probably have to tweak again after adding a polarizing filter. Overall it's lightweight (for a dSLR), fairly comfortable in-hand, and easy-to-learn menu system....more info
  • Great camera for the beginner and beyond
    I have owned a Canon EOS 3 film SLR camera for about 12 years and have loved it. I decided to go to the digital SLR since I am going to have daughter in a couple of months and the cost of film and developing is crazy. The lenses on my EOS 3 were interchangeable with the new digital Rebel lens mounting system. This was one of the main reasons that I stuck with Canon. Keeping the lenses and flash I already had saved me about $1000. I have the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon, the Canon 24-85/3.5-4.5 EF USM Black Zoom Lens Canon AF Zoom Lens and a Canon Speedlite 380EX. All of these products work very well with with the new digital system.

    I have had this camera for about 30 days and have taken around 500-750 shots. I mainly take landscape/nature and portraits. The quality is excellent. I have taken a whole lot of photos of my dogs and while hiking in the mountains, I live in Arizona. The camera's automatic shooting modes are pretty good but if you can take the time to learn how to use the manual Av and Tv modes this camera is AWESOME!

    I just bought a new portrait lens, the Canon EF Lens - 50 mm - F/1.8 - Canon EF. It is Canon's lower quality model with the plastic mounting system of lenses but it is very, very good for natural light portraits. As long as you don't need a portrait lens for professional use, this lens is great.

    This camera picks up every detail and is unbelievable at 12mp. I bought a 8gig SD card to go with it for about $10 shipped. It was the Transcend 8 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS8GSDHC6. I found it on Amazon. It holds about 1300 pictures at 12mp. It is a great combo for the Rebel body.

    I highly recommend this camera. It has very easy to use manual and automatic settings. It has cool features like live view and depth of field preview too. ...more info
  • Canon Rebel XSi
    Great Camera for the price. It has a nice feel in the hands, with easy to use controls. The MP advantage over comparable models for the same price is a life saver when cropping. I enjoy it very much!...more info
  • Very please so far.
    I've had this camera for about three weeks, and so far I've been very pleased. It's simple enough that my wife can use it without instruction, and powerful enough that I can tweak it to get creative. I was pleased to see that my old L series lenses fit this camera. I was disappointed that the old flashes are incompatible (430EZ and 540EZ). I just got the new 430EX and it works great. But even with the cheap "kit" lens, I really don't have any complaints. It's a great deal on a camera that will do more than most people will ever need.
    ...more info
  • Great camera
    The camera takes very clear pictures. I still have lots to learn. If you enjoy taking pictures for fun and want to make lots of memories, this is the camera....more info
  • Amazingly user friendly
    I just received my Cannon SLR and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I have read up on several reviews regarding this camera and I have to agree that the quality of the pictures are excellent. Canon is known for it's user friendliness and it hasn't failed yet.

    Since this is my first SLR purchase, I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be overwhelmed with too many switches, buttons, etc. Even though I haven't read the manual yet, I have successfully experimented with various settings and I am impressed by the quality of the pictures thus far. I do plan on reading through the manual eventually to get more use out of the camera.

    Last weekend, I was at an outing and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people using the Cannon SLR Rebel Xsi series. Obviously, this camera is a popular choice for a good reason. I do believe that the money spent on this camera was well worth it.

    ...more info
  • Amazing Camera
    I made the jump from a point and shoot to an SLR. I wanted something where I could take pictures at car races and the like that is just beyond the point and shoot range. I'm not a pro and don't have the budget or the justification for that kind of equipment but I like quality pictures and wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck. I researched everything out there and settled on the Rebel XSi. At 12 MP, the photos can be blown up to poster size and not look pixelated. I'm happy with an 8x10 glossy so that ought to do.
    Out of the box, it was a little confusing until I set down with the camera and the book. In short order, I was taking pictures...No, I was creating art. Man, what a difference from the point and shoot! This thing takes unbelieveable pictures. The detail is fantastic. There is no doubt in my mind I made the right camera choice. The camera is advanced enough for a pro but has auto setting so it becomes a fancy point and shoot with the bonus of vivid, sharp, detailed photos.
    I really don't have anything negative to say about the camera. Any time something didn't work right, I found it to be "operator error". As I am still learning, when the shot really matters I put it in a program mode and it works every time. Other times, I find myself playing with the settings and coming up with some interesting stuff. When it doesn't work, hey, it's digital...delete it!...more info