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Madden NFL 09 delivers the most complete NFL football package ever. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or picking up the game for the first time, you will enjoy a unique yet challenging experience, thanks to the innovative Adaptive Difficulty Engine, which tailors the game to match your playing style. Instantly improve your game with the all-new virtual Training Center or incorporate feedback with EA SPORTS BackTrack, allowing you to learn from your mistakes on the fly. With a new broadcast presentation and online leagues, plus more than 85 new features and enhancements, Madden NFL 09 is the most authentic and adaptable game in sports video game history. An all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine assesses your proficiency in the core skills areas of football. An innovative, Virtual Training Center allows you to fine-tune your game in a holographic environment, while EA SPORTS BackTrack provides customized feedback, giving you a chance to learn from your mistakes. Take what you've learned and run the play again with EA SPORTS Rewind. Set your sights on the Vince Lombardi Trophy in an all-new network television-style broadcast as Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond call the action from the booth. A more immersive and visually stunning presentation package also includes a new Options OnDemand Picture-in-Picture playcall window giving you access to a wealth of stats, customized tips, and in-game options--all at your fingertips without having to pause the game. Make a run for the postseason for the first time online. Featuring trades and statistical tracking for Online Leagues, up to 32 teams can battle it out using all-new flex scheduling. With an enhanced graphics engine and new player models, linemen battle in the trenches with more bulky physiques while backs and receivers fly around the field with a more sleek and slimmer look. Featuring the most realistic-looking grass and field turf ever in a sports game, new weather and

Two decades ago Madden NFL exploded onto the scene with staggeringly authentic football action and a strategic, by-the-playbook approach to the game previously absent in sports video games. With Madden NFL 09, 20 years of innovation culminate in a new apex in the series' groundbreaking realism. Savor the pulse-pounding excitement as Madden NFL 09 delivers an intense, real-world pro football experience like only legendary coach John Madden can. The action of the gridiron comes alive with stunning graphics, innovative plays and multiplayer competition that thrusts you into the center of the game with no nonsense and no mercy.

Madden NFL 2009
EASports Salutes Brett Favre

Key Features

  • Step into the world of pro football like you can experience only with the legendary John Madden
  • Play like a pro no matter what your skill level with the Adaptive Difficulty Engine that tailors your experience to suit your proficiency
  • Hone your skills in the Virtual Training Center, featuring a holographic environment designed to help you fine-tune your game
  • Execute plays and celebrations like never before with the Total Control Animation System that delivers the most authentic gameplay ever in the series
  • Receive customized feedback from EA Sports BackTrack to learn from your mistakes as you play and correct them so you can achieve total dominance on the field
  • Access stats, customized tips and in-game options without pausing the game and losing your momentum by using the new Options OnDemand Picture-in-Picture
  • Battle it out on the gridiron with up to 32 teams in Online Leagues,complete with trades and statistical tracking
  • For 1 to 4 players
Thrilling Next Gen Graphics
Thrilling Next-Gen Graphics
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Total Control Animation System
Total Control Animation System
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The NFL bursts from your screen with multiplayer action and gameplay that pushes you to the limit, no matter what your skill level. In Madden NFL 09, the play is more realistic than ever before with the all-new Total Control Animation System. Execute instantaneous combo moves, bobble catches, user-controlled celebrations and more for a game that looks and feels like it's straight out of the NFL. Stadiums leap off the screen to dazzling effect with an enhanced graphics engine that delivers turf and grass so realistic you can almost feel it give beneath your feet, as well as authentic weather and stadium lighting effects. New player models more genuinely replicate the real physiques of the pros, from sleeker receivers to bulkier linemen, to provide an even more authentic experience on the field. Immerse yourself in the full NFL experience with an all-new network television-style broadcast featuring Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond. The new Options OnDemand Picture-in-Picture window gives you instant access to stats, tips and more without having to pause the game. Plus, for the first time make a run for the postseason online as you battle among up to 32 teams. Live the NFL experience in all its brutal glory with Madden NFL 09 as you savor the thrill and punishment of professional football like you can find only in this renowned series.
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  • Game Genre: Sports, Game Sub-Genre: Football

Customer Reviews:

