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Are you fed up with bickering politicians, self-satisfied bureaucrats, and a government that never seems to address the real problems facing our country? Can we create a government that is small, efficient, and responsive--from the state house to the White House? Is that kind of real change even possible?

Newt Gingrich, architect of the Contract with America, says it's time for citizens to demand results from our elected officials. In this revealing and exciting new book, he shows how America can achieve transformational change--from a government of bureaucratic failure to a government that can meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

As a first step, Gingrich busts the pernicious myth that America is divided between conservative red states and liberal blue states. As Gingrich points out, the American people are united on almost every important issue facing our country--including immigration, taxes, defending America, and freedom of religion. The real division is between red-white-and-blue America and a fringe on the left. Red-white-and-blue America believes overwhelmingly--by majorities of 70 percent or more--that we need a change in course. But our politicians aren't listening. Gingrich reveals why the Democratic Party can't deliver real change and why the Republican Party won't. He provides answers and a step-by-step, issue-by-issue toolkit for building a better America--the safe, innovative, and dynamic America we all want.

What will take us from the world that fails to the world that works? Real change--the kind of change that happens when politicians drop their own agendas and respond to the will of the people. Newt Gingrich shows us how we can make real change a reality.

Customer Reviews:

  • Newt does it again!
    As a retired University Professor, I find a certain simpatico with Newt's approach. He may be all the things outlined on the back dust cover, but, in my opinion, he is first an educator. His logic is clear, his motivation is strong, and his presentation provides an easy to read learning experience. In Real Change, he provides a blue print for progress. I find it ironic that change was the buzz word in the 2008 presidential race, but never articulated as well as Dr. Cingrich did in this work. I am particularly impressed with Chapter 5, Failure in Education. Here he explains what works and what does not work in learning. One thing that works in education is money,not money thrown without aim at school districts, but rather money for merit-based pay and incentives for new teachers. Why should the best and brightest avoid teaching because it does not pay enough? Why should school boards across this nation consist of members who's last day in the classroom was the day they graduated? Our high school graduation rates are, to quote Newt, abysmal failures. What are these kids going to do for a living? In our ever increasing entitlement society, who is going to help pay their way? You are. The message is very clear, reward works. The Psychology of Learning has clearly shown that rewarded behaviors get stronger, and unrewarded behaviors cease. We need the bureaucrats (school boards) to sit in the classroom and experience the difficulty of the task.

    Real change paints problems in America with a fine brush. The book was written before the severe cycles in the stock market in 2008, before Eliot Spitzer embarrassed a nation, and before gasoline approached $5.00 per gallon. It was written while the SEC and congress were failing us. Greed has been with us forever, but had some of the changes suggested in this book been heeded eariler (capital gains and other taxes reduced), the December 2008 economic outlook might be different.

    Like his other books including Days of Infamy (with William R. Forstchen), and A Contract with the Earth (with Dr. Terry Maple) Real Change is an easy read, full of research to back up statements, and a real contribution to America. ...more info
  • Newt or not Newt
    I like the audio book but I would have liked it better if Kewt did more of it. His wife did a great job reading the book and she is a good speaker....more info
  • The new leader of Republican thought
    His understanding has a chance to be the new model for Republicans to make sense as a party, once more. He is very thoughtful and analytical, so he won't be taken as a bumpkin. He actually and scientifically out thinks the academic elite....more info
  • American politics
    I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the American political system and the effect "politics" has on it....more info
  • Vague And Typical.
    Newt Gingrich has spent the past few years trying to establish himself as some sort of neocon guru or sensei, the old man of the mountain who America's conservatives should seek for guidance. He couldn't run for President in 2008, so now him and his American Solutions program are trying to least be established as the advisor behind the throne.

