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Kingston 8GB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed DataTraveler 110 (Green) (DT110G/8GB)
List Price: $37.99

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Product Description

With large capacity, DataTraveler 110 contains room for high-definition photos, graphics-intensive documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, term papers, and music that can be stored and retrieved in a flash. Sleek, practical, and attractively designed, the affordable DataTraveler 110 serves the needs of the budget-conscious user as well as those looking for significant storage capacity in a lightweight, compact design. DataTraveler 110 features a retractable USB connector for ease of use and safe housing.

  • 100% Tested for Reliability
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  • Easy to Follow Installation Instructions
  • Designed to Meet or Exceed Industry Standards for Performance and Reliability

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid/Reliable but thick
    Drive is light like previous reviewer stated but constructed well... nothing loose or shaking.
    Another plus (a huge one): It showed about 4K memory used but unused space still showed 8GB... no annoying pre-loads taking up space.
    The other reviews give credit to the slide mechanism but I will give more detail... you press down so that it can slide forward and it clicks/locks into place and cannot slide back unless you press down with your finger and drag it back. Very secure and when you use it you will realize that it will not fail you.
    Speed is a little slower than my old Sony MicroVault but it is adequate and for the $36 spent it is the best value out there overall in terms of size and speed. It did not have password protect so I downloaded the free program (truecrypt) despite very few negative reviews which concerned me but I have been very happy so far and it protects like my Sony and possibly has stronger encryption.
    I give it 4 stars ONLY because it is thick and I had to force a very slim usb mouse connector or my very slim Sony drive next to it. The mouse connector and Sony drives do not touch when they are next to each other but when either are used with the 8GB drive it is a very tight fit.
    You will not be disappointed....more info
  • I'm happy with Amazon Service
    The service is good.
    The time is well enough!
    It's easy to buy, I'm happy with my purchase...more info
  • Kingston Data Traveler 8 gig.
    I needed a bigger drive for storage and saw this on Amazon for a reasonable price.
    While functional, kingston chose to put a block of it's own data on there which
    I've been unable to get rid of with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux formatting utilities. I've read that some
    of these usb drives ship with viruses etc so I'm a bit disturbed. I wouldn't recommend this product....more info
  • easy to use
    Needing a larger USB disk to hold all my data, I had recently purchased a Sandisk Cruzer, but it had so many bells and whistles of software and security on it that I had to manually double-click all over the place just to access it. This Kingston USB disk, besides coming from a reputable company, is easy to use and I can just back up on it with no hurdles to jump. I do not have need or interest in the security tools....more info
  • Solid Performer
    This is probably my fourth or fifth flash drive. I am bad about losing them and especially losing the small plastic caps that some drives provide to cover the metal part that inserts into the USB port. So I was drawn towards this model, where the metal part actually retracts into the body of the flash drive, obviating the need for a plastic cap.

    My hesitation was that I had bought a similar kind of flash drive from a competitor (can not recall specifically which) and the retractable part eventually got stuck. The metal body of that flash drive was prone to getting slightly deformed after use (carrying it around in pockets, etc.) and the deformation left it not in square anymore causing the retractable part to stick in the retracted or extended position. This necessitated prying it out with some sharp instrument and leaving it extended - defeating the whole purpose of the design.

    After several months of using the Kingston product, I am happy to report that this has not been a problem. The solid plastic housing of the Kingston has maintained its shape through several airports and hotels and frequent at-home use. As a result, the retraction mechanism is working flawlessly to date. I have also found the data transfer rates to be fast and it was not overloaded with lots of extraneous junk programs and "sample" software out of the box. The 8gb space is handy because I can carry my entire documents folders back and forth between home and work as kind of an additional backup.

    In short, this has been a solid and reliable performer thus far and will serve me well until I inevitably lose it (the ones that come with a lanyard attached so you can wear it around your neck do me no good either...I have lost those too and hate wearing it around because of the dorkishness of it) and have to buy another one. ...more info
  • Excellent USB flash memory drive
    This is a great product that does exactly what it was supposed to do- work by reading and writing data with no problems experienced whatsoever. It is also quite fast compared to other similar drives that I have used. The 8 Gb Kingston DT-110 is definitely a great quality product even though it is very light, but at the same time it appears to be extremely rugged with a very nice and reliable retracting USB junction switch. The switch is either pushed open to use in a USB port or pushed closed in the opposite direction to retract making the "user" end of the unit completely safe from breakage when not in use. Thus, there is never any cap to loose either. Hopefully they will soon make this model in a 16 or 32 Gb version too!

    UPDATE: October 3, 2008: I have recently tried USB flash memory drives from Adata (8 Gb, with a standard connector), this model the Kingston DT-110 (8 Gb Green retractable version), the Corsair Survivor (16 Gb metal encased unit with 256 bit encryption capability) and the OCZ ATV 32 Gb rubber-encased drive. Of all these I definitely prefer the OCZ for its huge size and reliability as well as its durability and small physical size to boot. Next, however, I liked the Kingston DT-110 retractable unit. If the DT-110 was currently produced with a larger capacity I probably would have purchased that one first since the connector is totally protected when not in use. I didn't like the Corsair at all and it was way too large in my opinion, but well protected. The Adata unit died after 7 months of relatively light usage.
    I have had this storage device in routine use now for over 6 months and its performance has been as expected earlier-exemplary! I highly recommend it for its relatively small amount of storage capacity, namely 8 GB- Now who would have said that in a sentence 5 or more years ago at least at today's prices which continue to fall almost weekly! ...more info
  • Works well so far but feels flimsy
    So far I haven't had a problem. The plastic casing is very lightweight and I'm afraid it wil crack easily. You just need to be careful. When pushing it into your computer, due to the sliding action, you have to stabalize the unit so it doesn't slide back into the case. I guess that's to be expected. ...more info
  • Very nice upgrade from a 1 GB Flash drive
    This is my third flash drive, after a 512mb huge clunker bought in 2002 that is about the size of those mini Leathermans and a 1 GB no name drive purchased at Micro Center.

    The 8GB has plenty of space, which I need, because I tend to NOT delete anything on my drives, LOL.
    The speed at USB 2.0 is pretty good, 100Mb in about 10 seconds.

    One major purchasing point is that there is no cap to lose as other reviews have stated and that this sliding type drive 'locks' into place. I tried a Cruzer which has a similar design but it does not lock into place; and when you try and connect it to your PC, it slides back inside. How very annoying! I like the green color and the plastic looks like it can take a fair amount of abuse.

    And, no U3 software to get in the way! I don't need any of that junk.
    Buy it, 4 GB is about to be passed up as the sweet spot in Flash Drives for the 8 GB drives. I will maybe buy 1 more in the future - 32 GB.

    Accidentally clicked 4 stars - Really 5 stars....more info
  • works great
    works great. and at 8 GB you can put just about anything on it.

    ...more info
  • Shoddy design
    The metal USB connection slides out of this device (using a button) and is supposed to click into a locked position. Within a week of using this product, it became impossible to click it so it locked. Now I must hold the button firmly while inserting it into the computer's USB port. This keeps the USB connection from sliding back into the plastic case. Extremely inconvenient....more info