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Phantasm III
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  • Underrated sequel
    Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead, the second sequel to Don Coscarelli's original, cerebral horror flick, picks up right where the second film left off. Reggie (Reggie Bannister) and Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) are still on the run from the seemingly indestructible Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) who is in the process of devestating small towns across the mid-west. In the meantime, he has plans for Mike, which leads Reggie across the country on a rescue mission along with some unlikely allies. Mike's older brother Jody (Bill Thornbury) returns as well, in an unexpected form, to lend a hand too. Like the above Amazon review states, Phantasm III leaves little to the imagination in terms of gore effects, and the story is nowhere near as cerebral as the original Phantasm, but Phantasm III is still a more than solid sequel in Coscarelli's series. The overall story becomes expanded and Coscarelli does a great job tying things together using footage from the original film, and despite some plot holes, just about everything works here. All in all, Phantasm III is a fine and underrated sequel, and once again, thanks to Anchor Bay, such a film gets an equally fine DVD release featuring commentary, behind the scenes, and trailers. ...more info
  • This Movie Rocks!!! And I Just LOVE The Hemi Cuda!!!
    In the third installment of this series we see Reggie (played by Reggie Bannister) bravely trying to track the Tall Man on his own which is a pretty formidable task. He is joined on the hunt by a young boy called Timmy and a woman named Rocky and they track down the Tall Man.This movie has plenty of scares and eerie atmosphere which is just what a good Horror movie should be. After watching this film I am determined to buy a Hemi Cuda . Reggie sure hs good taste in American Muscle Cars!!!...more info
  • Not my favorite from the Phantasm series but still good.
    Phantasm 3 was just O.K. compared to the rest of the series I thought it was the weakest film, the storyline becomes rather silly especially towards the second half but it was still fun to watch and enjoyably to a certain level. The good thing about this film was that the original cast returns and that also includes the actor who played Jody who was Mike's older brother but he obviously returns as a ghost who warns Mike about The Tall Man, the original actor Micheal Baldwin returns as Mike who after the last incident from the previous film is left lying in a hospital bed he is soon visited by Jody who was turned into one of The Tall Man's silver spheres and can switch back into physical form anytime he wishes. He is also visited by a demonic nurse in what has got to be the best scene in the entire film, the demonic nurse attempts to kill Mike but he is soon saved by Reggie when he bursts into the hospital room but it seems like they could not escape from the clutches of The Tall Man and so he kidnaps Mike. Reggie must now go after The Tall Man and rescue Mike he goes along on a trip with a young ten year old boy named Tim who is very handy with weapons and a black biker chick named Rocky. It was really nice seeing Michael Baldwin return for his role as Mike since James Le Gros didn't do much justice to the character in part 2, the twist ending this time didn't work and wasn't as interesting as the previous two films this however is resolved in part 4 and it seems like those evil dwarfs were missing and instead were introduced to these idiotic thieves who were kind of annoying but they did have some interesting death scenes as demons, one of them has his head twisted off real quick by those silver spheres which was pretty cool. The film reminded me of Sam Raimi's Army Of Darkness cause some scenes were quite humorous, overall I would have to say that it was average I would give it 3 and a half stars with some decent action scenes and gore but the ending almost ruined it and it could've been better. ...more info
  • "To Conquer Dimensions, Worlds Unknown"
    I have to give Phantasm III 5 stars due to the return of two of the original cast members (Jody and Mike).

    They introduce some new characters also.

    There's a comando type girl. Reggie is continuously trying to give her some of his vanilla ice cream throughout the movie.

    There's also a young boy named Tim who gets left alone in his house when the Tall Man takes out his parents. This kid makes Macaulay Culkin look like Bambi.

    We also find out some very interesting points about the Tall Man:

    "His kind are amassing an army to conquer dimensions, worlds unknown."

    When he creates those dwarfs they are left with only a "vestigial" part of the cerebral cortex.

    We also find out that the Tall Man is susceptible to cold temperatures. This is based on the scene from Phantasm 1 where he walks by Reggie's ice cream truck.

