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Resident Evil 5
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Product Description

This next-generation follow-up to the terrifying series introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. As Chris Redfield, your life is in danger as you strive to complete your most dangerous mission yet in a sweltering desert colony where a new breed of evil has been unleashed. Swarms of marauding evil beings will charge at you when your pulse is racing at a heart-shattering pace. Environments will play a bigger factor than ever here, using the power of next-gen systems to create a world where terror might lurk in any alcove or shadow. Powerful lighting effects overwhelm the player with mirage movement and blinding brilliance, and even in the light of day, there is no safe haven in this Resident Evil. Powerful New Weapons - The number of weapon variations has been greatly increased providing new ways to keep enemies at bay. Fear Light as much as Shadow - Lighting effects provide a new level of suspense as players attempt to survive in both harsh sunlight and extreme darkness.

Experience the thrill and terror all over again with Resident Evil 5 for PS3. Featuring Chris Redfield of the original Resident Evil and Sheva Alomar, a West African agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), this sci-fi survival game is staged in a remote desert colony packed with hordes of fast-moving, quick-thinking enemies that represent a whole new breed of evil.

Cooperative game play options let you take teamwork to a new level. View larger.

Dramatic graphics and lighting effects add a realistic edge to your mission. View larger.

Move through vast environments that have a discernable impact on game play. View larger.

You'll face faster enemies backed by improved AI. View larger.
Meet Two Fierce, Playable Main Characters
Back from the original title and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, former S.T.A.R.S. special forces team member Redfield is a battle-tested, founding member of the BSAA. With a reputation for superior marksmanship and phenomenal hand-to-hand combat abilities, he's on the ground and up against a new strain of evil.

You'll call his shots from the same over-the-shoulder third person viewpoint that distinguished Resident Evil 4, except this time you'll also have the option of playing as his teammate, the fierce, local Alomar. Whoever you play as, updates to the earlier version's third-person control scheme offer more options and promise intuitive interactions.

Learn to Work Together
The new cooperative game play element focuses on the realities of a dual-agent mission, highlighting the ways in which Redfield and Alomar must work together to survive the unexpected, while still allowing them to split up and work alone. To help you maximize the potential of this setup, two-player online and offline co-op modes ensure that you have options when picking a partner.

Steel yourself Against the Harsh Reality of Kijuju
An advanced version of Capcom's proprietary MT Framework game engine brings groundbreaking graphics and effects to Kijuju, the highly-developed environment where this game's action takes place. New, lifelike lighting schemes highlight the differences between harsh sunlight and extreme darkness, and when you move from one to the other, you'll have to wait for your character's eyes to adjust before you can see clearly, adding to the suspense and challenge of navigating this game's environs.

Face the Next Generation of Evil
You'll face new enemies with faster reflexes and improved AI, designed to be as dangerous alone as they are in groups and to keep even Resident Evil masters on their toes. Thankfully, they're not the only ones who have evolved. This game also offers access to powerful new weapons variations that extend your destructive capabilities.

And the updated, quick-select inventory system allows for real-time inventory management, as well as allowing characters to trade items and allowing you to place an item on the directional pad for instant access. Add all this to a detailed storyline the touches on what the past ten years have meant for Redfield and a Hollywood-caliber soundtrack, and it's clear that the latest installment in this series really does showcase all the elements at the heart of horror gaming.

  • Tackle a horror-filled mission as Chris Redfield from the original ###LT!!!i###GT!!!Resident Evil###LT!!!/i###GT!!! or Sheva Alomar, a West African agent of the BSAA
  • Take advantage of the new, two-player online co-op mode to double your team's effectiveness in the face of a new breed of evil
  • Use new weapons to defend yourself when faced with hordes of faster, smarter enemies
  • Explore the remote desert setting of Kijuju with highly-developed, detailed game environments
  • Experience groundbreaking graphics and effects delivered by an advanced version of Capcom's proprietary MT Framework engine

Customer Reviews:

  • Dumb
    After the innovations that made Resident Evil 4 such a success, its sequel is hamstrung with a string of shockingly bad design flaws. The decision to have an AI-controlled partner with you throughout the game was a colossal mistake that detracts heavily from gameplay. Idiotic inventory management, awful partner AI, the inability to run and shoot, constantly being low on ammo, and a plot that was totally goofy...yeah, this will be the last game of this series I bother with. ...more info
  • This game is not Resident Evil
    In fact, I'm not sure what this game wants to be - is it Tomb Raider, is it Devil May Cry, is it Gears of War? It certainly isn't a Resident Evil game. It's so different from any other Resident Evil, except maybe part 4, that it seems like a debut to a new franchise; and not a good one at that.