    Like clockwork Newt is churning out books detailing his agenda. "Real Change" follows his monument tour, "Rediscovering God In America," and tries to set-up a blueprint for what "real change" in America should be. Ironically, Newt isn't really offering anything you could call "change," instead he is simply advocating deepening many of the current system's worst elements or bringing back old-school free market, neocon ideas from the Reagan 80s (Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, another right-wing trooper, make constant cameos in the book). The book deserves two stars instead of one because Gingrich's language and phrasing is not the kind of radically insane dribble you typically find in Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham's latest outing, he does frame his arguments in a more articulate, academic prose, it isn't powerful or stunning, but you can read it without your brain feeling like it wants to vomit. And that is the charm Newt Gingrich shows in "Real Change," he knows how to frame really well very bad ideas. Consider the current world figure he uses as an examples we should follow: Nicolas Sarkozy of France, whom Gingrich praises as some sort of groundbreaking leader who is leading the charge for capitalism. Gingrich can admire him personally if he wants, but the French don't agree with him much, Sarkozy has approval numbers similar to George Bush's, no major reforms have really taken root, and the Socialist Party is quickly re-gaining major provinces. Newt also throws lavish praise on Margaret Thatcher for her union-busting, ignoring the fact that again, this was a very unpopular leader until the war with Argentina ignited nationalist sentiments which she took advantage of.

    Gingrich is completely correct when he cites polls showing that Americans want change, but he makes it seem as if Americans want a deeper engraving of corporate idealism. There is a curious style in the way the book seems disconnected from actual human needs or social issues and simply advocates a "get rich" culture. One can imagine Newt's vision of America consisting of clones in suits and ties living to the drone of numbers and figures. "Real Change" is also very vague about how exactly to bring change. Take for example, the sections dealing with terrorism and Iraq, Gingrich advocates an even stronger stance (as if invading a country isn't enough) and demands that George Bush or his successor stop playing the game like softies and instead "fight to win." Again, as if invading other countries wasn't enough.

    Domestic security issues tale a chilling, somewhat bizarre tone as Newt starts suggesting new police state measures for the internet and "outlawing terrorism" or what he considers threats of violence against the government. Gingrich even calls for the banning of websites, which is a funny suggestion from a man who condemns Communist systems and in this particular section takes on the form of a neo-fascist.

    "Real Change" almost feels like a very cold, hollow analysis of where America should go, Gingrich comes across more as a businessman than as a true servant of the people. The book itself is very short, as are most current right-wing manuals, unless you count Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" which was a tad longer, this is mostly because Gingrich simplifies most topics to this: America in trouble, bow down to the free market, everything will be ok, make money. It's as if the man has little grasp of the human scale of global issues or the complexities of going into a full-blown war with other cultures. Like Hannity, Gingrich praises Ronald Reagan to the point where the reader can assume Newt prays to him every evening, he basically uses Reagan's foreign policy as an example of the road America should take in the Middle East. Of course Gingrich omits the fact that Reagan left Central America in ruins, funded death squads and ran guns to the Contra terrorists. In fact, Daniel Ortega is back in power in Nicaragua and the FMLN is the favorite to win the 2009 elections in El Salvador, so Reagan's objectives have not exactly been met.

