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  • A heck of a ride!
    Hotshot cops Keanu Reaves and Jeff Daniels race the clock to rescue helpless hostages from a mad bomber. The title is well earned as this edge-of-your-seat thriller keeps the energy level at a constant high pace. From an elevator rigged to blow to the runaway bus, the bomber stays one step ahead in a fiendish game of cat and mouse. Highly recommend!...more info
  • How do you survive on the freeways of Los Angeles?
    Forget the sequel. This is the one that should be seen by every die-hard action movie fan. Alongside the Die Hard series and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, this is yet another action film that does its job well. It helps us escape from reality and make us watch a high-octane two-hour display of suspense, drama, and in several occasions, comedy. I still have no idea how they were able to film scenes on the slow-moving freeways of Southern California, but they sure accomplished in what they wanted and needed. Reeves, Bullock, Hopper, Daniels, and Morton give marvelous performances throughout the film. Hopper especially steals the show as the maniacal bomber who will stop at nothing in order to get what he wants. Mark Mancina's music score adds finer touches to this highly popular action film, while John Wright's editing really hits the spot. Jan De Bont's directorial debut should not be missed....more info
  • still exciting after all these years
    Watched this movie with friends who had never seen it. The plot twists, the action sequences, the bad guy, no wonder very few movies are this good. As with "Die Hard," you need a really great "bad guy" to make the movie a hit, and Dennis Hopper can be your psycho like nobody else....more info
  • Speed... Is it really what I need?
    Ok, when I watched it in the cinemas, it was great. The action was there, the intense feeling was there (its like "24", only its almost 2 hours long), you grip on to your seat, you scream and shout and its like "Keanu is so cool" and all... and it was the complete hit for everyone. I was hook even.

    But then comes the DVD Five Star Collection. Yes, the extras were there. Yes, some of the fun things about the making of the movie is there. The deleted scenes were necessary to be taken out from the movie and now you can watch it and say "thank you for taking it out, Mr. Editor" and most of all, the music video that isn't... well, anything exceptional.

    Still, one of the most irritating features for this collection was the interactive menus. I had a hard time pressing for the selected path I want to go. Worst even I had to push the arrow button a few times to get there. And the opening of the menu... the music really gets me on my nerves.

    All in all, yes I enjoyed the movie despite the flaws you can see while watching the movie. It can be part of your collection if you enjoy this movie... but then again, while watching one too many times, you might get tire of it. Still, a movie that makes Keanu looks cool... and that is before "The Matrix" even (which make him SUPER COOL!)....more info

  • Picture quality may disapoint you
    If you have seen Planet Earth in HD, this movie will disapoint you in terms of picture quality. Don't get me wrong, it's better than a upscale 1080p DVD.

    I guess technology is not there yet to convert old movies compared to the ones that were shot in HD format originaly.

    Sound is good, DTS HD at 1.5Mb but not PCM 5.1 which is at 6Mb.

    If you always push for the best quality and sound this movie is not for you.

    If you are a fan buy it. ...more info
  • The movie speed
    I thought the movie to be great. its a classic and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I liked it a lot better than the next one. It reminds you to keep an eye out to you never know when you might find yourself on a hijacked buss! Who dont love the drama and excitement of speed!...more info
  • Better in Blu-Ray
    Speed is just a truly entertaining movie and even better in Blu-Ray. Upgrade your copy now....more info
  • An adrenaline pumped ride
    Speed is kind of like Die Hard on wheels. In both films there is a hostage situation, while a madman demands money or else people are going to die. The cast, acting, dialouge and story are not as sharp in Speed as Die Hard IMHO, but what makes Speed uniqely different is that the entire movie isn't focused into a single structure. Instead, we are on a Los Angeles public bus that cannot travel under 50 mph or else the bomb underneath will detonate. The stage is therefore set for non-stop speeding thrills and suspense.

    The movie has 3 main stages. The majority of the film is the bus, but before that begins the film starts off immediately with an introduction to our villain Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper), an ex-cop who places a bomb in a tower elevator and the L.A. officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) sent to neautralize the bomb and rescue the hostages caught in the elevator. While it does provide the film with an instant scene of suspense, it's nearly 30 minutes in length and after a few viewings of Speed, I am more than ready for our bus scene.

