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The Final Inquiry
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  • The Final Inquiry
    The dvd was shipped in a good and timely manner, new and neatly packaged as expected.
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  • Good, but lacks polish
    It had an interesting storyline, and it was never really boring. But you could tell that it lacked polish in many areas; for example, the "earthquake" in the opening sequence where the trees stood still and all it really looked like was someone was shaking the camera while people pretended to stagger around. Some of the dialog was strange too and seemed unpolished. However, it was still enjoyable and had a solid storyline....more info
  • Beautiful epic tale
    This movie is beautiful story of love, faith, and redemption. It is also pretty historically accurate. Monica Cruz (sister of Penelope) gives an unforgettable performance as Tabatha. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys historical films, films set in Biblical times, or simply a beautiful love story....more info
  • Fear the Roman fax machines!
    "The Final Inquiry" opens with the crucifixion of Jesus, followed by the earthquake. This is apparently felt around the world, not only by the emperor but even in Germany, where our hero, a Roman tribune named Tito, is fighting Germanic tribesmen. He picks up one named Brixos (Dolph Lundgren) as a servant, then is told that the emperor wants to see him. Arriving at Emperor Tiberius' island home, we're told that the emperor is curious about the earthquake, and has a report that a man named Jesus was crucified on the same day it happened. He wants Tito to head to Judea and find out about this Jesus guy.

    OK, a few things here. First, I find it hard to believe that in 33 AD there would have been a record of the crucifixion of a local criminal in an outskirt of the empire right there in the city of Rome's records, all within a few days AFTER it happened. Don't get me wrong, the Romans were pretty advanced, but among their many inventions fax machines were not one. I was also confused as to why the emperor was so interested in Jesus, when there's no real connection discerned between His execution and the earthquake (at least from the Roman perspective). It's later revealed that the emperor is interested in the possibility of being resurrected, but I still don't buy it. I'm guessing, since Max von Sydow plays Tiberius, that Max just wanted to know how Fabrizio Bucci did playing a role he had played decades ago.

    In script-writing classes they teach you about a thing called "suspension of disbelief". This is that point in the movie where you convince your audience to believe the plot (for example, Number Five becoming a conscious robot after getting struck by lightning in "Short Circuit"). This movie fails in the suspension of disbelief, and thus just a mere 10-15 minutes in you will find yourself going, "Huh?"

    So any way, Tito and Brixos head to Jerusalem incognito, and while meeting a contact they get ambushed by Jewish rebels. They manage to fight them off, then run away from a patrolling Roman unit - you know, the people who would be on their side. While running from his own people, Tito bumps into Tabitha (the same one from Acts) while she's being harassed by a drunkard. Tito scares the man away, then falls head over heels for Tabitha (no reason given except, you know, they're the leading roles and have to fall in love). He then - get this - tells this girl he's just met HIS FULL REAL NAME, and the fact he's A ROMAN. As she walks away she turns and SHOUTS HIS FULL NAME OUT IN THE OPEN!

    Ladies and gentlemen, the worst spy in the history of the world.

    The rest of the movie follows Tito and Brixos as they investigate the disappearance of Jesus and the possibility of the resurrection. They deal with the supposed cover-up by Jewish and Roman authorities, and watch as the apostle Stephen is killed. Paul makes an appearance, and I thought they would do more with him, but ultimately his appearance is just fanservice to Christians. You know how Chewbacca was pretty much only in Episode III so Star Wars fans could say, "Hey, that's Chewbacca!" Well, Paul's pretty much in here just so Christians can say, "Hey! That's Paul!" (for the record, I myself am Christian, and don't mean any of this in sarcasm against them - I think I just spared myself a lot of comments by clearing that up)

    A love story evolves between Tito and Tabitha, and when Tabitha is caned to death by her father (F Murray Abraham...what the heck is he doing in this movie?) Tito runs to Peter to ask him for help. Peter doesn't want to (wow, so much for "feed my sheep"!) so Tito has to guilt trip him into doing it. Peter relents and heals Tabitha, and Tito has his "born again" moment, becoming a Christian.

    One of the last sequences of the movie is with Tiberius back on his island, reading the letter from Tito. Tito confirms the resurrection of Jesus, so Tiberius tells his aides - I'm not making this up - that he's making Christianity the official religion of the empire. WHAT?! I don't claim to be an expert on Roman history, but I think I lost a few brain cells watching this scene. Actually I lost more a few seconds later when Tiberius' nephew Caligula smothers him to death and declares himself emperor, burning Tiberius' order regarding Christianity. I guess the fax machine broke and Tiberius couldn't have sent it quicker.