  • great game. great graphics
    the folks who produce madden has done it again. the game is fun to play, the graphics and great and i can't wait for madden 10...more info
    My son and I reviewed all the reviews for this game AFTER we had purchased online and we were both thinking it would have the Mr. Freeze issues. We had even pre-arranged to send it back immediately after receiving it because I could not cancel the order due to arranging for overnight shipment. My son kept reading the reviews and noticed where a few people said "they must be one of the fortunate ones" and considered we are a pretty blessed family and said I don't think I will have the same problems and I will fall into the fortunate category. Well, this is exactly what has happened. We have had the game four days now and it has become his first game choice.He has had no issues at all. I had also purchased him Madden 08 as well which he has played this week and loves both versions. He found out that you can create a team on the 08 version and then go to the Madden 09 version and push transport and the team you made in 08 will appear in 09. He states to stop the safety's from running forward when the ball has been intercept to push B when the intercepting team has the ball in their possession. As he plays more I can add more information. I think you have to get accustomed to the game as with any game and be an avid player to overcome the frustrations in the game. In additon, these games are not geared toward the pac-man era which made gaming so much simpler in my opinion. ...more info
  • Madden Football
    It should be more like NCAA Football 09. You should revamp scouting and training in the franchise mode....more info
  • julie
    My 11 year old son loved the game, but it stopped working after using only 2 days. I sent it back, and am waiting to get a refund....more info
  • Looks like a real football telecast.
    The kids have been playing this thing non-stop. The game looks great on a flat panel - makes me feel like we are watching a football game on TV....

    Stunning graphics, excellent game play.

    Of course, due to the ever changing players this is a bit dated....since Bret Favre is on the Jets and Michael Vic behind bars.... But thats no reason to rate it any lower.

    Amazon shipped it to deliver on release day (prime rocks) and had an offer for a $10 giftcard ... which I am sure will arrive soon so I can buy more stuff. HAHA!

    Enjoy Madden 09....more info
  • Madden glitches!
    For the first time in over a decade of playing Madden I am completely disappointed. The actual game play itself is very enjoyable, and the graphics are terrific. However, the menus with their freezing and glitching suck the fun right out of the game. Simply trying to reorder the depth chart or sign a free agent in franchise mode leads to endless glitching and freezing. This is the first year that I have played the game on an X-box platform, and really could not be more disappointed. I am on my second copy of the game, hoping that I had simply purchased a faulty copy the first time, but the same errors occurred yet again. I do not understand how EA could release a game with so many faults, and cannot express my disappointment enough. If I am going to pay $60 for a game I would expect it to be at least playable! EA really dropped the ball on this one! ...more info
  • Best Madden yet
    Although not perfect, this is the best madden yet on next-gen systems. They definitely need to fix the challenge system for next year,but other than that it's totally playable for a change. The seller for this purchase was excellent. I received the game in 4 days in excellent condition just as they described it....more info
  • Outstanding game
    I may be a little jaded since I love football. I tried this game at Walmart, something I don't normally do and it convinced me to purchase an Xbox 360 so I could play it. This is an outstanding game, pretty close to watching the Pros play on TV. AWESOME!!. The only complaint that I have so far is that the running backs run straight up and seem a bit slow, kind of unrealistic trotting around like little girls. Not hitting the holes very hard. However, the rest of the game makes up for that. If you would like to be the controller of real players, get this game. It rocks!!!! I guess I should mention that I have the Xbox hooked up using the HDMI cable to an LCD TV. With this setup it is truely realistic....more info
  • Fun and great graphics, but......
    This is a game with breathtaking next-gen graphics and is fun to play, but there are some deeper problems I've found. The hit stick is far too effective, the quarterbacks(no matter how sorry their ratings may be) complete about 80-90 percent of all passes, and I can't put together ANY kind of a rushing attack. So, if you like playing football just for fun with your friends you'll probably find this one to be quite impressive. But if you're a hardcore football gamer you'll see some problems and unrealistic stuff going on in this game....more info
  • Best out there but needs a lot more
    1. The graphics are superb.
    2. The sound is as good as it needs to be in a football game.
    3. The inclusion of online leagues (although gimped) is a plus.
    4. The pre-play and controls are very well done but poorly documented.

    General: The game doesn't feel like it's changed under the hood.
    1. QB sneaks still get great yardage if not specifically defended.
    2. Passing is either bullet or lob, not much in between.
    3. Lot's of little glitches some of which have been patched (online). Still minor issues with replays and strange randoms crazy passes are thrown in particular situations.
    4. Madden IQ is a joke.
    5. Manual pass defense is very difficult.
    6. Running the ball has improved but it's still a lot to do with cheap plays. FB Dive for 5 yrds consistently, etc...
    7. Online is somewhat unstable on the 360.
    8. No custom playbooks without buying another product.
    9. Online leagues are done poorly.
    10. Lot's of exploits available.
    11. XBox user community is full of poor language, quilting and overall poor game behavior.

    ...more info
  • just average
    i liked 2003 better (yes, i know this goes far back). this one has some glitches like the ball will fly across the field for no reason and mess up the camera angle. i can't rate the whole game because i only play 2 player against a friend. nonetheless, i believe the quality of this game only deserves about average....more info
  • fun, but way too many technical problems...
    First let me say that I bought the 20th anniversary edition, which comes with a copy of nfl head coach 09' and a madden 09' bonus disc, which has a classic madden game from snes along with extra videos, screenshots etc. Not worth the extra $amount$ at all.