    I did not interpret that particular scene from part 1 that way. To me it looked like he liked the cold. But I guess he was really interested in Reggie's ice cream.

    There's also some philosophy in this movie. The Tall Man tells Mike that his "journey is complete" and he should "leave this imperfect flesh construct that ties you to time and space".

    But to me the greatest scene in this movie is the plunger scene. Towards the end Reggie uses a plunger to capture one of those flying spheres and they they all flush it down the cryogenic tank.

    I feel this plunger scene was placed in the movie just for me. It's like a secret message for me.

    There are many secret meanings in the Phantasm movies for those who understand them.

    Jeff Marzano

    The Outer Limits - The Original Series, Season 1

    Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection

    The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler (Double Feature)
    ...more info
  • Stupid movie, but I love it. :-)
    Tall man. Little silver balls with brains. LOL

    The whole concept of this series is so stupid it is laughable. I saw my first Phantazm movie around 21 years ago. I thought it was stupid then too. But I loved it then and I still enjoy them today!

    I wish the other two were available in the U.S. I need those two in order to complete my set of brain wasting, little silver ball flying, stupid Phantazm collection.

    Another good movie is Dead Alive. You need to catch it when you can.
    ;-)...more info
  • The uncut version
    After listening to Don interview for amazon(click on it above) I agree this is better than the origial version which was cut down by the mpaa to get the R rating. These are the type of movies you can watch over and over again because there are so mucn in them...My Fav is #4 followed by #1 but all of them are great. The transfer is first rate as well as the cannot go wrong on this one......more info
  • Finally...
    A film finally getting it's just deserves. I hope the same can be said for a widescreen version of Phantasm II soon. I fell in love with this series back around 1980 when I saw the original on cable. Awesome...weird...bizarre...and cool. Nothing else like it...nothing. It's a shame studio execs seem to think there's more of a possible return on their investment with rehashed slasher pics than a series like this. Far more original than any Friday sequel or clone, these films grab you and won't let go. Get ready for one heck of a ride when the Tall Man arrives in your town!

    I hope and pray Don Coscarelli can finally make the final Phantasm soon!...more info
  • O.K, you can drive
    As this movie opens Ice Cream man/ part -ime warrior for the human race Reggi is continuing his campaign against the tyrannical forces of The Tall Man. In this chapter of the Phantasm saga earth does not resemble the earth we know a whole heck of a lot. Not to be too melodramatic about it but to a large extent The Tall Man appears to have immerged victorious. What will Reggy and new found friend Tim do now?

    I thought the relationship between Tim and Reggy was interesting because in their relationship I saw a lot of the old relationship between Reggy and Mike from before the Tall Man came to town.

    My impression-Although I didn't like this one as much as I did one and two there is just something about these cheesy horror movies that I love like nothing else in the world. This a worthy addition to the Phantasm world. I only wish they would hurry and come out with Phantasm 5 before too much longer....more info

    The third "Phantasm" is trying to be something in between the first and the second one. And yet not succeeding. It lacks thoughtfulness of the first and action of the second. But of course it sticks close to the style of previous "Phantasms" because it was also shot by Don Coscarelli. The third part has some new gadgets (meaning spheres), some new people and some new interesting plot innovations. But what I didn't like was this humor which I consider unnecessary. The first two parts were dead serious and only benefited from that. Here there are many scenes which are rather funny and to my opinion it spoils the general mood of the series. As usual here we can notice some flaws (like a four-barrel gun dropped by Reggie in mortuary, which miraculously reappears in the third part), but I guess we can turn the blind eye on that. And finally the budget of this part was rather small comparing to "Phantasm II", and it hits the eye (the other one).
    So it's not a major disappointment certainly, but I expected much more from this film. Although for every "Phantasm" fan (and I consider myself as one of them) the movie will be interesting to watch, because it has many developments, besides Michael Baldwin and Bill Thornbury emerge here as Michael and Jody respectively. ...more info
  • Thank you Anchor Bay, but where is Phantasm II?
    Finally I can get rid of my eBay bootleg version. I noticed that I & III are being released, but what about Phantasm II? That has never seen a domestic release......more info
  • Decent flick with color-coded spheres
    Not as interesting as the original or part IV, but worth watching. The ending sets up #IV nicely....more info
  • Bill Thornbury and A. Michael Baldwin are back.
    The film starts cleverly where the earlier film, Phantasm II ended. A. Michael Baldwin is back as "Michael". So are Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm as "The Tall Man". Bill Thornbury as "Jody" makes special appearances fifteen years after the first Phantasm film in 1979. I won't reveal any of the plot because Phantasm films are always a surprise. Kevin Connors plays "Tim".
    Followed by PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION (1998).

