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Coby DP240 2.4-Inch Portable Digital Photo Album with MP3 Player (Black)
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $29.99

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Product Description

2.4" TFT LCD / Displays JPEG image files / Plays MP3 and WMA audio files / Photo slideshow mode / CE and FCC Certifications / SD card slot Integrated rechargeable battery Media Support - Integrated 1GB NAND Flash; SD/SDHC/MMC Format Support - JPEG Photo and MP3, WMA Audio Slideshow Functions Audio Output - 3.5mm Headphone English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Menu Language Dimension - Weight 3.27 x Height 2.2 x Depth 0.5

  • 2.4" TFT LCD color display portable digital photo album with MP3 player along with attractive leather cover
  • integrated flash memory lets you store and display your photos easily, displays JPEG and BMP photo files, photo slideshow mode
  • SD card slot
  • USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers
  • integrated rechargeable battery

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great frame
    This frame is great. I love it. I created slide slows with music in windows movie maker...after I convert them to avi they play great in this frame. AWESOME!!!! I am one happy camper..I may have to buy a couple more of these frames.
    ...more info
  • digital picture frame
    i like this product because you can store many pictures. and you you don't need to go out and print pictures,, saving my time and money! :]...more info
  • Coby DP-558 5.6" Digital Photo Frame with MP3 Player
    I recently purchased a Coby Dp-558 5.6" Digital Photo frame for my wife. The purchase was made two months early (thnakfully) so that I could put together pictures with specific songs. I'm glad that I did purchase the product early due to the fact that the "USB" port for link to computer was PLUGGED. By plugged I mean unusable, so I contacted the manufacturer who instructed me to remove the plug. Well, before destroying the gift I removed the backing to see if there was an actual "working USB connection which to my surprise there never was as advertised by the literature. So I went to Radio Shack with Gift in hand and they were as baffled as I since they could not find in stock a USB with two male ends. So I have resorted to a flash drive. I did however like the fact that I did not have to adjust the resolution/size of any of the pictures and the picture quality was surprisingly good. The two interchangeable frames allow you to use at home for color coordinating with either black furniture or brown. Fun to set up and fun to watch....more info
  • Awesome!
    I gave this as a gift and was skeptical because of the very low price. I felt I had probably been duped into buying a paperweight. BOY WAS I WRONG! This frame is great, I have used other Coby products as well and they are awesome. This worked great and my mother loves it!...more info
  • False Information
    This was probably my worst investment on amazon ever. I've got nothing but annoyances from this digital photo album. I wanted to get something simple and easy to use for my girlfriend while she's traveling abroad, but I can barely get it to work right. Random pictures come out blurry, making it so you have to figure through trial and error which pictures will work and which wont. Also, the programming is so congested and slow that it wont let you skip through photos at will, you have to wait, which sometimes takes 30 seconds to a minute even with 5 sec slides. the buttons are plastic and flimsy. The button to make selections is the same to turn it off so it often ends up shutting off when you get frustrates because it doesn't make the selection you want.

    I only give it two stars because the picture quality is nice for the pictures that do work. It just takes a lot of work figuring out which ones those are....more info
  • worst digital frame
    coby digital frame dp758
    pros good looking ,and affordable .
    cons :
    it has usb port and a card slot
    pics need to be resized
    when pics are taken from 10mp camera they look very dull on frame
    it takes long time to read the usb and card slot
    infact usb thumb drive never worked
    only the sample images which come with the frame look good
    coby website has least information
    just dont buy
    ...more info
  • Speedy delivery
    the digital frame was new in a never opened box as promised. Was delivered before the promised date. Everything is good....more info
  • better than expected!
    I was very pleased with this product and this seller. It shipped faster than I expected and the frame was very attractive and easy to use. It's simple to set up and the display is clearer than I expected it to be. I would definitely buy this product again....more info
  • Coby 3.5" Portable Digital Photo Album
    This is a great little digital photo album. I wanted something special for a Christmas gift for my mom, who is computer challenged. The picture is clear and crisp, just the right size for mom to carry around in her purse and use for grandma braggin' rights. It holds 1,000 pictures and has a card slot for more photo options. This is a great gift for the grandmas and grandpas of the world, or those folks that don't carry around a lot of technical devices. ...more info
  • Spend your money on another frame from a different manufacturer
    I bought 2 DP-758.

    I tried to use my 4G SD card from my cell phone and my digital camera, but the DP-758 would not recognize it. I had to order older (slower?) 2G SD cards.

    After the DP=758 recognized them, they run through the slide-show a couple of times, then stop at the setup screen. The menu has nowhere to set it to continuous.

    The resolution isn't very sharp.

