Fujifilm Finepix J10 8.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Matte Black)
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Product Description

The slim, stylish FinePix J10 slips effortlessly into your purse or pocket and goes everywhere with ease. With an impressive 8.2-Megapixels of resolution, the FinePix J10 promises pictures that are sharp, clear, and vivid, perfect for enlarged display or printing. Featuring a 3x optical zoom, this compact performer lets you enjoy a range of picture-taking options, from atmospheric wide-angle scenes to dramatic close-ups. High Sensitivity ISO 1600 ensures blur-free photos, even in low light or with rapidly moving subjects. It also lets you shoot without the flash, for attractive, natural-looking pictures that preserve the atmosphere and colors of the scene. Picture Stabilization Anti-blur mode automatically corrects for camera shake and subject blur, helping you to capture fleeting moments in crisp stop-action with background detail intact. 2.5" LCD Monitor provides easy-to-read icon-based interface and explanations for each shooting mode, scene position, and control setting to take the guesswork out of selecting camera settings. 1/2.5 CCD Sensor File Format - JPEG (EXIF Ver. 2.2) Aperture - F2.8 - F5.6 (Wide) / F5.2 - F10.4 (Telephoto) Scene Modes - Natural Light, Baby, Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Sunset, Flower, Party, Museum, and Text Shutter Speed - 8 seconds to 1/2000 second White balance - Automatic scene recognition, Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light) Self-timer - 10 seconds and 2 seconds delay Dimensions - Width 3.8 x Height 2.2 x Depth 0.9 (91.0x55.0x22.0mm) Weight - 3.9 ounces (110 grams)

  • 8.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD
  • 15 pre-programmed scene modes; Movie mode
  • Long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Stores images on xD or SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camera at great value.
    I used the camera on a cruise, and the pictures I took outside on the ship, on the beach, and inside were all very clear and sharp. I took a little getting used to the controls at first, but switching from mode to mode actually turned out to be a very useful control. When traveling, the wall battery charger is very convinient to use b/c it doesn't require an extra power cord to carry like my other camera....more info
  • Excellent Camera
    I like this camera. I am not so good at taking pictures but this camera really works well for me....more info
  • nice pictures easy to use
    I love this little camera takes very clear pictures not to many extra features to cunfuse me its great...more info
  • Small but neat camera
    I wasn't expecting this camera to be so small, but its smaller than my own phone. Its neat and pictures are okay for the price of the camera. It only holds THREE pictures without a sim card which I am upset about cause I didnt get a sim card right away. So best to purchase one with it or it would be a waste....more info
  • Decent
    Low light pictures do not come out that well. Other than that I am pretty satisfied with the camera for the price....more info
  • Excellent value for the price
    It's not going to compare that well to a DSLR but compared to other cameras in it's class, it's an excellent little camera that I carry around with me all of the time.

    What I like about it is that it takes sharp clear photos (with my Kodak 433, I used to have to "sharpen" all of my photos) while with the Fuji, I find the photos look a lot better right off the card.

    There is some noise in lower light but that is normal for all of cameras in the class. ...more info
  • great camera!
    really a great little camera. especially for the price i don't think you can find a better camera out there....more info
  • Battery is not $50
    Nice point and shoot camera. Price is good. A great starter camera or use as a spare. I have had problems with cameras in this price range with premature death under 2 years - Pentax, Samsung. I don't expect this one to last long either. My $600 + digital cameras have preformed without premature death, but they are bigger to carry - this one is so convenient. The battery price is not $50 - check around. I purchased one for under $12 with free shipping....more info
  • Great Camera For The Price
    I bought this camera for my 11 year old son for his birthday. Everyone else in our home had a camera and he wanted one too. For a little camera it takes pretty good pictures, comparable to cameras twice the price. It does NOT take video, which he was at first a little disappointed about. Overall he loves it. The first two day he had it, he took over 300 pictures....more info
  • fujifilm camera
    The camera is being very useful for recording memories. The pictures are very sharp and the colors are bright....more info
  • worked for less than a month
    Granted its not the most expensive feature packed camera, picture quality not always that great. about 1 in 4 pictures is waste due to image problems, low light, blur etc.
    You MUST buy extra memory. the internal memory will hold 2-3 pictures at the 8 MP setting.
    Oh, did I mention the LCD screen is cracked? with minimal use, non abusive carried in my pocket the screen is unusable with no other view finder, its unusable. looking into warranty repair, but I'm guessing it will cost more than the camera.
    if they repair under warranty, I will give it 3 stars....more info
  • Great camera....poor shipping
    The camera is wonderful! It came out exactly as it looks on the website. I ordered it for my 11 year old daughter as a Christmas present and she loves it. She finds it very easy to use.
    My problem is with the shipping. I ordered it as a Christmas present after reading all the wonderful reviews regarding their shipping. It took the FULL 10 days to arrive at my house. It did not make it in time for Christmas. Then when it did arrive, the box was soaking wet all the way through!!! It seemed as though someone dropped it in the ocean and then delievered it to my door. Everything in the box was soaked! Luckily the important things were wrapped in plastic bags.
    With that said, I recommend the camera but allow plenty of time for delievery. ...more info
  • Returned
    I purchased this camera with confidence due to the positive reviews I read on it. I did however, return it because once in my hands I found that the LCD was much too small for me. A good product though....more info
  • Wonderful Camera
    For the price, this is one of the best cameras you can purchase here... Great Pictures, Great Resistance... Just Great...more info
  • good camera for the price
    I like the compact size of the camera, and the picture quality is great. There aren't many features on this camera, but the simplicity is actually nice. I am very pleased with this camera for the price I paid....more info
  • Fuji J-10 review
    Fuji film 8mp J-10 camera. I had trouble choosing this camera over a samsung 860. But I got a J-10 for a good price. Along with that , I already had some XD cards from my not working so good fuji A350. So at least I didn't need to buy SD cards. This zoom is alittle jittery over the samsung 860, but not by much. So I try not to use zoom if I can help it.
    It takes great out-door pictues, but not as good INDOORS or longer distance indoors. I was never sure if it looked better with or without flash and somtimes get blurry without flash due to it probalby holding the shutter open longer without flash. All depends on distance and lighting indoors. I was getting used to using my wifes camera,, a sony cybershot DSCH-10 which took much better pics indoors. But it is a double the cost camera. I like that it also takes regular SD or XD cards, but manual says the video may be jumpy on the SD cards depending?? The olympus version of this says it takes Micro SD, not the full size sd,and you would need that stupid adapter thing, but don't quote me on that. I also was looking for a cam that took AA batteries due to availability, but once you get a few ion battery packs, you should be set. Batt life was acceptable, but factory batteries are $$$. I got a couple maximal power's off ebay cheap, and they seem to be ok, though may not last as long as original. Im very leary on no name batteries, but for $7-$14 for Two,, I can't complain. I wish it had a 5mp setting. It looks like it goes from 4mp to 8 and 8.2. Over-all, im happy with the camera for a lower cost or backup/ something small camera. ...more info
  • Great Point and Shoot Camera
    I purchased this camera for a recent vacation and found it to be an excellent choice. The Finepix is an easy to use point and shoot camera.

