Olympus Stylus 840 8.1MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom
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  • Very Nice Compact Camera
    I've always known that Olympus makes great cameras, and the Stylus 840 continues that trend. I bought this after a friend of mine got one for himself, and he showed me the photos. Nevermind the nice features this camera contains like different exposures, sceneries, and 5x optical zoom. What got my attention was the photos shot with Super Macro. I was amazed at the quality of the pictures, and I was instantly hooked. I've had the camera for several weeks, and it's been an outstanding performer.

    My only complaints are 1) the LCD screen easily picks up fingerprints and smudges - a simple cleaning takes care of that, 2) the battery after a full charge doesn't last very long when you use the camera to shoot videos, something I do from time to time - it's no surprise since that's when the camera is doing most of its work when the LCD is constantly on, and 3) panorama mode absolutely requires an Olympus memory chip - no doubt that was an intentional design by Olympus - fortunately, I got a 1GB Olympus chip for $23, so it wasn't a wallet drain at all.

    Overall, this camera is a keeper, and I've already bought a carrying case so I can wear it on my belt. You can't go wrong with this camera....more info
  • Another Great Olympus product
    I purchased the stylus for my wife's birthday so she would have a small, easy to use camera. This model is very simple to use, takes great photos inside and out, along with a host of other features. The lightweight, compact, and modern design all appeal to my wife and she has really enjoyed using it so far. I haven't had a chance to test the video features, but for under $100 this was a steal for a new camera. I know there are better cameras out there with more bells and whistles in the point and shoot category, but I already have a digital slr with everything you could ever need. This fit into our budget and I know I got a quality camera, so it's a win/win for us....more info
  • Lack of 2 important features!!!
    This camera is lacking 2 very important (to my opinion) features.
    1. After taking a picture, you can resize/adjust it, but can NOT save it on your camera. The only way to do it is PC.
    2. You can not set up a camera to have the date the picture was taken in the corner of the image....more info
  • Great camera!
    This camera is great! It takes nice quality video, very good pictures all in a very small package that even looks good. The quality of sound (as others have mentioned) for video is minimal so obviously if you are recording something other than the family vacation you should go to a true video camera. Its very easy to use as well, reading the book was hardly necessary for me. One thing to watch out for is the optional muvee software you can buy after putting the included software on your computer. Think you can edit a "movie" with the "muvee" software? Wrong. All it does is string pictures and sound together for slide shows and it costs 29.95 (I'll consider that money wasted). Olympus has really done a great job with this camera and I think it is a great pocket video/picture taker that I am very happy I bought. ...more info
  • Pleased and Surprised
    I had a hard time justifying buying this camera because I already own a couple of very nice cameras. However, I often find myself wishing I had a camera that was compact enough to carry with me where a full blown camera and bag was just not practical or outright difficult. When the impulse side of me won out, I went to the store and started comparing small compact cameras. I wanted as much zoom and quality in as small of a package as I could get. The sales person and I ended up on the floor with several cameras out of the boxes comparing the different features. The Olympus Stylus 840 won out for several reasons but the surprise was when I got it home and got to play with it for a few days. Photography was my father's hobby and he spent many years trying to teach me the ins and outs of f-stops, shutter speeds, etc. I understand the concepts but was never any good in practice. When it came to shooting a real event (not just playing with the camera), I always went back to the automatic mode.

    The Stylus 840 has the Automatic mode, which is great, but it also has a set of Scene modes for shooting in different settings. This is nothing new, but my experience has always been that getting to those modes (without some preplanning) was difficult and I seldom, if ever, used them. The Stylus has made them very easy and quick to get to. No digging. The Guide mode guides the user to make decisions about the settings. This is kind of a cross between having the camera do all the work and the user knowing what they are doing. Then there is the option of changing the exposure by pressing one button and choosing from the previews the best exposure to use. I LOVE this camera. The picture quality is great, it has a very quick response to pressing the shutter button (a big problem with my older camera), and it is so easy to use the extra features.

    By the way, about the memory card. I was annoyed that it did not use a SD card because that is the card most of my toys use. There is now an adaptor that is included with the camera that will allow the use of the SD Micro card. Great... except you can use the Panorama feature ONLY with the Olympus xD card.