    This year in Madden as soon as you start the game, you'll be greeted by the virtual John Madden. He will explain to you that in this years version of Madden, you will be able to go through four drills, (rushing offense/defense, passing offense/defense) in a virtual trainer. Depending on your results, this will determine the difficulty at which the game is played. Your performance in any game that you play (besides online play) will reflect on your personal difficulty, and either drop or raise your "Madden IQ". This a pretty good concept, and I think it improves your game to a certain extent. If your trying to build stats in franchise mode, good luck. Your better off using one of the preset difficulty settings (I love the fact that you still have a choice from custom difficulty, and preset rookie, pro, all-pro, all-madden).

    A new in game feature for Madden09 is the rewind feature, which allows players to press the X button at the end of a play to rewind to the start of that previous play. I can see how it would help someone new to madden, but couldn't they just play the game without the rewinds and still get better? Backtrack will show up after a play occasionally when you make a mistake. Chris Collinsworth will explain what you did wrong on the play, and mention your other options. It's cool I guess. Again, this is designed for someone new to Madden to help them learn the game quicker. I always skip it anyways.


    Madden 09' is the best football video game experience that there is. There is no competition, and that is part of the problem with these new releases of madden. Occasionally during gameplay glitches are very prominent. receivers wont run routes correctly, linemen wont block their assigned men, running backs will have a slower first step, quarterback will sometimes run straight through the line when using no huddle, during breaks in action, (2min. warning, halftime, new quarter, after touchdown, after kickoff/return, after playcall) the game will show extended long shots of the stadium, and sometimes will never return you to gameplay. Sometimes you can get away with it by pressing start and then resuming the game, but that doesn't always work.

    There are a lot of improvements in the running game. The ability to immediately use any of your highlight stick moves as soon as you want, no matter what move your already engaged in is very good. Makes running the ball very fun. Created playbook/plays is as good as last years. Hot route control should offer more options, with more detail. Post-play hot route controlling is the same as last years, not impressive at all. You might as well just run for it if you see a sack coming, you really don't have much control at all. There are more spectacular catches, more end zone celebrations, more interactions from the fans, coach and players not on field, but its still not nearly enough. Besides the field itself, and the on-field player models, graphics are not up to par.


    Franchise Mode is better than last years, but that still doesn't make it great. First off, the technical problems in FM are far beyond what I expected, (in comparison to last years) You wont have access to certain areas of the menu, pictures/stats wont load for certain players, franchise options will sometimes reset by themselves, the game can freeze at any point, (this happens waaaay to often) and you can loose a lot of hard work if you don't save often. The pre/regular season, (you have no control of players moral, there are no incentives for players or coaches. You have the option of importing a player from ncaa football09 right before you advance to the regular season. You can make 3 selections for team captain before you advance to the reg season, I still have no idea how/if this actually affects anything in game to those players named as captains or they're teammates. You can train up to 3 players each week before your scheduled game. This is good, but there just aren't enough drills. What about kicking/punting drills? some of the positions that compete in the same drills but for different attributes, are very difficult because those drills weren't specifically designed for them. i.e - linebackers trying to improve their pass rush/finesse move in the d-line challenge. You must hold offense under 1119 points for all madden, but the lineman will get 2000 points for one pancake block, which is something you cannot control. The menus are setup nicely, very organized and easy to navigate.) The off-season, (which is what I live for in madden, besides online play) is fun. Practically the same as last years, you have the options to sign staff, edit your stadium, (buy upgrades, select a sponsor, relocate, build a new one) check your finance, (highest paid staff/players) compare the current year to prior years in franchise. I was upset to see that you could not create a player to add to free agency. There is an argument that you could just create all juggernauts to beef up your squad, I personally don't care, (you don't have to make them a 99 overall) for the ratings, they should have made it determined by how well you do on certain practice drills. Like the superstar mode. Once you advance to the off-season, you can see retired players, make re-signings from your current team, 30 days of free agency, (I would like to see the option of offering incentives to players) the NFL draft, (scouting reports from the players that you scouted earlier in the year are no different than the reports that you have on other players in the draft that you didn't scout. Draft needs to have a lot more detail on the players) sign draft picks, (there should be the option in the off-season tasks of training your draft picks/players, as you can during the pre/regular season, just with more detail) reorder depth chart, and advance to new season.

    Honestly I don't ever play superstar mode. Its very long and tedious, and never keeps me interested like franchise mode does. Its good if you want complete control over ONE player, it can be especially fun if you've uploaded one from ncaa09. Overall its just about the same as last years version.


    If you have xbl get Madden09. You'll find yourself playing one game after the next, trying to become the best in the world. Tournaments are very cool, you have a lot of options in creating them. Users can make their own leagues, so you can play with a group of friends from Sweden in one league, and your friends from work in another. Very cool.

