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Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens
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Product Description

Deemed for serious photographers, many shun the DSLR as a threat. The Pentax K200D is an SLR Digital-camera that is as friendly as a simple point-&-shoot but offers many features to explore your creative potential. Compatible with any PENTAX lens ever produced and featuring Shake Reduction, the PENTAX K200D offers a high quality image sensor with the sophisticated PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine), a user-friendly Dust Removal system including the new Dust Alert feature, 11-point SAFOX VIII auto focus system, sophisticated 16-segment multi-pattern metering and auto sensitivity control up to ISO 1600, all in a weather and dust resistant body. Advanced 16-segment metering and 11-point AF, with 9 cross sensors, ensure perfectly exposed and focused images PRIME image processing engine Lens Mount - Pentax KAF2 bayonet stainless steel mount; Usable lenses - Pentax KAF2, KAF, and KA (K mount, 35mm screwmount, 645/67 med format useable w/ adapter and/or restrictions); SDM function Retractable P-TTL popup ElectronicFlash; Guide number - 13 (100/m); Hot Shoe for optional external Slot for SD SDHC Memory USB 2.0 hi-speed, video out, DC input, cable switch; Video out - NTSC, PAL; Printer interfaces - PictBridge Body dimensions (W x H x D) - 5.2 x 3.7 x 2.9 ; Body weight (without battery or removable memory) - 22.2 oz; Loaded and ready - 24.3 oz w/lithium batteries (25.6 oz w/alkaline batteries) Includes 19541 K200D Body and 18-55mm zoom lens; USB Cable I-USB17 (39233), Video Cable I-VC28 (39262), Strap O-ST53 (39323), Hotshoe Cover FK (31040), Eyecup FO (30147), Body Mount Cover (31016), Finder Cap ME (31011), Software CD-ROM S-SW74

  • 10.2-megapixel resolution captures enough detail for poster-sized prints
  • Includes 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens
  • Large, 2.7-inch wide-view LCD monitor
  • Dust-proof, water-resistant construction; comprehensive Dust Removal system
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • amazing
    I have had the camera for a month and I am totally satisfied. I did alot of research and I couldn't be happier with it. I also got the extreme III card from Sandisk and it is very fast.
    ...more info
  • A Big Step Up to dSLR
    I recently upgraded from a P&S to the Pentax K200D. Although I miss some aspects of the P&S, overall I'm extremely pleased with the K200D. It has a host of features that are lacking from other entry level cameras. Among these are: support for a wide variety of old lenses; in-camera shake reduction; wireless flash capability; SD card; AA battery power; weather sealing; dust removal; pixel mapping; RAW+JPEG. On the negative side: it's missing live-view, a video mode, and is limited in number of continuous shots.

    * K mount and in-camera shake reduction: these were the main reason why I decided to go with Pentax. I was looking for a deal on an XSi when this showed up. After some additional research, I decided to abandon the Canon and go with Pentax. My first (non-kit) lens was a 50mm f1.7 manual lens. It's near perfect for < $40. I've also learned that Pentax's shake reduction works in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical, and rotational. Other systems lack the rotational dimension.

    * Wireless flash: sort of lucked into this one. I bought the AF360FGZ to go along with the K200D and found out that it supports wireless operation with the AF360FGZ. This feature almost covers the cost of the flash. Me likey!

    * SD card: I have a bunch of SD cards and prefer it to other formats. I do need to buy faster and higher capacity cards, though.

    * AA power: Sanyo Eneloop. Enough said.

    * Weather sealing: not essential for me but nice to have.

    * Dust removal/pixel mapping: good additions but haven't used yet.

    * RAW+JPEG: takes a lot of memory and is slow but I have mine set to record both for now. The JPEG resolution can be set to low for quick emails/copies.

    As far as the drawbacks, the live-view and video mode were convenient but I've gotten used to the view-finder and also bought a new camcorder, too.