    I love Resident Evil (RE), which I've probably played over 20 times. I love RE 2. RE 3 was OK. RE: Code Veronica was great. Even RE, the remake for the Gamecube was good. I have not, however, played RE 4 because I was not into the PS2. I now have a PS3, so I bought it because there was a lot of hype.

    Because of my background, I'll be comparing this game to older REs instead of RE 4. On the other hand, having not played RE 4, my perspective is fresh.

    The first thing I noticed when I started playing the game was how bad the controls are. Previous RE games had perfect controls for what the game asked you to do. Say what you must, but it was always easy to turn a corner. In RE 5, a sharp corner can be difficult because Chris makes such a wide turn. Too sharp a turn and he'll stop to turn which is not cool. On top of that, guns are powerful, which throws enemies far with a few shots. This makes me lower my weapon, run to them and then raise the weapon again. There is always wishing that I could just walk over to them and continue to shoot. Overall, they feel clunky, and it really ruins the fun of shooting. What this game is missing are controls similar to GTA4.

    RE 5 is less of a horror game, and more of an action game. For some reason Capcom believes that many enemies on the screen, constantly putting you in a time sensitive situation is considered horror, but it isn't. There is nothing scary about that; all it does is make me anxious, which is not a feeling I enjoy.

    Capcom got rid of the loading screen with the doors opening, which was a stupid move. The loading screen with the door opening, gave the illusion that there were no loading times. It also helped create mood for the game. Instead of that great idea, RE 5 has regular loading screens that say "Loading", just in case you forgot you were playing a game. The worst part is that they put a small paragraph on the screen with some history of the RE series, but they don't give you enough time to read it because the loading is so quick. That is sooo annoying.

    The story in this game is blown out of proportion. You may not agree, but I rather liked that Umbrella was the sole company and that there was an isolated incident in Raccoon City. It seemed weird and scarier that way. Now that a global operation is revealed, it seems cheapened. It all makes sense, but it's as if it just became generic instead of special.

    There are other quirks about the game that annoy me too. The dialog is really bad sometimes - I thought we've moved past this. Handgun bullets appear, even if I don't have a handgun equipped. Bullets appear out of illogical places. Enemies have great motor-skills until they get close to you - that doesn't make sense and it ruins the immersion of the game. If you could assume that the Plagas parasite made them retarded in some way that would be one thing, but they don't. Albert Wesker has a super human ability to move faster than bullets, but somehow, he's really easy to kill. If you see the cutscenes in the game, he looks impossible to kill, this is a big "we made him easy so you can defeat him" move by Capcom. Do they expect me to take them seriously with these issues?

    In conclusion, Resident Evil 5 is a playable game, but it isn't that good. It doesn't do anything special, it doesn't make sense, and the shooting is not as entertaining as in previous RE games....more info
  • Cheez Whiz but this is fun!
    Been a gamer since way back in the day. Like old nintendo and sega systems, dude!

    But i haf ta say this latest game in the RE series is da bomb in graphics dept. Sure some of the storyline section is cheez whiz - but i found that i didny care!

    I dig the movies too. Hope the next one looks more like dis one. Iff ya aint got it ya need ta git this one. Blood and carnage at its best....more info
  • Must Have for ps3
    Its like re4 but with online. Its great a little trouble getting used to te controls but its perfect....more info
  • A solid Entry into the series.
    Capcom has hit the ball out of the park with the very enjoyable latest chapter in the classic Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 5. This time out, Capcom has wisely eschewed the on rails gameplay of the recent Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and allowed gamers a full range of movements to explore the detailed landscapes of the game.

