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  • Great, mindless violence
    Sometimes a movie sticks in my mind because of one particular scene, and in this case, it's when Travolta's character whacks his loud, angry financier in the windpipe with a metal baton to shut his nonstop, screaming piehole for good. Great scene, very satisfying. ...more info
    Just got Broken Arrow BD yesterday & watched most of the movie.Its much better compared to the normal dvd.The picture is quite good.I got to view a lot of detailed scenes particularly the dark ones ( 2/3 nd. chapter in which John Travolta flies the stealth) which were very hazy in the dvd. The DTS HD 5.1 sound is also a great improvement. The bass is rock solid. If you are a fan of John woo films i would definetly recomend buying this BD.You will dump the normal dvd....more info
  • WOW
    John Travolta at his best here! Itf you love military action and major fire power you love this movie. I have seen it about 1000 times and I never get tired of it....more info
  • exhilarating action from John Woo
    a madman has stolen two nuclear warheads and threatens to detonate them
    over a populated area if his demand for money is not met.that's the
    gist of the stars John Travolta,Christian Slater,Samantha
    Mathis and Delroy Lindo,to name a's a pulse pounding thriller
    from John Woo(mission Impossible 2).there's obviously a lot of
    action,and suspense,and the movie goes right down to the wire.John
    Travolta is good,as is Christian Slater,but i really liked Samantha
    Mathis,who i feel is and underrated actress.the action scenes are are
    exhilarating,though admittedly over the top.but for thrills,you can't
    beat it.for me,Broken Arrow is a 4/5...more info
  • Fast paced action adventure...
    John Woo's Broken Arrow starts out swinging, and quickly develops into a fast-paced action thriller that never lets up until its explosive conclusion. The plot is constantly moving forward, building momentum, and barely leaving time to catch a breath. Sure it has a few totally unbelievable plot twists, like a most convenient escape from a nuclear blast in a mine. But if you just hang on, and go along for the ride, you will have a very entertaining time indeed.

    In the best action role of his career so far, Christian Slater stars as USAF pilot, Captain Riley Hale. His fellow pilot is Major Vic Deakins, played by John Travolta. The two men are in constant competition, with the older Deakins usually coming out on top. They are assigned to fly a B3 bomber armed with two nuclear bombs. While on a night mission, Deakins attempts to kill Hale and take over the plane. Quick reactions by Hale, saves his life, but Deakins manages to eject him from the plane. Deakins releases the two nuclear devices, which parachute to earth, and then ejects himself, leaving the plane to crash land.

    Deakins as supremely confident, riding on the edge of madness. He has planned the theft well, and is aided by a group of mercenaries, led by former Raider Howie Long, ready to recover and move the nukes. Meanwhile, Hale has picked up a partner in the shapely form of park ranger Terry Charmichael, played by the spunky Samantha Mathis. The pair is all that stands between Deakins and his plan to ransom the weapons back to the US Government. Hale and Deakins clash, and continue to match wits all along the way, elevating their personal competition to one with much higher stakes.

    Slater is engaging as the lightly regarded youngster, battling against overwhelming odds. Teamed with Sam Mathis, they are an energetic one-two punch, that look great together. Park ranger Chamichael never backs down, and is cool and competent under pressure.

    Broken Arrow is Hong Kong action director John Woo's second American feature, and it has the masters' usual touch. Guns, bombs, explosions are all standard fare, as are the slow motion shots. Yes it is definitely a matter of style over substance, but it is such an entertaining and appealing style. Simple things like following a thrown hammer hitting someone's head become so much fun. Woo also seems to favor blowing up choppers, and no less than four wind up in flames in separate incidents. A terrific action picture from beginning to end. Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is a plus. This one is just meant to be enjoyed without too much thought. An interesting little menu, is wasted as the only extra is a trailer. Recommended without reservations to any fan of action movies....more info

  • Explosive fun!
    This movie is more explosive than any other film I've ever seen! There's no sexuality, which you find in almost every action movie. It's fast paced action from beginning to end. I've seen about 15 times and I've never got tired of it! It's the best! The story is about major Diekens(Travolta) who's trying to steal 2 nuclear weapons from a Stealth Bomber. Only Captain Hail(Slater) knows about what he's trying to do! Then, he meets a park ranger(Samantha Mathis) and they try to stop Diekens from stealing the nuclear warheads. This is explosive, fun and not much glore, the best!!! I absolutely recommend this!!...more info
  • John Woo's first American movie
    Lots of action and typical John Woo action film. It's interesting to see American stars (Travolta and Slater)act under his direction. Travolta's performance is excellent as the antagonist. ...more info
  • Action? Yes. Reality? You've GOT to be kidding!
    I have to agree with "Freelancing" when he says, "... The whole premise is absolutely moronic to begin with... but even putting the preposterousness of the story aside, the behavior of the actors is over-acted, cheesy and just plain stupid. ... There are some folks who will listen to pulsing, loud rap music simply because of the way it makes their woofers throb in their car, not really caring for the song or the lyrics... such is the appeal of this film.. scattered smatterings of eye-candy explosions hither and yon, and not much else."