    For me, the most important part of a dSLR camera system is the lens. So even though this is considered an entry level dSLR, it has enough features and capabilities that'll last me a long time.

    I am getting lens-buying addiction (LBA), though.
    ...more info
  • This camera is amazing.
    I'd been looking to make the cross-over from a regular SLR camera to a Digital SLR for a while. When I read about the Pentax K200D, my jaw hit the floor. Not only is it a high quality camera, but is also compatible with all of my old Pentax lenses. This camera is amazing....more info
  • Great camera
    I'm not qualified to do a detailed camera review as we just recently switched from a point and shoot to a DSLR. I was a bit nervous that we would spend the extra money for this DSLR only to realize the source of the horrible pictures was due to the operator. However I will say that so far that even with our limited camera knowledge the pictures are a huge step up from any previous camera. We expect it will only get better as we continue to learn how to use it beyond the auto settings and hopefully as we invest in better lenses. I would certainly recommend this camera and the lens kit to anyone looking to make the upgrade....more info
  • Just the camera I needed
    After dabbling over tens of different camera models, ranging from Nikon to Canon and Olympus, I settled for the Pentax with much conviction. I was drawn towards many of the useful features that Pentax has put into the K200D including: Shake Reduction, Weatherproof Body, Robust Build Quality, use of AA batteries for power, and Backwards compatibility with almost all Pentax lenses since the 70s.
    One drawback was the effectiveness of Shake Reduction. While it helps for indoor, no-flash photos, it still doesn't compensate for much of the blur and motion. But then, you could still always use a good tripod to fix that.
    A very nice camera that helps beginning or expert photographers grow into their techniques....more info
  • K200D V ME Super
    Having owned a Pentax ME Super SLR for more years than I like to admit, and having had a Minolta digital point and shoot for a few years I decided it was about time I bought a DSLR. I used to shoot slide film all the time, but it is now getting ridiculously expensive to develop and hard to get hold of.
    I wanted to use all my old Pentax lenses so the K200d seemed a natural progression. I bought one from Amazon with the 18-55 lens autofocus lens.

    I am so pleased with this camera!! I have read some negative comments regarding size etc, but to be honest, I love the solid well engineered feel of it and since I bought it I have looked at a Canon and a Nikon and thought the build quality was inferior.

    If you want a DSLR It would be hard to be disappointed with the K200D. I have tried my old standard 50mm 1.7 lens and a Tamron zoom with Carl Zeiss lens and got terrific pictures immediately and being an ME Super user I didn't even miss the autofocus

    The built in flash is good enough for short range stuff and I have taken some good flash fill daylight shots with it, but I will now be buying a Pentax flash and I expect I will be happy with this camera for many years

    I love it...get one....more info
  • Excellent affordable DSLR
    I am very happy with my purchase. I researched cameras for about a month and finally decided on the K200D. I am very happy with my decision and cannot imagine a better product for the price i paid. I highly recommend this camera to any looking to upgrade from a point and shoot to an intermediate to experienced photographer. Of course it doesnt have all of the feature of high end pro cameras, but it does have a lot more than you'd expect from an entry level DSLR. Especially when compared to the offerings from Nikon (D40-D60) and Canon (XTi-XS).

    This is my first DSLR, so I'm by no means a dedicated Pentax enthusiast as of yet. In fact, I may switch brands in the future if necesarry, but as of right now, I am definitely content with my purchase and would have no problem recommending Pentax products....more info
  • Love it!
    What more can I say? I've had this camera over 6 months now. I used to use a Pentax K1000, went to point and shoot digital while my K-mount lenses collected dust, but became disenchanted with the limits of digital P&S cameras. Several friends were buying Nikon or Canon dSLRs. NIkon owners loved how they accepted older Nikor lenses. Envious, I was thrilled to find that Pentax has an affordable dSLR that'll accept my older collection of lenses. Although the K200D is considered an entry level dSLR, I'm amaized at all it can do. The image quality is superb. Its rugged, straight forward, a lot of fun. I've taken it on horse rides in the Rockies, bird watching in snow and single digit (F)temps and it worked flawlessly - and still does. I've never experienced any problems, not even with the lcd preview screen or battery life even in near zero F temperatures for several hours. BTW, I've been using the rechargeable AA Energizer NiMH batteries and am getting flawless results for hundreds of pictures (well over 500) before needing to replace with a fresh set.