    Playing as Chris Redfield (from the original game and Resident Evil: Code Veronica), the game is set roughly 10 years after the original game and sees Chris travel to Africa in order to investigate a reported viral outbreak at the hands of the Umbrella corporation. Shortly after his arrival, Chris meets his new partner, Sheva Alomar and sets out to investigate the strange happenings in the local town.

    Before Chris can even get settled in, hordes of infected locales are laying siege to he and Sheva forcing them to fight a defensive battle. As the duo move about the decimated town, they discover that a team of soldiers has been decimated by an unknown force. When Chris and Sheva locate a disc of information, they soon find themselves in a race not only to deliver the date and solve the mystery behind the infection, but for their very survival.

    The game uses the same over the shoulder perspective of Resident Evil 4, and in a new twist players must work with their partner to complete the game. This to be honest, was a mixed bag for me, as while I was grateful for the help, healing, and company Sheva provided me, there were times where she was in the way, or responded in a manner contrary to what I was trying to accomplish. Thankfully you can opt to use a flesh and blood player to back you up and for certain segments of the game, I found it easier to play with a human rather than the A.I. character.

    It did take me a little practice to get used to the controls and inventory system as well as the ability to upgrade weapons and attire. Once that was down, and I was able to focus on my game, I found that I really enjoyed the game.

    While it has been a source of some controversy amongst fans, I found the mostly daylight setting of the game to be a novel approach and found myself immersed in the story. While it did not provide me any real scares such as did Dead Space, it is a entertaining and enjoyable game, and I took great delight in shooting an oncoming enemy, and being able to finish them off with a well placed stomp.

    Playing on my Playstation 3 system, I really enjoyed the vibration function offered by the Dualshock 3 control as it was a perfect compliment to the solid audio and amazing visual quality of the game.

    While the controls and the a.i. were at times an issue for me, I was able to work around this and found myself really getting into the game. While it is a departure from past games in the series, I applaud the designers for stretching out instead of just recycling the same formula again and again.

    As I mentioned earlier, the sound and visual quality of the game is amazing and the dynamic and natural lighting effects added a sense of immersion to the game that really helped sell the story. While not perfect, Resident Evil 5 is a solid and enjoyable game that should delight fans of the series and provide a great gaming experience to new fans.

    4 stars out of 5.
    ...more info
  • nice game easy to play
    the only "complaint" about this game is when you play double offline the screen is divided in 2, so you get kind of confused sometimes.other than that this is a great game and plus f you play it with the HDMI cable conection to your high vision tv it s awesome!

    ...more info
  • Boo Get off the stage!
    I was severely disappointed in this Resident Evil, I had bought the game, went back to my room and in the dead of night began to play, hoping for the pop out zombie-fest that I love from this series. What do I get in return? a day-time thriller that reminds me more of a bad 80s horror flick than a good Resident Evil game.

    I returned it after 20 mins of gameplay....more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!
    When RE4 came out, I was hooked! I thougth that there would never be another game like it. Little did I know that only 4 years later, a game would come out that would change that opinion. Every thing about this game is GREAT!!!!! Even if your not really in to games with zombies in it, it still is a awesome action game. It is not so much scary than it is just plain INSANE!!!!! For those of you hardcore Resident Evil fans that really liked the originals better than RE4, then maybe this just isn't the game for you (but give it a whirl anyways!). It really doesn't have that classic Resident Evil feeling that you're "always afraid that something is going to jump out at you." That's what makes the game so great. It gives you that feeling when you're least expecting it. Throughout the whole game, I NEVER wished "come on, just end already!" Throughout the whole game you are always on the edge. Whether it's the Chainsaw Majini, the 800 pound Bat, or the Giant Majini that is in the Marshlands that just randomly jumps out and goes "AH LA LA LA LA LA", Resident Evil 5 is just a great game!...more info
  • the most fun coop game
    finally there is a game where if you get stuck on a level or part, someone can help you, what i loved the most was how can keep upgrading your weapons, even if you beat it and move up a level. Its a very challenging and fun game, the only disappointment was the game didn't seem as scary as the original, it took away, but the fun factor is definitely there. ...more info
  • 4.5 stars - Not a Horror Fest, but a Great Action !!!
    Horror fans beware !!! This one is not what you'd call a surviving horror.