    The U.S. dollar is almost worthless overseas, Iran is a respected power in the East, Gingrich's answer? Just hang tough and crush them, and don't forget, we need to make more money. "Real Change" is a change from the usual conservative ranting, but doesn't offer anything grounded in reality, or any actual change from the current system for that matter. Maybe that was meant as ironic on the part of Gingrich, that for him real change simply means embedding the current system even deeper than it already is. Americans searching for answers, will find nothing real here, except comforting phrases and nationalist devotion where the stars on the American flag are replaced with dollar bill signs....more info
  • Very insightful
    Very insightful, well thought out--would like to see those ideas explored and discussed by our elected officials....more info
  • If we could only implement these solutions!
    Newt Gingrich approaches the current problems of government with such clarity and simplicity that half the time I found the book difficult to read because I was so frustrated at the incompetence and inefficiency of our current system. Conservatives should rally around these ideals. 'Real Change' should be promoted - and implemented - by bold, courageous and articulate leaders. I think we really could enter a new era of American greatness as a result....more info
  • Real Change
    I really liked his ideas and his insights into the changes for our country's good. Well thought out. A keeper...more info
  • Intelligent Thought!
    This book clearly articulates in a non-partisan manner the flaws in the liberal minded approach to solving problems by creating inefficient government programs and unincentivized bureaucracy. ...more info
  • A blueprint for saving America
    If you are dissatisfied with the politics & management of Corporate America in this country and want to save America from the bumbling, stumbling politicians that are at the public trough, then this is the blueprint for action. The links to web sites are critical to review data that Newt's philosphy is built upon. I believe after reading this book that one can not help from being inspired to take some personal action and get involved directly and locally to make these suggested changes happen. It is time to knock off the political bickering and viewing and hearing "Doom & Gloom" prognosis from the media and "Just Do It". This book is very well organized and written for readers of all ages. It definitely is provocative, but with suggested solutions for every issue. I recommend it to all. ...more info
  • Newt for President
    I have followed Newt Gingrich's career for a number of years. He is a factual no nonsense political figure. In these hectic scheming days of presidential politics Newt would be my #1 choice by far. His ability to cut thru the foggy words of Clinton and Obama with his usual clarity would be a breath of fresh air. His stand on items of national security make him outstanding presidential material. His call for change, real change, should be heard and heeded by those who are running for the nation's highest office. ...more info
  • Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of Their Country
    What this book contains is what the majority of the people
    of this nation want and expect from their politicians.
    They have not addressed these problems and continue on
    THEIR MERRY WAY doing their own thing. They follow the lead of those who have bought them off. They completely
    ignor the people until election time and even then they
    are pandering in self centered....more info
    This well-written, compelling book is truly a tour-de-force for its clear statement of our current national problems and the solutions that are needed to turn the US back on track as a nation of acheivement.

    The critical problem undermining America's well being, according to the author, is the unresponsive interference of government bureacracies dominated by the labor union mindset. About this there is no question, and I have seen how this mindless turf protection works its way down to the section head level where the mindlessness is enforced and creativity and problem solving solutions are shunned.

    The solutions are clear enough. Define the problem, set metrics to measure progress, develop standards of measurable accountability, and work towards goals to get things done. The private sector does it all the time (or they would fail). Pressure needs to be applied on our political leaders from the President to the city clerk to make the necessary changes.

    If I had one criticism of the book, it is this. The section on Homeland Security dealing with global Islamic Terrorism and Appendix 8 ("What if? An alternate History of the War since 9/11) should have appeared much earlier in the book. Why? If you think about it, if we don't solve and win the war on terror fast by developing a truly winning strategy, including paying for it by increasing defense spending, the rest of the book won't matter.

    It is the defining issue of our time....more info
  • Every American should read Real Change
    Real Change offers real solutions. Regardless of political affiliation, this is a great book that should be put into practice. ...more info
  • Interesting ideas, but no factual support for the proposed solutions
    Mr. Gingrich offers many facts and anecdotes to support his identification of problems, but provides no factual support for his suggested solutions that will lead to "real change". I suppose that the reader is assumed to already agree with Mr. Gingrich's thesis of drastically lower taxes, removal of union influence and limited federal regulation as the root answer to all of the difficulties we face as a nation. While Mr. Gingrich goes to great pains to say that he has the best vision for our country, but does nothing to show why anyone who does not already agree with him should do so. To follow the logic of this book, a stranded driver with a punctured tire does not need a new tire or a tow truck, they need to know not to run over any nails. I just wish Mr. Gingrich could support his arguments for how to collectively get off the side of the road, if you will.

    I also had a hard time ignoring the score-settling that went on in the early portion of the book. In that sense, this serves as a wonderful microcosm of former Congressman Gingrich's career. After authoring the transformational identity of the Republican Party, Mr. Gingrich let party politics (the infamous "snub" and the Clinton impeachment) take over his agenda and cost his party a chance at the White House in 1996 and many Congressional seats in the 1998 midterms. In Real Change, Mr. Gingrich attempts to develop a theme of unity while he simultaneously cannot resist the urge to castigate Democrats and the Republican leadership that turned on him. After reading this book, I now understand why Mr. Gingrich is drawn to writing "alternative history" fiction about World War II and the Civil War.