    I have nothing negative to say about this camera....more info
  • Great beginning to D-SLR
    I have had a 35mm SLR for several years but it has been collecting dust since the digital revolution and I purchased my first digital point and shoot. Lately I have missed the control that I have with the SLR. After doing some research as to if my film lenses would fit and what the reviews were I purchased the K200D and was surprised by all that it has to offer. I love the fact that it uses AA batteries which I use rechargeable without any problems, the good battery life was also a surprise. This is a great camera and has renewed my passion for enthusiast photography. This camera has all the convenience of a point and shoot with the quality and control of an SLR great entry to midlevel camera with lots of room to grow....more info
  • Couldn't Be More Pleased
    The Pentax K200D is a pleasure to use. I purchased it for my wife, who has not been happy with the point-and-shoot digital cameras we've been using for the past few years. She cut her photographic teeth on a Pentax SLR many years ago and has missed using it.

    This camera has brought my wife back to photography in a big way. The feel of it, the comfortable and sensible controls, and the accuracy and stability of the shots has her (and me!) taking shots more frequently. The images are great, with lots of detail and depth. When we want to zoom in for sports shots, we swap out the lens that came with the kit for an old zoom lens that's more than 20 years old. That compatibility ensures we keep the value of our old gear while we get fantastic photographs.

    For old-school photographers like my wife and me, this DSLR is a perfect fit....more info
  • Excellent Camera
    This is an amazing camera.

    I began my search for a camera with the Nikon and Canon products. I had been a Canon S3 IS user for several years and wanted to stick with that brand. However, I was very unhappy to discover that neither Nikon or Canon offered products that ran from AA batteries. Carrying camera gear is issue enough without also having to carry all the extra stuff that goes with rechargeable batteries. When I searched for DSLR devices that ran from AA's, I discovered the Pentax. I am SO glad I made this purchase. Not only did I get AA as a power source, but the camera is FAR more solid feeling than any of the other DSLRs that I looked at. It is rugged, weatherproof (to some degree), and sports a feature set that lets you work in full automatic mode to full manual mode. You are likely to find, as I did, that the camera invites you to experiment with all the manual options to provides for some incredible levels of creativity. My photography has profoundly improved with this Pentax in my hands....more info
  • Love it!
    I absolutely love this camera. It gives me the chance to learn and be creative while also using it as a "point and shoot" camera. The shake reduction that is built into the Pentax K200 is awesome. It's extremely difficult to take a bad shot. :) I've taken over 500 shots with the included Engergizer Lithium batteries and still have a full charge. Now I'm addicted to buying lenses for it. You can't go wrong with this camera. I always aspired to buy a Cannon Rebel, but I can't imagine a camera being any better than this one especially for the price. The feel to the camera is fantastic. I thought I would miss the "live view" that I had with my other "point and shoot" cameras, but I'm adjusting well. As other reviewers have said, the Pentax lenses are much more affordable since you don't have to pay for the shake reduction in the lens. I'm giddy and having a blast taking great blurry free shots!...more info
  • Great camera to learn and grow
    It's a great camera. I'm a good 35mm photographer learner D SLR's for the first time and this camera has a lot of great settings to help out in the beginning of the process or for someone who can zoom in and ut but basically wants high quality family snapshots.