    Olympus Stylus 840 8.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom (Pink)
    ...more info
  • Another good product from Olympus
    Nice, simple, light, intuitive little camera from Olympus. I like that you can set the MP at 8 or less, thus doubling the amount of photos you can store on a card. I am a big fan of Olympus beginning with their SLRs from way back. They're light, intuitive and they work well. I would prefer a non-proprietary battery that can be substituted by AAs or something like that, but on the other hand, the battery holds a charge for a long time, so it's ok. You just have to remember to always have it charged up or have a backup battery handy. Love the large screen. Crisp pictures, decent "shutter lag" for a basic point and shoot machine. and the price was right. I recently bought a comparable Samsung, but the Samsung really pales in comparison to the Oly - beginning with the shutter lag and the flash reload time (and the price). Samsung should stick to making TVs, which they do very well. ...more info
  • state of the art
    Olympus has done it again. Great camera. Bought it as a present for my mom. It was easy enough for her to figure out and use. ...more info
  • Olympus Stylus 840
    I too, paid full blown retail at BB. I knew the price would drop soon, but I wanted the camera at the time. No regrets.

    This camera is actually a darker shade of (cobalt)blue than the photo shows. IMHO it is a much nicer shade. I get a lot of comments on it's good looks.

    BTW, this camera DOES take SD memory, the Micro kind. I returned the weird Olympus memory once I found out the camera takes a MicroSD chip. I bought a 2GIG for 15 dollars. The nice thing about the MicroSD is that you do not need to tote your camera to an internet cafe to DL pictures when you are on vacation.

    Just slap the chip (with the supplied adapter)into a Kingston Data Traveler Reader (20 dollars, and it is a stand alone 2GIG thumb as well!). No need for any software. Just use Windows. Microsoft has a cool free (and small)utility called Power Toys Image Resizer that installs on any PC with XP. Just right click on any image (or hold shift key and click for a series) and "Bob's Your Uncle", all your pix are resized to email to friends or blogs.

    I love the camera and the extra optical zoom available. The Super Macro mode is incredible for a compact camera. Extremely close and sharp images that can be made even much closer digitally on a computer. You can zoom in a shot after it is taken on the camera to see just how well the image holds up. Amazing. Note:Beware of camera shake for macro work. The image stabilizer does not help much here.

    The camera is advertised a "splash proof". This may be so for the controls, but the battery compartment has no rubber seals. Still, it was a consideration for me purchasing this camera. I vacation in Thailand where it can be wet at times. Olympus does makes a water proof/shock proof (resistant, really) camera for much more money with out all the 840's features.

    The controls are intuitive for anyone in the digital age. I have not even cracked the manual open yet. I expect to read it sometime to explore all the features. But so far I have been able to access so much just on my own with the easy to navigate menu. I have not yet bothered to load the software on my PC yet. So far all my needs are being met by Windows. I'll get around to it eventually. The point I am trying to make is that you can pretty much charge the battery, take some pictures, DL them to your PC,and email them with out having to read the manual or mess with Olympus software. I like that. The camera syncs right up with windows using the supplied USB cord.

    The Olympus charger takes 5 hours which is dismal. But not to worry,do a search here on Amazon and you can find DIRT cheap spare batteries and 1 hour quick chargers (even with a cigarette lighter adapter).
    EDIT: They lied. The charger takes the same amount of time, but it is more compact, so not a total loss. Spare battery seems fine.

    I highly recommend the type of soft case I bought. A Lowepro Rezo 20 soft case with a pocket for spare battery. It has a snap and Velcro belt loop that can be attached to any back pack strap or fanny pack as well as your belt. Very handy and inexpensive. Make sure you get the newer, improved model with the extra security of a snap as well as Velcro on the belt loop.

    For the money I believe you may find a better camera image wise, but only if you intend to make huge prints. And the other cameras don't come in cool blue either! Nor do they have the combination of the Super Macro mode, 5X optical zoom, and splash resistance.

    Coming out right about now, is Olympus's other Stylus cameras with 7X optical zoom. More money, slightly bigger and heavier. But worth a look.

    Even though I paid about 30 dollars too much I am very happy with this camera and expect to be for some time.

