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Kodak EasyShare M893IS 8.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)
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Product Description

The stylish KODAK EasyShare M893 IS Digital Camera gives you the power to capture any moment - its designed to make everyone look good. However you choose to print - at home, at retail, or online - trust KODAK for picture quality thats truly exceptional and for memories that will last. The M893 IS is part of the KODAK EasyShare System, so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press Share. Unpack the M893 IS and youre ready to shoot. Its that simple.

  • Reduce blur caused by camera shake, subject movement, or fast-action situations with image stabilization and blur reduction technology
  • Take stunning HD pictures and view them on your HDTV with the optional Kodak EasyShare HDTV dock
  • Don?t miss a shot with the security of in-camera charging and the power of the Li-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • For great shots of friends and family, face detection technology locates their faces and automatically adjusts the camera settings
  • the details in low light conditions and fast action situations with high ISO (up to 1600)

Customer Reviews:

  • Kodak M893 IS (Silver)
    I bought this Kodak M893 IS camera through on eBay. Mine is refurbished, but anyone would have trouble distinguishing it from new. I paid less than $70 for it at auction. It is a great little camera so far. I have owned three other Kodak digitals over the past 7 years and they all still work great. My first was a DC3400 2.1 MP dinosaur, which has never failed to take a perfect picture. I don't use it anymore because it uses four AA batteries and has a 1.5 inch LCD
    and it is very heavy. My second, which I bought almost 4 years ago at
    Sam's Club for over $400, is the DX6490(4MP 10Xzoom). It still takes beautiful pictures. It is solidly built, kind of bulky though, and has a great Li-Ion battery life. My third, bought online two years ago for $250($379 retail), is the V550(Silver)5MP. This has been and still is a great camera. I like the fact that it has a 2.5" LCD AND an optical viewfinder. It also still takes great pictures. It is also solidly built with a full metal body. I use this camera all the time. It is so nice to be able to just plop it in the charger dock and it is ready to go whenever I need it. It uses the KLIC-7001 Li-Ion battery, which is the same as the battery in the M893. The M893 has a slightly larger LCD screen (2.7") and lacks any viewfinder. The M893 is much lighter in weight than the V550. (It's housing is mostly plastic). I bought the M893
    because of the great price I got it for and for the fact that it is 8+MP.
    But, I have found that my 4 and 5 MP cameras take excellent pictures and I don't ever plan on printing any pictures over 8"x10", so I adjusted the settings on the M893 down to 5 megapixels. This way, the pictures take up a lot less memory both in camera and on my computers and still produce excellent photos. So far, my only gripe about this camera is that it has such a long delay time between shots. (It loads the picture into memory then shows you a screenshot of what you just took.) I have found that I can shorten this timespan by pressing the shutter button down partway and the camera will skip showing you your previous shot and immediately be ready for the next one. I also bought this particular model because it has OPTICAL image stabilisation (as opposed to DIGITAL).
    So far, I have had no problems to speak of with this camera (or any of my Kodaks for that matter) and I am very pleased with it - especially at the price I paid ($70) which included a 1 year Kodak factory warranty. I
    have read several reviews by people who have problems with Kodak or just don't like Kodak for one reason or another. I happen to prefer Kodak over the other brands, mainly because they are relatively easy to use and they have produced good results for me. I have found that digital cameras are not toys, they are delicate electronic instruments. If you treat them with care and protect them and don't abuse them, they will
    last a long time and produce many happy memories. This of course doesn't mean that there isn't bad apple or a lemon every once in a while. Maybe I have just been lucky so far. Anyway, I am very satisfied with this camera and give it a 4(out of 5)rating. It is relatively inexpensive compared to the $300 and $400 that we were paying just a couple of years ago for the same features. I would give my V550 and my DX6490 5(out of 5) stars because they came with their charger docks included in the package. ...more info
  • Two in a row were bad
    I bought one of these cameras yesterday and when I got it home I couldn't get the battery to take a charge,or the camera to turn on. I took it back to Wal-Mart today and replaced the defective camera with another just like it,and the new one will turn on,but turns off again right away unless I hold the "On" button down. I will be taking this one back tomorrow and replacing it with another brand....more info
  • Very pleased with this camera!
    I had been using an eight year old Kodak digital camera (DC280 2.0 megapixel) and felt it was time to upgrade!....I narrowed my choices down to the Olympus FE-340, the Canon SD1100-IS, and this one....I actually purchased the Olympus for the extra Optical Zoom that it has but was so disappointed in that camera's picture quality that I returned it and purchased this one....I would still like to see what the pictures look like on the Canon but the screen on that one is considerably smaller and I just don't care for the way the controls are situated....this camera is very easy to use, my old camera still takes sharper pictures I believe but this one produces great pictures for the most part, 99% of my usage is for online so I can't really utilize all of the megapixels, but a huge plus in my opinion is that the battery charges right off your computer's USB port as well as coming with an AC charger, and I love this particular purple color!...more info
  • Kodak M893IS (Blue)
    I was happy with this camera, when it was working reliably. Decent shots, easy to use, very light to carry. I started to notice that the camera would turn itself off & on when I attempted to review photos. It would freeze with the lens open. Decided to return, after no firmware upgrade was available, that might have fixed these problems on Kodak's website. Too bad, I have had better luck with previous Kodaks I've owned. ...more info
  • Defective! Kodak - You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves!
    I experienced the same problem with this camera as others have. After pushing the on/off button, the camera starts to come on and then dies, with the lens stuck in the middle. I am sending the defective camera back for a refund.