    The pictures it takes are very clear - this is probably a result of Fujifilm's Picture Stabilization Technology. I took pictures from a moving bus, and they look as if I'm standing still.

    The camera is good in low light at a reasonable distance. We took pictures of the Las Vegas Strip at night, and they look amazing. However, we also took pictures in a very dim room and found that unless the object you were focusing on was close at hand, it was very difficult to see in the picture. The low light pictures still very clear.

    The 3X zoom was perfect for every picture that I wanted to take and made items look close enough for a good shot.

    In sum, this is an excellent purchase for the price. I recommend this camera to anyone wanting to take basic, good pictures....more info
  • GREAT Camera
    I just received mine today. So far it's doing an outstanding job. Better than I expected actually. I noticed after taking pictures I try zooming in to see the details on an object and to my surprised..very detailed. Well worth the money. BUY IT. Easy to use, easy setup..etc. Recommended....more info
  • Too slow
    I bought this to replace my Canon Powershot A70, which I've had replaced or repaired at least 4 times over 5 years (now the lens is broken, again). I got this one on a whim, because I wanted a more expensive one that wasn't in stock. This camera is slow to take photos so many precious moments have been missed. The way to change to another mode (movie, manual) is multi-step so again, moments are missed. And it seems like photos aren't very bright. I just bought another Canon....more info
  • Great camera, broke, company won't fix under warranty
    I ordered this camera recently and found it to be a wonderful camera. Then the LCD looked like it had a crack in it even though we don't recall it EVER being dropped. Fuji says they won't fix it under warranty. They should have stood behind their product a little better rather than charging me $61 to fix the darn thing....more info
  • It broke within a month
    I read the features. I even enjoyed the camera while I had it. It failed within the first month. The lens would not extend.
    It may have been an anomaly that it failed but I don't find it worth the risk of getting another Fuji J10. It might fail after two months and I won't be able to return it to amazon.com at their postage cost......more info
  • The good easily outweighs the bad. Great walkingaround cam.
    A lot is wrong with this camera except the image quality which is wonderful.

    There is about half as much noise at the same ISO as my Canon point and shoots which is amazing. I wonder if Fuji can't say how good it is because it might be better than their upmarket cameras that are supposed to be low noise. Adequate for some sunsets, that's one of the major reasons I love it. The lens might not have much telephoto but that made it easy to manufacture a very good lens.

    Variable shutter to 8 seconds in fireworks mode. Usable night mode with a tripod. ISO 64 to 1600 in "manual".

    Excellent color.

    I bought two as my observation is that when a camera this good comes along it is quickly superseded with something worse. This also gave me a spare battery.

    To return to shoot mode press the shutter. This is really the best way to do it but they could have programmed both ways instead of the stupid message.

    The software didn't do much except stop my card reader from working (Win 2K). At least it uninstalled neatly and now I use the reader.

    The menus are in seemingly random order but include useful functions.

    The corners are cut off at full wide. Big deal, with 8 megapixels there is plenty to crop out. Typical for little cameras.

    The battery seems to run down over a few weeks if left in the camera. Best not to store the camera with the battery installed and carry a spare.

    If the LCD screen has a vertical line through it when there is a bright light such as the sun it won't be on the picture, go ahead and shoot....more info
  • fuji, japan
    it is such a joy to use this fantastic product. easy to use, fun to shoot, and stylish to boot, this is one solid camera from one of the most trusted japanese manufactures. amen to fuji! ...more info
  • Fantastic Camera for the price!
    I just bought this camera - and took it out for a spin this last weekend. I live in San Diego - so I went to Shelter Island and Harbor Island & took some fantastic pics! I posted them in the customer images for the camera. Check it out. This camera will allow you to take your own postcards!...more info
  • Finepix Camera
    Great little camera for the price. Takes beautiful, clear pics, and truly easy to use....more info