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Martin - The Complete Fourth Season
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Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 04/01/2008 Run time: 594 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Martin Lawrence is the Best
    I am a diehard Martin Lawrence fan. Season Four doesn't have many of the best episodes of the 6 seasons, however, its the best season overall. I think that in seasons 1-3, Martin was still finding himself as an actor and exploring outside interest. In seasosn four, he got it and I believe his fans were hooked. It has one of my favorite episodes with the Notorious BIG. One of his few screen apprearances. The fourth season also has a slew of A-listers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Adele Givens, Salt&Pepa, Halle Barry, Charles Barkley, Marla Gibbs, Tiny Lister, Sherman Hemsley and Chris Rock. I'm sure I missed some. If you are a diehard Martin fan, this is a no-brainer. If you are not; don't sleep. This is a comedic keeper. A must have for any cd collection....more info
  • Martin Lawrence is a GENIUS!
    Hands down one of the greatest comedic shows in history! Martin was definitely before his time. This show has been off the air for over 11 years and we STILL laugh at it, like it was just aired last week! It's funny watching him in character as Moma Payne and Shenenh because you don't even think of it being him as a woman as he played it so well! They were like "real" people. Anyone who is looking for guaranteed laughs get ALL seasons and you will be happy you did! ...more info
  • laughin my butt off
    I ordered the four complete series of Martin for my husband's birthday...there is only one or two dvd's in the bunch that will not play on our dvd player however we still view the rest of the dvd's on a daily basis...can't wait till the 5th season comes out but that's when martin and gina were going through their lawsuit so it may not come out...any we're very pleased...holla
    ...more info
  • The Best of the Best
    This was truly when the Martin was at it's best. There's so many good episodes you really don't where to begin. Such as Blow Baby Blow,Love Jones Connection, Love TKO etc,etc. Really if you are Martin fan run and get this and add to your collection....more info
  • Funniest Man go boyeee...funny as hell!
    I have been a die hard fan of Martin Lawrence since day one and
    you best believe that you will stop laughing if you do not add this to your collection list!...more info
    im starting my collection of the seasons of Martin an i cant wait for season four to come to my house...more info
  • WZUP.... Whhhhhhhhhaaaaatttttt'sss UP!!!
    Headed out to Chicago for Saviour's Day and I'm Driving with my youngin's that's a twevle hour Trip one way. so how do you keep them statisfied for those many hours? with a drop down 17 inch monitor and in dash navi/dvd player & Martin That's How.. U Know! Damm 4 season not availbe. but three season's in the front seat. Ha Ha Ha martin, martin, martin, Lawrence, How Ya Doin"...more info
  • Love it!
    Martin - The Complete Fourth Season was probably the last best season of this groundbreaking show. Gina and Matin are married in this season and after that, their chemistry kinda took a nosedive. The best episodes from the season don't involve the main characters but from the supporting cast, Tommy, Pam, and Cole. This is a great gift idea so with that in mind, buy season 4 today! Only one more season to go!...more info
  • whee is season five?????
    Roll out season five! Martin Seasons are real classics, they don't make them like that no more so please put season five out there and make all his fans happy, happy, happy!!!...more info
  • One of the funniest seaons of Martin
    This is one hilarious season. How they were able to keep up the comedic timing and magic of this series to that point is amazing. Even if it did look as if some of the stars were laboring through taping, it still remains a top-notch season. ...more info
  • Hell to the Yes!!
    HBO, you got it figured out. Every season is rated 5 stars for a reason- we love some Marty Mart! Keep 'em comin!...more info
  • Call Me, Almond.
    Season 4 is the best season since Season 2. I can really see the strength in the storyline and the comedy is non stop. This season had more memorable episodes and more memorable performances than last Season, although in this season you see less of Martin's characters.
    There are few 'misses' in this season just like last season but overall, this is one of his more better seasons.
    ...more info