    This is my first review on Amazon. i hope you found it helpful....more info
  • Awful Picture Quality
    I was highly disappointed in the photo quality of my new Olympus Stylus 840. It takes the worst, grainiest pictures I've ever seen! I have no idea what camera the people below are reviewing. ...more info
  • Another good product from Olympus
    Nice, simple, light, intuitive little camera from Olympus. I like that you can set the MP at 8 or less, thus doubling the amount of photos you can store on a card. I am a big fan of Olympus beginning with their SLRs from way back. They're light, intuitive and they work well. I would prefer a non-proprietary battery that can be substituted by AAs or something like that, but on the other hand, the battery holds a charge for a long time, so it's ok. You just have to remember to always have it charged up or have a backup battery handy. Love the large screen. Crisp pictures, decent "shutter lag" for a basic point and shoot machine. and the price was right. I recently bought a comparable Samsung, but the Samsung really pales in comparison to the Oly - beginning with the shutter lag and the flash reload time (and the price). Samsung should stick to making TVs, which they do very well. ...more info
  • olympus stylus 840
    the zoom and picture quality are very good. i can only compare to other point and shoots and it is equal or better to all i have used. the 5x zoom is much better than 3x. i'll never go back to 3x. the battery leaves something to be desired. it would only last about 3/4 of the day while site seeing. the variations in mAh of the replacement batteries bring lots of questions about whether it is better to have higher mAh or a name brand battery, so right now i have not decided which way to go. ...more info
  • Olympus Stylus 840
    Olympus Stylus 840 8 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom (Blue)

    I love this camera, I had an Olympus Stylus as my last camera and was very happy with it too.
    This one has a nice large screen to review pics and I really like the "My Favorites" a feature for pics I want to keep on my camera.
    Another nice feature is the ability to use without a photo card even though the number of pictures is limited, it is still a nice feature.
    All in all I am well pleased with the size, ease of operation and quality of prints....more info
  • Mother's day gift
    I bought this for my mom for mother's day and she loves it. She can't stop telling me about the awesome quality of the pics. As a photography novice she is very happy and has had no problems with the camera's functions being too complicated. Also, I bought this camera from ADORAMA and I was very pleased with their service....more info
  • Great Camera
    I have been looking for a camera like this for a good while and have done research on top of research before I settled on the Olympus Stylus 840. I read all sorts of reviews and this camera had a 100% satisfaction in all aspects. And well it should. It takes great pictures, is so very easy to use and is just a great compact little camera. I have had 2 good Kodak cameras during my search for the perfect camera and this camera far out performs both of the Kodaks I have had, and one of them was 12 megapixels, but this Olympus with 8 megapixels takes better photos. The Kodak AA battery life is not good but the Olympus LI-42B battery lasts a long time and are rechargeable on the charger that comes with the camera. I bought an extra battery to change out when one runs down but you will find they last a good long time. I also like the Olympus XD picture cards and it will hold all the photos you will need on a long outing. I bought the 1GB card which is more than sufficient. This camera has a lot of nice features that you will like and enjoy and you will be amazed at the photos you will be taking. You can set this camera to take photos in different sizes and I like to use the 640x480 size as they are great for emailing. Also you get an instruction manual which is rare today, but truly I have scarcely used it as the camera is user friendly. The 5X optical zoom is quite sufficient as much higher than that and you can't hold a camera still to take a sharp photo without a tri-pod. This camera is small and has all the features you will want. The only thing I would like to see on it is a view finder you can hold up to your eye and look through as well as the monitor screen. But in all honesty I have had no trouble using the screen even in bright sunlight. Oh yea, wait till you take a Super Macro picture of something close up. They turn out great. Trust me, this is a great little camera. I have tried to describe this camera accurately and hope you found this review helpful....more info
  • Its fabulous.
    I love this camera. Its my 3rd Olympus. And its great. I would suggest it to other people. ...more info
  • Poor audio on video
    I've been looking at the audio on several of the olympus cameras.. including the Stylus 840, 1020, and the waterproof stylus 850 SW (which I own).

    All the three models I tested above have weird thumping noises randomly popping up on the audio of the video. I can understand that a waterproof camera has a muffled audio, but don't get the thumping. Sounds like maybe something inside the camera is moving? I called Olympus tech support but he said he hasn't heard of that issue before on the 850 SW. So maybe all 3 models I tested just happened to have the noise??

