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Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only)
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Product Description

Deemed for serious photographers, many shun the DSLR as a threat. The Pentax K200D is an SLR Digital-camera that is as friendly as a simple point-&-shoot but offers many features to explore your creative potential. Compatible with any PENTAX lens ever produced and featuring Shake Reduction, the PENTAX K200D offers a high quality image sensor with the sophisticated PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine), a user-friendly Dust Removal system including the new Dust Alert feature, 11-point SAFOX VIII auto focus system, sophisticated 16-segment multi-pattern metering and auto sensitivity control up to ISO 1600, all in a weather and dust resistant body. Advanced 16-segment metering and 11-point AF, with 9 cross sensors, ensure perfectly exposed and focused images PRIME image processing engine Lens Mount - Pentax KAF2 bayonet stainless steel mount; Usable lenses - Pentax KAF2, KAF, and KA (K mount, 35mm screwmount, 645/67 med format useable w/ adapter and/or restrictions); SDM function Retractable P-TTL popup ElectronicFlash; Guide number - 13 (100/m); Hot Shoe for optional external Slot for SD SDHC Memory USB 2.0 hi-speed, video out, DC input, cable switch; Video out - NTSC, PAL; Printer interfaces - PictBridge Body dimensions (W x H x D) - 5.2 x 3.7 x 2.9 ; Body weight (without battery or removable memory) - 22.2 oz; Loaded and ready - 24.3 oz w/lithium batteries (25.6 oz w/alkaline batteries) Includes 19541 K200D Body; USB Cable I-USB17 (39233), Video Cable I-VC28 (39262), Strap O-ST53 (39323), Hotshoe Cover FK (31040), Eyecup FO (30147), Body Mount Cover (31016), Finder Cap ME (31011), Software CD-ROM S-SW74, AA Lithium Batteries (4)

  • 10.2-megapixel resolution captures enough detail for poster-sized prints
  • 2.7-inch LCD display; body only--no lens included
  • Dust-proof, water-resistant construction; comprehensive Dust Removal system
  • Pentax Original Shake Reduction Mechanism
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • This camera is amazing.
    I'd been looking to make the cross-over from a regular SLR camera to a Digital SLR for a while. When I read about the Pentax K200D, my jaw hit the floor. Not only is it a high quality camera, but is also compatible with all of my old Pentax lenses. This camera is amazing....more info
  • Very nice starter camera
    I've been using this camera for several months now for a color photography course at my school. I very much enjoy using it as it feels sturdy and fits perfectly in my hands. The only real limitation that I've had with the camera is the poor shooting speed. It wouldn't stop me from buying it over the competition, but it does encourage me to upgrade to a Nikon D90/Canon 40D whenever I get the chance to.

    I shoot mostly RAW files because of how well you can edit them when compared with the default jpegs. You can get some really nice shots/detail with them. I do use the RAW+ featuer so that I can quickly and easily view my photos on my computer and edit out the unuseable pictures.

    I have some long-lasting Kodak rechargeable batteries and they last more than long enough for me to use it for a day. I have the 18-250mm lens kit and while its pretty nice, I don't use it much beyond 125 or so. I do have the battery grip as well which is very useful to have.