    "The Final Inquiry" could have been like "The Robe" or even "Quo Vadis", in that it focuses on the early followers of Jesus rather than the life of Jesus Himself. Unfortunately, it's marred by a bad script with cheesy scenes and cliche character development (the born-again moment, two enemies becoming friends before one of them dies, etc). Even the fight sequences (yes, a Jesus movie with fight sequences involving death - I was reminded of that scene in "Dead Alive" where the priest jumps into a pack of zombies and declares, "I kick a** for the Lord!") don't do much to save it. The sole redeeming value of this film was the soundtrack by Andrea Morricone, which is admittedly very splendid. I wouldn't suggest viewing this, though. Unless, of course, you want to see Paul kick Stephen for five minutes straight....more info
  • "I'm Looking For A Man ~ More Dangerous Dead Than Alive"
    Synopsis: The '07 release `The Final Inquiry' is a watchable, though not fully engaging exploration into the mystery of the resurrection as embodied in a fictional tale concerning a Roman emissary,Tito Valerio Tauro (Daniele Liotti) and his mission to the Holy Land to locate the missing body of Jesus of Nazareth.

    After arriving at his destination the search for the truth begins as Tito questions all the appropriate people about the events of the crucifixcion and the three days that followed: Pontius Pilate and his wife, Saul of Tarsus, Longinous (the Roman soldier who stuck his spear into Jesus as he hung on the cross), the apostle Peter and of course Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

    During his stay in the Holy Land the young Roman also finds something unexpected, he falls in love with a beautiful young Jewish girl and follower of Christ named Tabitha (Monica Cruz).Her love helps to awaken the staunch pagan to a new belief and a new beginning.

    Critique: `The Final Inquiry' attempts to fit into the Biblical epic mold made so popular in the 50's, coming away with mixed results. The acting is noticeably stiff here and there and at moments comes across as one of those documentaries with live-action re-enactments rather than a feature film.

    Along the same line of reasoning, the soundtrack falls well short of capturing the romanticism and angst of the music it attempts to emulate. While it does succeed in enhancing the on-screen events it isn't particularly memorable on its own.

    F. Murray Abraham has a small part and is excellent as always and the legendary Max von Sydow makes several appearances on-screen in the role of Emperor Tiberius. The rest of the cast of lesser knowns do an adequate job of interpreting the first century A.D. events surrounding the death and resurrection of the Messiah so it should find a appreciative following within the Christian community.

    Personal Observation: The role of Mary, Mother of Jesus was played by Maria Pia Calzone. Though she never spoke there was something mesmerizing about her gaze and countenance. I would have liked to see more time spent on developing her character and persona. The same applies to Vincenzo Bocciarelli in the role of the young Caligula. He appears briefly at the end of the film but he captures the essence of the mad Emperor-to-be perfectly.

    My Rating: -3 ? Stars-....more info
  • Interesting movie
    I would recommend this movie . I found interesting to watch . I do not understand why some of the reviews are negative it was actually a good movie . ...more info
  • Christian Cheese
    My husband and I rented this to see if we wanted to purchase it for our library. It was the most painful waste of time. The front cover of the video and the synopsis at the back were far better than the actual movie. I don't mind historical fiction, but this was a case of bad acting, bad directing, choppy story lines, and a terrible script. If I'd wanted melodrama (Caligula, anyone?), a take on "Sleeping Beauty", and the chance to see a beautiful set with some attractive actors, this movie would have been it. But I was looking for a serious drama that would draw me in and intrigue me. Sadly, this movie was not it. I'm so glad we did not buy this movie. You couldn't pay me to own it....more info
  • This is what happens when Dolph is not the lead...
    Dolph Lundgren is my favorite actor, but my goodness, even he could not make this film good. Dolph plays a barbarian who has a secondary role at best. The dialogue was abysmal. This was the first time I've ever seen a movie where I actually realized that they were using fake props. This was particularly evident during a stoning scene. It was obvious that the person was being hit with foam rocks. I'm also pretty sure the swords during a fight scene were made out of cardboard.

    Dolph needs to be the lead in any movie he's in. It doesn't work otherwise, except in Rocky IV. The fact that his character didn't even have any personality didn't help either.

    The one redeeming thing about this movie is that a Christian will find the story/ message good. This does give a positive and uplifting message about Jesus. But even for a Dolph Lundgren film, it has very little merit otherwise. ...more info
  • The Robe meets CSI
    This movie has a different take on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The emperor Tiberius Caesar dispatches a tribune, Titus Valierius Tauros (Daniele Liotti) to investigate the possibility of Jesus' resurrection. During his investigation, he crosses paths with the major characters in the Gospels and Acts and concludes the resurrection did in fact happen. Several well known (at least to me) actors appear in the movie: Max Von Sydow, F. Murray Abraham, and Dolph Lundgren.

