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The Molly Maguires
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  • The Molly Maguires
    It's an interesting story of what happened during the time of the coal barrons and how horribly the miners were treated. However, it seriously lacks any excitement and I found myself wondering when it was going to end. I love the cast, but I really think the director could have made better use of their talent.

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  • The Molly Maguires
    This is not a factual account of the Molly Maguires struggle in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania between 1860-1880, but it is interesting and emotes an emotional element. The acting is quite good and it attempts to provide viewers with some balance of reasoning for the disproportionate balance of power and wealth during that time and in the industry that helped make PA the king in coal. ...more info
  • Do not by this movie. It was very boring.
    What a very borning movie this was, and I don't want to watch it again. It was about the men in the mines and the bosses. Its about how they want different thing from the bosses. If you need the sleep you should watch this very borning movie....more info
  • Amazed
    In my U.S. History class we recently finished "The Molly Maguires." This movie is very accurate on the life of a coalminer and the wives of clans. The wages were accurate, and the working conditions were close. The mines "halls" weren't that tall though. Yet I understand that if they were actual size you couldn't get a camera down there....more info
  • The Molly Maguires Review
    I thought that the video was a very good video for its time inwich it was produced. I bielve that this film was very influential for the chapter in the bookk that we were studing at the time. Not only was the movie very helpful in the better understanding of the time in history but it was a good movie also....more info
  • Good period piece with great performances from Harris, Connery
    The Molly Maguires was an expensive flop upon its initial release in 1970, but now over thirty years later audiences can experience what people missed in 1970. In 1876 Pennsylvania, a group of Irish emigrants working as coalminers are part of a secret organization called the Molly Maguires. After a failed strike attempt, the Mollies resort to murder and sabotage. A detective, James McParlan, is sent in undercover to expose the Mollies and their leaders, but he soon begins to side with the men he is supposed to take down. As tension escalates between the Mollies and police, McParlan must decide which side to take. I'd never heard of this movie before seeing the dvd, but I really enjoyed it. It is an excellent period piece that feels very realistic. The cinematography is beautiful throughout, from the depths of the coal mines to the green Pennsylvania mountains, and the musical score is pretty good as well. However, the movie does drag a bit with some scenes lasting a little too long, but it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the movie. If you're like me, you'd never heard of The Molly Maguires, but don't let that scare you away, it's a very good movie.

    The movie's two stars, Richard Harris and Sean Connery, carry the movie. Harris plays James McParland, the detective working undercover to take down the Mollies. He must battle his desire to move up in the world with his feelings of respect and understanding that he feels for the Mollies and what they're doing. Matching Harris is Connery as Jack Kehoe, the local leader of the Mollies who will continue to fight for the coalminers' rights no matter what it takes. He is initially suspicious of McParlan but comes to trust him as their relationship develops. Samantha Eggar is very good as Mary Raines, the young woman who provides McParlan with room and board and a possible love interest. The rest of the Molly Maguires the movie focuses on includes Anthony Zerbe, Art Lund, and Anthony Costello, all who provide good support for Connery's Kehoe. Frank Finlay also gives a chilling performance as Davies, the police chief who wants to bring the Molly Maguires to justice, or what he believes is justice. The DVD is pretty bare-bones, but it's pretty cheap so it's a good buy. No trailers or documentaries here, just the movie in letterbox. The movie looks cleaned up, and widescreen is how this movie needs to be seen. So for a movie that has flied under the radar all these years with great performances from Richard Harris and Sean Connery, check out The Molly Maguires!...more info
  • The Molly Maguires Movie
    This is an extrodinary movie about the coal region in Pennsylvania. It has a kind of history background because there really were Molly Maguires in the mines. And my neighbor knew about them because he is from Ireland, where the Molly Maguires supposedly came from....more info
  • Portrait of the cruel labor conditions in 19th century America
    I have been a union man all my life, as was my father and mother who was the daughter of a mine worker from Eastern Europe.

    The Molly Maguires shows an accurate picture of the hard life these people faced and how the mine owners schemed to keep them poor and virtual slaves in company towns. Sean Connery and Richard Harris, along with Samantha Eggar and other Celtic actors do a fine job of showing how the workers pushed back against their mine-owner masters. The media of the time called them murderers, but in truth, the wretched conditions in the mine towns killed far more than the Mollies ever did. I've often thought that Sean Connery was good as James Bond, but he grew into a seasoned actor playing in this film.