    Overall, what could have been a great book full of challenges and new ideas fell apart into a mess of unsupported assertions, with a dash of bitterness thrown in....more info
  • Real Change
    This book is a must read for every American that loves their country and desires to see change that takes us to the next level. Newt's ideas are great! If we would heed his advice we would have a better America. I wish he would run for President but realized he will be most effective by not being stuck in the presidency....more info
  • Brilliant but uneven
    In this book, Newt Gingrich, the hugely controversial Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 1990s, lays out his vision of what it would take to solve America's problems. His theme is the contrast between the world that works, the work of free enterprise symbolized by Federal Express, and the world that fails, the world of government bureaucracies, symbolized by the Post Office and the INS.

    Parts of the book are extremely good. The book begins very strong with an analysis of the national political situation. In Gingrich's view, the people are not really deeply divided between liberals and conservatives. On the contrary, he believes that the overwhelming majority of Americans is center-right. We do not see this, he believes, because both parties have failed the people. The Democrats in his perspective -- no surprise here -- are hopeless. They have been captured by special interests, primarily government employee unions (primarily the teachers union) and the trial lawyers. They believe in the morality of Hollywood. They are hopelessly out of touch with the majority.

    But, says Gingrich, the Dems might win the White House this year, because the Republicans have also failed the people. They have failed, says Gingrich, because they have listened too much to the short-term thinking of political consultants. These consultants usually advocate winning elections by stirring up the conservative base with anger issues. This anger, however, alienates moderates, who want solutions to problems, not endless ranting and raving. What the GOP needs to do, says Gingrich, is to build a long-term majority by focusing upon the positive. They need to present solutions, and they need to relate them to people's daily lives.

    This part of the book, in my opinion, is right on. Gingrich knows exactly what he is talking about, and I hope that the GOP is listening. This IS what we need to do.

    Gingrich next swings into a quick tour of a wide range of issues, from tax policy to the environment to Social Security to health care. The quality of this part of the book, in my opinion, was not very high. He spends too little time on each subject. His proposals, while often interesting, are usually kind of sketchy. I think that Newt would have done us all a favor, in this part of the book, by covering fewer subjects, but doing so in more detail and with more care. ...more info
  • Pair it with Bill O'Reilly's Culture Warrior
    I just finished the book. If you read Bill O'Reilly's Culture Warrior and then Newt's book with any objectivity and pair the thinking of both - any honest person will think about our present day federal gov't and ask ... what is going on??? Both books ask why are many in & out of gov't trying to take God out of our gov't?? The Founding Fathers set God right in the middle of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. ...more info
  • Real Change
    Newt shares his opinions on multiple items of today's world politics. He is critical of every branch of government and has opinions on how things should be done if change is to be gotten. Some seem logical but some are a fantasy if he really believes it will happen. Slow reading in some chapters with redundancy, but others go well in giving interesting information....more info
  • A must-read for anyone who cares about the future of this country
    It's about time we have someone who stands up for real change, as opposed to certain presidential candidates who say they're for change, but really it's more of the same. Gingrich's ideas are fresh, non-partisan, and practical. At the heart of every issue is the need for American ingenuity, instead of more layers of bureaucracy. In an increasingly competitive world, Gingrich's ideas would allow this country to be that "city on a hill" that President Reagan so often talked about....more info
  • Many Good Suggestions But...
    In this book, Mr. Gingrich does not waste his time lambasting other people. He focuses upon the technological changes which will allow us to at least partially solve the critical problems facing our nation. The solutions are well researched and are not based upon some ulterior motive of what will keep a certain party in power. Despite his many excellent suggestions, he does not address the underlying problem, that is, where do we get the will to want to leave behind a world at least as good as the one we received. This is a matter of morality not technology. Visit my website, [...], for further elaboration of this theme. ...more info
  • Excellent book
    This is a great book and I would reccomend getting Winning the Future by Newt Gingrich to go along with this book Excellent reading for any political affiliation With real solutions for the USA's future ...more info
  • Real Change
    Former Speaker Newt Gingrich makes the case for
    a proactive public involvement, as well as a
    transformational one. Basically, the USA is united
    on immigration, taxes, defense and freedom of religion.
    Taxes can be simplified in the form of a single page
    flat tax along the lines enunciated by Malcolm Forbes.