    But for action fans, pack your arsenal and let's have fun hunting some biological weapons !!!

    Pros :
    - This installment is the most accessible to the casual players. You can stock up your arsenal by re-visiting the past levels for guns, ammo, and treasures as many times as you want. It's a good idea if you feel that your supplies are running too low to proceed to the next stage. It's also good for maxing out your guns.
    - Items and ammo found in the stages are just the right amount for each difficulty level. If you play on normal level and don't feel like re-visiting the area, you don't have to.
    - Parner AI is fairly smart. She might do stupid things and lagging behnd too far sometimes, but mostly she's there when you need her. Parner can be considered the fast way to heal. You can give all the healing items to her and she'll do the job while you're caugth up in shooting. And co-op mode is definitely a welcoming feature.
    - Unlockables are decent enough to add a reasonable replay value to the game.
    - Weapons are interesting.

    - The item farming option makes the game very easy compare to the previous installment that you could get stuck if you don't manage the items well enough. This remove the big chunk of challenge and tension out of the game.
    - Knife is, as always, only good for destroying crates and barrels. One-button swing would be great. Move-and-shoot ability would be welcoming also.
    - They give you infinite ammo cheat, but not for a grenade launcher. I don't see the reason why they wanted to leave this gun out. It'd be so nice for the trigger-happy players to blast their way through the game with its various selections of ammo.

    This is not a pro or con. RE5 is definitely NOT a surviving horror. Anybody expecting creepy atmosphere and heart-pounding moments would be dissappointed. Shooting biological weapons in broad daylight doesn't really do the trick. Enemies can jump you from the blind spot, but that's about it. If you're looking for intense horror elements that makes your stomach squeeze, I'd highly recommend Dead Space instead of this game.

    In conclusion, it's a stress-free, action-oriented RE.

    I never see RE as a horror franchise. For me, RE1-2 were half-way between action and surviving game with decent amount of creepiness. RE3 was a little more action. So, I'm unable to understand people who complain about this game not being scary anymore. However, I'm not going to be judgmental about that.

    As an action game, RE5 does a great job. I had a great fun and beat the game 3 rounds straight on easy to hard difficulty. I'm comfortable with this new and more accessible direction of the franchise. ...more info
  • Meh...It's ok.
    I've played several RE games over the years (1, 2, 3, 4, Umbrella Chronicles) and have enjoyed them for the most part. The moment I popped RE5 in my PS3 I was immediately underwhelmed by the game play. Visually it was stunning, not doubts there. Maybe I've been spoiled by Gears of War and Uncharted. The ability to run and gun adds an extra dimension to game play that every other 3rd person or 1st person shooter provides these days (you can't do that in RE5). Realistically, I'm not going to stand there and try to shoot zombies as they come after me. I'm going to keep moving while I'm shooting to keep them away from me. Duh. I guess I can understand why Capcom wanted to keep some of the same elements from previous games to satisfy fans, but it's time to evolve.

    There is little to no scare factor in this game. When I first started playing and had my character walk down various streets I waited in anticipation for monsters to jump out at me. That didn't happen. I could see the zombies coming from a mile away. Yawn.

    A lot of other troublesome details have already been described by other reviewers, so I won't droan on about them. Suffice it to say, you should probably rent this first to see if it's your cup of tea....more info
  • Great game!
    This is a great game! I bought it for my husband and he loves it!!! I enjoy watching him play it too! Great story line as well, its almost like you are playing in a movie....more info
  • RE-5
    this again is into the lastet games with co-op play graphic are off the chain action heart poundind what else do i have to say ...20+...more info
  • Biggest disappointment of the year
    First off, let me get this on the table: I am a single-player kind of gamer. I don't really enjoy teaming up with other people online very often, and especially not in game like this. I love a good story, one that is long and involving and a game that feels challenging and satisfying.

