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JVC Everio GZ-MG330 30 GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Silver)
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Product Description

With the GZ-MG330H Everio Hard Drive Camcorder you can record all the stuff that makes life more fun. Everio has been redesigned to offer more satisfaction in a smaller, lighter body. It's the world's smallest and lightest hard disk camcorder, so you can shoot actively without fatigue, and travel with lots of space left over when you pack your bags. The Everio models have been equipped with a high-performance lens developed by camera specialist, KONICA MINOLTA. It captures clear and bright images. Everio is equipped with an industry-leading 35x optical zoom for incredible magnification with full optical quality. Digital zoom takes you up to 800x. Internal high-capacity HDD allows extremely long recording times. With the 30GB model, you can store up to 37 hours of video. To safeguard Hard Disk Drive from shocks and vibrations, the Everio has a Floating Suspension System that effectively dampens vibrations through polymer shock absorbers. You can choose the picture quality from four modes, from high-quality video equivalent to DVD Movie to small-sized clip ideal for uploading to the Web. In addition to a built-in hard disk drive, Everio also has a slot for microSD Card so you can store videos and stills on this commonly available memory card (optional). Now copy video and stills from the built-in HDD to the microSD card. Sharing is even easier. 1/2 - 1/4000 Video Shutter Speed 1/2 - 1/1000 Still Shutter Speed 112K pixel, 2.7-inch LCD monitor 30GB 1.8 hard drive microSD Memory Card Slot Video Format - MPEG-2-PS Audio Format - Dolby Digital Still Format - JPEG Interfaces on Camera - USB2.0, AV Out, DC in Built-in Lens Cover Image Stabilizer Auto illumination light Auto Power ON/OFF - Close the LCD to turn the power off and Open turns the camera on in about 1 second Auto LCD Backlight Control for comfortable viewing whether indoors or outdoors PictBridge compatible Approximate Unit Dim

  • Pack effeciently with one of the world's smallest and lightest hard disk camcorders
  • Equipped with a high-performance Konica Minolta lens
  • Enlarge images up to 800x with this full quality 35x optical zoom
  • Internal high-capacity HDD allows up to 37.5 hours of recording time
  • View remaining battery power by percent and remaining recording time in minutes with the data battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little camera
    We purchased this camcorder to take video's of our two little babies to send to family and save for ourselves. It is a great buy! It is so easy to use and small and compact. The picture quality is excellent! The blue color is nice. I would definately recommend to anyone who wants a camcorder for family stuff! So easy with not having to use the discs. Just plug it into your computer and off load like a digital camera....more info
  • Very Nice Features
    Hi--I have had the camera for about three weeks now and have tried to utilize all the features to test them out--I have had many video recorders in the past and have taught Instructional Technology in high school and junior college so I'm not a novice--I tested the camera at the various quality settings and to me, all were acceptable for my shooting--I purchased extra batteries and a charger on line from reliable companies I have bought from in the past--The extended battery (BN-VF815)which gives 220 minutes is a good investment and will be the main one I use, with the smaller battery (BN-VF 808) as a back up--I've read several reviews about the software but had no trouble on the Windows XP program--Vista was a little quirky so I opted for downloading without the software (page 27 in the Instructions Booklet)--I liked that so much that I probably won't use the software at all--I already have Nero 8 and Adobe Premiere Elements 4 and I really do not need another program--Having a 30GB hard drive is the real reason I purchased this camcorder--Plus,the option to utilize the SD Micro Card for still or video shooting is a great feature--Also,Image Stabilization is a useful feature to have when zooming to 20x++ --The following negatives are things that are not critical and I can adjust to them-- I don't like the location of the Record-Stop button or the AC Power Cord input--If you have large hands you may find the camera difficult to use--The 'laser' light for navigating the menu is OK once you get used to it--Nothing major--I read lots of revues about poor quality under low light--This is a fact of life in any photographic medium--The little light on the camera will help for close-up shooting-But
    if you want better quality buy an HD camcorder--The quality is a little better but to me, not worth the extra cost--My suggestion, before you buy, is to go to a photographic store,where you may find someone who actually knows something about camcorders,and try out the various makes and models--Shoot some video in bright and dim places,ask questions,compare features and buy what is best suited to your needs--No sense paying for features that you will rarely or never use--When I compared prices I stayed clear of "Prices too good to be true" distributors and found through Amazon the best price from a company I could trust--My wife is planning a trip to Europe and by June she will have no trouble taking and downloading video to her computer--This is a very nice system--Thanks for letting me review--VT Laurini...more info
  • Don't buy JVC disk drive cameras
    Sad to say I was given a JVC Everio camera for Christmas. I have a Mac and have always edited my tapes. Hard drives seem to be the wave of the future. Not JVC though. They use a "TOD" file format which cannot be decoded to use with video editing software available for the Mac. There are complex ways to edit these files using Windows software. So if you are a Mac use forget JVC. I'd love to be able to get my money back. It seems like a class action law suit in the making to me.

