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SanDisk SDCZ28-004G-A11 4GB Cruzer Titanium Plus USB Flash Drive (Bronze)
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Product Description

The Cruzer Titanium Plus USB flash drive offers an automatic and seamless online back up option with device password protection and hardware AES encryption so you can easily access your files on the device or online.You can confidently store all your sensitive, important data without the fear of losing the device or accidentally deleting the files. Cruzer Titanium Plus is not only packaged in a rugged, crush resistant metal case, but also it provides you with added security by keeping the files on your device also backed up online, in case you ever need them.

  • Automatic online back-up (available free of charge for 6 months)
  • Access your files on the device or online
  • Password protection and AES hardware encryption
  • Restore accidentally deleted files (Deleted files remain online as long as you don't exceed capacity)
  • BoomerangIT Lost and found service (Subscription required)

Customer Reviews:

    it feels flimsy even with the metal casing , but I love the fact that I can pass protect my data. I was always afraid i might loos my USB drive and some one might use my data .I have not set up the backup yet.
    U3 has some OLD OLD programs that I didn't want to use , so I opted for that has very up to date portable products with an start menu look alike that can run side by side with your U3 menu.
    its ok altogether. ...more info
  • Awesome beside the extra software
    Gift to my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it. 3.86gb after FAT32 format. Pretty decent transfer speeds. Under 10 minutes to fill the piece up and then another 10 to unload it.

    She mainly uses it for school but I'll use it when swapping larger files between desktop and laptop.

    Biggest thing is the retractable USB and the hard metal shell. She likes to break things at times. Not sure if she tries on purpose or not but it has lasted some recent torment, mercy on it when she goes back to school.

    After reformat the software was still on. It creates an additional drive on My Computer for the U3 Software about 10.2mb. Stupid but whatever....more info
  • SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Titanium Plus USB Flash Drive
    I love it! It's the perfect size and it doesn't get in the way if I want to plug another usb device next to it....more info
  • Great little piece
    This little drive looks great, feels substantial, and goes perfectly on a key chain. I took off the software because I jump back and forth between PCs and Macs. I plan on using this for the next couple of years and I am assuming that it will last until I lose it. Get this for its looks and portability (no cap to lose) and if you don't really care about the included software....more info
  • Great Storage, Indestructable!
    SanDisk SDCZ28-004G-A11 4GB Cruzer Titanium Plus USB Flash Drive (Bronze)
    This Flash Drive has Big Storage and is pretty much Indestructable! Built in Virus protection is a plus, as is ease of use. I now have 2 of these, and love the fact you can take whatever you store with you!...more info
  • Awsome!
    We love this. It is great quality for the price we paid. i would encourage any one to buy this you will not be disapointed. ...more info
  • Titanium Earns Its Name
    This strong yet sleek flash drive meets all of my needs. In a given day, I may be on four to five different computers at work, and then my own at the end of the day at home. Whether I drop it in my gym bag or brief case, this product remains more than function. I would never use the word "perfect" to describe any product, but so far it's been perfect for all of my needs....more info
  • Durability worse than expected
    I bought this flash drive primarily because it was marketed as sturdy and so I could wear it on a keychain. The flimsy ring that the Cruzer came with was thrown away and I put it on a regular ring with the rest of my keys. The purportedly indestructible Cruzer Titanium case separated after a month. Contacted SanDisk for a replacement - their reply was that "physical damage is not covered". It's not like I drove over it with a truck! I put it away and have a LaCie iamakey drive which is sturdier and is perfect for wearing it on a keychain.

    The drive performed well otherwise, reasonably fast reads/writes. Oh, U3 software is awful - erased it. ...more info
  • Sturdy, pretty, but very slow on Vista
    This is a sturdy, sleek, attractive flash drive. Unfortunately, I find it to be very slow on my Vista Ultimate system- slower than other flash drives, slower than other external devices. As such it doesn't get much daily use, but its good for occasional use. However, its not my first choice for either transfering or storing data.

