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Kodak EasyShare M1033 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)
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Product Description

The Kodak EasyShare M1033 Digital Camera blends the latest picture-taking technology with the ultimate in style. With innovative smart capture, it's the take-anywhere camera that does it all. Innovative smart capture adjusts camera settings for great pictures in just about any environment. However you choose to print, trust Kodak for picture quality that's truly exceptional, and for memories that will last. Blur reduction technology reduces blur caused by subject movement or fast action situations. Get a good look at your pictures on the large 3.0" (7.6 cm) wide-angle view color LCD. Whether you shoot your pictures vertically or horizontally, view them right side up with automatic picture rotation. For great shots of friends and family, face detection technology locates faces and automatically adjusts camera settings. The M1033 is part of the Kodak EasyShare System so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Tag it using the exclusive on-camera Share button and it will be ready to print or e-mail later. Use the Favorites feature to keep your special pictures close without filling up your internal memory. Capture great shots time after time with multiple scene and color modes such as portrait, children, snow, beach, and backlight. Combine up to three shots into one large picture with on-camera panorama stitch mode. View your pictures in high definition on an HDTV - Requires optional Easyshare HD Dock Whether you shoot your pictures vertically or horizontally, view them right side up with automatic picture rotation High ISO - Capture the details in low light conditions and fast action situations with high ISO (up to 3200) Set the mood when you choose from pre-loaded sound themes to accompany your slideshow

  • 10.0 MP means you can make stunning prints up to 30 40 in.
  • 3X optical zoom (35 mm equivalent: 35?105 mm) gets you closer to your subjects without reducing image quality
  • Whether you shoot your pictures vertically or horizontally, view them right side up with auto picture rotation
  • View your pictures in high definition on an HDTV or other HD devices
  • Intelligent capture control automatically sets camera settings including exposure, focus and ISO for clear, sharp pictures even in low light

Customer Reviews:

  • Good camera for under $150
    I got this camera for Christmas and I really love it. It takes clear, crisp pictures and it has many features built right in. I rarely get a blury picture and it performs pretty well in low light too. I have some good night shots taken with this camera. It lives up to my expectations. The only reason I gave it four stars is because although the video quality is pretty good, the videos aren't as clear as my last Kodak camera I had. But I would recommend this camera if you are looking for something inexpensive yet effective and will deliver quality pictures whether for posting online or printing!...more info
  • Little package...BIG punch
    I read various reviews on this item before purchasing it. I had actually been shopping it for over a month before I caught the bargain I'd been waiting for on AMAZON. I have always endorsed and recommended Kodak camera products. I feel they have the best record of quality over time and have never failed to deliver what I have been looking for. I've never been a big supporter of Sony cameras or HP cameras, just because I feel that they are companies doing more that what they can to go outside their scope of industry and are just looking to get "a piece of the pie" on other "hot" terriories. I have seen the capabilities of some of their products and have always found a Kodak that not only matches the spec, but in many cases supercedes it. I was a photographer in High School, so I am not very unfamiliar with photography and I hope my review will help you in choosing your next camera. For the record, I have been waiting a long time to upgrade, my last camera was Kodak CX7530 5.0 MP camera that served me faithfully and continues to do so when I don't use my new m1033.

    The m1033 is extremely compact that carries a huge screen compared to many like models with similar capabilities. I love being able to see a picture on the screen and know what I may be missing before I press the shutter. It also has the Kodak smart capture feature, which allows for the camera to be able to dictate to the user what type of setting to snap the picture in rather than have the user choose from its mulitiple variations. I have found the smart feature to be accurate for the most part, about 8 times out of 10, which isn't too bad; however it doesn't help to have this feature on when you are trying to snap a picture in "the moment." The screen may look like the picture is coming off blurry or grainy, don't worry, this is natural and once you have pressed the shutter, you will see your picture the way you want it to print out. The other feature that jumps at you right away is the stabilization feature. While this particular model does not carry the IS (Image Stabilization) technology, it does have a built-in indicator which tells you how steady the camera was when the picture was taken. There is a green hand with motion bars for steady, a yellow hand with motion bars for in-between and a red hand with motion bars to let the user know the camera was not steady at all when the picture was taken. I like the feature, however it was not always accurate and on some occassions (very few) I was perfectly still and yet received a red hand. At which point I felt that perhaps by resetting it (turning it off and then on again) the system would restore the lens. Oddly enough, I was right. This may seem aggravating to most, but unless you are a photo journalist who needs his camera to be ready to fire at any given moment, this shouldn't be too much trouble the one time you may have to do this as the camera loads extremely fast. Other features include the ability to e-mail a photo from the camera once you dock it or connect it to your computer. The m1033 also has the Kodak Perfect Touch feature, which basically touches up your pictures immediately after being taken in order to minimize the amount of editing on a PC. The video shoots extremely well and I was able to view videos at a 720p capacity on a 19" monitor just fine. If you are desperate to have your PHOTO camera shoot in higher resolution so you won't have to buy a camcorder, then this camera is not for you. The last feature I was very impressed by was the stitch feature. This allows you to take a panoramic photo by taking three individual photos and then stitching them together at their seam points. I thought this was a nice feature for the times when one picture just doesn't say 1,000 words but instead 333. You'll find this feature particularly handy at football and baseball games as well as other sporting events. The only thing I will warn you about is that it is intended for still-frames so don't expect to capture action in this mode, you will only be able to get what remained still throughout shoot.