    The next hour of the film is the bus. Payne has planted a bomb underneath, and racing down the L.A. freeway comes the bus, and anything in its path better be ready to duck, jump, or get run over. An unfortunate accident on board places an every day young woman named Annie (Sandra Bullock) in the driver's seat, while officer Jack jumps on board to do his best to control the situation. But Payne is one smart bombmaker, and almost every scenario is pre-thought out leaving Jack with little time to come up with a plan. Meanwhile the bus has until 11am, or Payne receives his money, before it blows.

    The final scene is a little unnecessary but set up to take control of our villain once and for all. This scene takes place on the subway, in an abondoned subway car that is speeding out of control. After a wild ride for an hour or so on the bus, the subway scene is little exciting, and like I said, feels like it was thrown in the mix just to wrap things up.

    Overall, Speed succeeds by providing great action and thrills that almost never let up. There are moments when I felt I was one of those every day passengers on that bus. But then when I listen to dialouge and some rough acting by the majority of the supporting cast, I remember its just a movie. Nevertheless, Speed is original and effective for what it is. It is a classic in its own right.

    Acting - 3.5
    Action - 4.5
    Characters - 3.5
    Story - 3.5
    Overall - 4
    ...more info
  • A Thrilling Ride
    It seems that some of the best and sometimes worst Directors come from being Cinematographers.
    With Jan De Bont I think I'm sitting on the fence here. He's a great Cinematographer see Die Hard, Hunt For Red October, Basic instinct, Lethal Weapon 3 or even this movie for instance. His Directing though leaves a lot to be desired. This movie as well as Twister are acceptable but then he made the travesty that is Speed 2 or more recently, The Hunting.

    Speed is the story of Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) he is a disgruntled cop who has already been thwarted when he tried to get 2 million bucks from the city with an elevator bombing. Now he puts a bomb on a bus that will explode if it drops below 50MPH. Jack Travern (Keanu Reeves) is a cop with way too much testosterone who is the man who is trying to stop the bus form exploding.

    The movie is filled with some great scenes BUT (and it's a big but) YOU MUST suspend you disbelief for 2 hours to really enjoy it.
    ...more info
  • Still a thrill ride
    I haven't watched Speed in many years. Now the timeless classic is on Blu-ray in all it's cinematic glory. These movies make it clear why Blu-ray is what the director intended his movie to look like after all these years. After all the movies that have come out recently that use computer graphics it's great to watch a movie that uses traditional special effects and stunts.

    Speed could be considered an epic in what it has done for action movies. The sit on the edge non-stop unpredictable action that makes movies like this great. The name of the movie implies what the movie is about. Dennis Hopper plays a deranged man who is out to get what he believes is his. He will do anything to get it including killing dozens of people. The only thing that stands in his way is an action cop played by Keanu Reeves.

    Although some of the acting could be considered cheesy at parts it is still good. Sandra Bullock does an excellent job in one her first big movies. This movie did enough to put these stars on the blockbuster map. Of course after watching the movie some of the scenes are very unrealistic but that is why you need to watch the movie without being a critic which is sometimes hard for me. From the first minute on the action was intense and the movie stayed fun making this a movie I could watch over and over again as I already have.

    The Blu-ray version is excellent with a very refined picture and greatly improved sound. This is how the movie was intended to be seen. Especially when watching it on a big screen with full surround sound. For anyone looking for a great action movie in high definition this is it. ...more info
  • Speed Still Thrills
    In the past decade or so there has been a plethora of Hollywood action films. Most have been absolute dross. "Speed", however, is a notable exception.

    For a two hour period, "Speed" keeps the viewer glued to his seat as we watch Keanu Reeves attempt to foil the efforts of Dennis Hopper using hostages to keep the city of Los Angeles at ransom. Both Reeves and Hopper are excellent in their roles.

    Yes, I know it can be argued that the film's plot is perhaps absurd. However, don't let this point obscure an edge of the seat story that still resonates well in 2005 after debuting in cinemas in 1994.

    Whether for the first or umpteenth time, "Speed" is a great ride.
    ...more info
  • A terrifying high-speed classic for the ages.
    Perhaps one of the most terrifying adrenaline-rushing movies ever made 1994's "Speed" is a terrifying but absolutely original movie with a very original plot.

    Set in the traffic-congested streets of L.A., the beginnings of the attacks begin when a metro bus is blown up just as it makes its stop at a bus stop. Also, an elevator has its cables severed after a bomb that was planted explodes sending the elevator and numerous passengers in it plummeting over 50 floors down but is stopped temporarily but in only a matter of time, the elevator will crash to the bottom floor and can they rescue those on board before it's too late?

