Sony SPK-HCD Waterproof Sports Pack for underwater use with DCR-SR220, 45, 55, 65 Camcorders
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Provides water resistance down to depth of 5 metersCompatible with wide range of Handycam modelsAllows full control of main camera features: power on/off, mode select (movies, still images, video playback), REC start/stop, photo recording, variable speed zoomShoulder strap included

  • Usable Depth: Up to 17ft(5m)
  • Records audio via built-in stereo microphone
  • Compatible with nearly all 06-08 Handycam Camcorders

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome feature
    I found this underwater box to be excellent, although the volume when using the box seems magnified loader than using the camera alone. I took this on Splash Mountain at Disneyland and got a great video of my daughters getting splashed......more info
  • High Quality But Missing One Important Ingredient
    This is a product that meets most expectations. Quality components, advanced controls, etc. It was highly protective of my video camera both in and out of the water. Controls were easy to use. The electronic interface was easier to use than the manual controls on advanced still and video camera underwater housings. The recommended depth is somewhat shallow, and I will admit to taking it a bit deeper than advised without problems. One minor complaint: The supports for the mirror apparatus were difficult to keep in place while filming. One major complaint: The unit is not weighted to be neutrally buoyant. I required 6-8 additional pounds of weight to take the camera in this housing to depth....more info
  • Keeps it dry but problems!
    I used the Sony SPK-HCD Waterproof Sports Pack with my older camcorder Sony DCR-TRV33, which is not listed as compatible. I was still able to use it except that I had to start the camera with its remote control pointing to the LCD monitor before going into the water. I was not able to use the controls on the Sports Pack, but that was not a problem for me since I had to do a beach shoot that was not deeper than 4 - 5'.

    The good and the bad:
    The Sony SPK-HCD certainly keeps the camera dry, bone dry; however, it is almost impossible to see what you're filming in the bright sun of South Florida. I couldn't see what I was filming underwater either, perhaps because at 4' deep, the reflection of the sun still filtered through. Other problems with the glass: The glass area is so big in comparison to the lens of a camcorder that even if you point the camera to your subject, you might get a portion of it, especially if you are close. The glass is also very prone to get smudged or have huge drops suspend themselves on it, making that part of the footage useless. Luckily, I would check the footage often and would re-shoot certain scenes over. This, of course, took up much more of my time and that of my talent. It was very frustrating.

    The images and sound are very good, though.

    I would recommend not using the Sports Pack outside of the water in bright sunlight in order to see what you are shooting and have more control of its outcome.

    Perhaps it is possible to see what you are shooting if you are diving much deeper, as in scuba diving. ...more info
  • Awesome Product
    I have used this on the water a couple of times and love it. I bought it to put in my whitewater kayak and film on the river and it has jumped around in that kayak and has barely any wear to show for it. Only thing I noticed is the piece that pops out so you can view what you are filming fogs easily. It comes with some defogging liquid that I need to add to it to see if that helps....more info
  • Great product for snorkling or pool activities
    I bought this for my Sony HD HDR-SR12. I went on vaca to Mexico and wanted it mostly for snorkeling. it worked great except for the minor fogging of the front interior of the sports pack. This was easily fixed with the use of the anti fog lubricant that it comes with. ( i forgot to apply before i used it the the 1st time) But besides that its awesome. Links up perfectly with my macbook and Imovie and Idvd. ...more info
  • very frustrating
    Used this with my HDR-SR11. It definitely keeps the camera dry -- no sign of leakage whatsoever. It worked well on my first trial in a heated pool. Sound quality underwater would be great except that it is punctuated by frequent clicking sounds, which are super annoying and wreak havoc on the volume auto-gain circuit. The clicking sound doesn't happen when filming out of the water.

    However, the worst problem is with the unit fogging up. On the boat or in Hanauma bay, the unit totally fogged up after a few minutes, which made any further shooting impossible. This is even with proper application of the anti-fogging solution and using a new desiccant packet.

    So, you need to either load the camera into the underwater housing on a really low-humidity day, or plan to film only in very warm water or only for a few minutes.

    The foldout underwater viewfinder works great at night, but is all but impossible to see during the day. I could only aim my shots by sighting along the barrel of the camera and avoiding fancy zooming.

    The rear of the housing has more than ample room to accommodate an oversize battery. Sadly there is no way to add a wide-angle conversion lens in the front.

    ...more info
  • the best of fun
    I was afraid at start to put the 1000$ camera under water, but it paid off.
    Easy to use, great videos. only minos is that you can not play what you recorded while the camera is in the case. you can switch to play mode, but not play....more info
  • Sony SPK-HCD Waterproof Sports Pack
    Cool, affortable item. You can record and protect your camera in very difficult environment. I was using it for a week in the ocean and the beach. It did its job.
    Only 2 problems:
    It's hard to see the picture on a camera's display during sunny days,
    The case is not too well design to see the picture through front viewer, witch your camcorder may not even have.
    I strongly recommend it!
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    SONY has great quality. Have used this for kayaking photography. Am very pleased. The product is light and portable and even leaves room for car keys and wallet inside the casing. Get out and have fun!...more info
  • A must have for beach vacations!!
    We bought this item for our trip to Myrtle Beach, and could not be happier with it. It worked perfectly - my husband took the camera out into the ocean and even got some underwater video. From the ocean to building sandcastles on the beach, our camera stayed completely dry and sand free. It was a tad difficult at times to see the video camera's display screen because of the sun, but if you shielded it with your other hand, you could see it. This product helped us get some great video with our brand new video camera. I recommend it for anyone planning to take video near the water....more info