    This film is well worth your time....more info
    This movie gave me an idea of what it was like for Irish immigrants who worked in the coal mines. It conveyed the horrible conditions that the workers had to endure. It portrayed the secret society of the Molly Maguires very well. You could see both points of view, the coal miners and the owners and police. I thought the movie was very educational, while it lacked excitment....more info
  • The Molly Maguires
    The Molly Maguires is a film that depicts the history of one of the most notorious and infamous secret societies in history. Many have criticized the film and the content used in it. However, the real truth is that much of the film was edited down from what was originally shot. The film was taken in part by a book written by Arthur Lewis, which, at the time, was the foremost piece of literature available on the subject. To this day, the Molly Maguire mystery/story has scholars and everyday people debating just how much of an impact this alleged group of ruffians, murderers and terrorists had on the labor industry and in the Anthracite coal fields of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The actual story of the Molly Maguires dates back to Ireland hundreds of years before they were acknowledged as the reason for many coal mine-related incidences in the 1870's. The movie picks up around the time the Mollies were facing the end of their run as the most infamous clandestine society ever. The film was directed by often-overlooked Director Martin Ritt. Ritt himself had a deep interest in bringing the story to life, while at the time many others in Hollywood balked at his desire to retell the controversial story. What should have made the film a box office smash was the amazing cast Ritt assembled. Such stars as Sean Connery, Richard Harris (at the time considered the number 1 actor in Hollywood) and Samantha Eggar headline the cast. Ritt chose these individuals because of their roots as being Irish or British in nationality. Ritt wanted only actors with a real background in the culture to bring the character's roles to life. Much of the film was shot in the authentic mining town of Eckley Pennsylvania. Eckely itself had been a mining town for decades and was chosen since most of the small village remained virtually unchanged from its natural appearance of a 19th century mining town. Very little from a production standpoint had to be done to the village to dress it up for a film set. Perhaps one of the most iconic legacies the film left behind was the creation of a large coal breaker prop built at the end of the town to serve as a main focal location for the film. Sadly, despite having the day's top actors, a brilliant director, legendary score creator Henry Mancini, and many other top talents from Hollywood, Paramount Pictures failed to promote the movie in a fitting way, and thanks to semi-confusing plot line, the film was poorly received at the box office. Many wish the film would have been shot in black and white, capturing the vintage essence of the time period perceived in the movie, but instead, it was shot in color. The addition of a love angle between Harris and Eggar also confused some and is believed to have taken away from the film. Sean Connery remarked after seeing a finished print of the film that he wished it would have been handled differently. Also, many outside the labor industry and the area where the events actually took place in the late 1800's were unaware of just who or what the Molly Maguires were. But the film is still widely talked about and is definitely worth at least 1 viewing. It is also available on DVD. It was said to be the director's favorite movie amongst his own works. Check this film out and enjoy. If you can get past the factual mix ups and a little skew of the plot line, you just might enjoy it. ...more info
  • Dark and Deep in the minds
    The Molly Maguires was an alright movie. It was not a movie that I would recommend to other people. Although Sean Connery did play a wonderful part it still wasn't a very good movie. There were a few parts that was interesting. For instance, the scene where some of the coal miners were crushed to death in the coal mine. I thought it was interesting to see if they were going to live or die. Of course, they died. The movie was set back in 1876. Sean Connery played a vicious man who tried to destroy the coal miners and their business. If you ever had trouble sleeping then this is the movie to watch. It made me fall to sleep, but like I said, there were a few interesting parts. I wouldn't never went out and rented it. Our history teacher made us watch it. I don't recommend you go out and rent it. I didn't like it but everybodys opinion is different. There are some people who might like it....more info
  • A Disgrace To Movies Everywhere
    The movie, The Molly Maguires, was horrible if you would like to be entertained. The only part that made me start watching it with an open mind, was that Sean Connery in it. However, when I watched the first 15 minutes of it and there was no talking at all, I started to wonder if it would be a waste of my time. As for all the other reviewers saying it was a great portrayal of the mines, THEY ON SHOWED SCENES OF THE MINES FOR ABOUT FIVE MINUTES!!! It comes off like a tragic story for these very humble miners; IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR JOB, YOU QUIT OR SHUT UP!!! YOU DON'T GO AROUND KILLING THE PEOPLE YOU DISLIKE!!! If you need the money that bad, then get a new job or just put up with it!!! It was an extremely excuse for a movie, with a horrible plot. The Molly Maguires showed the murderous miners as the good and rightous side and the employers as the evil ones. The only reason I would recomend this movie is if you want to raise your blood presure!...more info
  • This Movie was HORRIBLE
    This movie gave a litle idea of what life was like for the Irish coal miners. It concentrated to much on catching the Molly Miguires, to teach me anything about the harsh conditions of the mining fields the immigrants were working in.