    Resident Evil 4 was all that for me. That was the first RE game I ever played, and it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. So, I was beyond excited for this one, especially when it looked like it was going to be the same gameplay as RE4 but with better, HD graphics. And set in Africa? Sounds cool.

    The first disappointment was realizing this was going to be an entirely co-op game. Ugh. Incredibly annoying decision for gamers like me. But, I bought the game anyway, and actually, even the AI-Sheva is far from being the most disappointing aspect of this game.

    It's all been said before, but it's all true. There are so few scares here ... this is all action, AND, it's INCREDIBLY easy. It's SO DIFFICULT to die in this game. When you're near death, Sheva will revive you enough to keep going, and then you will usually find first aid spray or a green herb in the next box you destroy. In RE4, the boss battles were epic and incredibly well thought out. In RE5, they are horrific. Again, easy, predictable, nothing more than great eye candy. The challenge in this game is nearly non-existent.

    The voice acting is very good, however, and yeah, the graphics are astounding, but you know what? I was so disappointed in this game that I went out and bought a Gamecube and the Resident Evil 1 remake, and I am enjoying that game FAAARRR more than RE5. It's smarter, it's harder, it's MUCH, MUCH SCARIER, and it's far more satisfying. And, the puzzles require a little bit of thought.

    RE5 is a tremendous disappointment. It's yet another dumbed-down sequel to a once-great franchise. Has society really gotten this stupid? Has the gaming community really become so unintelligent that they can't deal with a game of the magnitude of RE 1 anymore, that they have to have games where they can no longer even die unless they really, really try hard to? This is simply not fun at all.

    I truly wish someone would remake all the old RE games for next-gen systems. When a game on a PS3 makes you want to go play a Gamecube, you know something's wrong.

    ...more info
  • Home Alone
    I read the bad reviews on Amazon and G4tv before I bought the game but I was still excited to recieve it. I will just say, if you never played Resident Evil before then this might be fun for you. If your a die hard fan like myself, it was pretty disappointing.

    I will just say what I did not like. I liked the original Resident Evil to Resident Evil 4 because each stage looked scary and you always felt like you had to run away to survive. This game... You are always walking on a path and killing zombies with A.I.

    Things I Do Not Like About This Game:

    There are no scary shadows or flickering lighting.

    Zombies should not be shooting me or riding motorcycles.

    I am tired of Sheva shooting me in the back and waisting my ammo.

    All the bosses can be beaten with very little effort.

    I didn't like how you could not use the jewels you find to combine with other treasures to increase the value.

    Where is the man who sells you guns? I liked this guy! And he gave you cool challenges in Resident Evil 4.

    Retarted duck and cover mechanisim, I should be able to duck and cover whenever I want to.

    I can not reload and walk at the same time.

    The game is very linear and one path.

    I liked parts of the game but overall it is still a disappointment, Heavnly Sword and GTA4 are still my top favoriots until GOW3 releases.

    ...more info
  • Almost perfect !!
    I love this game, it has great graphics, storyline, music and tons of action. I have some friends that are still crying because it is not the same kind of game like Resident 1, 2 and 3 but I think is a breath of fresh air. Different doesn't mean bad.

    The only little thing I would add, it would be the possibility of shooting while you walk or run. Just like you do it in Dead Space.

    A must have for any Resident Evil fan. !!...more info
    Wonderful graphics, fun gameplay and it has 2player mode so you can play the entire story mode with a friend!! ...more info
  • great game
    this game is great. It has great gameplay and gives you plenty of reasons to play it over and over again. If you have a friend who also likes to play games like this, there is a great co-op mode that even works over the internet. highly recommended...more info
  • cool, exciting, but a too short story
    the game way is excellent, graphics too, i dont like the fact that only in online mode you can play with a partner, it would have been better like in the demo that you can choose the cooperative mode without caring if youre online or not, the game is too short too so maybe is better to rent the game or borrow from a friend because once you find the end there is no much more in what you can play like a multiplayer mode, but if youre a lover of resident evil and have the collection of games; buy it, the riddles are not really hard to find out (if you can say that there was riddles), the bosses wasnt a real challenge too because the difficulty in what youre are playing only affect the time that you will take in beat them, out of that you would like the game a lot....more info
  • Tons of potential, but what's an action game where you can't move and shoot? FLAWED!
    The complaint I hear myself repeating with video game design, especially where the game is a disappointment, is that a team of professional game designers couldn't fix a problem I noticed after five minutes of play. Resident Evil 5, the franchise's legendary history aside, epitomizes this complaint.