    ***Phantasm V: September 2008, Angus Scrimm has said don't hold your breath on Phantasm 5. There is nothing in the works. Apparently, Director Don Coscarelli has lost steam on the project and could not get financing....more info
  • what's the difference???
    I have the VHS R rated version clocking 91 minutes. I just bought the Phantasm 3 DVD from Anchor Bay but the DVD states it's the Unrated Director's Cut on the plastic covering also clocking 91 minutes. So what's the difference? The DVD distributor's will claim it was a printing error but I think it's really a scam. It's probably not unrated at all, just an
    R version....more info
  • Pretty solid third sequel!
    I can pretty honestly say that "Phantasm" along with "Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th" were the last of the good horror films. Part 3 to this installment of Don Coscarelli's masterpiece was pretty good i will say. But, where in the heck is part 2 to this installment. I can't understand for the life of me why it was never released on dvd. It was one of the better ones. I guess somebody at some point will wake up and get it released one day. I still have yet to see part 4. But i will get around to purchasing it real soon....more info
  • The return of the original Mikey!
    I am a huge fan of these movies and the first Phantasm was one of only a few movies that ever scared me back in the day. First off the four stars instead of five is due to a slight confusion I had following the story. Of course, all loose ends are tied up in Phantasm IV. Where I would love to give this at least four and a half stars is the return of A. Michael Baldwin to the cast!!! This is another great Don Coscarelli film with plenty of gore, the Hemi Cuda (which deserves a film credit to itself), and plenty of flying spheres to shake a stick at. If you like the Phantasm series and haven't seen this one or haven't seen it in a long time I suggest giving it a gander....more info
  • Blink and you'll miss the unrated footage!
    I know there's some concern regarding whether this region 1 DVD release is the unrated version as the packaging indicates or the VHS R-rated reissue. I watched both the DVD and VHS versions simultaneously last night as picture-in-picture and there is definitely one noticably extended scene. When Reggie enters the mausoleum and is captured by Rocky and Tanesha, the sentinel punctures into Tanesha's forehead. You now see much more blood pouring out of the sentinel, more screaming and a larger puddle of blood on the floor. This scene runs at least 10-15 seconds longer compared to the R rated version. It's funny to see in the R rated version, no blood is seen pouring out of the sentinel. Other than that, I found no other differences between versions. I know 10-15 seconds doesn't sound like much, but being the sentinel scenes are the standout scenes in these films, they're always the ones that get trimmed. I think those extra seconds make a difference and it's worth the purchase. The DVD looks and sounds great. ...more info
    Watch Phantasm 1 2 and 3 and 4 in that order and it's clear how badly the later 2 suck compared to one and 2 and as horror movies on there own. They shoudn't have even made a sequel without James Legros and the girl. Legros is a better Mike then Baldwin will ever be. We saw Baldwin as a kid and that was fine but kicking Legros out for 3 and 4 and putting back Baldwin was a bad move.Finally as much as I loved Reg he dies in number 2 so no continuity and a serious lack of seriousness make 3 and 4 poor poor sequels.In Hellraiser you ever see Pinhead crack a joke with any human characters/victims or do they purpously try to make you laugh no thats why it's a horror! After wathing 3 and 4 you'll feel that a sphere just drilled through your brain!!!...more info