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The FaucetLock
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Product Description

WHO'S USING YOUR WATER AFTER HOURS? The FaucetLockTM by Flow Security Systems, Inc. has a unique patented free-spinning design in order to secure faucets and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorized use, tampering and water theft. The FaucetLockTM is made of solid brass (to prevent rusting) and includes two keys (additional replacement keys are available). Unlike other security devices The FaucetLockTM can be keyed alike so that multiple hose bibbs can be secured with the convenience of having only one key. Along with providing complete security and peace of mind at your house, vacation home, or apartment, The FaucetLockTM is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, is ideal for schools, college campuses and shopping centers and can easily secure hospitals and apartment buildings hose bibbs in seconds. There are absolutely no tools required, and definitely no padlocks that can be removed easily with a screwdriver or a pair of bolt cutters. *Recommended for outdoor faucet use only.

  • The FaucetLockTM
  • Easy Installation-Twists on to a Faucet in Seconds!
  • No Tools or Padlock Required
  • Stops Drips, Promotes Water Conservation
  • Identical Keying Feature Available

Customer Reviews:

  • Just what I was looking for!
    This product is just what I needed! The kids at the park next door were using our faucet to drink out of and then leaving it on after they were done. Water is at a premium here in the desert, and our bill was very high. Neither Lowe's or Home Depot had any solutions to my problem. The lock came quickly after I ordered it, looks great, and works perfectly. Even if the faucet is turned on, it prevents any water from leaking out. It took about a minute to install (you just screw it on and lock it), and did not require any tools. None of the kids have been able to take it off or unlock it. I'm glad I ordered this, it was money well spent....more info
  • Good product
    Great product. Absolutely stopped the water thieves. It's easy to put on and take off the faucet as needed. Not cumbersome at all. You just need to remember where you placed the key!...more info
  • Water Stealing Neighbor Already Noticed!!!!
    After my son's girlfriend notified us that our neighbor was stealing our water to wash his and his friend's cars started looking for something like this. After high water bills last spring and summer, don't think I going to them again. As the Water Stealing Neighbor already noticed The Faucet Lock attached to MY water bib. As he was walking out to his car I heard the smart-aleck remark to one his fellow water stealing friends on what an idiot I am for doing that. All that did was make me smile from ear to ear with smug satisfaction that his days of stealing my water are long gone. Highly recommend both The Faucet Lock and Flow Security Systems, Inc. ...more info
  • The best faucet lock
    I was looking for something like this for months. I am very happy with this product. Now I do not have to worry about somebody else using my water when I am not home....more info
  • Great Product
    I experienced some tampering with my water faucet. This was great way to fix the problem. The Faucetlock was easy to install and it looks great. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • FaucetLock
    After having a frost-free faucet installed I had no inside shut off valve. The FaucetLock is the perfect answer.The FaucetLock...more info
  • GREAT !!!!!
    I'm in the process of rebuilding my home after Hurricane Katrina, since
    returning home, I've notice that daily the young men in the park across from my home, come over to use MY water! I've tried everything to stop them but they ignore my request. I then decided to place a faucet lock on the front lawn...IT WORKS GREAT!!!! No more problems..... ...more info
  • Good
    My wife woke up one morning I was out of town to the sound of running water. Some punks in the neighborhood turned on the outside faucet sometime before 6am one morning. I ordered these the same day.

    Didn't get a call to ask if I wanted them all keyed alike as I was hoping based on the other reviews but, oh well, the keys have a tag on them and I just wrote which set goes where.

    Interestingly simple design and very effective. Very heavy and thus not cheaply made.

    Very pleased....more info
  • If you're looking, buy this one!
    I was having a problem with outside water use at a property I own and started looking for a locking device for the faucet. I am so glad I found this one. It works great and was incredibly easy to install. The customer service was also a pleasant experience. I had a question about the product and called the company. I left a voice mail message and my call was returned within a few minutes....more info
  • Just as advertised...great product!
    I received the faucet lock on time...only the wrong key was sent with the package. After trading a couple phone messages, the company did not hesitate to send a new lock with the correct key. I did not have to send the incorrect lock back before they sent the reconciled order...which was pleasing to me as a customer.

    I could not be any happier with the works perfectly and is a cinch to install (as simple as putting a hose on the bib). Now, I need to get the other lock returned to FaucetLock...which they provided a paid postage return label.

    Very happy customer...have told many others....more info
  • A very well built product
    When I placed the order, someone from the company called me and asked if the locks were going to be used at the same place, and if so, if I wanted the lockes keyed the same way for convenience. Now that is what I call customer service. Good customer service is hard to find these days. I of course had them keyed the same.

    When I got the locks, they were very well packed, and they arrived at the specified date if not earlier. I was very impressed with the locks. They were very well built. You don't see this type of quality any more. The locks were made of a very heavy and durable metal, and I almost want to say bulletproof. I have these locks protecting all the faucets outside of my house.

    I highly recommend these locks to anyone, or any company that has had water stolen from their faucet....more info
  • the faucet lock
    I bought these for my rental units, the quailty is high,and they work great and I recieved excellent service. I would highly recommend these to anyone ...more info