    However, that is just the tip of the iceberg as two disgruntled cops, are on a hunt to bring down the reign of terror from a retired police officer turned terrorist Howard Payne, and save numerous passengers stuck on a bus with a powerful bomb planted that will explode when the speedometer goes below 50 miles per hour plus the passengers are held hostage as the escape routes are rigged with explosives that'll go off when any passenger attempts to escape through the exits!! Now the two disgruntled cops, with a large task force assembled, go on an extremely dangerous and highly adrenaline-rushing mission to rescue the passengers on the bus WITHOUT causing it to go below 50 miles per hour and also to stop Payne's terrorist activities.

    The title of this movie is just downright perfect for what the movie really is. It's one very long extremely suspenseful ride along a terrifying visual assault, seeing the bus go over a 50 foot wide gap on an unfinished freeway, and through opposing traffic, I've never seen a movie like this that has so much action yet relatively little of the human to human kind of action, little fist fighting, guns shooting, etc. and for that this movie stands out among the numerous action movies of modern times, being a type of action movie that relies more on long suspenseful sequence rather than just a whole bunch of numerous human to human combat, gunfights, yada yada yada.....

    Whoever came up with this clever movie plot was a total genius. Sad to see a great movie legacy be watered down with the lousy follow-up sequel "Speed 2: Cruise Control", which had little of the adrenaline and a far slower paced plot than this one. Even Sandra Bullock, who was excellent in this one, seemed like she was ready to leave the set with "Cruise Control" as soon as possible. On "Speed" though, she was just awesome, showing the sheer terror of Annie's experience on the bus as she tries to keep it from going below 50 mph.

    Keanu Reeves may be having another glory era in his career with the Matrix movies right now but for me, "Speed" is Reeves' best acting performance of his career to date. Absolutely an astounding movie to watch whether one's brain is in on or off mode this movie is. Buy it today!...more info

  • Excellent Action Movie
    If you enjoy plenty of action then this is your film. The storyline is farfetched which is the reason that I gave the movie 4 stars. If the storyline had been more believeable then the film would have earned 5 stars. The bottom line is that you watch the movie for the action sequences. As in any action film the bigger screen is better....more info
  • you put Neo on a speeding bus and you got the movie Speed
    Keanu Reeves (The Matrix Trilogy, the upcoming Constantine due in February of 2005) plays Jack Traven...a cop who with his partner Harry, Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, The Goodbye Girl 04'), thought they got rid of badguy Dennis Hopper (Knockaround Guys, Rebel Without A Cause) but they havent for Hopper has planted a bomb underneath a public bus in which it has to keep the bus above 50 miles per hour and if it goes under 50 miles an hour the bomb explodes the Keanu-man has to jump aboard the bus so he can keep the people alive. In the process of these events, the bus jumps a gap, Keanu's partner gets a surprise and a little bit of romance between Keanu and Sandra Bullock (Murder 8y Numbers, 28 Days) happens...2 kisses really..nothing touchy-feely. Nicely played out and executed with memorable action scenes. Keanu Reeves is one of his best roles, alongside Neo in The Matrix movies, of course...Sandra Bullock = sexy, sexy and Dennis Hopper = evil a-hole but he is perfrect in the role. Also starring Alan Ruck (Tv's Spin City, Ferris Buellers Day Off), Richard Lineback (Hush, Varsity Blues), Joe Morton (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Executive Decision), Beth Grant (Tv's Angel (season one guest star)) and Glenn Plummer (The Salton Sea, The Substitute). If you want some advice about the sequel Speed 2; Cruise it is...dont watch it....just be glad this was the better one of the two. ...more info
  • A teaching tool.
    I am using this film as a teaching tool for my bus operators to teach situations that may occur if a bus is hijacked, once they have done all the state requirements, I show the films....more info
  • Most overrated movie of all time...
    This thing was terrible and I thought it couldn't get any worse until I was forced by my wife to watch Speed 2!...more info
  • Modern pure-action masterpiece
    On occasion, I crave for good action entertainment...but Jan De Bont's SPEED isn't just good, it's well-nigh spectacular. I watched this movie many years ago on video, and the sheer suspense and excitement its simple premise generated gripped me from start to finish. As far as I know, this is arguably the most perfect pure-action action movie I've seen yet.