    I've gotten some really nice shots with the camera over the semester and it's very nice for the price. I'd defiantly recommend it to anyone whose looking for a beginner SLR and does not mind the low burst rate....more info
  • extremely versatile and easy to use
    I tried quite a few cameras to upgrade from my 2003 Fuji, and in fact bought -and returned!- a new Fuji, before this. This Pentax K200D camera does an amazing number of things well. Settings are easy to use, and it does very, very well just as a point-and-shoot on "automatic" setting. The pictures are extremely nice in colors and detail.
    I am by no means a professional - I am still re-learning what a lot of those settings mean. The camera does not overwhelm you with a zillion things, but does give you choices. OR there are a lot of basic Scene modes, that do seem to work decently well, if you don't want to try to do the white balance, etc, on your own. For an amateur like myself, who has to bend my brain to try to remember what those things are at all, it is a great way to pick it up without being overwhelmed with a professional camera. And there have been times when I don't have time to try out these things, so I just put it on automatic and let it figure it out as I switch from bright sunshine, inside a darker space, etc.
    The megabytes mean there is a lot of info in each picture - using Photoshop to crop or play with the picture results in some spectacular shots when I need it. Recently, I had to take pictures under a large picnic pavilion, without using a flash but with all the bright sunshine outside. The camera did well, and Photoshop was easily able to get me the detail I needed on the inside shots, balancing out the very bright background. Not every camera has pictures that have enough detail to pull a good shot out of those details. The same thing happened at a school assemble - good shots under difficult conditions.
    The only problem pictures I have had are NOT the camera's fault - people moving when I do not have it in sports mode. Putting it in sports mode does indeed help if things are going to move around on you.
    I am satisfied with the shutter lag - it's pretty fast - and the quality of the camera.
    I am particularly happy that my 20 year old Pentax lense works with this. It was the reason I bought the camera, in the end - the ability to use the old lenses from my old Pentax film camera, and even the additional flash (also ancient). Pentax has made it so you can use them, and even makes an adapter for the really old lenses. This makes upgrading to other lenses so much easier, as there are a lot of older lenses around. And I feel better about not just throwing out perfectly good stuff. ...more info
  • Great camera
    I'm not qualified to do a detailed camera review as we just recently switched from a point and shoot to a DSLR. I was a bit nervous that we would spend the extra money for this DSLR only to realize the source of the horrible pictures was due to the operator. However I will say that so far that even with our limited camera knowledge the pictures are a huge step up from any previous camera. We expect it will only get better as we continue to learn how to use it beyond the auto settings and hopefully as we invest in better lenses. I would certainly recommend this camera and the lens kit to anyone looking to make the upgrade....more info
  • Great
    Just what the doctor ordered. I have several lens left over from the 35 mm days. I used Pentax cameras then and can now use the the lens again. So far I am well pleased. Still learning digital against film....more info
  • Pentax K200D
    I used Pentax cameras years ago and this is my first use of the digital SLR type camera. It performed admirably on my recent trip to Puerto Rico handling a wide range of really up close stuff as well as some panaramic type photos. As usual for Pentax, my old lenses worked, just not in auto focus. I am a manual camera lover and for this camera to meet my standards suprised me. It gives the user lots of flexibility and different modes by which you can control the photos....more info
  • good camera
    Good product; dad likes it; dunno much about cameras but he can re-use all the old pentax lenses that he had with his 'film' camera.
    Easy to start using ....we'll know more later as the usage ramps up.
    Kinda cheap that they dont sell the memory card and camera bag all in one package....and you have to separately buy and pay for each shipping....more info
  • Great for backpacking
    I love this camera. I bought it from Amazon with the kit lens, and I bought a used lens from B&H. The great thing about Pentax is that they put image stabilization into the body instead of the lens, so I can find inexpensive used lens from people who are abandoning their 35mm cameras. Weather sealing and rugged construction make it great for hiking, backpacking and my kayaking trips. The Pentax might not be the most popular brand, but the cameras are the best bang for the buck....more info
  • Not sure what to expect
    I've researched almost all beginner/advanced DSLRs on the market, preparing the move from digital compacts to DSLR (I'm familiar with film SLRs however).
    Anyway, exhausted from the fact that the perfect DSLR still has not been produced (every single model has something really bad about it: Canon 450D's grip and build quality, Olympus E-520's tiny viewfinder, Nikon D60's very basic metering, and none of these models has a live view implementation that would really make me use it), I decided to go for Pentax which has good performance on the above issues. Looking initially into the K20D, I decided to get the cheaper body of the K200D and invest in better lenses instead. The K200D felt very good in my hands, and its large and bright viewfinder is the best in its class. The availability of high quality and still affordable lenses with shake reduction built into the camera body was also a deal maker. Amazon and Adorama delivered in 2 days as promised.
    A couple of weeks after purchase I have a collection of some very nice shots, but still I'm a bit disappointed. Autofocus is unpredictable: sometimes the camera shoots lightning fast, even in burst mode, at other times is struggles to focus with no apparent reason, even with the prime 50mm f1,4 and the new 17-70 f4 zoom. This means that I miss some nice shots while the camera is focussing. When the camera finally does take a shot, I'd say 1 out of 3 shots is out of focus. I end up taking lots of photos hoping one of them will be right.
    TO be fair, when the K200D gets the focussing right, the results are very good. Colors are very natural, the exposure is always spot-on, and wireless flash (got the 360FGZ) works very well, too. The viewfinder is wonderful to work with.
    All in all, I'm not sure what to expect for this price. The K200D's speed is unstable compared to all other cameras I've used (digital and film). Too bad, but perhaps I'm just expeting too much....more info
  • Best starter DSLR
    I'm an amateur photographer and I've always used point and shoots until I decided to drop some money into a nice DSLR. I did a lot of research and thought I found a Nikon that I wanted until I visited a new camera store in my area. The clerk there introduced me to he K200D. I didn't believe in this camera I never heard of but I went home and compared it to the rest. The K200D has everything I wanted and then some. The main sell point for me was the fact that in camera lab testing, the K200D came out sharper than a Nikon, Canon, or Olympus cameras is was up against. I decided that this is the camera I wanted.