    It may work better on other systems, but I haven't tried it....more info
  • Best flash drive around
    I bought this because I am writing a dissertation. It's nice to know that if anything is ever destroyed, for six months I have a free automatic backup service (which I will be extending until my dissertation is complete!). Rugged, durable, and this is the third one of bought. If you are looking for a great flash drive, this one works!...more info
  • Sandisk falsh drive
    I'm not satisfied with this product, first of all the packaging was too difficult to open i had to get a huge scissors to open it, then when i do the product look great, but then i'm looking for the Lanyard and its NOT THERE , i was like WHAT how am i to keep track of this tiny flash drive, next, i hooked it up to my computer and then when the light comes on its like the flash drive is cracked or not fitted properly cause i see all in it. But, its never let me down performance its great just those two issues im not happy about....more info
  • Great product

    Great drive as long as you uninstall the U3 crap software that is loaded on the unit by default. After you uninstall it, you have a great and rugged USB drive.

    As for the backup service which you can sign up for - this is yet another unnecessary expense you don't REALLY need in your life... sure, it's great and useful but you can accomplish the same principal by making sure the contents of your drive and also on one of your computers. Tadaaaaaaaa!

    I generally copy the contents of my drives onto my computer maybe once a month. You can do it more often if your data changes very often. ...more info
  • Excellent Flash Drive, Fantastic Deal
    The special features of this drive only work with Windows. After you insert the drive into your system for the first time, it installs software on your system that identify the drive. It connects you to a web site where you can choose to sign up for automated backup or not. You can decline and choose not to be reminded about it. You are then told that if you remove the U3 software you will lose the 256 bit AES hardware encryption. Perfect. You provide a password and after that , every time you plug in the drive it will prompt you for the password. Perfect. Your data is safe. There will be 2 icons in your system tray: one for the U3 software and one for the backup software. If you hover the arrow over the backup icon it will say "Service is not yet activated". This very unobtrusive.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Backup Service.
    While I normally would agree with some of the negative comments posted, there are a few caveats to the negative comments.

    1. The so called "annoying" features come in rather handy when you lose your drive. This is exactly the reason I ended up buying this thing and I plan on subscribing to all these services. I had all my data including my Roboform 2 go log in data and lost my drive. I don't have a backup on my work laptop, and I'm traveling so I won't have access to my back up until I return home. If I would have had this service, I'd already be back up and running because I can just buy a new drive (like i just did) and it would sync everything back up. What a lifesaving convenience.

    2. U3 and the U3 apps are quite useful. Anytime I go to a PC without Firefox, without my favorite Editors, I have a quick and easy way to launch using the U3 Launchpad. I don't have to go digging in folders stored on the drive to launch a u3 copy of Firefox.

    3. Backup is great, but background/transparent backup is even better. This drive backs itself up automatically. Yes, this is a pay service, it comes with a 6 month free trial, and yes, I definitely think its worth it. You don't have to remember to do anything. Especially considering that you will most likely lose your drive when you least expect it. When you do, the first thing that comes to your mind is to try to remember what important stuff you had on it. Now you don't have to worry about it.

    4. Boomerang-It provides a free 1 or 2 year subscription. This is a little tag that you attach to the drive with a serial number on it. If you lose the drive some one can call the 800 number toll free or log in to the website and type in the serial number and return it to you. The way I see it, something is better than nothing, if some one finds your drive and decides to keep it, there's nothing you can do about that. But at least this way if they do decide to be honest and return it for a small reward, then at least you are providing an easy way for them to do so anonymously. Perhaps a lost and found department at an airport can use it to notify you that they have found your item, and you don't have to disclose any personal information about yourself to get your lost item back. In retrospect, I wish I had this on my lost Cruzer.

    Like I said, I usually agree with the posters here on excess junk software. But in this case the few utilities that this drive comes with, IMHO are well worth it....more info
  • Best USB that i never have before
    This is the first time i use that kind of USB, the speed of writting and reading every fast....more info
  • Durable, Fast and Tough
    It's rugged, small, light and sits well on a keychain. It's hardware AES encrypted as long as you don't mind using the not-so-great U3 software (has problems with Vista and Win7 sometimes). What more could you want from a flash drive!?!? If they'd go back to LiquidMetal and make a 16GB version, I may never buy another flash drive again!...more info
  • Very Happy
    This is my third Sandisk Cruzer Titanium; moving up from an older 1GB model.

    I need an exceptionally durable USB flash drive for my job. My preference is for one that is built like a tank, but looks like a Mercedes. Performance is also important.

    The Titanium series fits my needs perfectly. I know that they are not among the fastest USB flash drives available, but they're no slouches either. In everyday use, I find these units to be relatively fast.

    I know that this is a matter of preference, but I can't stand the U3 software that comes preloaded on these units. Fortunately it is easy to remove the software, although you must reformat the unit afterward to remove hidden files left behind....more info