    Robert Fichter...more info
  • Just OK
    This camcorder gets 5 stars for portability and attractiveness. I bought this because it got such great reviews. The pictures at daytime were great. I could not get over the poor video quality, using indoor normal lighting. I can't believe that so many people would overlook that!!!
    I am still looking for one that will give me a good balance of good quality non-daytime video at a decent price. ...more info
  • Christmas
    Purchased two of these cameras after comparing price/value w/similar offerings from Sony and Canon.
    I gave them to my two sons with small children for recording their growing years. Both have enjoyed them and have not experienced any problems or trouble using them. They said they were easy to use, and instructions very easy to understand. The pictures have been great, and easy to download.
    Over-all, I am pleased with the purchased, based on their feedback....more info
  • Amazing
    My son loved this Christmas gift! Great picture quality, nice size, fits right in the palm of your hand. Lightweight. ...more info
  • Awesome-well worth the money
    Bought camcorder for my 16 year old that loves to takes pictures and create his own movies. I have seen some of the pictures and movies he has taken and the pictures are awesome. I think I made an excellenet choice selecting this camcorder. The zoom is awesome, I can't believe what a great camcorder this is for the price. High quality in my opinion ...more info
  • Almost perfect!
    I use this camera mostly to record on my motorcycle. I have it mounted on a Ram Mount on the handelbar and on the side of the bike.

    It does move a little bit, but depends more on the road conditions than on the camera itself. It has a nice anti-shake feature.

    Why is not perfect? Just 2 issues here:

    I have to start recording after I start moving the motorcycle, because if I don't do that and want to start recording when I am moving, the camera displays "the camera temperature is too cold. Wait a few minutes" or something like that. Too cold?... I am riding in Texas!... I guess that the camera senses that there is "air" hitting direct it, so it protects somehow. If I start recording after I start riding, there is no problem.

