Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set
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The flexible 5 deep design of these organizing gems means that you can sort piles of shirts, socks whatever Each closes securely with a 3-side perimeter zipper, and they collapse to nearly nothing when not in use. Plus, security and customs can check your bag wihtough going through a pile of loose laundry. KIVA's exclusive Rick Steves line of travel luggage and accessories is designed to be practical, durable and light weight - ideal for the frequent traveler, whether for Europe or cross-country. Each items' Rick tested features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Three flexible 5 deep cubes
  • 3-side perimeter zipper
  • Collapses to nearly nothing when not in use

Customer Reviews:

  • A real asset to your RS bag!
    I recently used these to pack for my honeymoon to use with my RS suitcase/bag, I enjoyed the structure they provided to the softsided luggage! I was really able to pack a lot and have it compressed into convenient cubes for travel; at the airport it was easy to open my bag and have them check my stuff, tidy and swift through security.

    I would recommend two sets per RS bag if you want everything in these travel cubes. One set let you lay down a full base layer and then I was able to add larger folded items on top so it was still great, but I would have liked having 2 sets.

    Each cube has two zipper pulls so you can get at the contents easily. The material is vented with a bit of stretch, so it is nice to overpack a little and then zip it all down -- like a packing girddle :)

    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Never leave home without them
    What can I say? I've had these for a year now and they go everywhere I do. I'm an American living in Europe and travel every chance I get. Most of my trips are 4-5 days but I have done several one week trips as well. I've only actually ever used the large packing cube once...and that was for a snowboarding trip to Switzerland. I was able to fit all my gear...boarding pants, jacket, thermals, 2 pair of gloves, 2 hats, 2 pair of socks, and goggles...in the large cube and everything else in the small ones. I only ever use the small cubes for regular travel. If I can't fit everything for 4-5 days in those two cubes, I'm bringing too much. I spent 8 days in London and Paris with just the two small cubes and they were perfect.

    It's amazing how much fits in there! Just roll it all up tightly and you can fit plenty. This was another one of those products that my husband thought I was silly for buying (that seems to happen a lot). I finally bought him his own set when I got tired of him trying to steal mine :)

    The cubes are black mesh on the top and sides and solid black (nylon?) on the bottom. While I wouldn't call the mesh "stretchy" it does have some give to it so you can cram that last t-shirt in there. The zipper is strong...I've packed these things to the max for at least one trip every month for over a year and have never had the zipper split. It's also great when you're trying to get that one thing out of the bottom of your bag and have to pull everything out to get to it...you're not having to pull out socks and underwear for the entire airport to see. ...more info
  • Outstanding Product!
    I highly recommend these packing cubes. We just returned from a two week trip and they worked great. If you like to have everything organized and don't want to have to worry about clothes shifting or falling out when you open your suitcase, these are for you. When I wanted something out of the suitcase, I knew exactly where it was. I'd give this product a 10++...more info
  • Nice Product
    Very nice product. Keeps things organized. Size better for shorter trips rather than 2-week trip we were on but were helpful in keeping the smaller items together and organized....more info
  • No more compression bags
    In the past, I've used compression bags to organize my clothing when traveling. I decided to give these packing cubes a try since my compression bags were on their last breathe. I am very happy with my purchase and will not be going back to those bulky plastic bags.
    The little cubes stored much more than I thought they could - I was able to pack 2 weeks worth of underwear (tops and bottoms) and socks! My only (small) complaint is I wish the set came with 2 large cubes instead of just the one. I ended up getting the eBags Large Packing Cubes - 3pc Set for the rest of my clothes.
    ...more info
  • Love these
    These are so awesome!!!! They hold so much. I am traveling to Hawaii with my toddler and I can get all of her clothes and some of my shirts in one of the small cubes. These cubes are deeper than they appear. What a wonderful idea!! I would recommend these to everyone, and they also fit nicely in the convertible carry on. Talk about being organized....more info
  • helps much more than expected
    These packing cubes or zip-bags have made a much bigger difference in my travel packing than expected. When I travel, keeping track of where I put which item becomes impossible. Who has time to keep the suitcase in order over a week of on-the-go travel? There's so much more fun and important stuff going on!

    So, I've found that being able to think: okay, all the big clothes are in this bag, the smaller ones in this bag, and my extra little things that usually end up rattling around in the bottom of the suitcase where I can't see them are all in the smaller cube (e.g., hairbrush, travel alarm, phone charger, camera charger). Sometimes I wish the cubes weren't black, because this makes contrast bad in dim light, but black has its pluses too....more info
  • Great for a backpacking trip!
    They held a lot and made picking clothes out of my bag really easy everyday! Everyone else's bags were a mess, but I knew I could always find my underwear in less than a minute! It also made separating my dirty and clean clothes idiot proof.. A great buy. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Lightweight, flexible and well made. Helps make packing for that next trip a breeze. What more can you ask for? ...more info
  • Great!
    I travel a lot, I find this bags to be really helpful in organising my clothes for travel. If you are living out of a suitcase they just make life so much easier. ...more info
  • carefree packing
    This is my 2nd set of packing cubes. (3 in each set) I really like these things! I went for two weeks to Mexico and had one large suitcase. I rolled most of my things and neatly packed them into the cubes. Everything was in order. Since they go through you suitcase nothing was messed up. I simply pulled out the cubes and hung up what I need at the time. I might get another set....more info
  • Backpacking essential
    I have taken these cubes on two different backpacking trips, even purchasing a second set for my latest adventure.

    These are a little different from the ones I bought two years ago -- they've made the side seams a little more sturdy so that the cubes hold their rectangular shape a little better, although they're still flexible and crushable. They're lightweight, breathable mesh, so it's easy to identify what is inside.

    I like these better than other brands because they're really no-frills. Just simple cubes that you can stuff and beat up.

    These are fantastic for grouping clothes together (e.g. all underwear, shirts, etc.), allowing you to pack and find clothes very quickly. The flexible nature of the bag allows for lightweight, "squishable" use of the cubes -- just stuff and go.

    I've seen too many people with their bags a mess every night they hit a hostel -- it's because they've got 30 small pieces of clothing rattling around in a huge backpack. They've then got to refold every item or worse, just shove it back in once the next morning comes. These cubes create order! I definitely wouldn't backpack without them....more info
  • They do their job, and are not as heavy as others...
    The nicest things about these cubes are that they are lighter than the Eagle Creek ones, and that they sort of have a springy memory to their size. I try to pack light, I don't want my packing aids to add considerable weight to my backpack. These are the best of the lot, IMO, better than those from Eagle Creek and Magellan's, in functionality, size, and weight. I've given several sets away as gifts as well....more info
  • Key for Organization
    I bought these for a trip to Europe. What a help! We were packing up and travelling every few days and these made packing much easier...and quicker. I didn't have to search all of my luggage for a certain item. I was able to grab it out of one cube. Great buy!...more info
  • So many uses for them....
    I originally got these for a study abroad program in London, with a 1 month jaunt all over Europe. I used them extensively, and now that I'm traveling less frequently, I find I rely on them for every trip! Trying to bring less and less each trip, these cubes keep my packing more realistic for short trips....more info