    When I call the help line I sit on hold, being told my position in the queue. Several minutes after being told I'm #1 in the queue, I am told to hang up and call back at a later time because all CSRs are busy helping other customers. This has happened TWICE! This is completely unacceptable.

    I have received substandard products and even worse customer service. I hope I'm not stuck with 2 unacceptable photo frames. Coby still hasn't responded to my email request (over 2 weeks).

    Spend your money on another frame from a different manufacturer. ...more info
  • Nice frame for a nice price
    The DP848-128 8.4 inch frame is a nice frame that works perfectly and looks great. I purchased it for my mother who was very skeptical about digital frames and now she loves it. It is easy to load pictures onto and easy to program for a slide show. The picture quality is excellent with a nice brightness adjustment that makes the photos look really clear and crisp. Very Good deal!!! ...more info
  • Glitchy, buggy, undependable performance on two units
    First one arrived but did not display photos properly. The images were off-center so that the center of the photo was pushed down and to the right by about 2 inches. This pushed the far right of the photo to the far left of the picture frame and the bottom of the photo to the top of the screen.

    Returned it to Amazon and ordered a replacement.

    Second one arrived with the same problem, but the images were only off-center by about .75 inches. If the glitch in the units just shifted the photo down and to the right so that part of the photo was just missing or offscreen, I might not even notice or care for most of my photos, but the glitch pushed the image down and right but reproduces the "lost" part on the left and top, which really made it hard to look at the photos.

    I'm trying a different brand. ...more info
  • Great
    It is a very nice item, wish it had moree internal memory, you will need to use a SD card, ...more info
  • Average digital frame.
    Got this as a present for my mom. She loved it. I didn't need any big features because my mom is technology handicapped so it works well for someone like her....more info
  • digital photo frame
    I have not had a chance to use it yet although I know it is a good product and it's something I had been looking for, especially at that price. ...more info
  • A little disappointed...
    I have purchased two digital photo frames recently. This was one of the two. This Coby frame is a little more difficult to operate and the photos are not very clear. However, this frame was alot less expensive. So I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Coby Portable Digital Photo Album
    A great product. Small enough to carry in a purse or pocket. Resolution is fine and the capacity is large. Very easy to download photos into the
    album. A winner!...more info
  • Coby DP1048-128 10.4-Inch Two Interchangeable Wooden Digital Photo Frame with MP3 Player (Black, Brown)
    If the frame actually was compatible with my MAC OS X, as it says it is, then I would rate this frame higher. I like the mat finish on the glass, the size is what I wanted, and the frame is nice. The marketing visuals on the internal memory are very good clarity, with the option to brighten or dim. I really wanted to keep this frame but could not get my computer to recognize it in my MAC finder. I plugged it into a friends PC, and it did appear to recognize the USB connection.

    This is the replacement frame, the first Coby CSR thought it was damaged some how and so Amazon replaced it without any shipping cost to me. Now this one is the same deal. Coby said they would have a technical person call me, but after a week of waiting, I contacted Amazon and they thought it best just to return it for a refund.