    Overall Madden NFL 09' is an improvement over last years version. It is currently the only NFL game worth buying (since there is no other one). A lot of fun will be had, believe me. But the technical problems and glitches take away so much. It should be easy to fix, but EA probably won't do that.

    3 1/2 out of 5 stars
    fun - 4 out of 5 stars...more info
  • Bring your learning curve
    I owned this title on x box and went to x box 360. It takes a little longer for things to deveolope on 360, but the learning curve is a little steeper, not being used to the 360 commands.
    Like other Madden titles though, once your play a while, it is probably the most enjoyable, addictive and versatile games there are.
    Every mode possible, training, very deep Franchise mode...just a plain blast! Highly recommned this game. ...more info
  • Decent Football..
    excuse my lateness, i was playing NFL 2K5 and All Pro 2k8 aka the Best Football Games of All Time ^_^ while Madden for the past 6 years has failed to deliver us This. they finally got it almost Right. this looks, feels and plays like actual NFL football, i was pleasantly suprised. the running game is spectacular and the tackle animations are Very realistic. if you are a Heavy passer, youv got your work cutt out for you. you cant just go Bombs Away...well...maybe sometimes :p but its all in the game. i actually enjoy it almost as much as i do the 2k brand football games and thats saying Alot.

    ...though at times, players dont extend their arms long enough to make certain catches that appear to be Right Over Their Head..which leads to balls being overthrown. sometimes, your linemen do a Terrible job of Blocking. if you get Sacked as SOON as you hike the ball, theres a problem. this doesnt happen ALL the time but enough times to make you wonder. there is a hickup here and there Online that can sometimes interfere with gameplay. and for some reason, the Atmosphere of the game is somewhat Boring. not enough crowd participation?? terrible commentary? something in the Audio field is just Missing. the stadiums lack Personality..but overall, i cant complain, the gameplay is decently tight.

    the Superstar mode is the one thing that kept me interested in it. you pick a player and start a career playing just as that player. you do interviews, workouts, practices with the team, ect. its a very personalized mode...and this was also in NCAA Football by EA Sports. this is a mode that will definitely raise your eyebrow in a good way.

    overall, if your a 2k fan, your not missing anything, 2k5 gameplay is still KING of football over Madden Every Day. but if your curious, check it out for the Superstar mode...or just wait for Madden 2010.

    iLL ....more info
  • Issues
    I love playing this game, it is so much fun. I love the madden IQ because it is always challenging you to be better and to make you difficulty level higher. I just finished my second season in franchise mode and I really liked it. I haven't had any of the issues with the game freezing, even though I play two sometimes three games in a row. Some of the other issues i have with the game though are that it is difficult to get any kind of substantial numbers with an individual running back or quarterback, I went 14-2 in both seasons and won the superbowl both seasons and the players on my team who went to the probowl were the offensive lineman and my fullback. Also in the second season anytime my quarterback would score a touchdown it was still using the same stats as the previous year. So in the first game of the season i threw a touchdown and the commentator would say "wow 25 touchdowns that's quite an accomplishment". So if it those are things you like looking at through out the season, they are pretty much shot. While those things are quite annoying to me, I really enjoy the gameplay and graphics....more info
  • An advancement of Madden
    The game is a great advancement of Madden. It is as close to real football as you can get. Everything in the gameplay looks exactly like the nfl. Even the players look just like they do in real life....more info
  • Wows on a Widescreen HDMI input - yawns on a 4:3 regular input
    I've played multiple EA football games from 2003's NCAA to various Madden to the NCAA 09.

    This was my first XBOX 360 game I picked up this month after I had Ku-Fu Panda and Lego Indy from the Pro-gamepack.

    I started off with an 4:3 720p HDTV but didn't use the HD mode - just the regular video inputs. If you play this way, you're missing the boat. EA clearly designed this for a high-end widescreen 1080p tv. When I switched over to my new unit, the game emerged from a foggy cloud and became truly awesome. Being designed for the bigger TV's you can clearly see more routes, execute better jukes, etc. My Madden rating went from a 430 to a 515 in one game with the switch - this indicates a transition from a ok player to a good player. The field is just much much easier to see and the overall game play experience jumped tremendously. Example: I went from only scoring 17 points (Steelers (me) vs. Cardinals) for my high to 42 the first game (I played Broncos (me) vs. Patriots).

    I haven't seen any of the bugs people have been complaining about. Upon signing into XBOX Live - I was pushed a patch and I haven't seen any problems. I have seen a much improved commentary, a very neat "BackTrack" feature where you can see where you should have passed if you flub up. And there's the interesting "replay" feature for those that want a mulligan - for those instants where your best player gets laid out and potentially injured or when you just screw up on a key 3rd down.