    There are a lot films out there which take broad license with the military, its security procedures and flight tactics. Top Gun did it, but in a much more limited and believable way. I must admit, a four g inverted dive, canopy to canopy with a Mig does push the truth limits. Even Chuck Yeager balked at that one.

    However even with those flaws, which are major ones for former military pilots, Broken Arrow's plot and acting can't pull it together. They compete with one other for last position on the excellence scale.

    In my opinion, Travolta is a great actor, but he didn't serve himself or his fans well with this role. If you just want something to dazzle your eyes and pulsate your eardrums while you eat that extra large buttered popcorn, go ahead, buy it. Actually, I'd suggest renting it ... that should satisfy your sensory hunger, at a lower cost.

    If you're serious about your action movies, don't fly formation with this one....more info

  • The Arrow need to be fixed
    OK movie but a bit slow in spots. More violence and much more nudity would improve the plot....more info
  • Silly... but alright
    This is quite the implausible tale of a lone soldier taking down helicopters with a single bullet, nuclear bombs going off and not hurting anybody, and other things. It's a good movie if you're bored and hard-up for an escape from reality, but other than that it's not all that great in my opinion....more info
  • Brilliant action packed film
    if you into hi tech action movies this is quite good...more info
  • Just Brainless...
    Broken Arrow was quite a disappointment, considering the makeup of the cast: John Travolta and Christian Slater among others.
    The movie brings to the screen the story of a routine stealth bomber flight over the US gone awry resulting in the theft of the two nuclear missiles it was carrying.
    In short, the acting is surprisingly average (!), the setting is pretty good, while the dialogues and the plot are below average.
    The major setbacks are in relation to:
    1) The brainless plot, the brainless action, and the brainless dialogues.
    2) All the impossible situations that the heroes got themselves out of.
    3) The Park Ranger. First she attempts to arrest a US Air force pilot (!) instead of offering assistance and then she turns into John Rambo for the duration of the film! She is a Park Ranger for crying out loud!
    As for the rating, it should have been PG-13.
    Though the potential for a good movie was definitely there it fails to take off, primarily due to the writers.
    No masterpiece here.
    ...more info
  • Good movie
    This may be the first time John Travolta played a bad guy. John, has stolen a nuke and intends to use it for ransom. Christian Slater discovers the plot and takes it before he can get away. The movie focuses on John chasing Christian to get the bomb back. Good acting and good action sequences. If your up late and can't sleep this is the ticket....more info
  • Almost a throwaway
    Broken Arrow is meant to be a high impact thriller with in house terrorism and a good vs. evil mindset. It is meant to be a movie that is exciting and adventurous. What it is rather, is a laughable attempt at all these things. John Travolta is always accomplished in the role he plays, and this is no different. What is truly hilarious is former professional football player Howie Long also having a part as one of the rogue bad guys. Long may be in the hall of fame and have a Superbowl ring as one of the greatest Lineman to ever play the game, but his talents stop there. All this guy does is bring a brute look to the screen, complete with signature flat top haircut. The script got hacked a lot on this one because he has few lines and even when he tries to act intense when saying them during some fight scenes, he comes off more as someone who really does not belong in a movie at all.

    That is not the main problem with this film though. Broken Arrow is doomed from the start with an improbable situation that in real life, whether it is pre or post 9/11, just would not happen like that. A scene of a warhead launching out of a moving train and just knocking the guy out into the air who was standing in front of it was ridiculous. Any missile of this size needs a massive amount of burst behind it, and the flames alone would have fried him anyway. Beyond that, a human body really is nothing more than a sack of water, and in real life this guy would have been in several pieces before the rocket had traveled a minimal distance.