    The review asks for best out of five stars, but if I had to give it a TRUE rating (best out of 10), this would be an 8.5 out 10. Excellent point-and-shoot camera with some great features. It is super-slim and is about the size of a Motorola Q or Samsung Blackjack. I recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade but doesn't want to spend too much money. If you have to spend more than $150 on this particular model I recommend you go for the m1093 IS, which is better than the m1033 on some aspects. No matter which model you go with, you will always find that Kodak does not disappoint....more info
  • Wonderful simplicity
    I have learned over time that when shopping for my father for tech, it is not enough for a product to simply be easy to use. Since we're talking about cameras here, if a device has say, easy steps to change flash settings, that is no good. The steps themselves are easy, yes, but it is the necessity of steps which faults it.

    Thus, I may declare that the Kodak M1033 is wonderfully step free. Powering up the camera is a one button affair, no jog wheels to confuse. One button brings up the camera modes and the same one button confirms the selection. Plus, if you do bring up the menu, the camera helpfully hides all of the options that are not used by the active mode. When my father first opened the box on Christmas day, it was completey intuitive for him I use. I'm making a note here, huge success. (Of course, I did cheat a little by opeining the box the day before and changing all of the initial settings.)

    The camera does still hold some surprises for power users as well however. Manual picture taking has some fine options and features to be found, including a large ISO range for a camera of this range, useful color options, and for once a surprisingly accurate auto-white balancer.

    I do however knock the camera down one star for a few complaints I had as a power user. If you are shopping for yourself and consider yourself to be a casual user, then just consider this a five star review and move on.

    The digital zoomis completely horiffic and will destroy a d picture it is used in, even at low levels. The menu has an option to permanantly turn the digital zoom off. Use it. Although the camera claims to shoot HD video, video in any resolution looks completely unwatchable. And finally there is no option to disable JPEG compression, or change the compression ammount, and as a result, there is a fair bit more artifacts and muddiness as the pixel level than I would care for. ...more info
  • Beautiful, detailed pictures
    This is my second Kodak Easy Share camera and I moved up from 5 to 10 megapixels. The difference is astounding in the quality of the picture. I like how easy it is to operate an Easy Share camera. I looked at other cameras but I can pick up any Easy Share and immediately use it. The only difference with this camera is that it doesn't have as nice a lens as my old one and I can see the difference when I zoom in but that is a minor distraction for me. I don't take professional photos, only family, vacation, special events, etc. and it suffices beautifully for those purposes. It is lightweight, compact, and goes everywhere and has the features I need....more info
  • Kodak M1033
    For the price this camera does the job. It is little hard to get clear picture at maximum zoom but that is because I have problem and shake quite a bit with monopod it is great...The controls have better feel than my Kodak M753 that is why I bought it. Kodak cameras are very easy to figure out and use...cwthornhill...more info
  • very good product, price is so great
    it has so many functions and very convenient to use. the photo quality is good at good light condition. Don't compare it with over $800 SLR digital cameras :)

    it has HD video record function. however, the video quality can not match real digital HD camcorder performance. again, don't compare it with over $800 HD camcorders :)

    the lithium battery is great. the very bright and large display is great. the joystick of the menu is great.

    if somebody likes touch screen, V1073 may be a good choice. i don't like touch screen very much.
    ...more info
  • Strongly recomended
    I had already bought a camera like this one (exact same camera) for myself.. and i bought this one for my sister.. is a greeeat point-and-shoot camera it has some functions (that i dont really use LOL).. the quality of the pictures is awsome. Sometimes its a little slow but that's because of the memory stick i bought (dont be cheap.. buy a high speed one).. Ive droped the camera a couple of times and its still working as new.
    I would strongly recomend it!... great camera for just a few bucks ;)...more info
  • Improvement from my last
    I replaced my second Nikon Coolpix with this Kodak. Thus far, I am liking it a lot.

    The reaction time from pressing the button to the actual shot is fast enough that it captures my 2 and 5 year olds right when I want it to. No facial expressions lost, no photos of only the back of a head or one foot running away.

    I will fully admit to using the point and shoot options much more than all the fussy ones. I took a few self portraits on that setting and my husband is enjoying the panorama setting. Both of us have used the video.