    Some weird things - I've played NCAA 09 on the PS3 and noted that there aren't any momentum aspects to Madden 09 like in that game (at least they're not overt that I can tell). Also I'm not sure about the pump fake just yet, it's not the same joystick R3 control so I still have a bit of investigating to do. I will say that the adaptive game play is a different experience and I look forward to seeing how they make do with it. The simulator - training does help you, but it's not realistic per the game. When doing runs you don't have those kinds of lanes (but hey it's training). This is much much better at least from my perspective than trying to run a practice offense vs. a practice defense to work on those skills. Some of the player challenges such as training routines for like the bench press and sprint aren't exactly thrilling but the skill drills are a good learning experience....more info
  • Too hard or too easy?
    On the hardest difficulty mode, it is very easy to throw 10+ TDs in one game, each over 60+ yards. My friends and I have played Madden since 1994 and tried every defensive formation/play possible (dime, nickel, etc) including prevent defense and other plays where the secondary moves back to prevent the long bomb and still no such luck. All I did was drop back and tap the pass button to the primary receiver going straight up field and the receiver does the rest. End result is 12 TDs in a 5 minute game on the hardest difficulty settings. It is very hard to have a balanced, competitive game where one controls the time of possession and mixes in run and pass plays for efficient drives because this game allows you to throw bombs to your receivers with ease. Until we realized that this can be done, this game was very fun. Now that we know we can throw and complete hailmarys at ease, we lost interest in playing this game altogether.

    Maybe someone can respond and advise about a defensive play that can stop this cheesy method of putting points on the board so my friends and I can go back to having realistic games where we mix in run and pass plays and try to control time of possession.

    Very good game otherwise....more info
  • The best Madden in years
    I have bought the new Madden every year since 1997. Some years the updates are pretty drastic, and sometimes they are barely noticeable.

    2009 stands out as a serious upgrade to the Madden franchise.

    The graphics are OUTSTANDING, it looks like watching a game in high-def. The play seems more realistic. You have better control over the ball carrier.

    There are several new features. When you score a touchdown, there is a highlighted area, if you go for the highlighted area it will go to a cut-scene animated celebration. You can even do a Lambeau Leap.
    There are players designated as "play makers" and are shown with special icons under the player. Some are better run defenders, or pass defenders, or elusive runners, or spectacular receivers. It would be nice if there was more detail about HOW this affects game-play, and what each icon means but it is not well documented.
    There is a "Rewind" option that allows you to "take-back" the last play and re-run it. So if you throw and interception to left and the CB runs it back for a TD you can "Rewind" the play (it actually runs in reverse) until just before the snap. You can then choose to throw with different timing or throw to a different receiver. By default each player gets 1 "rewind" per game, but this is configurable from 0 on up.
    There is a new virtual trainer that will allow you to practice some of your game skills on both offence and defense. They will also test you on these games to rank you, presumably for online matchups.

    Overall, I think it's the best Madden so far, well worth the upgrade....more info
  • Don't buy until the fix the game FREEZING problem
    you can google it, so i'm not the only one... my 360 freezes about every other game in franchise mode, very annoying and apparently EA is not doing anything about it. some people have had trouble with any other game they play after madden freezing, but i haven't played any others so can't vouch for that.
    great graphics but game play is about the same as normal....more info
  • Complete Trash
    This game is not even worthy of 1 star, but that is the lowest Amazon allows. I decided to rent the game and test it out since some friends were eager to play it. The 8.65 I wasted to rent this garbage could have been put to better use as a substitute for toilet paper.
    Problems With The Game:
    * Same game with even less to offer. No noticeable improvements what so ever other than the graphics and the rosters.
    * Game play is worse than any of the previous years. The score card is in the MIDDLE of the screen; add to that the defensive pre-snap plays, and the offensive pre-snap plays, and then you have over half of the screen covered. The play by play commentary gets annoying very fast. Why has EA STILL not implemented the ability to choose plays by pressing the red, green, blue, and yellow buttons, instead of just highlighting your play and pressing a button only to let your opponent know exactly which play you are running?
    *Create a player is the same as before.
    *Create a team is the same as before, no new logos or options.
    *Superstar mode is a mess. I tried playing as a running back(McFadden) for the career. The kicker on the team is completely unable to make field goals other than extra points. (I stopped playing this mode after I discovered this)
    *Online- leagues are a joke. If you and 3 other players want to do a league, then it will be you and only those 3, no computer teams. Each player drafts players until they fill their roster. It would also be nice if player stats are recorded from one season to the next.
    *Fantasy football- yes, they actually put this in here.
    ...more info
  • Great graphics, Not Perfect, Tough, Online um.....
    The last Madden game I bought was 07' for the wii. It was a workout to play, but fun. In Madden 09' for the xbox 360 there is so much to do that it can give you a feeling of "where do I start?" For die hard Madden fans they will feel right at home as it feels like the same game with better graphics. The game play has a learning curve for those of us who just like to sit down and play a game with there favorite team, but, if you head on over to the online play you start with 0.00 points. You need to play a match online to gaine more points to level up, what dose leveling up mean? I have no Idea as I get whacked each time I play a ranked match. Also, if you quit a game early, you get a percentage of DNF (did not finish) and that can be bad if you try to play a ranked match and no one wants to play with you if you have a 30 percent quit DNF raiting. So, even if you are getting drilled by every team you play online, you will have to suck it up and finish the match, most players seem not to mind or worrie about the DFN percentage though.