    I have a few problems with the controls, as I am yet unable (after a few weeks) to operate the F-Stop/Aperture setting which I can do easily on other brands. But I'm sure that as soon as I actually finish reading th huge manual I'll be able to do it. For now, the dials, though I looked them up are confusing, esp. since some of the things you have to do through menu, not dials.

    No battery pack-- something I thought would be a CON is great. Lithium AA lasted for over 1800 pics with Shake Reduction on always, constant review, and about 1/4 built-in flash use. (I don't have the additional battery grip). It will take any AA including rechargeables (though they claim they aren't recommended for best function I haven't had a problem and regular throw aways).

    I bought this camera because it is in a lower price range for its features-- most other lines only offer shake reduction built into the body of the camera in the next price range along with the huge amount of preset picture modes and options for creativity (the advanced modes).

    I haven't found the dials as easy to use as friends' Canon's (I can pick them up and change the settings without knowing their cameras)but I like this camera better, and the same product is available for a cheaper price. It also fits my set of PENTAX 35mm lenses which is a no brainer and a unique quality.

    I say this is a better camera than its similarly priced competitors by far, esp. with the functions. But it can be a bit tricky to use....more info
  • Pentax k200d
    I have used the camera for about a month now (1500 pictures) and I am in love with it. Paired with the Pentax 18-250mm zoom lens it has been a joy to use. With its incamera stablization, I have been able to capture great shots from Macro to the full extention of the zoom. The greatest benefit for me has been its ability to capture pictures that require no adjustments at all other than the occasional crops. I highly recommend both the camera and the 18-250 lens. ...more info
  • Excellent
    It is simply the best of its class overall. I love PENTAXES. I was a Canon person in film. Did not like the feel & handling of Canon lower model cameras. Their images turn out soft as well. I like PENTAX colors more than Nikon's.

    Just a great camera to enjoy. I also have K10D & K20D. K200D is my camera to just hang around town...more info
  • Spectacular Camera much better than the Pentax KM
    I love this camera! I bought it after many hours research comparing it to the Canon Rebel XSi, Nikon D60, Olympus E-520 and the Pentax K2000. After a month and more than a thousand shots I am more than sure that I made the right choice. This camera offers so many great features and is much better than the Pentax K2000 which basically has a bunch of dumbed down features such as the reduction in the number of AF points. The battery life is great too, the Energizer Lithium batteries last an incredibly long time, I'm still on my first set that they provided. I highly recommend this camera....more info
  • Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital Camera
    The camera takes great pictures. I first ordered the camera body only and used manual lenses from my old Pentax film camera. Didn't take long before I ordered auto. lenses. No complaints....more info
  • Great
    Just what the doctor ordered. I have several lens left over from the 35 mm days. I used Pentax cameras then and can now use the the lens again. So far I am well pleased. Still learning digital against film....more info
  • Great camera for both Pros and Amatuers
    I am an amateur photographer, and till recently I was using a Canon 500N 35mm SLR, which I loved. Its my first DSLR camera, and I am very happy with it. I did a lot of research, and comparisons with Canon and Nikon. Once I decided on Pentax, I had trouble deciding between Pentax K10D and K200D. After a lot of research, I chose K200D, for the following reasons:

    1. Both offer the same features and functions, but K200D is cheaper.
    2. The only key differences between the 2 are that K10D has a pentaprism viewfinder, whereas K200D has a pentamirror. This doesnt cause any change to the quality of pics taken. The second is that K10D, being the prosumer camera, has most of its functions adjustable manually without having to go into the menu. In K200D, these must be set in the menu settings. Again, no big deal. Just a convenience.
    3. K10D is heavier than K200D. For an outdoor person like myself, the weight is an important factor when I am walking on rough and uneven trails for many hrs. With the bag, and camera around your neck, and your friends hurrying you up, you dont want a very heavy camera.
    4. K200D is a camera released 2 years after K10D. Its most likely that there are improvements in the software, bugs fixed, if any.
    5. K10D only has manual modes. K200D has both preset modes and manual. I see no harm in having the preset modes, even though I dont intend to use them. Might help when I have little time to setup and shoot.

