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Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society
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  • A Stunning Conclusion
    The plot-heavy story is back for one last, amazing story that pits us right in the middle of something terrible. Togusa is the new leader replacing the Major, after she decided to go off mysteriously. Batou is feeling estranged, and there are tons of new recruits for the infamous Section 9. A series of suicides leads Togusa and crew to the Puppeteer, an untracable entity with no motive at the time. The story gets quite more dramatic as problems seem to arise and stagger Section 9 to the point of having no leads for the Puppeteer problem. The story goes on forth like this and the last 40 minutes in probably the most intuitive and thought out since the first Ghost in the Shell movie came out. Although the first 2 movies and this have two varying storylines. This movie has felt like a true to life movie of Ghost in the Shell. All the voice actors have come back to give us the characters we have come to love. The animation is the same as the show was, although I call this a movie others could beg to differ and call it a long episode. All in all if you like Ghost in the Shell or anything that might have you guessing throughout an entire movie this is perfect for you....more info
  • Good quickie
    Expresses a good quick story arc from the SAC series. Not as representative of the strengths of the anime, however....more info
  • True to the Series
    This film is one of the best things that I have seen come out of the GITS franchise. I have watched the movie several times, each time enjoying even more. I would give a description of the plot, but I will not ruin it for you. My only complaint about Solid State Society is that it borrows ideas from both of the feature-length movies. If you liked GITS: SAC, and most specially 2nd GIG, you will enjoy this movie.

    Note: It is dubbed in English, unlike Innocence. Amazon just has that fact incorrect
    ...more info
  • Amazing Anime
    To be clear, this review is about the second series of Ghost in the Shell S.A.C - the 2nd Gig.

    First off, this is quite a franchise, with three movies and two full series out, with no end in sight. Furthermore, the quality has held quite well, and IMHO, has improved in the television series with 2nd Gig. I don't watch a lot of anime myself because most of it is downright goofy -- but this is quite the exception - it is comparable to X-files in the States, except you switch the topic matter from extraterrestrials to the impact of technology on society. Personally I find it to be much more engaging than the X-Files, the hype of which I don't understand.

    Compared to the first series, the 2nd Gig has definitely shown more maturity - the first series IMHO was rather exhibitionist, with many fragmented episodes that barely hung together. The Laughing man in the first series was more like an incidental case, whereas the central plot concepts involving Gouda and the Particularist Eleven are much more integrated into the 2nd Gig for a cleaner, more focused, and ultimately more rewarding viewing experience. I feel lucky that I was able to watch the entire series in short order - I would have pulled my hair out if I had to wait seven days in between each 20 minute episode.

    Without giving away plot details, I'll simply describe some general topics involved in this series: domestic and international politics, conspiracy theory on a world scale, technology and societal change, heroes and their impact on society, AI, Japanese/American perceptions and relations, and of course, close friendships. There are many more themes, but I picked these out because when you compare them to your typical vampire-comedy anime, you begin to see where GITS is not at all your typical anime experience. It definitely requires a sober mind.

    Some people will miss the freer atmosphere that pervaded the first series, but I personally enjoyed how deep the plot got in the second, and how it dared to delve into some pretty heavy concepts, especially that of a redeeming hero. Even the digressions all fit together into the greater plot, and much like how Gouda's planning was admitted to be genius even by Section 9, the planning that went into this 26-episode script proves to be equally brilliant.

    Some warnings, the first series was prone to have entire episodes dedicated to dialogue in order to concentrate on the series' musings about how technological change affects society - the 2nd Gig manages it a bit better, but you will still have 10 minute walls of dialogue interspersed throughout. Also, the 2nd Gig concentrates much more on politics than cyber-crime, which may turn off some viewers. Do not fear - all of this is more than balanced by action sequences that would fit well on cinema screens, to say nothing about your humble television.

    Bottom line - this series grew on me. The more I watched it, the more I got sucked into it. The fact that it begins and ends with spectacular action sequences certainly helped quite a bit. Add a complex and engaging plot, and you have the recipe for a winner....more info
  • Practically Perfect
    When I first saw the "Ghost in the Shell" film back in the nineties, I was not impressed. I simply did not get why the film was so lauded, as I found it boring and the characters unappealing. What a change 10 years and a different format can make (not to say that Stand Alone Complex is a mere rehash of the movie). I am now a "Ghost in the Shell" fanatic, and the 2nd Gig is the best thing to come out of the franchise.

