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Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM 24" LCD Monitor
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Product Description

The 2493HM has everything that you need. With a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), built-in-speakers, HDMI technology, full 1080p HD, 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio and fast response time, you will be able to power through a work day and watch a movie or play games with all of the extra free time that you will have. Not to mention, the eye catching bezel design will fit perfectly in public view or in the comfort of your home office. The 2493HM is Microsoft Vista Certified and works hard while looking good. With the 2493HM it's not hard to imagine.

  • 24 display
  • 1920 x 1200 Native Resolution
  • 400 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 10000 - 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio; 1000 - 1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 ms Response Time

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Monitor - Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM
    I bought this monitor as an opened box item from and it was in perfect condition! Only the packaging styrofoams were cracked.

    This monitor was my second choice after reading many prior online reviews. Most complained about the menu selector: the ink should be of a higher contrast, and the touch sensitive control takes a bit of getting used to - not a big deal since I hardly use it after the initial setup.

    The important things are screen brightness and clarity - and they are great! Frame is expensive looking and well constructed, and the height adjustable stand moves smoothly. Height adjustment is very useful and I think it IS necessary if you are going to use it as a monitor. I don't think I'll ever buy one with a fixed height, tilt-only unit - most manufacturers are just trying to cut cost by removing it.

    In terms of color, a lot of reviewers (I think these must be super picky, professional, photography enthusiasts) thought the color varied significantly across the screen and at different viewing angles. Yeah, I think I can see a slight bit of variations if I stare at it long enough and imagine hard enough BUT what's the big deal! First, I would never look at my screen from a weird angle, and the color 'evenness' is almost un-noticeable - and I think I am reasonably picky about this.

    On yeah, my first choice was an Acer X263Wbi 25.5" unit because I wanted to get a 'BIG' screen but I had to return it after it started to make a very annoying Buzzing sound after 2 hours of use. I experimented with the settings and realized that the LCD backlight control circuit was buzzing if the screen brightness was set to anything but 0 (completely dark) or 100 (very bright). This is a common problem for 'cheap' control circuits. So, with these two major problems, I had to return it.

    ...more info
  • Great monitor
    I've been looking for a 24 inch monitor and decided that of all the monitors reviewed out there the 2493HM seemed to fit my price range and feature set the best. I bought it from Amazon and have had it for a week. My reactions so far is:
    * Looks great
    * No dead pixels
    * Vivid colors
    * Sharp and crisp screen
    * Fast to start
    * I've seen way worse when it come to the viewing angle. I cannot see it would turn anybody off.

    It was kind of funny, but I did not know how to turn it off for the first 3 days (not a priority). I never noticed there are in fact menu text including power on/off on the lower right hand side of the bezel. I actually love the no button touch system. I have a Philips SA9200 mp3 player with the same touch system, except it has a blue light for all the options. This monitor does not have anything indicating where each menu item is located. If you are going to change the settings in a dark room, use a flash-light :) You will have a problem turning the menu off if you accidentally hit the wrong button and it pops up.
    In any case, I am very satisfied so far....more info
  • Great Monitor
    Great Monitor... no dead pixels, great ratio, Great Viewing range, good brightness(but had to turn auto brightness off) good stand, good inputs.

    It does get a little hot, and the buttons are impossible to see while the monitor is on, but the touch interface added a "cool factor"