    The K200D camera itself is a very beautiful camera, easy to hold and use. It has a robust design, and great performance, under all conditions. ITs even water and dust resistant. The image stabilization function is very useful. The camera has a pretty big image viewer, which shows high and low contrast areas in the image. Useful function.

    Some usability issues I noticed was that the function button used for selecting ISO, number of frames, etc, turns off the screen as soon as you select. Thats kind of annoying, because, I would like to see the selection I made on the screen, as confirmation.

    Overall, very impressive camera, and I love it. See my sample images.
    ...more info
  • Feature-packed camera for a great price
    I had two Pentax film SLR's for over twenty years, and then came compact digital cameras. I was waiting for a reasonably priced DSLR to move up to. The Pentax K200D fit the bill.

    I am able to use my three film SLR Pentax lenses on this camera - no other manufacturer supports their film lenses on their DSLR (except for the very expensive full-frame cameras).

    The features are great and plentiful - too many to mention. And I do not miss the "live view" capability at all (framing your shot on the lcd display), as I am very happy and comfortable using the viewfinder to frame my shots and see the camera's settings.

    There is some controversy around loss of detail using the built-in JPEG engine which is wonderfully reviewed at [...] I confirmed this loss of detail shooting my dog's hair. As the review points out, if you want all the detail, shoot in RAW and be happy. I also set the camera to use use the Normal setting and contrast/hue/sharpness at 0.

    I have owned this camera for over four months now, shooting a couple of thousand pictures, indoors and out, landscapes and portraits, parties, the moon and snapshots. I use Picasa for managing my photos (it supports Pentax RAW). I used auto-bracketing, consecutive exposures, shutter priority, aperture priority, ISO priority, manual and automatic. This camera is a blast to hold and to use.

    Bottom line, for a little more than $500, you get a camera that will make any amateur photographer happy. For that price point, I think this is the only camera worth considering....more info
  • Great camera with everything you might need.
    Hello fellow shoppers,

    As there are many reviews about this camera I will keep this one short.
    -Great PQ
    -Lots of user settings, but auto settings work as good, it picks up the correct scene every time in auto mode. You will quickly understand the menu UI and different settings as they are very good described both visualy and as text on the screen.
    -Good VR, you don't hear or feel a buzz, which is good.
    -I was able to use my old ('87) 35-70 and 70-210 Pentax lenses. Autofocus works as it should razor sharp and exposure is correctly calculated.
    -I really like the kit lens, it is of far better quality than other brands kit lenses. It comes with lens hood and has a professional look to it. Very fast AF (way faster than Nikon!)

    -The included lithium batteries (AA-size) gave me 750 images instead of the 1200 images as advertised on the box. (12MP JPEG, 10%flash,little screen use).
    The next set were Alkaline batteries and gave me 200 shots. So stay away from Alkaline's. Make sure to get the battery grip BG3 and 2 sets of high capacity NIMH's. The camera is quite compact compared to Nikon's but slightly larger than comparable Canon's. I have large hands as I'm 6'6" and I really need the battery grip to have a good feel on the camera. I guess the body is the right size for normal people :)
    -The power consumption was higher with the 8GB SDHC card I used at first. Now I get about 900 images with a normal 2GB SD card and one set NiMh's GP 2700mA. I think the SDHC cards use more power, stay away from them if you don't need the capacity.