    After the success of the first season of the GitS TV series, a second season was commissioned, and this stellar series is the result. The first season laid all of the groundwork (beautiful animation, a complex plot, a fascinating near-future world, and characters you really felt for), and the 2nd Gig takes everything to the next level. The already solid production values have been improved upon, and the slick animation and detailed designs give the impression of a feature film. This is especially noticable in the wide shots and the action sequences (which are thankfully more frequent and more visceral).

    All of the members of Section 9 are back (including the Tachikomas!), and despite their gruff exteriors they really grow on you. You can feel the comraderrie between Major Matoko Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa, and the rest, and you find yourself really investing in these people's lives. This time around, the story begins with a group calling itself the Individual Eleven taking over the Chinese embassy in Japan. Yet there's something bigger afoot, and by the end of the series the political intrigue and terrorist actions have convincingly and seemlessly escalated to a point where war in emminent. The 2nd Gig also introduces two fascinating advesaries for Section 9, a governmental information specialist named Ghoda (who has an awesome character design) and an intriguing rebel name Kuze who may not be all bad.

    As before, the main story episodes are broken up by a series of stand-alone episodes that help to expand and explain the world of Ghost in the Shell while providing plenty of solid character moments. The thing I love most about 2nd Gig is how at their heart, most of the stand alone stories are simple police procedurals that can be enjoyed as just that. However, every single one of these standalone episodes raises ethical and moral questions that will really get you thinking about the world we live in today and what it means to be human. And sci-fi geeks will have lots of fun deciphering what all of the technobabble refers to, as it is never explained to the audience (but its meaning is readily apparent to anyone who really pays attention).

    "Ghost in the Shell SAC - the 2nd Gig" is a rollercoaster of a ride that provides plenty of thrills and political intrigue. But what elevates it to a must-see is the way it challenges you to think about life and the direction our world is headed (the show raises so many fascinating questions about technology's increasing role in our society) while still providing first-rate entertainment. It is also populated with characters you truly to get attached to without realizing it. In fact, I almost cried at not one but two episodes, which I never do. Not too shabby for a sci-fi cartoon, huh?

    If you have any interest in science fiction or anime, this set is a must-purchase. It's a great deal, and the DVDs have a good amount of extras in the form of cast and crew interviews....more info
  • Section 9 Continues into Another Great Season
    If you liked the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, then you'll love the second season. Its more of the mix of action, intrigue and character driven episodes set in technology drenched universe that continue to make this series shine above all others. If you're a fan of cyberpunk, or of anime, you owe it to yourself to buy this series, otherwise you're missing out....more info
  • Another Star in the GitS Series
    This series just keeps getting better. Unlike the abysmal Cowboy Bebop movie that killed the franchise, Ghost in the Shell in all it's incarnations are well-thought out, engaging, topical, and state-of-the-art animation. Solid State Society is no different. It's all the little things that matter to the animation team from deep character development to the smallest of drawn detail.

    Although I've only seen the Japanese DVD version, I assume the usual cast of American voice actors will be along for the State-side release (and in a way, I prefer them... the Japanese Motoko, while I'm told sounds like a traditional "sexy mama" voice is pretty darn husky), so the production value should be spot on.

    Don't listen to that guy from San Francisco. I love the Tachikomas. If fact I bought the model and put one together myself. It's sitting here on my desk keeping my Talosian figurine company. My wife has the big plush version sitting on her desk as well. Hee Hee....more info
  • The Right Mindset
    So, the first thing I have to say is yes, I am glad I bought it. However, don't make the same mistake I made... I, for no good reason, assumed that the team who created GITS: Innocence created GITS: SSS. Wrong!!! Do not expect the same dramatic, philosophical, and artistic depth and sophistication found in GITS: Innocence.

    The team that created this film is the same team that generates the series. As a matter of fact, this film has a "made-for-TV" feel about it. It seems as if two individual stories were grafted together as one which may account for some of the disharmony. It also felt somewhat episodic, as if filmed so that it could be easily serialized. (As an aside...The involvement of Nissan makes me a little nervous for the future, hopefully the studio doesn't lose their artistic vision and swing too far to the commercial side. The concept cars were cool but they weren't anything the art team couldn't have created on their own. With the exception of one scene, the cars simply were not integral to the film.)