    After the purchase, I've loved everything about it. I am very satisfied. The ONLY problem I have with it is the shutter is loud. If your trying to shoot a wedding or an event with a person speaking, the shutter is so obnoxiously loud that you might as well yell *CLICK* every time you compose a shot. (watch reviews on you tube and you can hear it)

    Overall, I am very impressed with it's picture quality, build quality, and it's features. The K200D is the perfect camera for a starter and semi-pro photographer. Also, a small bonus (another win for me) is you can say you don't have the same Nikon or Canon camera that almost EVERYONE else has.

    ...more info
  • Pentax K200D is a great camera for the price
    While I am quite happy with the ease of use, great price, high quality photos and overall layout of the camera, I was surprised to find out that you can not view the scene through the LCD display when taking a photo. You have to use the standard view finder to view and then after taking the photo you can then see your recent or all photos. It is a great camera and I'll just have to put up with it....more info
  • K200D for Landscape Pictures
    I recently purchased the Pentax K200D with the 18-55mm lens after much comparison of all the popular entry level dSLRs. I chose the Pentax based on actually "feeling" the camera at a local camera store. It was comfortable and feels very well built. I used the camera on a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains and took many picts in automatic with the bracketing mode turned on. The pictures were fantastic. I would recommend this camera to anyone wanting to make the leap from "point and shoot" to dSLRs and wants a bit more than most entry level cameras and the weather resistent well built camera body. This camera really met all my expectations and then some. ...more info
  • Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital Camera
    The camera takes great pictures. I first ordered the camera body only and used manual lenses from my old Pentax film camera. Didn't take long before I ordered auto. lenses. No complaints....more info
  • Perfect for new and experienced alike
    This camera is an amazing camera. Very customizable. The ability to switch between RAW and JPEG with a single button push is a time saver. I have only one VERY minor gripe--that the buffer for continues shooting is limited to 4 frames when shooting at the 2.8 fps, regardless if you are shooting RAW or JPEG.

    The Image Quality is excellent, especially when shooting RAW.

    The camera is great for people just getting into SLR photography. There are plenty of Auto picture modes to help you along until you are more comfortable taking advantage of the more in-depth control functions.