    According to the author, burdensome regulations and taxes
    discourage the deployment of new refineries. While new
    extraction is needed, progress must be made on migrating
    solar energy to households, municipal government buildings
    and small businesses of every kind. The Artificial Sun
    is a multi-nation fusion project making considerable progress
    toward practical implementation. Coal Gasification is another
    encouraging area together with wind mill power. Let's not
    forget nuclear power or electric cars.

    The reconstitution of the middle class will be a more
    difficult problem to handle. This task can be
    accomplished with increments in small business investment,
    a higher collegiate graduation rate, investment in
    blue collar infrastructure jobs, tax simplification,
    simpler health care delivery protocols, energy
    independence, new savings instruments,
    simplification of the FDA approval process for new
    drugs and streamlining housing codes.

    The Speaker faulted the Army Corps of Engineers for Katrina.
    In reality, the whole USA coastline should be reviewed
    by order of flood exposure to major population areas and
    the economic consequences to businesses large and small.
    Let's not forget volcanic activity and the possibility of a
    tsunami . Disaster recovery and contingency planning for
    earthquake activity are continuing priorities.

    The book states that the failure of the education system
    is the death knell of the old order. In some places,
    graduation rates are falling and math/science test scores
    are declining. The news is not uniformly bad. Many private
    schools , charter schools, targeted inner city schools and
    specialized schools perform at consistently high levels.

    The ultimate question involves choosing the appropriate
    change agent. Is the agent of change bureaucratic or
    entrepreneurial in nature ? Clearly, the largest growth
    in the economy has been with small business.

    The Speaker believes that the Iraq engagement required
    an effective counterinsurgency, more law enforcement,
    intelligence and troop strength. I would add to this
    an elite commando force to penetrate the neighborhoods
    on the ground. Knowledge of Arabic is a condition
    precedent to success on a personal level. Municipal
    accounting systems are needed to restore normalcy to
    routine governmental operations in Iraq. Current troop
    levels are not sustainable indefinitely. At some point,
    there must be an iterative withdrawal of forces so that
    Iraqi forces shoulder more of the burden together with
    a small United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

    Lastly, I believe that our foreign policy must achieve
    a political equilibrium; such that, no one foreign
    state predominates regionally to the detriment of
    global security. We must achieve this goal in the
    India, Pakistan, Afghanistan spheres of influence.

    Next, political equilibrium must be achieved in
    Iraq, Iran, Turkey and the various constituencies
    bordering the Straits. An Israeli/Palestinian peace
    may be possible with a political equilibrium
    amongst Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and
    the various subgroups of every political predisposition.

    In the scheme of things, Russia must cooperate in
    refusing to make available weaponry of any kind to
    disturb the existing political equilibrium between
    and amongst the key regional constituencies enunciated
    above. The IAEA is an important boundary spanner in
    verifying compliance with existing nuclear treaties and

    The work is an important contribution to the ongoing
    discussion aimed at moving the global agenda forward.
    The implications for action are multi-disciplinary.
    The group formation to accomplish these meritable
    goals crosses political party lines and philosophies....more info
  • A brilliantly written proposal.
    A brilliant book full of reasonable and workable goals that would transform an America that doesn't work well into a nation that truly works for everyone! Thank you Newt!...more info
  • A Solid Plan For Change
    Newt covers a wide variety of issues that are doing nothing but hurting America as a whole. He explains why these issues need to be changed. This book is excellent because it shows what problems plague America and how the people can go about correcting the problems. Newt wrote the book to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans, and it is well worth reading....more info
  • Real Change
    I truly believe that Newt Gingrich is one of the smartest men in Washington.
    He should be running for President and is just what we need to get this mess straightened out.
    Every One Should Read This book and it should be "Compulsory" Reading...
    In our Schools....more info
  • Report From Norway: Why They Don't Have an Energy Crisis and We Do
    My curiosity about this book was piqued when I received a solicitation for it with an essay entitled, "Report From Norway: Why They Don't Have an Energy Crisis and We Do," pertaining of course to offshore oil drilling. I know a great deal about why the Norwegian method works since I work in the oil industry and had the opportunity to live with Norwegians for a couple of months last year and we discussed these things at great length, and so was very surprised that Newt would recommend the Norwegian method.