    Now, with all of that said, I love the series. This film is on par with caliber of the 2nd season. The art, audio, general plot, English dubbing, etc. is top notch. (Writing? Well...the continuity people responsible for ensuring that the story flows smoothly could have tightened things up a bit.)

    If you love the series, you'll love this movie.

    So, yes, I'm glad I bought it and I'll probably watch it again today!!...more info
  • Second gig comes in a close second
    2nd gig of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a good continuation of where the first collection left off. The stories are interesting, exciting, and some of them even deeply moving. This series goes a lot deeper into the character's back stories as well for fans of Ghost in the Shell. The only problem I had with this one is that it takes itself way too seriously and the socio-political-techno babble is over done and gets really old, really fast and just detracts from both the stand alone and multi-episode stories....more info
  • Enthralling
    An excellent series, which continues to improve during the second season. Animation quality seems noticeably better than the first season.

    The second season features more character development and increasing emphasis on broader socio-technological issues in plot development. Probably two of my three favorite Standalone Complex episodes are in this season.

    Also, the packaging is of much higher quality than the cheap box the first season collection came in. Both are inseparable as a set. Definitely worth the money! ...more info
  • good movie
    i saw this movie in japanese with english subtitles at some website .The year is 2034, and the face of terrorism has changed. No longer restricted to the limits of the physical world, the war on terror has exploded onto the net. In an attempt to confront this new threat, an elite counter-terrorism and anti-crime unit was formed: Public Security Section 9.

    Two years have passed since the team's commander, Major Motoko Kusanagi, resigned from her post. After a rash of mysterious suicides, Section 9 is forced to confront the Puppeteer, a dangerous hacker with unsurpassed skills.

    As their investigation of this terrorist threat takes them deeper into the bowels of a potential government conspiracy, Section 9 once again crosses paths with the Major, but is her sudden reappearance more than a coincidence, or is she somehow connected to the Puppeteer?

    No one is above suspicion in this action-packed continuation of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex saga!
    for more information go to [...] just copy and paste...more info
  • Argueably the Best GIS yet
    Not since they pulled out the concept in the first GIS movie that the build up of information at nodes in the sea of information could result in a self maintaining/regulating entity have I been so blown away by an idea in an Anime film. Batou, Togusa, and the whole gang are on the job, but where is the Major? Some hard hitting criminal is up to something with people dying or disappearing or simply just being erased from the sea of information. The Major is missing AND their is a new criminal about, who could it be?

    Well, this film take political science fiction to its height, and also does very nicely with the technology and action aspects. And the ending is friggin phenomenal. Sure the GIS has always been wonderful with its ability to paint the world in shades of gray, or at least to say that sometimes the black is the better choice over the white, but in this story, the viewer will find it impossible to make a judement call on which side was fighting for the greater good.

    BTW, watching these movies in English is pathetic because they choose voices that seem appropriate for Children's Cartoons. Be serious, GIS is absolutely not for children, if, IF, they can comprehend the concepts being thrown around, there is no way they can actually appreciate them....more info
  • Surely they could've done better...
    Ghost in the Shell's success has always been a bit of a fluke, as it was to be Appleseed that was Shirow's magnum opus. I really wanted to like Solid State Society, I really did, but just found it to be very lacking.

    The first season of Stand Alone was amazing, as it managed to capture some of the feel of the comic: counter terrorist ops fighting terrorists and drinkin a cold one afterwards. Second season was passable, grasping at straws to develop characters meant to be nothing more than a talking head or plot device, plus the inclusion of a Mary Sue villain.

    Still, I'd hoped that all the money that the GitS property has made studio IG over the years could've produced something better than what was essentially an almost two hour episode of Stand Alone with at most three minutes of amazing action animation.

    Had they simply retold the classic Puppet Master story from the comic using the Stand Alone characters, it could've been a much better movie. The further GitS breaks from the original source material (specifically the original comic run), generally the weaker it becomes. I can't help but think that by borrowing more heavily from Man Machine Interface (particularly the whole rogue Motoko and Motoko's split consciousness bit), Solid State Society lost the potential to be an action packed thriller to wrap up the series in a hail of gun-fire and car chases. It all felt rather unsatisfying.

    After the unyieldingly convoluted, pandering, and nearly unreadable debacle that was Man Machine Interface, I hope, as a Shirow fan, that the Ghost in the Shell franchise can be laid to rest with some of its dignity in tact; a solemn procession that should not end with a 21 gun salute, but rather a crudely drawn Batou going colon "d" while firing a miniature shoulder mounted rocket into the air.