    Two important factors influencing my decision to purchase this camera over other brands is first: weather and dust sealing. I live in the pacific northwest and spend a great deal of time outdoors so this is a must. You simply cannot get weather sealing in other brands of DSLRs until you spend around $1000+. Second, This camera is compatible with all of my old manual focus lenses. That means I don't need to spend MORE money replacing all of my old Pentax lenses, many of which have outstanding image quality. Just because a lens was made 20+ years ago doesn't mean it isn't any good. This is much more convenient and economical than other brands that change their lens mounts every five years or so. Because this camera has in-body shake reduction (something that Canon and Nikon DO NOT have) ALL of my old Pentax lenses can take advantage of this feature. Couple all of this with wireless flash sync and the host of many other things this camera can do and it's an unbeatable bargain.

    I'm glad I purchased this camera. I HIGHLY recommend it over any other brands. ...more info
  • Fabulous!
    I've had the K200D for about two weeks now and have no regrets. This is the best camera out there for the money. If you have any interest at all in learning to take better pictures this camera will be ready as you learn more, but it's also good for the true beginner with lots of auto modes to help you.
    I think the things that make this better than the competition are 1) shake reduction in the body. When you start buying lenses you don't have to keep paying for that feature in every single lens (nikon VR?) 2)very durable body construction and weather/dust sealed. Any DA lenses you attach are as well. This is only available in cameras for the pros normally. 3)all pentax lenses for the last 3 or 4 decades can be used, some older manual ones need a $10 adapter--but you can buy tons of used awesome old lenses on ebay for very cheap. 4)this kit lens is the best kit lens out there. I've read alot of reviews and all the experts agree this is the best. It was made for the camera that is one step up from this model--but it's included with the K200D as well. 5)Pentax has an awesome PRIME lens for under $200 (amazon) that everyone raves about. I got it and I agree. FA 50mm F1.4 Get it. You won't be sorry. 5)the RAW button on the side is quite a nice perk. You can program it to suit your needs and it saves you from going into menus to make changes on the fly.6)Takes great pictures--gorgeous colors--makes me look good!7) the menus are clear and easy to understand. There are even some interesting ways to edit your photos right on the camera. I also like the HDR feature which gives more detail in the shadows than would normally be picked up. Thats alot of bells and whistles for an "entry level" DSLR.
    ...more info
  • Pentax K200D Digital Camera
    This camera has a great feel. It has tons of features and most importantly, it's super easy to take great pictures. This camera is a great purchase in comparison to the big camera names. You'll get way more bang for your buck by purchasing this Pentax rather than some other camera. In short, there is no way anyone that pays the $500-$600 for this camera will be disappointed!!...more info
  • Love it!
    What more can I say? I've had this camera over 6 months now. I used to use a Pentax K1000, went to point and shoot digital while my K-mount lenses collected dust, but became disenchanted with the limits of digital P&S cameras. Several friends were buying Nikon or Canon dSLRs. NIkon owners loved how they accepted older Nikor lenses. Envious, I was thrilled to find that Pentax has an affordable dSLR that'll accept my older collection of lenses. Although the K200D is considered an entry level dSLR, I'm amaized at all it can do. The image quality is superb. Its rugged, straight forward, a lot of fun. I've taken it on horse rides in the Rockies, bird watching in snow and single digit (F)temps and it worked flawlessly - and still does. I've never experienced any problems, not even with the lcd preview screen or battery life even in near zero F temperatures for several hours. BTW, I've been using the rechargeable AA Energizer NiMH batteries and am getting flawless results for hundreds of pictures (well over 500) before needing to replace with a fresh set.

    I have nothing negative to say about this camera....more info
  • Feature-packed camera for a great price
    I had two Pentax film SLR's for over twenty years, and then came compact digital cameras. I was waiting for a reasonably priced DSLR to move up to. The Pentax K200D fit the bill.

    I am able to use my three film SLR Pentax lenses on this camera - no other manufacturer supports their film lenses on their DSLR (except for the very expensive full-frame cameras).

    The features are great and plentiful - too many to mention. And I do not miss the "live view" capability at all (framing your shot on the lcd display), as I am very happy and comfortable using the viewfinder to frame my shots and see the camera's settings.