    I would have enjoyed a bit more CSI flavor in Tauros' investigation, turning it more into an entertaining way to present information like Frank Morrison's Who Moved the Stone? Perhaps an intellectual companion along the lines of William of Baskerville in The Name of the Rose or Edith Pargeter's Brother Cadfael would drive the investigation forward not only through a 1st century version of a forensic investigation but also through the interaction between a Roman man of action and a 1st century man of thought similar to the interaction between Jack Aubrey and Dr. Maturin in Master and Commander.

    The ending left me a bit cold. Tiberius, upon receiving Tauros' report, resolves to prevail on the Senate to move to stop persecution of the Christians. However, his son, Caligula, realizing that could undermine the ideology of the emperor's divinity, assassinates Tiberius and has Tauros' report burned.

    A more interesting ending could have shown Tiberius contemplating the implications of Tauros' report, deciding it wasn't in the best interests of the empire, and then being killed by his son. That would have produced a more ironic comment on the difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of man.

    However, do watch the movie. It's clean entertainment and represents another step forward in creating Christian-themed entertainment with good production values.
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    I enjoyed this christian movie! I loved it! It is about a loyal, handsome Roman warrior named Tito Valerio Tauro, who is sent out on a secret assignment by the Roman emperor Tiberius, to find out about the rumors of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to find out if Jesus really did rise from the dead, and if not, to locate Jesus's body!

    Tito Valerio Tauro, and his trusted slave, a German warrior, who was once a enemy of Rome, go on this secret misson to Jerusalem to discover the truth, and along the way they find deceit, and treachery, in the form of Pontius Pilate, and his crooked priests, and informants! They almost kill Tauro, but Tauro finds out more than he ever dreamed, while he falls in love with a very beautiful woman named Tabitha, who is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
    On Tauro's journey he meets people who knew Jesus, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and sees first hand how they respond to mean and cruel people!

    Tabitha's father, wants Tabitha to marry some old man, but Tabitha loves the handsome Roman soldier Tito Valerio Tauro! Tabitha, because of her cruel and strict father, ends up unknowingly giving Tauro the answer, that he has been seeking ,in the most heartrending and amazing way!

    My favorite scenes in the movie is when Tauro falls in love with Tabitha, and the way Tauro humbled himself, and kneeled down in front of Mary the mother of Jesus, with tears in his eyes, begging for her help! I hope to see more of handsome Daniele Lotti (Tauro), and Monica Cruz(Tabitha), I loved their chemisty together with Tauro's gentle way with Tabitha, and Tabitha's sweet innocence, and goodness! This is a very good story, I loved it!...more info
  • worse than bad
    promising at the beginning, but then it disintegrated into stilted acting, a cheesy plot.......overall "worse than bad"...more info
  • Save your money
    In my opinion this has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Truly mediocre acting, cliched characters, cheesy dialogue and a totally predictable and absurd plot. An absolute waste of time. Max Von Sydow must have been desperate for work to appear in this stinker. ...more info
  • Buy "The Inquiry" ... Junk > "The Final Inquiry"
    Bad dubbing, too much of a chick flick, some blond/blue-eyed Hebrews in the cast (refugees from ABBA?). Disappointing. Jesus holds his hands up like some Byzantine painting as Lazarus rises..looks like he running for office trying hush a convention crowd.