    But, let's begin with the GOOD:
    1) The voice acting and story line are top notch. The RE series has always played like a well-paced, taught horror movie, and RE5 is no exception. If there is any superlative I can heap on RE5, this is it.
    2) The graphics are a flat-out achievement. Fluid animation, supple coloration, and very few frame-rate slow-downs made for an incredible visual experience.
    3) Finally...a game that prides itself on taking advantage of 5.1 surround. The player really feels like he's in the midst of the action. More importantly, the sound design is so distinct that you can actually use the surround speakers to pinpoint the location of your enemies.
    4) The online gameplay is incredibly fun. I played this for hours and there were no lags or glitches.

    The BAD:
    So, as far as the visual and audio design goes, RE5 is astounding. But that leaves the gameplay, and this is where RE5 falls flat. RE5 plugged itself as getting away from a strict classification as a survival-horror game; it wanted to move towards action-adventure. And this is clear from the start in a not-so-subtle way: you are armed from the beginning, ammo packs are plentiful; no scrounging for any weapon you can find like past entries in the series. Enemies don't jump out at the player anymore; their arrival is accompanied by building music.

    All of this sounds great, but it's actually not due to the way the game designers chose to let your character interact with their surroundings. As an action game, I expected swarms of zombies (there are) with the characters having the ability to interact with everything arouind them (can't do it), perform awesome melee attacks on zombies (can't do it), and engage in pulse-pounding running and shooting (can't do it). Think Max Payne meets Assassin's Creed meets Dead Space meets GTA4...and you're nowhere close to what RE5 turned out to be.

    YOU CANNOT MOVE AND SHOOT OR EVEN MOVE AND RELOAD!!! As a result, the strategy becomes EXTREMELY repetitive: enemies arrive, you run to the opposite side of the map, you pick them off one by one, you pick up the ammo packs they leave behind, and rinse and repeat. Hordes of zombies, but no boarding windows, no melees, but rather run, stop, shoot, run, stop, shoot. It's gets boring quickly. Simply put, RE5 uses a PS1 engine for PS3 technology.

    How could the development team not anticipate this problem? How could RE5 plug itself as an action game and then take away the one thing that necessarily accompanies action...movement?

    In the end, RE5 is a disappointment. I will not completely dissuade anyone from playing this, but rather suggest that if you're going to pick it up, grab it used after others like me put it up on the Marketplace....more info
  • Greatest Multiplayer on PS3
    WOW! I was already expecting a great Resident Evil Game, but it's actually better! The Multiplayer Mode is brillant, and since PS3 it's week in multiplayer games, this is the best one! Great graphics, excellent game play, and nice Story!

    I'm already waiting for the RE6!...more info
  • The worst Resident Evil ever
    This is the worst Resident Evil included Resident Evil 4, its an action game without the horror like RE1, 2, 3 or Code Veronica.
    I bought this game because I want to know how the history ends, but I knew that this game will be a bad game.

    I love the original Resident Evil (RE1, 2, 3 or Code Veronica) because the syntesis were the horror, how you are walking in the corridor and how a zombi jump to you and this kind of things.
    But this game its not RE, its only to run away from the thousand of guys, another thing is that the puzzles doesnt exist in this game, you only shoot shoot and shoot.