    There is some controversy around loss of detail using the built-in JPEG engine which is wonderfully reviewed at [...] I confirmed this loss of detail shooting my dog's hair. As the review points out, if you want all the detail, shoot in RAW and be happy. I also set the camera to use use the Normal setting and contrast/hue/sharpness at 0.

    I have owned this camera for over four months now, shooting a couple of thousand pictures, indoors and out, landscapes and portraits, parties, the moon and snapshots. I use Picasa for managing my photos (it supports Pentax RAW). I used auto-bracketing, consecutive exposures, shutter priority, aperture priority, ISO priority, manual and automatic. This camera is a blast to hold and to use.

    Bottom line, for a little more than $500, you get a camera that will make any amateur photographer happy. For that price point, I think this is the only camera worth considering....more info
  • Absolutely Fabulous Camera
    A funny thing happened on the golf course, I left my Kodak camera in a cup holder, my son-in-law hit the gas while I was out shagging a ball. Camera fell and the lens popped off and fell into the grass somewhere in the 15th fairway!

    Oh well, time for a new camera!

    Know that a trip was coming up (Holy Land Tour) I decided to ask my wife for a really nice camera. At first I was looking very hard at the Nikon D-60 and also an Olympus. But then I happened upon the customer feedback for the Pentax K-200. This with the fact I had a Pentax 70-200MM zoom lens orphaned to me years ago, sold me on this camera.

    I took the plunge and could not be happier!

    This camera rocks! I'm still learning it, but even taking auto-auto pictures gives you superb pictures!

    Another thing that sold me is the weather proofing features that the others did NOT have. Trekking around the dead sea and other dusty areas and having my camera ruined just isn't going to cut it!

    While this camera is a tad heavier than the Nikon, it's not unbearable by any means.

    Lastly, Pentax has been making cameras for decades and decades. You've got a solid brand and reputation backing your purchase up.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Merry Christmas to all!

    ...more info
  • Great dSLR, Especially at this price point
    I just received my k200d today after many weeks of reading online reviews and a couple trips to the camera shops close to my house. Coming into the dSLR world with no stock in glass from any manufacturer, I was less restricted in my choices and looked at everything from the Pentax I ended up with to the Canons, Nikons, and Sonys I heard everyone else talking about purchasing. The most important features to me were image quality, build quality, in body stabilization, and AF speed. I kept hearing others talk about frames per second and live view, but for the images I will be capturing with my camera, these two features were not that important to me. Out of the box, I could not be happier with my selection, especially considering its current price point.

    First and foremost, you can tell once you hold it in your hands you are dealing with a camera that has exceptional build quality. The entry level dSLR's I tried at the camera shops (Canon Rebel Xsi and Nikon d60) felt, well, entry level. The build quality of k200d compares admirably to the feel of the Canon 40d or Sony a700. The weather and dust seals also sold me on the k200d as I plan to use it on outdoor weekends in Colorado and the Grand Canyon this summer. The metal lens mount on the body and the kit lens also showed me the importance Pentax places on build quality. I'm confident this camera will last for years based strictly on build quality and feel.

    The image quality has impressed me out of the box as well. I have taken close to 60 pictures with the camera trying to experience the different settings and learn a little more about dSLRs (I've always used a point and shoot digital camera before today). With my limited knowledge of photography and the abilities of the k200d, the quality of the images I've been able to capture is outstanding. The 10 MP and PRIME image processing really do capture a bunch of detail, and the image stabilization seems to keep the noise down even at higher ISO's. I'm sure as I progress in my knowledge of the camera the images will only become better, and I am anxious to put this camera to use to see what it can do. The autofocus seems to be quick and accurate. Something else I liked is the consideration Pentax gives to being back-compatible with older lenses. Though I didn't have any pre-existing glass, I like knowing that my k200d body is something that can grow with Pentax technology in the future.