    Skinny Wiener...more info

  • Unfortunately, a key missing scene
    I don't understand why this version cuts out the key scene in the church were Sean Connery stands up in his pew and challenges the priest sermonizing against violence and saying something like "what about the violence against the miners?"

    In fact, they appeared to have purposely edited the movie to make the audience think that the comment that Richard Harris makes after the service about "talking back to the priest" refers to the pleasantries that Sean Connery exchanged with the priest after the service on the way out!

    I remember this scene vividly since it when I saw this movie almost 40 years ago now, it was cool to see someone stand up in the church and stand up to the church's hypocrisy.

    The cut of this scene also distorts the movies development of the close friendship that the priest held with Sean Connery and how each could act within their roles while retaining their bond.


    Any insight from the fans?

    - DP...more info
  • decraman
    I enjoyed the Molly Maguires very much. Some artistic liberties may have been taken but Hollywoods intent for the most part is to entertain. The film did depict a volitile era of our countries history. Richard Harris was my favorite actor. For the most part underrated. Possibly because of his reckless personal life. He does a great job in this film. If you liked him I'd suggest you see "THE FIELD" for which he was nominated Best actor. Albeit another dark film, if you like his acting you'll like this movie.

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    This movie is slow moving and grimly realistic. Although it
    was unsuccessful during its original Hollywood release it is an
    accurate rendition of the life of coal miners in 1800's Pennsylvania.
    The Molly Maguires were an immigrant Irish terrorist group
    who were concentrated in such coal mining locations as Carbon and Schuylkill and a few other counties throughout Pennsylvania in the 1860's and 1870's.
    Sean Connery dominated early James Bond movies so thoroughly
    that it misleadingly seems like he is relegated to second-fiddle
    status in this interesting film. This movie is the direct antithesis of a James Bond movie. Do not make the mistake of subconsciously rating this film low because it doesn't live up to James Bond movie standards! This may be the only Hollywood movie to ever explore the Molly Maguires topic.
    Actor Richard Harris portrays an Irish immigrant named
    James McParlan who assumes the false imposter identity of a James McKenna
    in order to infiltrate the Molly Maguires organization and convict
    them of murder.
    In reality my deceased grandfather John Aloysius McKenna's grandfather was Patrick McKenna who was an immigrant from the city of Castlereagh in County Donegal, Ireland. Patrick owned a saloon called "McKenna's" in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania (a few miles outside of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in Carbon County). My great-great grandfather Patrick McKenna was convicted in 1876 for being an accomplice in the murder of Welsh coal mining supervisor Morgan Powell. Patrick's brother-in-law Thomas P. Fisher (brother of my great-great grandmother Bridget Fisher McKenna) was one of twenty men who were hung after his conviction in the Molly Maguire murder trials although he denied being guilty all the way to the gallows.
    Actor Richard Harris's reenactment of a fictional James McKenna represented my real McKenna ancestors. Coincidentally my great-grandfather's name was James McKenna (he was one of Patrick McKenna's sons). My McKenna family is also described in detail in the book by
    Allan Pinkerton entitled "The Mollie Maguires and the Detective" which was first published in 1877....more info
  • A bad movie
    This movie shows how the Irish were treated in the mines. I personaly did not like this movie. It is not a good movie to entertain teenagers. It shows how the secret clubs the Molly McGuires rebeled against the city. But it did not work out because they had a spy in the club. At the end they all got cought....more info