    Too bad for Coby and me, I like the product otherwise....more info
  • Don't buy!!
    Bought one and sent it back and thought I had just bought a bad one, re-ordered and the replacement was bad too. The product shows a real clear picture but is very difficult to get it to work. Don't buy this product as it has many techincal problems. ...more info
  • It's OK but not great.
    I ordered this as a Christmas gift and sad to say that they had to give it back to me to exchange since the first unit would not even power up. After I got he second one, I decided to test it first before giving to the recipients. First thing I noticed was that SDHC cards do not work with this frame. I had to go out and purchase a regular SD card and I was then able to load in pictures. The pictures looked clear and vibrant in color. The idea of changing the face plate is great but it is fabricated of plastic, so to me the black face plate made it look very cheap. Not many options in user controls but easy to operate. I have better quality digital frames that are more user friendly and have better options in controlling the views of the images. I went for a cheaper model and I guess I got what I paid for. ...more info
  • This product works great
    Easy to assemble and use out of the box. The remote is rather small, but usable. Other reviews stated some photos did not reach edge to edge, but there is an adjustment on the remote to change from the 4:3 ratio to the 16:9 making the photo larger. The only negative is fragmentation in some photos sometimes. Not sure of this cause. Otherwise, I would recommend this product to everyone. For a first time buyer of this type of digital frame, I am well pleased.Coby DP-758 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame...more info
  • BEWARE Coby has no post-warranty repair
    Coby 4 GB Flash Video MP3 Player with FM Radio (Black)Coby DVD-224 Compact DVD PlayerCoby TF-DVD7377 7-Inch DivX Compatible Portable DVD PlayerCoby DP-769 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame with MP3 Player & 2 FramesCoby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TVCoby KTFDVD1093 10.2-Inch Under-The-Cabinet LCD TV with Built-in DVD/CD Player and AM/FM RadioCoby DP-882 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Built-In MP3 PlayerCoby TF-DVD7050 7-Inch TFT Portable Tablet-Style Portable DVD PlayerWas told COBY provides no repair service at any price on out of warranty products. I had a DP 102 pic frame 1 year old and was told maybe I could find a local repair shop....more info
  • Worst digital product I've bought
    I cannot get this to cycle through more than 6 or 7 pictures before it totally locks up and I have to use the reset function built into the back of the unit. Right now it's sitting in a drawer collecting dust, as it is useless to me. I bought this several months ago and have tried since day one to get help from coby but with no result. They only have an online support system with no live intellect behind it. I will NEVER buy another coby product again. I advise those who do, to keep your reciept and make sure you are able to return the product. ...more info
  • picture frame
    everything worked as elderly mother uses this all of the time and she has no problem operating it...great investment for the family...more info
  • Works great.
    The Coby digital picture frame was easy to set up. Just pop your picture card or USB drive into it and hit slide show. The only complaint I would have is the buttons on the back are hard to see what they are. Otherwise works fine....more info
  • Coby DP-350 picture frame stinks
    Come on, this thing should just work. But it doesn't. Drag-n-drop jpeg pictures and they show for a while (a couple of days at a time), then goes black...then the buttons stop working...then reset, repeat, rinse, repeat...sorta works, then goes black. This thing is a piece of crude...shoulda bought a kodak....more info
    The order shipped immediately, recieved on time, product in perfect condition as stated on sale. Given as Christmas gift and so far so good, thanks for the amazing price!...more info
  • digital photo album
    I enjoy this very much but, I am not very "technologial". So--- I wish the instructions were more helpful. More that a tiny booklet at least. there is not a trouble shooting page. So for anyone that is quick to learn definitly get this. I am 65 and it is great for a brag book. I needed my 14 year old grandson to help me---each time....more info
  • Good for this pice tag....
    Looks of this frame are decent .. 2 interchangeable face plates...
    Pixel resolution is not good but ok for long distance view...
    Images need to scale properly for proper view(use less than 70 kb images).
    Audio quality is good. Not All Video formats tried but avi files captured by canon camera were not supported.
    Lot of memory card options.
    Overall satisfied with product for price paid 40$....more info
  • Small Picture, difficult to load
    The picture are on the frame was smaller than expected which is my own fault I suppose. The thing that bothered me the most however was the inability to easily transfer images on my computer to the frame. It's designed to take images off one of the memory cards you find on cameras but there was no way to move older images from the computer directly to the frame without extra hardware. I returned the unit and purchased a larger unit with the ability to transfer images directly from the computer for about the same price at a local H.H. Greg. The return process was exceptionally easy and quick. Much better than taking a unit back to the store. ...more info
  • Costs less than half what a usable frame costs :)
    I bought this frame because reviewers gave it high marks. I was shocked at how bad the resolution was after I received it. Partly it was a problem of the device doing a bad job of downscaling the images (as one reviewer described.) But mostly it just isn't usable quality. I wouldn't want this on my shelf no matter how little it cost. I returned this one and bought a Sony model with twice the resolution for about twice the price. At that resolution it's something I can live with on my desk....more info
  • Great Gift for Grandma
    I bought this as a gift for Grandma, and it fit the bill beautifully. She has a Sony camera and uses memory sticks, and this frame accepts them as well as the more common SD and XD cards her "kids" use. As with many digital frames, the image quality leaves much to be desired, especially after viewing your digital pictures on your computer monitor (with a bigger and better screen). But for Grandparents showing off the grandkids to their friends and neighbors, it's great....more info
    It was so easy to use. I took it out of the box and was viewing pictures in no time. Very easy to use and the set up was a breeze....more info
  • Coby digital frame
    I chose this item because of its size, appearance, features,and the fact that it had gotten good reviews. One important feature was that it has sound. Not all digital frames have that option, and for me this was important. The frame was a gift for my sister, who has vision problems. She called me on Christmas Day and was so very, very happy. The pictures were bright, clear, and large enough for her to see without trouble. She told me she was viewing pictures that she hadn't been able to see for a very long time. I will be sending her pictures and video of the family here in CA via flash drives now. How much easier could this be?! I love it!...more info
  • Coby DP-758 photo frame
    I don't know what this product is or what it does, but my wife says she loves it. She received it for a Christmas present and said it was very easy to use and did not require a lot of time to display photos.
    Happy customer with a happy wife!
    ...more info
  • coby
    we gave away 6 of these as christmas gifts. they were all funtioonal and worked great. we love the ease of use as we gave them with a preloaded sd card to less techinical and a much older audience. everyone was able to use....more info