    For those considering their first dSLR, I wouldn't get caught up too much on resolution. For most of us, 8 to 10 MP is going to be more than enough, and I would imagine around 3 fps is going to be more than we enthusiast need. I was tempted to purchase a semi-pro body fearing that I was going to want "more" one day in the future. I can honestly say I am glad I did not spend the extra 500-600 dollars on a semi-prO body for my first dSLR. The k200d has impressed me from the beginning and I am confident it will be with me in the future, either as my main camera or a great backup to my Pentax k20d. I paid roughly 660 on Amazon and will get 100 bucks back through a Pentax rebate. For 560 dollars, anyone would be hard pressed to find as good of an entry-level dSLR as the Pentax k200d. ...more info
  • Severe underexposure at all settings!
    I just couldn't believe that a Pentax camera could be this bad and waited far too long to complain. I have wasted far too much time trying to get exposures right only to find that the pictures are way too underexposed at all the different settings attempted. I periodically get a decent picture if I crank up the ISO to a ridiculouly high 1600 for an average sunny day or use a 5.6 and a very slow shutter speed. So, what am I going to do? At this late date, buy a Nikon or a Canon and forget this disaster ever happened. ...more info
  • Excellent entry level DSLR
    I have been using this camera for the past 3 months. My experience has been positive so far.

    Why K200D?

    * Built like a tank - No other entry level DSLR has this build quality
    * Weather Resistant - No other entry level DSLR has weather seals. You can take pictures outside in a dusty and rainy environment with a K200D and a DA* lens. Can you do this with a Nikon/Canon entry level camera?
    * Image stabilization Shake Reduction gives you two stop advantage. No more blurred images.
    * AA batteries no need to carry charger, adapter etc - around 800 images with flash
    * Built in Wireless Flash
    * Shoots RAW and JPEG simultaneously
    * Dust Removal and detection facilities
    * User selectable noise reduction levels
    * Good Ergonomics
    * Accurate color reproduction. Excellent IQ upto IS0 800.
    * Additional features like Exposure Bracketing, DOF preview, lens compatibility, spot metering etc.

    Unless you shoot sports action, you cannot go wrong with the PENTAX system. Unlike some other systems, PENTAX autofocus system never locks focus when the subject is not in focus. However, the focus lock is not lightning fast in low light ( i.e. after sunset) and it takes an extra second or two to lock focus. This is not the fault of this camera but PENTAX is yet to introduce a ring type ultrasonic focus lens. However, when it locks focus, it means the subject is in focus. No doubt about it.

    I bought this camera because of the excellent and comparatively cheaper primes available from PENTAX. Ever heard about FA 31 limited lens? ( one of the 3 best autofocus lens in the world ever!) The primes are high quality and competes with Leica and Zeiss primes. They are very much affordable and are optimized for APS-C cameras.

    Most of the Nikon and Canon primes are full frame and the crop factor makes them not attractive. An 105mm Nikon prime lens is approximately 158 mm in APS-C. A PENTAX 70mm prime gives you the 105mm field of view on K200D which is the preferred focal length for portraits and it costs only [...]$. The Da 70mm lens is not made of plastic like the Canon 85mm f/1.8 and 100mm f/2 but it is an all metal lens which is again built like a tank. If you want a PENTAX quality prime lens from Canon, you have to go for the CANON L prime lenses which are always above $1000. Visit [...] to know the list of all available lenses from Pentax . Look for lenses designated as "Limited".

    What about zoom lenses? You have weather sealed ultrasonic silent motor lenses like DA* 50-135 and DA* 16-50. They are cheaper compared to other systems. Also you have cheaper consumer build quality lenses like DA 55-300mm, DA 12-24, DA 16-45 etc.

    One other advantage of the PENTAX lenses is that they have special coating which controls flare very well. This is not the case with all other manufacturers.

    Let me reiterate: Only in PENTAX system, you can get professional quality lenses at affordable prices. No other manufacturer produces such high quality lenses that are so compact in size. Go for PENTAX.

    Update: Some dust got inside the camera while changing lenses. I was little worried as it showed up in the Dust Alert analysis. I repeated the dust removal option (it shakes the sensor, I believe, to remove the stubborn dust particles) multiple times. Now it is 100% clean.

    ...more info