    My score:
    Graphics 9/10
    Game play 7/10
    Online 8/10
    Difficulty Medium-Hard
    Overall 7.9/10

    There still has not been a football game on the market that feels great, plays great, looks great and is fun for beginners and die-hard fans alike....more info
  • It's Madden and it's 09, so it's pretty damn good.
    Can you believe it's been 20 years since the first Madden came out? 1988... I remember playing that on the Sega Genesis - remember those three receiver windows that pop up when you drop back? Madden has come a long way.

    Well, with NFL 2K franchise gone now because of the exclusive license, we don't exactly have another option, but fortunately EA still puts in a good effort year after year to make some improvements.

    New and good for this is Cris Collinsworth's commentary. A "Backtrack" feature breaks down exactly why a play failed and rewinding lets you try again. Some new audibles improvements. The graphics actually got even better as the player animations were increased and made even more natural.

    The bad (or I guess not so new) is that the Superstar and Franchise modes didn't get any updates. I was really looking forward to the online leagues but there are many issues at the time of this review including not being able to keep track of your players season stats!! I mean, if your star RB is racking up 2000+ yard against your online league with 31 other people, you wanna let them know!

    Overall, another good edition, but what can you say about it? We have no other option, last few years' versions are already excellent, so it's just a matter of shelling out that $60 for the updated rosters and a few minor tweaks I guess......more info
  • User friendly
    *XBOX 360*

    Madden revived the franchise this year. I am a long time madden vet. I was very disappointed with with 08 from all the bugs, clunky interface, and just poor presentation.

    Started playing a franchise with the Dolphins on All Madden after I messed around with practice modes.
    Here is a list of pros and cons I have seen so far:

    -The game looks and plays very smooth, with improved graphics and animations that immerse the player in the game. The intros to stadiums are epic and arcade like.
    -AI is outstanding. The opposing players move and react like I would expect real players to behave. If you keep running the ball effectively the opposing team stacks the line, then run a play action and get man to man coverage. No easy completions but realistic coverages.
    -No music during game play, but solid announcing from the booth and very accurate breakdowns and replay in key situations. Outstanding!
    -Like the addition of rewind feature. As you increase difficulty you get less rewinds. This feature allows you to take back a play you are unhappy with, if you got robbed with a touchdown by the AI in triple coverage rewind.. If Brad Johnson breaks three tackles on the way to the end zone, rewind.. Nice!
    -Fixed special teams. The computer will now occasionally miss a 50+ yard field goal, and you can break, or be taken on a long return.

    -Soundtrack outside of the game is just plain awful, they grabbed a bunch of flat out annoying songs from random bands that make me want to pull out my hair and mute the volume.
    -No custom play books, and with that I have not found any solid play books that I have liked after 2 days of looking for a decent one. However the play books are unique to each team.
    -Still got that 4th quarter comeback. If your up by 10 in the 4th on all madden, be ready to use rewind (if thats turned on) or anger your neighbors as you yell at the t.v.

    -Did not review online play, as I have not tried it yet.

    So overall this game gets 4 out of 5 because it's fun and I can sit and play for 8 hours and feel challenged, not overwhelmed and frustrated. There is not a lot of epic changes from years prior, but a streamlined, more realistic, fun game....more info
  • Do we wonder why kids don't play outdoors anymore?
    No reviews for Madden 09 yet?

    Everyone is too busy playing the game since that Monday night-Tuesday morning.

    Not having owned a version of Madden since '04, once again EA proves they know what they're doing. You put it in, it's still the same game (Madden), with some tweaks, and you can get right into it. Pretty smooth gameplay without requiring a PhD to play. They've added something called Madden IQ, so it constantly tracks how you're doing, making even Madden a competitive pressure-cooker for the truly obsessed who curse themselves for dumb plays, turnovers, and sloppy execution. Actually, this feature is supposed to adjust the difficulty to your level on multiple fronts (pass offense, run defense, etc). Or you can play the old levels.

    It's all here. And who am I kidding? I just got the thing, I've not played every feature. It doesn't matter. You're either gonna get Madden, or you won't. The reviews are not going to be bad---EA is not going to put out a 'bad' game, just a undercooked version now and then. Whatever--just get it, if you're thinking about it.

    And I like to heroic music paying during the instant replays.