    Of course you know the premise: mad terrorist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) plants a bomb on an LA bus that will explode if the bus moves at over 50 mph at any point, and it is us to supercop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) to foil Payne's plans. From that simple idea, though, director De Bont and screenwriter Graham Yost craft a crackling action thriller that moves from setpiece to setpiece, sustaining momentum all the way through. In lesser hands, SPEED might have seemed merely jagged, but De Bont skillfully hold it all together through sheer high energy. (This was De Bont's directorial debut, but perhaps his experience shooting action films like the classic DIE HARD helped him here in some way.)

    The result is one of the best, most exhilarating of modern action films. Yost carries through his sipmle but creative premise without resorting to worn-out action cliches (there is no silly digital readout accompanying the bomb, for instance), and in his pursuit of action excitement he doesn't forget to bring his characters closer to the audience via colorful, distinctive dialogue. We always relate to the hero, and for this kind of action film, that's a good thing. The performances more or less get the job done, although Sandra Bullock shows a lot of appealing spunk in her heroine role---it's easy to see why she became a star after this movie. Reeves does well with the action heroics, and he is always convincing in his role. As for Hopper, as the creatively-named (hehe) villain, he shows once again (like he did in David Lynch's BLUE VELVET) that he is one of the best in the business at playing bad guys. He sure is bad, but Hopper brings a distinctive, almost charismatic, style to what could have been a generic villain performance in less experienced hands. And, of course, the action scenes are beyond reproach. Who could forget the bus' miraculous leap into the air as it attempts to jump across a gap in the highway? And the finale is simply spectacular, with a train derailment that John McTiernan tried to ape in the subsequent year in DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE.

    In short, if you're looking for high action entertainment that may not necessarily revolutize the genre but gets the job done smashingly, SPEED fits the bill marvelously. I mean, with a title like that, which action-film fan could resist? Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Great action movie
    I bought this movie a few years back, and I can still enjoy it. This movie was praised because it was a great movie. This movie made it somewhere because it was simple for even 10 year olds (that's how old I was when I first saw it)to understand the plot. Movies that have a more complicated plot is not as enjoyable. If a movie goes too deep into the story, it's going to get boring and confusing. So kudos to the cast for making a movie that anyone can understand and enjoy. That's one big complaint about this movie. The second one is about the realism. If you were to rate all movies on the realism only, then the Matrix, the Hot Chick, and Resident Evil would all get below zero stars (or on amazon, all one stars). Plus the only unrealistic part is when the bus jumps a fifty foot gap, and it is kind of realistic. You couldn't jump fifty feet, but you could jump a few feet because of the incline. And when they make the turn at over fifty miles per hour, all of the passengers moved to the other side of the bus, which is realistic enough. The other big issue is bad acting. They did a great job and gave you solid entertainment. Let's see some of you act without screwing up every two seconds or getting fired for doing a bad job. Obviously these were the best people for the job and they did great.
    Now on to the review. This movie was released in 1994 and became a big hit. It is funny, serious, and a great action movie that builds up the tension. Every few minutes there is a new obstacle to overcome and is vital to whether the bus blows up and they all die or the survival of the passengers on the bus. This movie has all the ingredients for a good movie. A hero (Keanu Reeves), the bad guy (Dennis Hopper), the sidekick (Jeff Daniels), the girl that the hero saves and falls in love with (Sandra Bullock), a simple plot (a psycho puts a bomb on a bus and if the bus goes below fifty miles per hour it will explode), and suspense that will keep you glued to your seat. It ultimatly aces that part, which is a hint that it is a good movie. This is my favorite movie besides Die Hard and is almost as good as Die Hard. This movie is great for anyone who enjoys action movies and can take some unrealistic action. This movie is highly recommended to everybody. ***** out of ***** for one of the best action movies of all time....more info
  • Get out the popcorn.
    Who would have thought that the monosyllabic Keanu Reeves could pull off an action role. (Okay, Stallone has made a career of it.) But the heart and soul of this movie lies with then unknown Sandra Bullock. It is her Annie who really tells this story. Reeves is just along to do the stunts.