    ...more info
  • Builds Upon the Series:So Watch the Series FIRST!!!
    This is a fitting addition to the SAC series, which is my favorite anime series by the way!

    What other reviewers say is accurate: great story and animation.

    Please watch the SAC series (both) before watching this. This is NOT a continuation of the feature films, rather this is the conclusion of the SAC series. I believe that Shirow Masamune might be done with Ghost in the Shell: he has moved on to other projects, but he might just give us one or two more of these feature length fimls. It's like being given one of those big, swirly lollipops they sell at theme parks...Anime Candy BABY!!!

    Pros: Seriously.........?

    Cons: Nothing...this is pure eye candy!

    Viewing Preference: English Dub (Crispin Freeman is the best! He is Togusa by the way)...more info
  • Still good though not as good as 1st season
    Loved SAC the 1st season. Felt that the 2nd GIG didn't quite hold up though it's still pretty good....more info
  • Excellent must have
    A definite must have for any ghost in the shell fan. 2nd gig seems to be darker, more serious and more action packed than the original series. Gives more background information on the different team members as well, which i always found interesting. ...more info
  • They didn't translate a GITS movie again??
    I'm really looking forward to seeing this but that would really suck if they didn't dub the film in english. GITS Innocence was hard to enjoy having to look at subtitles......more info
  • Stands Alone as a Great
    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig is a great anime series and a great television show period.

    Although I personally enjoyed the first season's classic detective yarn slightly more, the monologues were heavy and the action sparse. SAC 2nd Gig ups the action this time around as it is more of an espionage and political intrigue story, although the elements of mystery litter throughout. This should please fans who were iffy about the films and the talkiness of the first season.

    The Box is a heavy duty casing with magnetic latching flap. Whereas the first season box set was wrapped in a flimsy disposable wraparound, 2nd Gig gets it right for the truly serious collectors.

    Rarely does a television show captivate me as much as this one. With the exception of the new Battle Star Galactica, I can't think of any other series which has blown my mind and entertained me at the same time as much as this one. If you like cop drama with a hint of sophistication and a bit of action, then this series is for you....more info
  • Sweet!
    Every instalment of this series leaves me in awe. It was great to see all the familiar faces and hear some new tunes from Yoko Kano....more info
  • For The Fans
    I've been a fan of Ghost in the Shell and all it's iterations since I saw the first movie in the early 90s... it is a science fiction phenomena, and a sounding board for discussions of the heady topics of transhumanism, cyberization, and the information society.

    But as entertainment, is it for everyone? Well, probably not. And having watched this latest entry I can't see someone who had never seen any of it's pre-cursors following this labyrinthine plot for very long without getting irritated and switching it off. If you're not a fan of anime, this movie certainly won't sway you like a Miyazaki movie might.

    But to it's credit: thoughtful, dense science fiction, focused on a very real social dilemma of Japan (the growth of state-hospitalized elederly against a declining birthrate/workforce), some of the finest computer enhanced (the lighting and color schemes are brilliant) animation to date, excellent music by Yoko Kanno (as usual) and wonderful english voice acting. If you're collecting the series, come and get it! It's top-notch.

    If you've never seen it? Well, I'd rent it, and if you like it, there's an excellent tv show I'd like to recommend... ;)

    ...more info
  • Full English Version
    I saw this movie for the first time on Sci-Fi Channel's Ani-Monday. I was getting ready to call it a night when this was advertised as being next and had to stay up and watch it. It's a very well done movie with a lot of feeling of the first movie that was brought to the series. Alot of things have changed, alot of feelings are different, but it's all very good. I think I saw an edited version but for the most part it was very well done. All the original cast has returned to do the voices so there's no problem with the english subtitles or with dubbing. Overall it was a good movie. ...more info
  • Nice addition to collection, but not a necessary purchase.
    Fits well with the series, though it can feel like little more than an elongated episode. The DVD I ordered from Amazon was defective; however, Bandai replaced it without giving me any static. If you enjoy the other movies and the 2 seasons this is a nice addition to your collection, but do not expect too much from this movie....more info
  • Awesome series and better box set than SAC
    For people who purchased the S.A.C. first box set you'll be really happy with this one. The box is -much- sturdier and it feels like you're getting a lot more for your money (as opposed to the first box set where none of the DVDs really seemed to match in packaging and the "box" to it seemed like something someone just threw together).