    After further consideration (re: hours), Madden 09 is right up there with the classics. It's still Madden, it still has its little quirks in the service of the best game engine. They still love interceptions, sacks are tough to get, you will scream at the TV, and you'll be downloading the songs that much quicker, at least the ones you like. Should just come with a CD at this point of criminally addictive rock....more info
  • Based on a couple of months of playing...
    I really attempted to enjoy this game, as I have played past years' versions with some enjoyment, but it has simply been too many years of releasing the same thing without fixing fundamental problems. Super-athlete DB's, WR's who are ignorant to the out of bounds markers while running routes, offensive linemen who routinely o'lay defensive linemen without taking a step, defensive linemen who get routinely flipped in the air despite being ranked in the 90's, etc.....

    I think that it boils down to this: If you are fan of one of the top five teams in the NFL, then you will probably enjoy the game because your team will be stacked. If you are on of the rest - then be prepared for frustration. There is definitely something going on with the AI that calibrates the games to what EA thinks should be the outcome (even with mid-season roster updates).

    My main gripe is that everyone has been complaining about the same issues, year after year, without EA really doing anything to improve the game. I have bought Madden for the past four years, but this year will be the last. And tomorrow I will be returning it to the store to salvage whatever value it has left.

    I had high expectations with this being the 20-year anniversary and all, but this is just another bad rehash of the same old flawed game. Too bad there is no competition due to exclusive rights agreements.

    ...more info
  • Madden 09
    I haven't had this much fun playing Madden since the days of the Sega Genesis. EA did a solid job with this. I have bought the last two versions of Madden for the 360 only to feel like I got ripped off. This year it has made up for a lot. I took a chance buying it. I debated on whether to get it or not to invest the $60. I am glad I did. I only play on Xbox Live so I can't say how it is playing the computer. I find it more fun playing against live competition anyway. Get this title, you will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Like a dumb supermodel.......
    I own the PS2 and the Xbox360 versions of Madden 2009. The XBox360 version is beautiful, yet unplayable. The game engine is sooo poor. Recievers regularly running out of bounds. Zero run blocking, not poor blocking, zero blocking. The blocking intelligence does not work in this game. Way too often an offensive lineman runs around people instead of blocking them. QB accuracy is a joke. Perfect accuracy too often and then can't hit the broad side of a barn when the game is on the line. Horrible. Beautiful graphics though. Excellent animation. If the game play of the PS2 version could be combined with the display of the Xbox360 version, we'd have the best Madden ever. I love playing the PS2 version. Not at all like the 360 version. Fun Fun Fun! With poor graphics... and sometimes slow frame rates. I played the 360 version for one month and went back to the PS2 version. If you are commenting in forums about this game, understand the PS2 version is a completely different game than the Xbox 360 version....more info
  • Fun But Defense is a slight step back
    I have to say having played previous Maddens that in 2009, they made playing the defensive line (which I most enjoyed) boring in that it's too tough to break through the offensive line....more info
  • It's About Time!! Well, It's a huge start anyway. EA for the first time in a decade does NOT put lipstick on a pigskin
    When the 360 first came out, the game I most anticipated was Madden, especially after seeing the Video preview on my original Xbox. I was blown away by the intro graphics. Luckily, I didn't buy into graphics alone because that year produced one of the worst Maddens since its debut. Pretty graphics don't equal gameplay. Seldom did I play Madden on the Original Xbox or the 360, I highly enjoyed Microsoft's NFL Fever and of course the infamous 2K series.

    After EA consumed the NFL license like a three headed NFL Video Game Monopoly monster, NFL fanatics were left stunned and with no choice. We needed our fix and EA was the only one now producing our favorite drug.

    With little hope or promise due to no competition, we just reluctantly waited for EA to do the right thing. Each year in great anticipation bringing great disappointment. Each year bringing it's own ugliness with 08 being a slight exception. Each game with all-inspiring Graphics that bogged down heavily on fluidness and gameplay because of intense choppiness.

    This year EA finally dealt us cards that could bring in the big pot. Number one change being the overall fluidness of play which feels still a lot like Madden (Graphically and style) but with 2K-esque speed. Now we're talking. Graphics are barnone the best I've seen, which is usually the case with Madden but finally they paired in with decent gameplay.

    Graphic Score: 5 out of 5. Fluid and numbing realistic animations from tackling to celebrations all hone on playing your favorite team and players down to style and mannerisms.

