Hidden Camera: Pen Holder
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Product Description

Ever wonder how your babysitter treats your children when you are not there or what your employees do when you are not at your business Now you can watch them with a camera hidden inside a pen holder. On the front of this stylish pen holder there is a fully functional digital clock that displays the day and date and time and temperature. It can also function as an alarm clock and timer. It looks great and will blend into any home or office. No one will know that this pen holder contains a miniature high-tech spy camera. It transmits clear color video via the included receiver to any monitor or TV set. You can then record the video using your VCR or recordable DVD player. The camera comes with a receiver and all the cables needed for use and two 9 volt battery clips (one for the camera and one for the receiver. The camera requires two 9 volt batteries that are not included. The transmission range (distance between the camera and the receiver is 300 feet with a clear line of sight-less indoors depending on the number of walls. The camera operates on a 1.2 GHz frequency and needs a minimum illumination of 1 lux. The resolution of the camera is 380 horizontal TV lines.