    My husband bought it for me and I suspect the fact that it had HD video capability was top on his list. I appreciate the ease of use, the large screen and small size that enables me to keep it in my front pocket at all times. I never lose a cute shot that way.
    ...more info
  • Kodak M1033
    I have several digital cameras, but the cameras I enjoy the most are the Kodaks. I have a C series and just got the M1033 and I love it. The toggle is such a nice change. It really is more convenient than the arrows. I also like the clarity of the dials. My pentax was one of the first digitals and was OK. My Nikon Cool Pix is definitely not a fave. It really wasn't that easy to get clear pics. I would definitely recommend the M1033. The video and audio is really pretty clear. I use it for a lot of close ups in taking pictures of jewelry and I actually don't feel like I am working. It is very easy to also take it along because of its size. ...more info
  • Great Camera!
    This camera is a fabulous point and shoot camera especially for the price! Takes great pictures and HD videos! Very easy to use!...more info
  • Takes Pictures
    Big screen, rechargable battery (although no battery life indicator from what i can see), can zoom in pretty decent, pretty small, pretty good camera for the money....more info
  • Works Great!
    Haven't had a chance to use the product much, was a gift for my girlfriend. She seems to love it and has nothing but positive feedback that I have heard. Seems to work perfect for what I've been using it for; normal pictures....more info
  • Good with some deffects
    This camera has some positive sides and drawbacks

    pros (positive sides): Small, excellent qualities photos compare to my latest small camera Canon ELF400 what was much worse. Perfect big size video. Great software package that comes with camera. Easy to use - only few simple modes;

    cons: Embedded in camera software sometime hangs on. I am not sure if it is camera defect but writing to 2 GB flash card is getting slower and slower as more this flash card is filled in. The last negative element is absence of HDR filter. I know this is an extra but it is so nice to have. I know some Sony cameras have it. I heard even small ones. Kodak should think of additing this nice filter to the package....more info
  • A so-so camera with SERIOUS WEAKNESSES
    I picked the M1033 up at a local Best Buy, intending to replace my decrepit 3.3Megapixel Olympus. I wanted a small form-factor camera with high resolution, and passable video I could use so my wife wouldn't have to lug around our video camera for occasional use.

    At first, I was excited, but the glamor wore off quickly. I would not recommend the device without SIGNIFICANT CAVEATS. Read on...

    * Form factor: the camera is friggin tiny. That's excellent -- what I was looking for.

    * Still image quality: once you turn OFF the digital zoom, the image quality is as good as one would expect from a ten megapixel camera. However, if you zoom all the way in on the image (on your computer), you'll see compression artifacts because it exports JPEG files, rather than PNG or TIFF. This dims my otherwise stellar recommendation.

    * Video quality is HORRIBLE, especially in low light. I was SHOCKED at how awful the video is. Why would I take 720p high-definition video if the image quality is noisy and grainy? IF VIDEO IS EVEN REMOTELY A PURCHASING CONCERN FOR YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT.

    * Video format is Quicktime MOV. If you have a Mac, this is no big deal. For the rest of us, this is a pain. EDITING QUICKTIME MOVIES REQUIRES PURCHASING ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE.

    * The unit's basic layout could stand significant improvement. For example, the position of the lens makes it a natural place to hold the camera, which is okay when it's turned off. However, once you hit the power button, it's very easy to brush the lens with your fingertips.

    Further, the EasyShare connector (NOTE: proprietary USB plug) is located very close to the tripod shoe connector. This means that you have to choose between installing a quick-release shoe for your tripod and plugging it into USB. I can understand this (somewhat), as the camera just isn't very big and you have to put these things somewhere.

    Still, together, this is very disappointing. I'm imagining that I'd have to clean the lens A LOT due to fingerprints.

    * the buttons on the top row are easy to hit at the same time. This resets the camera to factory configuration. I discovered this six seconds after handing it to my wife. Fortunately, it's easy to reconfigure, but I don't intend to reset the clock on the thing every few weeks.

    * volume control for the unit appears to be universal -- the sounds the camera makes are controlled by the same logic that limits sound of video playback. This control is buried in the setup system. So, when I turn the camera's insipid sound effects down to the minimum, I can't easily hear the video soundtrack even on maximum playback volume. Poor design choice.

    * joystick-stud is difficult to use for some people. Like my wife, or me when I get excited. Pushing the button in (ENTER) often causes the stick to go in one direction or another. Imagine doing this on a very cold day.

    * Digital zoom RUINS the image quality. Make SURE to turn it off or you'll be wondering why you bought a 10MP camera.

    SUMMARY: This camera is for you if you can meet ALL of the following criteria:
    1. you want very high-resolution images and small form-factor
    2. you can tolerate extremely poor quality video (or don't need video at all)
    3. you have a way to edit (or don't need to edit) the quicktime movies the camera produces in such low quality.
    4. you seldom or never use a tripod
    5. you have tiny, agile fingers and never take pictures in cold weather
    6. you can remember to immediately turn off the digital zoom

    ...otherwise, seek a different product....more info
  • Just What I needed!
    This camera is perfect. Easy to use, Pictures are great. My 6 year old even took great pictures. Anyon ein the market for camera should definitly check this one out. Sleek, great pictures, excellent price. If you are in the market for a camera and have been shopping around, this camera is the way to go....more info
  • Great
    This camera is easy to use as a point and shoot camera. It also has programed settings for most situations. Well worth the investment....more info
  • Great Little Camera!
    Very practical camera with it's small compact design that takes big pictures. Big viewing area. So far seems to work perfect. I love it. I had an older Easyshare, much more bulky and slower taking pictures and the viewing area was too small to really make out if picture was any good. Would definitely recommend this one....more info