    The Norwegian method works well because Statoil hydro, the biggest offshore hydrocarbon company in the world, is now a public limited company started with government money thanks to socialist investment. It is presently 2/3rds owned by the government and remains under government control and the profits (taxes, dividends, licensing, and sales) go into a savings fund to pay for Norwegian Social Security.

    It's hard to imagine all of ExxonMobil's profits going into Social Security! Only last week here in the United States , even a profit windfall tax was shot down by the GOP. I am surprised that Newt recommends this. I didn't think Newt Gingrich supported Social Security.

    I'm also surprised that Newt Gingrich supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - that certainly isn't the Norwegian method! Norwegians pride themselves on rational, secular decision making, and drilling in the ANWR is such an obviously, outrageously wasteful proposition that no honest person can claim otherwise without being mentally deficient.

    By the most optimistic projections, the first drops of oil from ANWR would begin to flow in ten years, while we can save more oil right now than ANWR will ever produce within two years with the mere stroke of a pen to increase the efficiency of next year's cars by 2 mpg. It's as if you had the choice to pay for a short vacation either by spending your life's savings (all that you've ever saved and all that you will ever save) or by recycling your soda cans for a year or two. End of story.

    The Norway model works because they employ the highest environmental policies in the world. Bear in mind that they only have one (arguably two) climactic zone to protect over 1600 miles of coastline, while the United States has a coastline ten times as long with almost every type of environment known. Drilling is never 100% free from environmental risk even with the best workers that the Norwegian method can procure.

    Of course they are able to procure those workers because the Norwegian method requires paying their workers so well.

    I know what you're thinking: what about taxes? Well, the Norwegian method works with lower taxes and they're progressive which is even better. Norwegian personal (and corporate) tax rates are 28%; in the US it's between 15-39% with an additional 0-12% state income tax. The sales tax (or "value-added" tax) for Norwegians is higher at 25% and therefore the cost of living is higher in Norway, but you can't forget universal health care and universal higher education.

    I'm really glad that Newt Gingrich, who led the fight against universal health care in the 1990s, has changed his mind on the issue. I think of it as a moral thing, but even if one thinks of health care only in terms of money, the fact is that universal health care saves money for individuals and for the companies they work for. Every industrialized nation on earth is paying less for better health care and everyone is covered. No spin can change those kind of facts. Game, set and match.

    I have insurance through my employer that costs me a bundle, but the Norwegian method of universal health care would save both myself and my company that money, plus I'd never have to worry about getting sick when I switch jobs. And did you know that more than half of the bankruptcies in 2005 were due to medical bills? Norwegians never lose their homes because someone got sick or injured.

    Even that's almost nothing compared to how much money the Norwegian method would save hard working middle class Americans on college tuition! If your youngest children will be attending a state college in 18 years, you should be saving about $11,000 a year per child. If your kids are around ten years old, figure on saving about $18,000 a year per child. (And that's assuming a nice 8% rate of return.)

    Now the Norwegians do have mandatory conscription but it's only for 6 -12 months of service for fully paid college (and it's been a thousand years since the Vikings invaded anybody!) I don't want to get political, but just last week in the United States a bill that would have provided college tuition after three years of service was voted down by the GOP. I wish more Republicans supported the troops with higher education like the Norwegian method does.