    For mi its not a RE, this is a great deception, I hope that Capcom fix the next RE and make it like the originals, without accion and more horror....more info
  • What went wrong?
    The inventory management was the worst of the game. The game is designed to quickly acquire three items from your inventory from top, left/right and bottom. The problem is when you are facing a fierce enemy and you need to reach for the magnum pistol saved in your bottom left, you have to run and if you are lucky enough you will have time to acquire the pistol before your head is sawed off. I'm only half way through the game, but the game play itself is so far the same, and it doesn't appear to change drastically. I hate to compare games, but Bioshock had a much better gameplay, inventory selection, and it was ten times scarier than RE5. RE5 will grow on me and I'll continue playing it and probably play it twice, but its not one of those games I'm dying to play. I think Capcom was lazy to release this game with the flaws in the game. With so many good games out now and the additional time they requested to release the game, Capcom had no reason to release a game that couldn't receive any easy 5 star review.

    I'm only giving this game four stars b/c I was such a fan of RE4, but this game play is at times frustrating and really deserves a 3.5 ...more info
  • Resident Evil 5 Rocks
    This game is incredible co-op, bring your best pal into the world of upgradeable guns and creepy zombies and enjoy a long and bountiful game. ...more info
  • Resident Evil 5 delivers... but don't expect anything new.
    Resident Evil has been one of my favorite franchises starting back with Resident Evil 1 creeping through the hallways of the Umbrella mansion. Resident Evil 5 is a beautiful game with some great gameplay (it is FUN to play). I was drawn into and immersed in its world in a way that few games recently have done. However, with all of that praise, I feel like this game is very much similar to the previous incarnation Resident Evil 4 with some updated graphics. That comparison isn't bad because Resident Evil 4 was great too. If you liked 4 you will like 5....more info
  • Offline Co-Op is a treat, but controls remain awful
    I've played every Resident Evil game contemporaneously as they've been released, and at times have despaired that the games were not evolving as they might have. One tremendous improvement takes place in Resident Evil 5: splitscreen co-op play. For generations raised on 2-player Ataris and Nintendos, it is surprisingly difficult to find games that actually let you play with your friends in your house, rather than get yelled at by strangers over a headset (some might even argue this is why the Wii is so popular).

    Resident Evil 5 intelligently makes this not only available, but a centerpiece of the game. It is far more entertaining and enjoyable to deal with zombies/infected with friends, and the ability to provide covering fire for each other, scout routes, swap weapons, and generally back each other up makes this a really fun game.

    The primary negative is that the truly cludgy "classic" RE control scheme remains. I guess at this point being unable to, say, walk and shoot at the same time, is part of the "true" RE experience, but some of us are sick of it. There are tons of games out there that have amply demonstrated that you can get scared while also being able to actually move like a human being. So often, Resident Evil 5 devolves into the typical "run, creakily turn in place, aim, shoot, try to run, get eaten" sequence that -- spread out over 10 deaths -- makes you want to put a foot through the screen. Imagining RE5 with a smoother combat system (like, say, Vegas Six 2) really lets your mind wander into what a glorious game it might have been.

    Frustration also sets in with various "set piece" levels common to RE5 where unless you know the specific sequence of events to engage in, you will die repeatedly pursuing the "wrong" but usually much more obvious approach. A monster might seem like he is a mini-boss that needs to be killed, but in fact is invincible and must be avoided. Yet the next boss seems insanely powerful, suggesting flight is the answer, yet actually you are supposed to stand and fight. Combined with the typical low ammo scenario and the game isn't so much difficult as annoying. And "annoying" isn't probably what you're going for in the horror genre.

    All in all, RE5 is an enjoyable enough game particularly for the 2-player, but the gameplay seems forever frozen in the mid-1990s....more info
  • Good Game
    I liked pretty much everything with the following exceptions:
    Your partner can be stupid sometimes, and cause you to lose single handedly.
    Don't unlock powerful weapons for unlimited ammo unless you are about finished with the game. Unlimited Mag ammo ruins the fun....more info
  • Must play in Co-op!
    Love this game and all of RE series. Am so sick of people complaining about the controls because they are not an issue at all! I love this game and beat it several times. I played it online with some dude and we became pretty good friends and only played the game when each other was online. Awesome game and don't buy into the controls crap because they are fine. ...more info
  • Missed Opportunity
    wayyyyyyy toooo complicated, too many button pushes, to make a simple operation like killing someone!!!! requires 3 buttons???? why????
    After playing Resistance and sooo looking fwd to this what a BIG disappointment....more info
  • Interesting for an RE newbie
    Well to be honest, this was my first time I played a Resident Evil game ever, so I can confidently say I came to this game with a "fresh" point of view and wouldn't constantly compare it to the now legendary Resident Evil 4.