    Make no mistake about it... this is no great drama. Jan deBont is not so much a director, as a cinematographer that got a promotion. Just get out the popcorn, sit back and enjoy....more info

  • speed
    movie was a good action, fast paced movie that is appropriate for all age groups...more info
  • A Great Thrill Ride Of An Action Movie
    One of the most legendary of action movies (and deservedly so) "Speed" is a full-octane thrill ride bolstered by great performances and an unusually potent level of character interaction. In revenge for the foiling of his plot to hold an elevatorful of hostages for ransom, a maniacal villain (Dennis Hopper) targets one of the cops who stopped him (Keanu Reeves) by launching a plot that makes him responsible for saving a busload of civillians. With the bus wired with a bomb that will detonate if its speed drops below fifty miles an hour - intentionally making Reeves's attempt to board and save it a suicide bid - Hopper demands another ransom, thus going after revenge and profit in the same gambit.

    As in most of the best action movies, the deck is really stacked against the movie's protagonist. The bus can't slow down, it can't stop at red lights, it can't be refueled, and it's forbidden for anyone to try to leave the bus: with helicopter news crews capturing the whole thing live, Hopper can monitor events at leisure from his hideout. Sandra Bullock plays Annie, a girl who ends up driving the bus after its original driver is incapacitated early on, and the great chemistry between her and Reeves is a big plus in the movie (that chemistry worked again a few years later in The Lake House (Widescreen Edition)). Actually, the interactions among everyone on the bus play off very well and believable. "Speed" features some of the more innovative action sequences for this kind of movie and succeeds in creating a good rush with them. A film that compares well with the best "Die Hard"s and the first Lethal Weapon (Director's Cut), this is, needless to say, an essential for action fans, as well as one that even those who rarely go for the action movie should check out....more info
  • Great Movie
    Great Action... Looks awesome on Blu-ray.. This is a must have for all you action lovers. Explosions are amazing in 1080p

    ...more info
  • Very cool movie
    Yes Keanu Reeves cant act, but who cares? This, to me is the role that made him and Sandra Bullock famous. Its just one of those films that keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. I applaud Dennis Hopper in this as well, great acting....more info
  • Speed
    This was definitely worth the money and a hard item to find these days but I am very happy with the purchase...more info
  • A Masterpiece of the Action Genre
    Speed is a great action movie. It's got a cool set-up, it wastes no time jumping directly into the action, and it's got excitement that never lets up.

    Keanu Reeves plays Jack Travern, an officer with the LAPD, who along with his partner Harry (Jeff Daniels) saves an elevator fill of people from a mad bomber (Dennis Hopper). By the end of it, it seems that the bomber is dead and the two are awarded medals for their bravery. Soon after, a bus blows up before Jack's eyes and the bomber calls him to give him the set-up. There is another bus with a bomb on it. The bomb will be activated once the bus reached 50 miles per house. If it drops below 50, it will explode. Furthermore, the bomber wants 3 million dollars by 11 a.m. Once on the bus, Jack meets Annie (Sandra Bullock), a loud-mouthed, charming passenger who ends up driving the death trap while the bomber watches the action play out on TV.

    The idea isn't very original, but screenwriter Graham Yost kicks the thing into overdrive the minute the film begins. He also throws a few curveballs every couple of minutes to keep the audience on their feet. The excitement, tension, and suspense the film creates does not die down until the credits finally roll.

    With that said, Keanu Reeves isn't very convincing at times. In the first few minutes he appears fidgety (no joke) and confused. Physically, he fits the role pretty well but the man endlessly struggles to deliver his dialogue convincingly. You'll know what I mean when he says "there's enough C4 on this thing to put a hole in the world." Luckily, Reeves doesn't need to be very good because (A) it's an action movie and (B) it is so well made that everyone else is good enough to offset the man.

    If Bullock's role has been cast differently, many of the scenes on the bus (roughly 85% of the movie) wouldn't have worked as well. Her charm, even when her character gets rather is annoying, is what really counteracts some of Reeves' more annoying acting qualities. I'll take it a step further by saying I don't think Bullock has been more charming. She's cute and gritty enough to pull off her role perfectly.

    Hopper could sleep walk through this role as he's accustomed to playing it at this point. He's still appropriately diabolical. Finally, Jeff Daniels turns in strong supporting work as Jack's partner.

    It's funny though; despite my paragraph about Reeves, I can't really picture anyone else in this role and I'm not sure I'd want anyone else. But, moving on, the movie is one long, great action scene and it's unlikely you'll find an action film more entertaining. Some of the dialogue's not that great (or maybe it's just Reeves' delivery), but everything about this movie makes it so superior to other movies in its genre.