    2nd GIG is fantastic and a lot of fun, it takes a little while to ramp up but one of my favorite features of it is that a number of the non-major characters like Paz and Saito have their own episodes about their backgrounds.

    ...more info
  • adult cartoon
    if you are over 18 this is something you should watch! even if you cant buy it you should watch a few episodes its worth it!...more info
  • Did I get a bad copy? 5 for the movie 2 for the DVD
    I don't know if any of you have a similar issue but at the start of chapter 15 there is a 2 second layer pause on mine. My player has memory buffers to greatly reduce the time for a transition and I don't have this long of one on any other DVDs I own. Any way the movie itself is terrific with a great job by the dub team at Bandai. Thats why I give the movie itself a 5 and the DVD a 2 cause of the annoying pause in chapter 15. For a an average 3 stars....more info
  • Delving into a detailed universe...
    Solid State Society is hopefully a sign of what is to come in the world of Ghost in the Shell. After Stand Alone Complex's 2nd GIG, I was definitely left with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The pacing of the 2nd GIG felt uneven and the story felt more convoluted than tastefully complex, creating an adequate but not perfect addition to the GitS series. However, Solid State Society takes the best from the Stand Alone Complex series and in little under two hours presents a story as rich in detail and as lovingly complex as the series preceding it.

    A huge plus of the movie is that instead of feeling like an overstretched episode, it feels more like a long arc of quality episodes stringed together while still feeling cinematic in its presentation. Solid State Society gives us everything we expect in a GitS story: a sci-fi universe that draws you in but never overwhelms, continuity in character development, rich and intelligent dialogue and plot that almost seems plausible down the road, and of course, some light philosophy and shades of grey. Even if you aren't an anime or a strict sci-fi fan, you might just enjoy this one....more info
  • awesome
    i downloaded a torrent of the jap version of this and im still buying the english dvd. the premisie is prettty simple a computer master mind is getting bots to kill them selves. over all an exelent movie, while not as visually stunning as innocence it raises the bar in terms of storytelling. if u pick this up you will not be dissapointed....more info
  • True to the Series
    This film is one of the best things that I have seen come out of the GITS franchise. I have watched the movie several times, each time enjoying even more. I would give a description of the plot, but I will not ruin it for you. My only complaint about Solid State Society is that it borrows ideas from both of the feature-length movies. If you liked GITS: SAC, and most specially 2nd GIG, you will enjoy this movie.

    Note: It is dubbed in English, unlike Innocence. Amazon just has that fact incorrect....more info
  • Confusing, odd and just plain hard to watch
    After all the positive reviews and my wife away for a few days I thought I'd geek out on some animated sci-fi goodness but . . . yikes! I couldn't tell what was going on about. . . 90% of the time. The "animation" most of the time consisted of slightly panning stills where only the character's bottom lip would wiggle slightly. . . Robot nurses with dental floss for uniforms? Robots that act like little kids and get NO reaction from anyone with this behavior!?! People putting "cyber" parts in their brain that can be hacked just by receiving a call phone call? Did none of you watch this? It was utter stupidity. . . Big thumbs down for me....more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    I love Ghost In The Shell and the DVD's are very hard to find for a good price. This box set has awesome casing and the episodes are great....more info
  • A solid review
    Fantastic movie if your a fan of the show you will LOVE this , all our favorites are back ! takes off right were the tv program left off ! the voices are all the same which I love ! I've watched it 4 times already just LOVE it ! ...more info
  • Ghost In The Shell: Solid State
    Loved it, loved it, loved it. If you're a GOS fan, while it's different from the series, it's still fun to watch. It's an alternative story line to the series and the other movies but it's still GOS no matter how you look at it. Motoko is just as fiesty as ever, the Tachis - well, they're different but they still have that sense of fun about them, especially in Tachikomatic Daze that is available on the dvd.

    If you're new to GOS - watch it and watch all the other GOS series. I think you'll enjoy it... especially the Tachikomas....more info
  • Spectacular
    In my opinion, 2nd GIG is not as good as Stand Alone Complex, and it can be a little more complex, but anyone who enjoyed Stand Alone Complex owes it to themselves to see 2nd GIG, and this set is an excellent collection....more info