    F. Murray Abraham should do an Apostle Paul film as the lead...please read the Bible account before you write script!! PLEASE! Why is this concept so difficult to understand?...more info
  • Christ's Love and Rome
    The seller's service was fast and excellent. I am one very happy customer! The film imagines that Tiberius sends an investigator to check out the Resurrection. His fictional report leads Caesar to decide to make Christianity the religion of the Empire. No go: Caesar is killed by his nephew Caligula. Interesting fiction!...more info
  • Quality Photography and Film. Everything else, low-grade B movie
    The photographic quality is solid. The acting and writing are poor. The action fighting scenes are laughable. The plot? Predictable. I wouldn't discourage anyone from renting this, but the big names do not impart first tier production....more info
  • Liotti at his best......
    One of the best movies I have ever seen... Just love it.. The story is intriguing..( A Roman Tribune seeking the factual truth about Jesus and finding His real truth...Love)...Extremely fascinating watching Liotti portray the feelings of the character on his face..Never seen that before..He is very suttle and definately in command of his performance..Absolutely excellent...Enjoy......more info
  • Presents the Resurrection Story in Q/A Style for Skeptics
    I saw this on TBN a few nights ago, and found it exceeded my expectations. As a lawyer, I was drawn to it partially because of how it presented the truth or falsity of Jesus' Resurrection from the dead more or less as a type of "grand jury" inquiry, which, I believe, was exactly why the movie was named as it was. No grand miracles were provided, except for one healing toward the end of the picture, which serves to heal the protagonist's love interest, and, in so doing, show that the skeptic's usual denials that Jesus rose from death to life again are false. God can and does provide true life after death.
    As for the "inquiry" which follows, regarding the resurrection: first, the movie showed a scene where supposed disciples "stole" His body and tried to carry it away to re-bury it, thereby leading to the story that He didn't rise again, and everything that led from it thereafter was a lie. But, Titus finds that the supposed Christ body was not His; instead, the wounds supposedly made upon crucifixion were done after death. Also,the supposed 'disciples' he slew in finding the body were hired gladiators, obviously in the employ of Pilate. Next, they show, by "re-enacting" the raising of Lazarus via an unexpecting Titus, who was the one drugged, how a person can be drugged to simulate death and then awaken after several days. It is argued that both the raising of Lazarus and Christ's resurrection would then be no more than magical "tricks" to fool the populace into belief in Jesus. Titus believes that, until he finds out that a miracle CAN happen, but that takes place later. Third, they show that the Romans who were present at Jesus' death could and were pressured into falsely saying that He didn't die on Good Friday, so as to lead to the drugged-state-of-false-death version. But, Longinus, who was the Centurion in charge at the crucifixion, while being pressured by Pilate, maintains to Titus that he, himself, knew Jesus was dead before he threw his lance into Jesus' side. Each possibility is then shown to be false. So, no one could have drugged Jesus, and any disappearance of His body would then have to be either by stealing it or by His Resurrection. Finally, after first believing in the "drugging theory", Titus finds that miracles can and do happen when God, in the person of Peter the Apostle, intervenes and restores Titus' love interest to life after she, who had suffered an apparent head injury and died. Titus then concludes that the ancient Roman gods and goddesses are creations of man, and the God of Jesus is real, and that peace and love are the best ways to live. He recommends that Tiberius place his faith in Jesus' Resurrection, and leaves his post as a Roman officer to live with his lady-love. Although Caligula, who kills Tiberius, sends orders for Titus' assassination, boy gets girl, and both live happily(we hope) ever after.
    So much for the plot line. But there are other good things to mention. Another good feature of this movie was a view of Jesus' antagonists i.e., the persons who didn't want to let Jesus' Resurrection to become known and how they would have been acting after His supposed Resurrection. The Sanhedrin, i.e., the Jewish hierarchy, among whom was a person then known as "Saul of Tarsus"(later to become a great Christian apostle known as Paul), was at that time acting to suppress the early Christians, intervened when they learned that Rome had sent a fact-finder to Jerusalem and tried their best, with Pilate's cooperation, to make Titus see that the whole story about the Resurrection had been made up by the disciples. They were very active in trying to stamp out the Christian cult before it grew, and so when a disciple(Saint Stephen, "the first martyr") was caught, he was stoned to death. Meanwhile, Pilate, the Roman Procurator, didn't want Rome to meddle in his affairs, and also tried to either kill Titus or convince him that the whole story of Jesus' rising was false, invented by the disciples.
    I found the acting credible. I wasn't looking for an Academy Award type performance in this picture, as the purpose was obvious at the outset, i.e., to provide uplifting faith-based fare for Christians and to provide a first hand look at how any real official inquiry may have been conducted, with all the Biblical characters present, had any inquiry been ordered. The outcome, i.e., that Tiberius would order the Empire to become Christian, was, in my mind,unbelievable. The historical Tiberius wasn't the man protrayed in the movie, looking for life after death. Also, it seems too improbably that Tiberius would ever simply rely upon the report of one man, who had become romantically and personally involved, and then change the entire Classical god and goddess system that the Empire had been using and re-distribute the property of all the Empire, and destroy the slave-and-master system of owning persons to do the manual labor of the Empire, then in existence. So, Caligula, in life a cruel and insane man, fills the role in this movie of restoring us to the history we know, by killing Tiberius(borrowing, possibly, from the killing of Marcus Aurelius by his son, Commodus, in Gladiator?). The romance was done well, although I thought there was not enough time to develop the romance well enough especially since the two lovers were so different, and her contract marriage was not dealt with in a believable way. Nevertheless, the two actors were good looking, and did their lines and scenes believably, and we know that Cupid's arrow can shoot at anyone, ergo, why not a Roman Tribune and a Hebrew upper-class Teenager?
    So, for believers, it was a good two hour view; for nonbelievers, it was probably a waste of time, but it wasn't aimed toward nonbelievers anyway. I'd watch it again, and my wife also likes it.
    ...more info