    GRADE: A-...more info
  • Wow!
    Talk about a WILD RIDE! Action, explosions, suspense, mystery, twists, turns, surprises, chemistry, romance, its got it all!!! You'll be very surprised Keanu and Sandra have not worked together again until The Lake House (which is great too!) A mad bomber has started a spree and specifically drags in Keanu to try and catch him if he can. Excellent movie!...more info
  • Unintentionally hilarious
    This movie is excellent - if you don't realise that it is supposed to be serious. If you think that it is a parody of action movies then it is great. Reeves' over the top deep macho voice is hilarious, and the women all cry and panic whilst the men all say "grrr" and make smart-alec quips - think Brad and Janet in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". The characters are extremely shallow and unbelievable - one minute Bullock is freaking out, and the next she is coyly flirting with Reeves. If you want intentional hilarious parody then I'd recommend "Rocky Horror" instead....more info
  • Speed
    This is one of those rare action/suspense movies that will far surpass your expectations. You will be on the edge of your seat a lot because the suspense build up is done that well. The cast is what impressed me the most. I knew what to expect with the Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves pairing, but the supporting characters were a surprise as they were outstanding. Jeff Daniels is always wonderful on screen. Dennis Hopper was great as the lunatic holding them hostage.
    ...more info
  • Loving it, loving it, loving it!
    I absolutely love this movie! Alongside Titanic & Pearl Harbour (see, I have no taste in films, according to some) this is one of my favourite movies. I remember the first time I watched this, it was on TV, and I was still in my early teens. I found the start credits extremely boring, and then Dennis Hopper stabbing the guy in the head (well, I'm guessing that hurt), got me interested. And then Keanu Reeves (Jack Traven) came on screen, and the whole world just stopped. You know what that's like when you see a really cute guy (or girl, whatever your preference)? This film got me obsessed with Keanu, and even though he's done some rather daft movies in his time, this isn't one of them. Although it took me another couple of years to see the whole of it, as I got told to stop watching it due to the swearing. Give me a break, I was only young - my mum seems to think I picked my language from somewhere else, when really, it was from her!

    I'm notorious for defending Speed, and probably will do until my death. No one can forget it was the same Keanu who was in Bill & Ted, or they'll do silly impressions "This bus will exploooooooooodddddddddddeeeeeeeeeee". Good grief, if you don't like the film don't watch it. People definitely have something against Keanu being in this movie, but lets face it, he got this role over loads of others: Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. Would any of them have filled the role the way Keanu did? The answer is no.

    What amazes me about this movie, is the chemistry between Jack & Annie (Sandra Bullock). They are (now) two of my favourite actors, and it's just the way they look at each other in the movie - makes you go all gooey inside. Awwwww! This was the movie that shot Sandra to stardom, although she's great in a previous movie, Demolition Man.

    For the third time in a row, I'm reviewing a movie that involves a lot of driving. The stunt drivers, or someone pulling the bus is shown loads in the extras of this - really disappointing when you're a young innocent, who thought that Sandra could really drive like that! Twelve buses were used, including two which exploded; one for the freeway jump; one for high-speed scenes; and one used solely for 'under bus' shots. The bus jump scene was done twice, as the bus landed too smoothly the first time. The bridge was actually there, but erased digitally.

    Apart from Keanu & Sandra, there are some great actors in this: Glenn Plummer, Jeff Bridges, Joe Morton, Dennis Hopper etc. Glenn Plummer is fantastic, and also appears in the sequel. He also got his licence taken away two days before he was due to start filming!

    The extras on this DVD are fantastic, and will keep you occupied for a wee while. They include: commentary by Jan DeBont; commentary by writer Graham Yost and producer Mark Gordon; extended scenes ("Jack Shoots Payne in the Neck," "Payne Lives/Cops' Party," "Annie's Job," "After Helen's Death," "Ray's Crime"); easter eggs (DVD Credits, Airline Version of Bus Crash - which are where?!); Inside Speed Featurettes on the location, stunts and visual effects; production design (60 stills); original screenplay (240 stills); action sequence featurettes on the "Bus Jump" and "Metro Rail Crash"; multi-angle shots with audio ("Bus Jump" - 9 angles, "Cargo Jet Explosion" - 9 angles, "Jack vs. Payne" - 4 angles, "Metro Rail Crash" - 9 angles); multi-stream storyboards ("Bomb on the Bus," "Baker Sequence," "Bus Jump," "Metro Rail Fight & Crash"); interview archive (with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Dennis Hopper, Jeff Daniels, and Jan De Bont); HBO Special; Trailer & 11 TV Spots; Billy Idol Music Video; press kit; production notes (40 stills) and image gallery (various stills).