    The hero is Hale who is played by Christian Slater. Hale tries to thwart Vic Deakins (Travolta) and his master plan of hijacking two nuclear warheads to sell for profit. Slater is not bad but his partner in crime is, and that is Terry Carmichael (played by Samantha Mathis) who is a park ranger. She just happens to come across all this high action desert dueling while on the job. Mathis is lovely and an accomplished actress but her character is way, way to ridiculous to the point of laughable. Many times she seems to know how to dodge bullets and a scene depicted in slow motion of her running down a canyon ravine while being threatened by a helicopter had me rolling on the floor.

    Travolta's character is by far the most likeable, with witty one-liners and a diabolical outlook that has no mercy. Beyond that, it pales even to other films of a similar kind like Con Air (Unrated Extended Edition) or another Travolta favorite of mine called Face/Off. A lot of build up was put into this movie upon it's initial release and even though it claimed some fame at the time, to view it now is nothing but a waste of precious time.
    ...more info
  • Fast-Paced and Suspenseful
    This is a pretty good action flick. John Travolta plays an Air Force pilot who becomes a madman when he hijacks a nuclear missile to sell. Christian Slater is the good guy, also a pilot, who tries to stop him. This has plenty of action, fight scenes, explosions. They use trucks, planes, trains, etc. The desert and canyon settings are beautiful. Samantha Mathis plays a very likeable Park Ranger caught up in all of this and helper to the Slater character. It is a fairly short movie which helps it move along. Not a bad storyline either, kept me interested. ...more info
  • Travolta's Ultra-Cool Villainy
    A vast improvement over "Hard Target" (1993), director John Woo finds his Hollywood niche in this fast-paced thriller. Though it doesn't match the kinetic flair of Woo's Hong Kong epics, "Broken Arrow" (1996) delivers plenty of serial-style action while utilizing the Southern Utah landscape to striking effect. The film's raison d'¨ºtre lies in the charismatic villainy of John Travolta - who has a wonderful time playing a traitorous military pilot and nuclear blackmailer. Christian Slater's efficient heroics are a good match for Travolta's diabolical cool. "Broken Arrow" is cheerfully preposterous and endlessly entertaining. Classic dialogue: "Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?"...more info
  • Not a whole lot of fun.
    Okay, I know John Woo made an action film that's meant to be typical summer entertainment, which means leave your brain at the door and watch for purely for the action scenes, but it's still a distracting movie on that level. The action scenes are occasionally stilted. Sometimes, they're good (the car chase) and sometimes downright bad (train finale, need I say more). John Woo is a brilliant director in his own right, but he disappoints here. Luckily, each of his films in American release have been getting significantly better (M:I-2 is incredibly entertaining and Face/Off has some great shootouts). Even then if you enjoy the action scenes in Broken Arrow, who can forget the cheesy lines of dialogue which are meant to be humorous but end up sounding downright painful. What about the special effects, which look cheesy half the time? There's too much wrong with this already dumb action/thriller. I really recommending avoiding it....more info
  • Broken Arrow
    Good Movie.Two military airforce pilots Vic Deakins(Travolta)and Riley Hale(Slater)are assigned a stealth training mission carrying two nuclear's supposed to be a routine mission until Deakins tries to kill Hale and steals the two nukes....more info
  • Awsome movie!
    This was a great action movie and it didn't ave alot of gore.I loved it.I loved it so much that I just bought it not to long ago.I highly recommend this movie!...more info
    While the film is entertaining and Travolta and Slater play off of each other like oil and water, the aspect ratio is not Anamorphic, so be warned if you have a 16X9. Hope they correct that in a future release because this one keeps Wooing me back. (sorry)...more info
  • Broken Depth, nauseating....trite, for fans of flat, uncharging films
    everyone should burn this dvd. Horrible acting, slow, moronic script, lackluster dialouge, Travolta is truly second rate B actor in this, Slater is appalling as per usual, (with the exception of Pump Up the Volume, which I found rather delicious as a feel good film)

    The film just doesn't go anywhere, it's a movie you forget about a week later after you watch it. It is simply a 'fair' film, with frosh dialouge from a liberal arts major at a state college. In this reviewers opinion, it is probably in the top twenty or so worst acting films in the cinemas history. No emotion, no depth, a zero star. Horrendously crafted. It is as bad, or as comparable to 'Con Air', and we all know how truly pathetic that was.