    All in all, very satisfied Pentax customer and feel happy everytime I go out and use it. I noticed I take the camera with me more often than I used to because it is so intuitive to operate. You are always fast enough to get that 'drive by shot' in the city :)
    ...more info
  • Severe underexposure at all settings!
    I just couldn't believe that a Pentax camera could be this bad and waited far too long to complain. I have wasted far too much time trying to get exposures right only to find that the pictures are way too underexposed at all the different settings attempted. I periodically get a decent picture if I crank up the ISO to a ridiculouly high 1600 for an average sunny day or use a 5.6 and a very slow shutter speed. So, what am I going to do? At this late date, buy a Nikon or a Canon and forget this disaster ever happened. ...more info
  • Another good Pentax camera
    The only thing this camera does not have that I wish it did was a live preview. It is backwards compatible with my older Pentax lens, so I would rather have that than a live preview. Also, and almost as important to me, it uses AA batteries. I will not buy any product that uses a "special" battery...they are overpriced and you have to have at least two to have a spare. I have 24 NiMH rechargeables and a charger analyzer that keeps them in good shape. I thank Pentax for those two features. By the way, the picture quality is excellent. The colors are vivid and well saturated with and without the flash. The flash works well up close (3 feet) unlike most others. The pictures are sharp and well defined from edge to edge. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a live preview. I had looked at two companies who said they were in stock for immediate shipment, but when I ordered the camera and did not buy an expensive Li-Ion battery and large "extremely fast" memory card they were all of a sudden out of stock. Both of them NYC Broadway camera companies. I ordered from Amazon, which cost a little more, but had the camera in two days with no shipping cost. Thanks Amazon for being there again. I should have never wandered away....more info
  • Simply superb
    There is no exceptional about the Nikon or Cannon of the same genre, moreover the pentax offers nice features for the bucks paid. The same competitor models are pricey comapred to k200d. The shutter speed is good, sensitivity priority mode is good, full auto feature rocks. The image stabiliazation on body is very nice, it does work nice. May be the stabilization on lens would be more accurate. However, for the kind of price paid on lens with image stabilzation on nikon or cannon, I 100% prefer to have the pentax. It's a really a nice product, and i hope nobdoy ever dissapointed....more info
  • great camera
    Since I have had 3 Pentax film cameras over the years (K1000, Me Super, and the Super Program), I had an investment in the K-mount lenses for them. This DSLR was the next logical step up for me, and I am very happy with this camera. I have only had it for about a month, and I am still learning everything that this camera is capable of doing, but what I have learned and experimented with so far has been very good. My old lenses work well with it (with manual focus of course). It has produced some great pictures so far. It seems the marketing trend now-a-days is go with either Nikon or Canon, and I am sure they have very good DSLRs too, but I am a loyal Pentaxian that is happy with this choice....more info
  • Legacy Lenses OK!
    I have been a loyal Pentax customer for the better part of 25 years. My first was a fully manual K1000 from 1981. ( Which by the way is still a great film camera ) I used that camera to fill the gap in-between great imaging, and quick imaging in which I use a "point and shoot" digital camera for my digital needs.
    I have read reviews, and magazine ads waiting for a decent DSLR that can fill my all in one needs, and not fret about having hundreds of dollars of unused lenses, and filters in a case.
    Well here it is! Though not really addressed in their ads at any length, The Pentax DSLR will indeed fit and use all their legasy K lenses!
    NICE... all my zooms, wide angle, macro's and filters will be useful again in the 21st century. To my knowledge Canon, Olympus, Sony, etc have missed the consumer boat in engineering their cameras to use the lenses current customers already have in their posession. To be sure, the new lenses will allow for automatic metering, and focus. But for someone who already is comfortable in making my own exposures, and focusing, I can use my stock of lenses that were already invested in.
    Thank you Pentax!
    Oh and this camera does indeed make great images! Have no fear....more info
  • Great for backpacking
    I love this camera. I bought it from Amazon with the kit lens, and I bought a used lens from B&H. The great thing about Pentax is that they put image stabilization into the body instead of the lens, so I can find inexpensive used lens from people who are abandoning their 35mm cameras. Weather sealing and rugged construction make it great for hiking, backpacking and my kayaking trips. The Pentax might not be the most popular brand, but the cameras are the best bang for the buck....more info