    Overall.... don't buy that dell you were looking at.. buy the SyncMaster 2493...more info
  • Samsung 2493HM 24"
    I upgraded from a Samsung 2253BW 22" to this and I love it! The picture quality is amazing, I can play all my PC games at 1920x1200. The HDMI input and built-in speakers are a nice touch. When I ordered this from Amazon it came with free shipping to Alaska, Newegg would of charged me around $100. The monitor came pre-built in the box, it was very easy to setup. I just had to re-arrange my desk because it was so big compared to my previous LCD lol. There was no dead-pixels which was a relief. ...more info
    I took a lot of time to research a good all purpose monitor and found this was a good bang for the buck..nice pix, no dead pixels and very versatile in horizontal and vertical positions... ive read a lot of people complain about the touch controls.. get over it already, this has not been a problem whatsoever. if youre looking for them in pitch black then yes , its an issue.....yes its tn, probably not as good as an apple but not as expensive either, still a nice picture and good for all overall use.. horizontal viewing angle ok. about the same as all monitors in its class..price- well i dont think its worth over 410 or 420, its been out for a while and if you pick it up for 400 or less youre getting a deal..i would buy another and probably will if they go below 400...hope this is helpfull...more info
  • Samsung 2493HM Monitor, Worth the Price!
    The reason I bought this monitor is they supplied me with one at work and it changed the way I did my job. The wide screen will allow two pages in Word side by side at 100% Zoom. The rotation to vertical is great when I'm writing code or surfing the web! I was so pleased with the one at work I had to get one for home. I only gave it a 4 because the Rotation software is buggy and I had problems getting the monitor initially set up. Don't hook the monitor up until you install the driver! I figured it would work ok in a low res mode until I got the driver installed. Wrong! It hung Windows. I had to boot to safe mode and then restore to the previous good configuration. Once I installed the monitor driver, I was able to install the monitor and have not experienced problems of that sort since. As for the Rotation software, I downloaded the latest version of MagicRotation from the their web site. It's only happened once so far, but it got confused as to which way the monitor was physically oriented. It displayed Windows in the vertical position while the monitor was horizontal. Still not sure what I did to fix it except to reboot and change the orientation a couple of times. I definitely recommend this monitor for anyone wanting to increase their productivity and viewing enjoyment. I also had no problems with the order and delivery....more info
    When I was looking for a 24 inch monitor to work with my laptop and expand my desktop working area, I decided to purchase a Samsung 2493HM. I was basically attracted by the low prices and Samsung's stellar reputation on LCDs (I own two Samsung LCD TVs and I was extremely satisfied with both). What I did not know was the nightmare that it would come after this purchase. First of all, the monitor has all the menu buttons and color problems that have been well documented in other reviews. But as I will explain shortly, this was the least of my concerns. I give this monitor zero stars!! The moment I set up this thing and turned it on, my eyes started getting red and my head started to hurt as if I had someone drilling a hole in it. After only 5 minutes, not only I was in deep pain, but I also started feeling nausea, like I was about to throw up.
    I then started to do some research online to see if I could find the reason behind this problem. Meanwhile, I returned this monitor and tried other monitors as in the list below. After a while I returned all of them because they all had the same issue (as I will explain later). In summary I tried:
    - Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM
    - Samsung T240
    - Dell S2409W
    In short, the issue I found with all these monitors is that they are all based on a cheap technology called TN (twisted nematic) which uses 6 bits per color instead of the 8 bits per color found in the more expensive monitors. This creates an inherent limitation in the number of colors that the monitor is capable of showing (approximately 260,000 colors for the TN technology vs. 16.8 million for the 8 bit per color monitors). Now in order to be able to overcome this limitation, manufacturers of TN monitors are using a method called "dithering" to create the illusion that the monitor is displaying 16.8 million colors. This technique is also called Frame Rate Control (FRC) and basically consist in alternating colors in a pixel at high speeds to create the illusion of the desired color. For example, an this is an over simplification just for the purposes of illustrating the idea, say you want to display orange in a pixel but due to the limitations on the number of colors in the display technology you can only effectively display yellow and red. Then what you would do is to first turn the pixel yellow and then red and then yellow again and keep switching between the two colors at high speed. To the human eye, this creates the illusion that you are looking at orange, but in reality this is absolutely not the case. Please see the following article for more details on how this works:

    The result of this technique is that at the end of the day, the flashing of colors in the screen take a toll on the eyes causing pain, horrible headaches, and even nausea depending on each individual (every case is different). You can also read this nice article about this issue:

    In summary this product should not be allowed for use by humans. They have severe health issues, and who knows what the long term effects of being exposed to these screens are. In my personal opinion, there should be a deep investigation to find out whether the people manufacturing and selling these things should be prosecuted as criminals and put in jail.
    See how Apple has had similar issues:

    My final advice if you are reading this is STAY AWAY of cheap monitors!.
    After trying all the models above described without any luck, I finally got a NEC LCD2490WUXI which is based on an H-IPS technology using 8 bit per color channel instead of 6. This monitor was double the price of the Samsungs, but it displays true 16.8 million colors and I can work for hours in front of it without any symptoms. I set the colors in my graphic card to 16.8 million instead of 32 million to prevent the monitor from doing any dithering (just in case, you never know) and voila. No headaches, no strained eyes, and no nausea. And of course, because this is a higher end product, it has many more features, including a much better stand, better menu buttons, customizable colors, etc. This is just the way all monitors were meant to be...

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