    ...more info
  • Broken Arrow
    I had originally taped this from TV but liked it so much that I wanted to buy it. It is a great movie and I like both the actors in it....more info
  • Broken Arrow...Yes it is cool!!
    Catching a line from this movie the suspense in this movie is "cool". John Travolta and Christian Slater are at odds in this 1996 movie on the theft of two nuclear warheads in rugged terrain of Utah. At times it has you on the edge of your seat. It certainly is a far cry from Travolta's roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever but one of his best!!...more info
  • Broken Arrow, dvd
    Great suspence, with Travolta doing a super bad guy. Slater and Travolta played off one another very well, and I really believed their charactors. ...more info
  • Fun with a big container of popcorn.
    Broken Arrow is a fun, action filled, check your brain at the door movie.
    Comon folks, if you're looking for something intellectually stimulating you came to the wrong movie.
    Action, action, and more action.
    The direction is ok, the acting from two of Hollyweirds biggest has beens is ok.
    All in all, it's just a good movie to watch when there's nothing else on the 800 cable channels which is very often.
    Worth a rental, just don't expect Gone With The Wind.
    ...more info
  • Great Action Movie!
    This movie is a great combination of action and plot.It has great action sequences and John Travolta is great as Dekins.Christian Slater is also good, but Travolta steals the show!I think this is one of Woo's best!If you like this I reccomend Woo's other action epics-Face Off,and The Killer....more info
  • An old battle.
    Simple, ancient. It is that steel vs. Steal. Nice gun HWY 1 2915 20408 you did well for now. And as for the future it just left us behind. A good Scenario. But America no earth. I hold the keys to your future....more info
  • By Far John Woo's Worst Movie!
    Like George Lucas, Woo is the kind of Director that goes a little to overboard if he has a big budget. Woo has directed plenty of excellent action flicks; such as Hard Boiled, The Killer, A Better Tomorrow Etc. But somehow, in exception of Face/Off, all of his American Films are pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, all of them tend to have neat camera angles and great action sequences...But plot wise? Uhm don't think so.

    In Broken Arrow, Travolta plays Vic Deakins, A Bomber Pilot that decides to go rogue. He betrays his friend (Slater) and steals two nuclear warheads, which he plans to not sell, but to obtain ransom from them by returning them to the U.S. Government...ok so the plot is somewhat interesting...but the execution isn't. The dialogue is so comic book like, and cheesy. Travolta has always delivered magnificently as a baddie...But here, he seemed pretty gay. Especially the end, how he gets killed by Slater is so stupid...Ugh, I guess this movie could be watched to kill some brain cells. It has entertainment I give it that, but the dialogue and pace is so lame and tedious. Not to mention the way Travolta's character kept destroying the nukes...isn't he supposed to get money from them...Its just whack definitely a rental, not a buy.

    Also keep in mind that this DVD is Letterbox, meaning that it has not been released Anamorphic. So if you have a Plasma Screen and have an up converter, it won't work, you would have to view it in its original 480 signal, which looks pretty bad. I would get the blu ray copy...that's if you're crazy to get it. But otherwise just get the bare bones letterbox DVD.

    ...more info
  • A good action film
    After John Woo's move to Hollywood, things got a little bit shaky for a while with this John Travolta/Christian Slater action flick. And while the action is good, the story feels like it was taken from a pile marked "unused Steven Seagal ideas". That said, Travolta is effortlessly cool, slowly making his way back to the top with films like Pulp Fiction after the slump of the 80's. Woo's flair for impressive action and stunts is evident, as Slater is out to try to stop Travolta from detonating a stolen missile (hence the film's title).

    We're in familiar territory, but it's a Woo movie, so the action is thankfully better than the average action flick. Samantha Mathis is the love interest for Slater's character, but she's as cardboard as they come, the plot is rather brainless and some unconvincing techno-jargon ruins the film's credibility. But the action saves the film, with the ever-present things exploding and helicopter chases making this one a solid, if not always-realistic action flick....more info

  • Would you please stop shooting at the thermo-nuclear weapons
    This movie was a blast to watch, and I do mean blast. Yes I've read all the reviews before how the characters are flat, everything unrealistic...blah blah blah. Well I thoroughly loved the movie, one of Christian Slater's better ones. Certainly another winner for John Travolta. I thought that they did pretty well with their roles, Travolta was especially hilarious as the villain. No matter what people say, this was a total thrill-ride to watch, and yes John Woo rips himself off again with his camera moves, but hey, it wouldn't be Woo without those would it? The action is non-stop throughout the movie and very enjoyable to watch. The DVD isn't too loaded with extras, just the trailer, but the movie is there in all its widescreen glory with Dolby Digital Surround. I'm a happy man. And for $14.99 I got a good deal too. Anyways, go buy this movie now! Campy, in a way yes. Cheesy dialogue, hmm maybe. Handful of good actors, well... Lotsa of action, YOU GOT IT! It is well worth the buy!...more info