    Needless to say, I am EXCEPTIONALLY DISAPPOINTED that Kodak would put their name on a piece of junk that doesn't even work when it is new. And since others are posting similar reviews, it seems to me like the product is flawed, and now I associate the Kodak name with JUNK!

    VERY DISAPPOINTING!...more info
  • easyshare m893I
    Very portable, slimline profile makes this nice for traveling. Decent image stabilization and variety of light and focus options....more info
  • not pleased at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this camera this spring and at leaset 50% of my pictures are blurry! There is also a pink line down the middle of the LCD screen anytime I take a picture in the sun. I have spoken with a customer service rep from kodak twice now and the first one told me to buy an accessory(at my cost) to reduce the pink line. The second one just told me to get it repaired @ a kodak store because it is still under warranty! I told them that I bought it new, and was very unpleased with the quality of picture that it takes, I did not want it refurbished I wanted a new one that worked properly. She said that it was'nt their POLICY, first I would have to try and get it fixed (when I never broke it). You would think that company such as Kodak would try to keep their consumers happy, but instead I have to go out of my way to get my brand new camera fixed. I have had two cheaper models of Kodak in the past and have never had this problem!!!!...more info
  • I must have bad luck!
    I did my research prior to purchasing this item. I read the customer reveiws and even got feed back from a coworker who purchased the same item. First after only 6 photos in the camera it was stating memory full so purchased a memory card and all was good. Owned the camera another 2 weeks and the camera would not hold a charge. Charged the camera for a total of 8 hours and would not charge. Then camera just wouldn't turn on at all. I was leaving for my cruse on Monday and decided to try another charge for 12 hours and still wouldn't even turn on. Had to go out and purchase a $7.99 Kodak instant camera for the cruise. ...more info
    I bought this camera in August 2008. It NEVER worked great. The flash is so intense that I seldom, if EVER, got a picture of my 1 year old with her eyes open! I tried every adjustment on the camera and every setting possible. NOTHING made that situation better.

    Then, to add salt to the matter, recently it just stopped working. The lense won't open, it only stays on for a split second, enough to make an irritating noise, then blinks off again. New batteries, fresh charges. Let's just say it is the WORSE camera I have every owned, and I've owned MANY. I wouldn't even give it one star, but apparently I have too just to leave feedback!