    Don't forget how much you'd save with the Norwegian method of retirement pensions. In the Norwegian model, the profits all go into their Social Security trust fund. How much would that save you and your spouse every week? Everybody knows that Social Security privatization is a scam by the fat cats on Wall Street: how many people lost their 401K retirement savings in 2001? The Norwegian method gives senior citizens peace of mind because they never have to worry about retirement.

    Newt Gingrich really picked a great country to model a plan on.

    Norway is currently the second highest ranked nation in the world for literacy rate, education level and per capita income, with only a 2% unemployment rate and one of the highest hourly wages in the world, and the wage difference between the lowest paid worker and the CEO is among the lowest, making Norwegian society very egalitarian, much like the United States was in the 1950s during the golden age of the middle class. Well, you know the old saying: everyone does better when everyone does better.

    The Norwegian model works because they have a strong middle class. The Norwegians learned their lesson after their workers were abused in dangerous working conditions and under exploitive labor relations policies. It's not surprising that New Gingrich continues to support family values, and although I don't agree with his definition of what constitutes "family values" (neither would the Norwegians: for example, same-sex partnerships were recognized in 1993), we certainly have plenty of common ground here. In the 1950s when the middle class was at its strongest, a single hard-working individual could provide for his entire family and afford a house, a car, a family vacation...and with only one parent having to work, the other was able to be with their children all day. After all, how can there be any family values at all if there isn't time to spend together as a family?

    By the way, the Norway method works because advertizing directed towards children is tightly regulated. In the United States , Florida legislatures passed a law to protect senior citizens against deceptive advertizing, specifically Ed McMahon. Apparently a 65 year old can drive, vote and own a gun despite being incapable of understanding the word "may" in the sentence, "You may have already won $1,000,000" while at the same time there is no protection for children. How can a child be thought of as a more sophisticated consumer than a 65 year old?

    Anyhow, it's refreshing to hear New Gingrich changing his mind and supporting such progressive positions. The Norway method works because of intelligent, progressive values and strong regulation.

    I hope Newt Gingrich supports regulation in other areas as well. After all, deregulation hasn't worked at all in the airline industry, the automobile industry, the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the telecommunications industry, the mining industry, the electrical industry, and the military contracting industry to name a few, and the "self-regulation" of Wall Street and of the food supply have been disastrous (why have an EPA, an SEC, a GOA, an FAA or an FDA if they are left too unfunded to be effective?)

    P.S. "Report from Norway: Why They Don't Have an Energy Crisis and We Do" is a really bad title. It screams, "Because we have 2% of the world's population but use 25% of the world's oil and even though they have 0.0007% of the world's population and are sitting on 10,000,000,000 proven barrels of oil and 90 years worth of natural gas, they're still investing heavily in wind and solar."
    ...more info
  • Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works
    I think if Newt Gingrich had run for President, he would have won. He is a brilliant historian who applies his knowledge of the past to current situations. He has tremendous intellect and tremendous common sense. It's time for a President who wants to REALLY change the way we are doing things in our government. It's time that we had a President that is not partisan. We need someone to break the gridlock in Washington, DC by drawing politicians together, working on solutions for the country's problems for the people they represent. Newt gives REAL solutions to REAL problems that all Americans want solved. The statistics given in this book show high percentage agreement among Americans on many subjects. To watch the media, one would believe that each Republican and Democrat wants and believes highly different beliefs and outcomes. This book is so well thought out and written. Again, this book makes me believe that Gingrich would be a great President for our country and it's challenges! Read and feel hopeful that there is someone out there that reflects the REAL people in the United States. ...more info
  • Real Change requires real guts
    Newt Gingrich's book is a "how-to" book on how to change our country for the better. Accomplishing that will require at least hundreds, perhaps thousands of heretofore unkown people to work individually to change their corner of America...perhaps at great personal risk. After all, the establishment can not be expected to go quietly into the sunset.
    This book must be read by all critically thinking Americans. It should be required reading in high school civics classes (do they still teach civics in high school?) throughout the country. ...more info
  • good solutions for our nations problems
    good solutions. get involved. support organizations and leaders that will address these matters and get things done....more info