    That being said, I thought this was a terrific game. The graphics were nothing short of jaw dropping and the mechanics were very smooth. Some very good points I wanted to highlight:

    1) The story:
    Nothing fancy or too overblown so anyone can understand it. It only requires a very base knowledge of Resident Evil, and really holds it's own as a standalone tale. Also has a playable file called "The History of Resident Evil" which gives you a brief overview of all the previous game storylines in case you were confused as to the story or previous events.
    You can get alot more out of it by watching the movie "Resident Evil: Degeneration," as there are alot of references to previous corporations and "Degeneration" does well to sum it all up.

    2) The Gameplay:
    Much of the in-game mechanics are very smooth and the motion capture makes the characters have a very fluid appearance. None of the characters' actions seem joggy or forced, they all have a very "human" feel to them.
    The quick equip weapons system makes it easy to interchange between firearms and exchange items between your characters.

    3) The AI:
    Vastly better than alot of the games out there. Not only are the zombies completely able to swarm your characters, alot of them are capable of flanking, piercing your defenses, or waiting for an open opportunity to strike.
    Also this applies to your in-game partner, Sheva. The character isn't completely inept and really does help out the main character Chris.

    4) The Co-op:
    When playing with another person, it truly brings the gaming experience to a whole other level. The amount of teamwork involved in this game make it almost impossible not to have good communication with your partner.
    That being said, the AI applied in the co-op is also helpful in that they obey your commands quickly and efficiently.
    Another great point is that none of the co-op schemes are "pre-destined" in that many of the situations can be flipped to where either Sheva or Chris is in danger and one or the other needs to cover you.

    5) The graphics:
    As I said are nothing short of amazing. The level of clarity and detail included in the environments is beautiful and distinct. Not only that, but there are a vareity of environments to go through, so you can see the beauty of a dust covered African village, or the darkness of the wet marshlands.

    Overall this is a very solid game. While many will cut it down in comparison to Resident Evil 4, from a new perspective, Resident Evil 5 does a great job. This is not only a great game, but one that's worth alot of replays and is money well-spent....more info
  • Hats off for Capcom and the creators of Resident Evil PS3
    Man, this game is not just addictive but it makes you feel so attached to it that unless you have a clock infront of your tv you will never feel time pass. I once played 6 hours straight with out even feeling how bad did I need to go to the bathroom.
    First of all, the graphics are just breath taking, you find your self some times stop playing just to look at the water or the surrounding areas.
    Second of all, the game's controls are perfect and natural and very easy to get used to.

    the game is definitely a must buy, just like Metal Gear Solid 4 or heavenly sword or Grand Theft Auto 4....more info
  • Most fun I've ever had in a co - op game.
    This is by far the best co - op game I've ever played. It really makes you work together and stick together, and playing online works perfectly. I played through as Sheva, and it really felt like they created a living and breathing character with her, isntead of just a tacked on side kick, honestly, I like her more than Chris. It isn't that long of a game, maybe 12 hours or so, but there is plenty of replay value here, I've already started a new game, and I plan on going through it even slower searching for every little thing, because there is a huge amount of unlockables. The ability to maintain your inventory is great, and dropping into another game is pretty easy. The things that give this the not perfect score would have to be it's lack luster ending, I felt that the beginning was all presentation, it really created amazing atmosphere, and depth, but just turned into a full out action shooter by the end. Another dock would have to be the single player aspect, after playing the game completely in co - op I just can't get used to playing it alone, the ai is good, but it's much better playing with your friend online. I'd say go a head and pick it up, if you have a friend to play with.

    The bottom line is, with it's amazing graphics on the ps3, frantic tense co op play, and a story that will keep you interested, this is a game that if you can afford it, definitely pick it up. RE fans will obviously have picked it up by now, but if you a little bit weary, at least give it a rental.

    ...more info