    The Olympus FE 340 that I tested didn't have the thumping audio noises.. so I'll probably get that.. in addition to the 850 SW so I have one indoor and one outdoor camera. But would have preferred to have one camera that does everything: waterproof, and good video/audio quality....more info
  • My wife is happy
    I bought this one for my wife. 5 stars I give here is a measure of her happiness :)
    What I noticed and don't like is when you set video recording to highest setting (VGA @ 30 fps) it can record only 10 secs.
    Other than that, my wife is happy. Have a good day :)...more info
  • Wonderful! Totally recommended
    i have a huge Sony DSCH1, which i love, but needed a smaller camera which i could carry around all the time. Just point and shoot, with good clarity and easy to use. especially when you ask someone else to take a pic for you.
    It worked right out of the box after charging the battery and slipping in the memory card. i got it for a total of 204$ which included expedited overnight shipping.
    I have'nt used all its features yet. But its extremely clear and crisp, good white balance in the auto mode. It's light and exactly what i wanted. Perfect for a first camera if you are not too particular about a lot of manual modes and settings. The image stabilization was good. ...more info
  • I like it!
    Have had this camera for about a month now, and really like it! Although i have a Canon with 10 megapixels, i wanted a reasonably priced camera i could carry in my purse that had image stabilization since my other one does not. It actually takes pictures as good as the Canon. The 5xzoom is great, and fixing any shadowed pics or redeye (which does not always occur anyway) is a snap in the camera. In low light, as many other point and shoots, there is some graininess, though. I submitted some pictures from it already, and the portrait shot did not even need redeye reduction. The pictures really look better on the computer and printed than on the website here. Have also had several enlarged to 8x10 and a couple cropped and enlarged to 5x7 with no loss of image quality. The only thing i would change is the cord for the charger which is kind of awkward. Would definitely recommend this camera for a friend!...more info
  • Great Camera for the money
    I recently bought the Olympus Stylus before a trip to Europe. I needed to replace an old SONY camera that had issues holding a battery charge (it took AA rechargeables, which was a nice feature). It was time for an upgrade anyway, so I did a lot of research, wanting to have a balance of price and features. What's great about this camera is its optical zoom (5x). It's also great that there are many features (including a panoramic feature-- it takes a bit to get used to).
    Some negatives:
    1) The battery life runs out pretty quickly (didn't last more than 3 days). This depends partially on the features that you use (it seemed to run out faster when I took panoramic shots or used the menu to adjust the brightness of the shot), but I would advise buying a second battery or have an electricity converter if traveling abroad. One battery, charged once, will not be sufficient. The camera is probably average in terms of battery life, but I had higher expectations.
    2) Sometimes the camera takes blurry shots when indoors, if you're trying not to use the flash (there's a menu that adjusts the brightness- super cool!). This is the only time I was really frustrated with the camera, as a flash sometimes washes out the photo subject. There may be a way to fix the issue, but as the camera is new, I've not yet discovered it.

    Overall, I would recommend this camera. It takes great fast-motion action pictures, has brilliant colors in outdoor lighting, and provided for a great way to preserve memories of my trip. Love the 5x zoom. Love the video feature (has sound, which my old camera did not). Love the multitude of features and possible settings....more info
  • Olympus Stylus 840 8.0 MP w/5x zoom
    This is not only a REALLY cute, sleek designed camera, but it also offers WONDERFUL picture quality and great features. I am so glad I waited to purchase this until after I further researched. I receive many compliments on the appearance, and I love the fact that it is so small and compact. It fits in my purse and it is ready to take pictures at any time. Big LCD screen is very nice to review your snapshots. This camera is very simple to use, with the exception that I have not figured out how to use the feature which allows you to take 3 or 4 pictures instantly to capture the best motion shot. This feature would be great during sporting events so that you don't miss that 'special' shot (the perfect hit during a baseball game). Otherwise, I would HIGHLY recommend it. ...more info
  • So far / so good
    After much debate as to which Olympus digital camera to replace my old one with, I selected the Olympus Stylus 840. I am happy with it, in that it has enough options to satisfy the "advanced" amateur photographer in me, a great zoom capability, and it's also Super easy to use. I haven't gone through the instruction manual completely, but I have gone through everything by using the camera's "on screen menu" method. I find it's menu far simpler to navigate than with my previous Olympus (which was ironically a much lesser quality camera overall.) Additionally I love it's tiny, compact size, and it's stylish black color, which was my first choice and had the added bonus of being a few dollars less in cost than the other 3 available colors. Picture quality (the biggest deal of all) will have to remain to be seen; I have only played around with it at home so far, but it's going to Bermuda with me in 3 days! :) One thing that might be helpful to know is that this comes as a brand new boxed set, so everything you need is included in the price, even though the website only pictures the camera alone, and out of it's box. You ARE getting the very same product you'd see on the Olympus website, or if you went to an electronics store and paid full price for the whole boxed camera outfit. (I felt I was taking a risk with this purchase, and that this information wasn't made clear by Amazon, so I hope that helps if anyone else wonders about the same question.)...more info
  • Easy to use advanced features!
    As an amateur at picture taking, I was delighted to find how easy it was to use this camera's advanced features. Usually I find it too frustrating to use a digital camera's special effects and modes, but this model made navigating and understanding how to use the 'scene modes' or other setting changes very easy with the camera providing a brief description as to when to use what feature. Last night I was able to take very high quality pictures in many unusual conditions: outside by firelight, pictures of documents, pictures with strongly backlit subjects. Thanks Olympus!...more info
  • Its fabulous.
    I love this camera. Its my 3rd Olympus. And its great. I would suggest it to other people. ...more info
  • Awesome Camera- Awesome Price-
    I love this camera. Has everything you need for a great pocket camera. Resolution and picture quality is excellent and 5x zoom rounds out the benefits. I suggested to a co-worker and she bought one on the spot. Best deal around for the megapixels and zoom. The body is also well constructed, not cheap plastic like many others in this price range. Would loved to have bought a dozen of these for gifts....more info
  • Olympus digital camera
    Camera is a delight to operate -- said as a persistent user of film cameras....more info
  • Another winner from Olympus
    I should put in the disclaimer that I am a big fan of Olympus products and hold a fairly heavy bias towards them before I write this review. My experiences with Olympus cameras has always been very good except for one FE170 that I gave away (it was a piece of garbage).