    Gameplay Score: 4 out of 5. Finally Madden sees the light. With 2k-esque speed and Madden style control, we get the best of almost both worlds. Madden is the Microsoft Windows of Video Game football, that could either be taken as an insult or praise. Passing has always been one of Madden's strong suits and it is no different here. After all, Madden paved the way with button-assigned receivers and routes. Hold Y to possess a catch, tap Y to make a big play on the ball such as diving catch or a leaping catch. This is a great feature because you can secure the ball on a pass that's in your bread basket or make a tremendous play on a ball that is just out of your reach with one button. It's also great for making picks with your secondary. Routes are fantastically done and are no less remarkably fun to run or to pitch to. Madden also gives you a tremendous amount of on-fly options with no-huddles, audibles, sending receivers in motion and hot routes. The running game has always been somewhat weak. Especially for me considering I'm a Giants fan and that has always been 70% of our offense. However, because of the lack of balanced speed between the line and the runner, Madden makes the running game unrealistic. Let's take Jacobs for instance. He's fast, real fast, rated a 90 but I'm constantly getting caught by opposing defensive lines or backs who somehow close in on him out of nowhere. Which I guess would be fine but Jacobs is also notorious for his bull rush power and knocking guys over. Very seldom am I able to break tackles with him in Madden and think they should make some re-adjustments. If I'm one on one with a guy, there is no question Jacobs will win the battle but this is not the case in Madden. Furthermore, if I take a big hit with Jacobs, he goes flying like a rag doll (would never happen, the guy is the biggest RB in the league) and may lose the ball (also would almost never happen). But this is a bias opinion because you could easily say that a) I'm not good at controlling the runner, despite my rushing IQ being one of my highest attributes (All Pro). b) I just feel that my favorite player doesn't get the respect he deserves.

    Sound Score: 3 out of 5. The commentary in 09 is by far the best since John Madden himself did commentary (with Pat Sumerall and Al Michaels) on Madden which to be honest I still miss, especially after a big hit "booom!" -- that never got old. Chris Collinsworth does a superb offering here as it feels more like a live televised event with his color commentary. I always liked him. The crowd noise seems flat not offering a whole lot of depth nor excitement.

    AI Score: 4 out of 5. I really like Madden IQ despite some of its criticism here. I like the idea that the CPU AI dynamically changes based on your score and keeps things balanced not making Madden overly difficult nor too easy. Hey, if you don't like it- turned it off or set it to the predetermined difficulties. You have options so there is really no room to complain. If you do well in a certain area, your IQ in that area rises making slightly difficult for you in the next game and vice versa.

    Overall: 4 out of 5
    Fun factour: 5 out of 5.

    Roster: What I especially don't like is that you have to be a Gold member to enjoy roster updates. For me, this means the Shockey is still on the giants and Boss is second string with no one behind him. It should Boss and Mathews. Also mind boggling, Strahan is still on my team. Didn't he retire. Furthermore, the Jets still have Pennington.

    You can update the roster but you have to create a game on Xbox live to be able to do so. Furthermore, you have to be a gold member to play Xbox live.
    Madden should just have made that option on the regular menu. I don't like that they went this route, I'm sure Microsoft had a hand in this.

    ++This is the Madden of old with updated graphics and animations. That's a compliment.
    ++Addictive Franchise mode. "Keep it comin'" is the thought that's keeps provoking as you progress through each season. Player Training before each game makes progression fun both on and off the field for your team and individuals.
    ++Select your end zone celebration (sort of) by moving your player to a certain highlighted box after a TD.
    ++Minimal delayed jukes, stiff-arms, bull-rushes, spins and other maneuvers to burn your man.
    ++Tap Y to make a big play on a ball (diving, leaping etc), Hold Y to securely possess the ball if it's your bread basket.
    ++Madden IQ keeps difficulty balanced, making it seamlessly challenging each game based solely your current skill level
    ++Smart AI, re-adjusts and adapts. Will shut you down if your play calling becomes redundant. Forces you to be a dynamic and smart play-caller.
    ++Great in-Game commentary. Chris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond behind the simulated broadcast booth makes for familiar NFL territory making it feel more like a live televised event.
    ++Rewind reverses WTF moments. I like to salvage at least one "Rewind" aka mulligan play because every now and then things happen in Madden that seem beyond your control or just plain absurd.
    ++Bluffing Play Art is a neat way to display the wrong routes and play calls, do a few with one being the correct play-call only beknownst to the player calling the shots.
    ++Realistic environmental conditions and effects add to the Grid-Iron dynamic. Grass, stadiums, domes, crowds are lushly well-done. Intros to each stadium are fantastically captured. Feels like home.

    --Running game feels slow and inadequate in comparison to rest of the game. DBacks shouldn't close-in so quickly, especially if they are sputtering out of a block. Passing, despite your real-life counterpart's style of offense, will be your primary offense in Madden.
    --Kick Returns are terribly redundant. It seems no matter how you run it (defensively or offensively) they always end up on the 25-30 yard line.
    --Roster update. You must have the ability to create a game on Xbox live before you prompts you for a update. Non-Gold members get the short of the stick (Thanks EA, Thanks MSoft). I paid $$ for the game, I should have the ability to have updated rosters regardless if I'm online, a gold-member or not. Bah humbug to whoever made that decision.
    --Still some player control delay either slight delay after a button-press or conflicting issues with what the opposing player is doing.

    ...more info