    This is a great movie, ignore all the so-called critics, who don't like it. I love it. Although Keanu doesn't appear in the sequel, this is one of his roles that far stands out, and beats the Matrix trilogy hands down....more info
  • One of the best action films I've seen.
    Keanu Reeves is a rarity: he's a second-rate actor (at least compared to other big movie stars like Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford) who has kept his career afloat courtesy of a critically and commercially successful film every now and then. These films usually have the tendency to keep his big-screen acting career going steady for another four to five years, by which then he somehow latches on to another big hit. I hear he's going to be starring in the period epic Tripoli, so expect his career to extend to at least 2011.

    Speed is one such film, his second after Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), but it's one of those much-hyped blockbusters that's actually worth of all the acclaim it's received and then some. Bringing together a highly unlikely cast (Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Jeff Daniels, and a then unknown Sandra Bullock) and first-time director Jan De Bont, it must have spelled a recipe for disaster.

    But by miracle or just pure filmmaking bravado (more the latter than the former, though if the film had been made yeseterday, I might be more inclined to agree with the former), they pulled off a great action film, one of the best ever.

    After beginning with what must be one of the most intense opening credits sequences, the plot quickly gets underway. Mad bomber Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) has just rigged explosives to drop an elevator and its apparently wealthy occupants down quite a few floors to their deaths. But his plan to extort $3.7 million is foiled by quick-thinking LAPD cop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) and his partner (Jeff Daniels, in pretty much the thankless role that really doesn't go anywhere).

    Out for revenge, Payne raises the stakes further in his ransom demands by rigging a bomb under a city bus. Once the vehicle goes over 50 mph, the bomb will be activated, and once the bus goes below 50, it'll be detonated. Traven makes a mad dash for the bus, arriving after it's already passed 50 mph, but able to keep the bus from going below. Unfortunately, the driver is shot in a mishap, leaving spunky passenger Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock) to take the wheel. To make matters worse, they're in the middle of morning rush hour; staying about 50 mph will be almost an impossible task.

    Speed is divided into essentially three acts and setpieces: the opening elevator sequence, the centerpiece with the bus, and finally a climactic (or post-climactic as some may see it) resolution which I won't divulge here. The bus sequence is easily the movie's highlight, quite possibly the longest action scene I've ever seen. The whole setpiece lasts just a little over fifty minutes and throws in every imaginably plausible hindrance there is to keeping a bus over 50 mph.

    The stark simplicity of the premise is what fuels the film. There's probably no greater compliment I can pay the movie than to say that I can't imagine the premise being pulled off better. Every strand related to story and script is merely a means to keep the action and suspense going; I've rarely seen a film maintain such a high level of intensity and pure thrilling, crowdpleasing fun for such a lengthy period of time.

    Director Jan de Bont's work here is probably among the best feature film debuts out there (only Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead comes to mind as an equally terrific debut, but was that even released in theaters in the U.S.?); he keeps the editing super-tight and the pacing frantic, but still puts the action together with crystal-clear comprehensibility. That's a fantastic accomplishment. Whatever happened to the de Bont who knew how to deliver such kinetic thrills? Each of his successive films have been progressively worse, and he's even gone as low as making a Tomb Raider sequel. Mr. de Bont, you're better than that.

    The acting and dialogue are adequate enough that they don't distract from any of the action or thrills. Limited as his talent may be, Keanu Reeves is just one of those actors who I can't help but like. His performance here is still fraught with obvious moments of poor acting, but he's overall better than usual and occasionally even quite good, and he's a pretty damn easy hero to root for.

    Sandra Bullock is perhaps the real standout of the picture. As feisty and sexy in a girl-next-door way as any heroine, Bullock is appealingly down to earth and entirely convincing as just a normal bystander caught in an unbelievable situation; this is as natural as acting gets. She also has damn good chemistry with Reeves, one of the vital elements missing in the sequel. Dennis Hopper is fine as the villain, this isn't really anything we haven't already seen from him in one form or another but his schtick was still amusing at the time. Cast directors must also be applauded for all (well, most of, a couple of the extras in the bus are pretty bad) the extras and character actors they used to play the bus passengers; there's a genuine sense of teamwork and solid chemistry at hand.