    I just purchased this little Olympus after much research because I needed a compact "snapper" that I could easily take to parties/ social events etc. where a larger camera (I have an Olympus SP550UZ that I love) would be too cumbersome. Having said that, I still need it to take very nice photographs as I am not willing to sacrifice image quality for compactness. I already owned a Panasonic Lumix TZ3 that was supposed to serve this purpose but to be completely honest I wasn't entirely happy with that camera. It is a little larger and heavier than what I needed and photos weren't up to scratch a lot of the time. They always seem a bit washed out/ pale and colors seemed sub-optimal/ inaccurate.

    I was tossing up between this MJU840 and the new FE340 but the fact that the 840 has optical image stabilization as opposed to the digital only IS on the 340 eventually swayed my decision in favor of the MJU840.

    So far I am just thrilled with this camera. The photos are- in true Olympus tradition- brilliant. Very sharp and in focus with brilliant and vividly accurate colors. It is so simple to use that you will almost certainly not need to consult the manual and it looks fantastic although the LCD is highly prone to finger print smudging. It is so small and compact that you can put it in a pocket and just forget it is there until you come across some moment that you simply have to capture. Then, it powers up and is ready to go almost instantly.

    Excellent quality images and ultimate compactness and portability make this compact snapper from Olympus a big winner. Five stars....more info
  • Great little camera so far
    So far, this camera has worked great. Takes crisp, clear pictures. The feature where you hold down the shutter button to take continuous pictures works great. We've gotten some great action shots that way!...more info
  • Perfect small camera
    I purchased this camera for my wife based on my own happiness with a larger Olympus camera. I now find myself using it as much as she does. Very compact and the pictures are great. I don't go in for all the fancy stuff, just wanted a camera that was easy to use and would take better than average pictures. There are a lot of extra features to this camera and maybe someday my wife or I will try them out, but for now we have just what we want. I highly recommend this camera....more info
  • olympus stylus 840
    I have been a long time fan of Olympus cameras,both film and digital. When it came time to up date my carry along point and shoot I naturally checked out Olympus's line up. Now, I am not brand loyal to the point of excluding all other manufactuer's products. It is very hard to buy a truly "bad" camera today. Most of it comes down to how user friendly a model is to you. Olympus cameras have traditionaly been smaller,lighter, and built with excellent optics. I have not been disappointed with my past purchases and I am not now either. The screen is big and bright, the zoom range,(somewhere around 35-180 mm in 35mm terms) is just about where 95 percent of my photo work is done. The resolution is outstanding and prints up to 11x14 on my Epson printer are great. I couldn't ask for more in a compact, easy to carry, great looking camera. ...more info