    The price is a good indication of how worthless this camera is...last year it was going for $[...]...I see they are practically GIVING it away now! (It still would not be worth it.) DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA!!!!...more info
  • Kodak M893 IS (Silver) is A-OK
    I purchased a Kodak M893 IS (Silver) about three weeks ago from on eBay for about $70 refurbished at auction. I have previously owned three other Kodak digital cameras. All three still work great with no problems whatsoever. I bought my first one (DC3400 2.1MP 2x zoom with Compact Flash Card memory)) over seven years ago at Walmart on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) for $99. There were almost no other digital cameras on the market at that time and definitely nothing over 3MP(It retailed for over $200 at that time.) It is a real dinosaur that weighs a ton and uses 4 AA batteries, but it has never failed to take a perfect picture. I don't use it anymore because of its size and weight and its' little 1.5" LCD and the AA batteries (even though they were Ni-Cad rechargeables - it was a hassle because I had to remove them to recharge them.) My second was a DX6490 (4MP 10x zoom with SD card memory and 2" LCD) that I bought for over $400 at Sam's Club about four years ago. It took (and STILL DOES take) beautiful pictures as long as you allow the autofocus enough time to focus in on whatever you happen to be shooting. It has an electronic viewfinder (which is a little tiny LCD in the viewfinder eyelet). I didn't like this feature at first because the screen would black out for a second while it loaded the picture that you just shot to memory and then it would show you a picture of what you just took for a second after that, meaning that you had at least a two second delay between shots unless you used burst mode. It has no dedicated optical viewfinder, only the electronic one. In fact, that was the reason that I returned this camera within the 30 day return period that Sam's Club offers. I then shopped around and still decided that I liked the DX6490 better than anything else that was available at that time. I went back to Sam's to purchase it again and they were sold out - including the one that I had returned. So I had to wait two more weeks until they received more. I still love this camera and have no regrets about repurchasing it, although you can get a Z712 (7MP 12x zoom) which is very similar to the DX6490 for less than half the money that I paid. The Z712 is is mostly plastic, though, and the DX6490 is all rubber-coated metal(kind of heavy and bulky - but solidly built). It uses a proprietary Li-Ion battery that has exceptional shot life. Plus, it came with the charger dock included. It is so nice to just plop the camera down in its' dock and it automatically charges AND you can use the Easyshare feature to download pictures to your computer at the same time. I don't use the Easyshare feature very much because it sends your pictures to a separate Kodak file. I find that it is just as easy to just pull the SD card out and plug it into the SD slot on my computer which sends pictures immediately to my Windows "My Pictures" file. It is nice to know that I have the option to use the Easyshare whenever I might desire to do so. Then there is my third Kodak - the V550 (5MP 3x zoom with SD Card memory). This is really an exceptional camera. It has a dedicated optical viewfinder (a feature that is very rare nowadays in point and shoot cameras)and a 2.5" LCD screen. It has an all metal body and is also solidly built. The V550 is the best all around camera that I have ever owned. It is compact yet comfortable to hold and takes great pictures all the time. It even shows a little green hand in the corner of the LCD screen after taking a picture to let you know that it was perfectly focused. It will show a yellow hand if the picture could have been better and a red hand if the camera thinks that you should delete the picture. The V550 also came with a charger dock included. The whole package retailed for $379 and I purchased it on the internet through for $225. My wife really loves this camera, too. We always take it with us on vacation and anywhere that we think we may want to take a few pictures. It uses a KLIC-7001 Li-Ion battery (which is the exact same battery that the M893 uses) and has a very acceptible battery life - although not quite as good as the KLIC-5001 that the DX6490 uses. I must have charged this battery hundreds of times on its' charger dock and it still works great every time. I did buy a spare KLIC-7001 battery on the net just to have for a spare to bring along on trips and such and I have only had to use it twice since I have owned the camera. And now, the purpose of this review: the M893 IS camera.(8MP 3x zoom with SD card). 8 megapixels really seems like overkill. Since my V550 takes excellent pictures at 5MP and I don't plan on printing anything larger than 8"x10" anytime soon, I adjusted the MPs down to 5 MP on this M893 temporarily. This saves a lot of memory space on both the SD card and on my computer. This camera is almost exactly the same size as the V550, although it weighs only about half as much because of the mostly plastic body. The LCD screen is 2.7" and takes up about half of the back of the body. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a dedicated optical viewfinder, but I guess that this gigantic LCD kinda makes up for that. The main reason that I bought this camera (besides the ridiculously low price) is that it has OPTICAL image stabilization(IS) whereas most of the other Kodak M-Series cameras come with DIGITAL image stabilization, and the fact that it uses the same battery as my V550 so I can swap them if I so desire. It has "Face Recognition" focusing firmware and "Perfect Picture" firmware and the ability to edit the pictures right in the camera before you ever download them. It will also shoot in 16:9 widescreen mode if you choose and it also has a panoramic stitching feature. This is really a nice little camera. It does not come with a charger dock like the V550 or the DX6490, but I can plug their AC chargers (5V DC 2A) directly into the M893 and it charges right up. The only thing that I really don't like about this camera is: when I press the shutter button there is a brief delay (noticeably longer than the V550) before it takes the picture. I suppose this is because of the Facial Recognition focusing and the optical image stabilization. It also seems to take an extraordinarily long time to load the picture that you just took into memory, all the while showing you a picture of what you just shot on the LCD. I have found that I can avoid this delay by pressing lightly on the shutter button and it immediately moves into focus mode for the next shot, bypassing the time it takes to show you the last picture taken. I have read several reviews from people who seem to really dislike Kodak cameras. I personally have had great experiences with all of mine. I have found that digital cameras are not toys and that if you treat them with care and protect them from abuse, they will last a long time and provide many years of great service and memories. I always keep mine in protective cases and never carry them loosely in my pocket or throw them around carelessly. This doesn't mean that there won't be an occasional bad apple or lemon, but overall I feel that Kodak is as good or better than any other camera for the money. I have owned this M893 for almost a month and I am very satisfied with it. I only gave it a four* out of five* rating because it did not come with a charger dock included as did my V550 and my DX6490. I would give each of THEM 5 out of 5 stars. By the way, I do recommend purchasing the M893. Even refurbished cameras from Kodak come with a full one year warranty. Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through this. I know that it was kind of long....more info