    At no point does Speed ever crumble; its perfectly lean storytelling ensures that it never strays from the thrills on hand and it's so exciting only the biggest hard-hearted churl would try to nitpick the implausibilities. The last few minutes might seem a little excessive when one considers how exhausted we already are from all the non-stop action. That said, the third act is still very exciting, just not as inventive as the action that came before it.

    Speed was inevitably followed by a sequel, which wasn't entirely unenjoyable in its own right, but misses a lot of the spark that's evident in this picture. Hell, I'd even say it needed Keanu Reeves, but by that magical Keanu rule of blockbuster hits, he wisely passed reprising the role of Traven and went on to star in The Matrix. Yup, I don't see his career extinguishing any time soon....more info

  • So Which One Is Wylie Coyote
    After the first 30 minutes of non-stop action and hair-raising close calls with little or no dialog-- about the time the super-charged bus made a death-defyimg leap across a freeway chasm-- I figured there had to be a pause coming up. You know the old-fashioned type movie-making when the audience gets a chance to catch its breath and anticipate the action to come. Maybe even a few minutes of human interest. But that pause never came. Then after the second 30 minutes of non-stop action and hair-raising close calls-- about the time the bus blows up the airplane real good-- I figured the pause had to come. But no, it never did. Instead, there was another 30 minutes of non-stop action and hair-raising close calls, and about the time the subway began to get a mind of its own, something really strange happened. I realized I had gotten bored. Now you wouldn't think that with all that non-stop action and hair-raising close calls, a viewer could actually get bored. But I was. Something, I think, about too much of one thing becoming first familiar, then old, and finally tedious. Then when the non-stop action and hair-raising close calls finally did come to a stop, as all things must, I had my final revelation. What I had just sat through only looked like a real life movie. But it wasn't. Not really. Instead it was only a cartoon version of non-stop action and hair-raising close-calls with human versions of those familiar characters the Roadrunner and Wylie Coyote. Unfortunately, the money I spent was not cartoon money....more info
  • Lift,bus,train. 16th april 2004.
    A great film for the actions. It starts off in a lift that breaks down, then it goes onto a bus that once it reaches 50mile an hour, it can't go below that speed cos there is a bomb on the bus. Then in the end, the last 2 that are on the train find a way to get off, but they can't. Superb film even if you don't like any action films and shooting films....more info
  • Real Speed!
    Probably saw it for the first time since the movie came out.
    I knew I always liked the fast-paced no-nonsense action movie, but had forgotten a lot of the story.
    The theme music grows on ya, and you are enamored into the hard-core action.
    A simple and fun 'Friday night ' movie.
    The opening elevator scene alone is pretty 'sweat-in-palms' stuff, but thats only the beginning people! And just when you thought it was all over with the non-stoppable bus, lol! there's the subway scene! Yikes!
    Keanu looking sharp with that cool short haircut.
    No real 'making of' on the disc, but a few special features including a game for the kids.
    Director Jan Debon went on to do Twister [Blu-ray] but we haven't heard from him lately. Speed was actually his directional debut, and he delivers!

    Pity about Speed 2 - Cruise Control... Its not the same without Keanu. Notice they haven't issued Speed 2 on blu-ray. Figures... ...more info
  • What a ride!
    I saw bits and pieces of this movie a few years ago, and didn't think much of it. Last night I watched it all the way through for the first time. What a ride!

    I love the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Both their characters were so heroic and caring - what a great example!

    The movie was just plain on-the-edge-of-your-seat action. It was fast, it was exciting, it was fun.

    There wasn't a lot of cussing, but there were several bloody scenes. It wasn't nearly as gory as most similar kinds of movies are, however, which I appreciated.

    This isn't going to change your life, but it's certainly a fun few hours....more info

  • I keep coming back
    SPEED has been one of the handful of movies made in the last ten years that I keep coming back to again and again when I need an action fix. I think it's partly because its premise is so impossibly simple: there's a bomb on a bus that will go boom if the bus goes below 50 miles per hour. That's it. I also think it's also because for all the noise and action, it really doesn't take itself too seriously. Everyone, even the usually sulking Jeff Daniels, appears to be having a good time. And, of course, it doesn't hurt to have the maniacal Dennis Hopper performing opposite Keanu Reeves who is properly underplaying his role as HERO.

    SPEED, I admit, is a no-brainer. But if I wanted to watch something cerebral and intellectual, there are plenty of others to choose from. I mean, from which to choose....more info