    The other issue is that, after several ridings, I notice that the inner lens of the camera have dust particles. even with the lens cover, the dust can enter the camera and dust gets inside... no way I can clean this!... so, now, when I record in dark situations and a source of light hits the lens, the dust appears in the shot!... ...more info
  • Wonderful gift for my wife
    I purchased this as a gift for my wife. She loves this camera. It is small and easy to use, She loves the ability to take digital photos with the same camera with a simple flick of a switch. The camera has loads of features and they all work very well...more info
  • pretty goood camcorder
    i've had it for almost a's really easy to upload the videos to the computer,i have recorded in the night just using the camera's flashlight and the lowlight quailty is pretty good,my other choice was the canon fs100 but the lowlight performance on that camcorder is way grainer than jvc's camera so i went ahead with the jvc instead not too fancy just right for when u are about to record something u just open the lid and it turns on automatic ready to record u just open the lens cover and press the record button...more info
    I can't understand why anyone would give this camera any more than one star. I can get a better picture out of my 50 year old 8mm than this junk they call a camera. JVC should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know how other cameras fair against this one, but I would rather return it and look around some more. It's a cute camera, but so is my dog, and he's dumb, deff and blind....more info
  • great purchase
    we were looking for affordable camera of good quality, which we found. we would recomend this video camera to a friend.great buy. ...more info
  • I LOVE this camcorder!
    My husband and I purchased this camcorder almost a year ago when our daughter was born, and we love this product! This was our first camcorder and like the fact that it was (1) decently priced, (2) very easy to use, (3) we do not have to fast forward/rewind tapes, and (4) compact/light and easy to carry. I recommend this camcorder to anyone who is not a "professional" videographer, who just wants a relatively inexpensive camera to videotape their kid's cute moments. ...more info
  • Still learning
    I just received this item and I am still learning how to use it, but it is very easy to learn. Picture quality is great, controls are easy to use. No complaints....more info
  • Camera nice/delivery not so nice
    This product wasn't delivered as quickly as promised but we are very pleased with it....more info
  • Love it! Works Great with iMovie '08
    I love this little camera. Fits in the hand, easy to use, and captures nice looking video. What I like best of all, though, is how easily it connects to my MacBook Pro for uploading video and editing on iMovie '08. I simply plug it in to the USB port with the cable provided and swith from REC mode to PLAY mode. The camera asks if I want to "Playback on PC". I click OK and open iMovie '08. iMovie recognizes the camera and asks if I would like to upload my clips. Done!

    In the past, I never got much into video editing with my tape based camera and a PC. Uploading / editing clips was too time consuming. Now with my new setup, it's a pleasure and I've made tons of little movies of our family outings and school plays. This camera and iMovie turned computer-based video editing from frustrating to fun. Thank you!...more info
  • Comparison between Canon FS100 and JVC 330
    I bought the JVC Everio 330 prior to this, but was interested in the Canon because it had a mic input. I bought the Canon FS100 at Walmart and of course started filming right there in the parking lot. On a sunny day, the camera struggled to get good focus on a zoom in the many many tests that I put it through. At full Optical zoom, it never focused completely. I took it home and put it throught many more tests, indoors and out, same problem. It had poor low light capabilities too, and of course equally bad autofocus indoors. If only they would have used the same Instant Autofocus system and optical image stabilization that they put in the High-Definition Canon HF10, they'd have a great Standard Definition camera here.

    Just to let you know, I am a professional filmmaker, and two of my films have made it to television, one on PBS. But I wanted a really simple no frills hard drive camera to record video notes and just for fun.

    Now for the JVC Everio 330. After two weeks owning it, I am amazed with it. It records great in low light with Electronic Gain Up, and it focuses SO WELL, that most of the time it appears that there is never anything out of focus. It does it so fast. AND, unlike the Canon FS100, when you take it out of manual settings to auto settings, then back to Manual, it REMEMBERS the last settings. The Canon FS100 clears them.

    The only thing I can say good about the Canon is their electronic image stabilization is better than JVCs. But with the focus problem, does it really matter? I love my JVC Everio 330!...more info
  • Great Camera!
    I bought this video camera before Christmas. Great camera! Had owned Sony before this, had it for 6 years, no problems but wanted to upgrade to a hard drive instead of using tapes. Returned my NEW Sony one day after buying it and purchased this JVC instead. Very lightweight, fits in your hand. Easy to use, great video and sound. I bought a second battery. Was same price as the Sony version. You can just plug and play to your pc or use the software that comes with it for basic editing. I use Cyberlink Deluxe version 7 for video editing. Never thought I would buy anything other than Sony. Glad I tried JVC! I bought the 5 yr accidental full coverage plan from JVC website for around $150.00. I have kids who seem to destroy everything in their path, so needed the accidental coverage. Have not used JVC products before, but glad I am now!...more info
  • Not enough for the price...
    This camcorder can literally fit in the palm of your hand. It is so small that I wonder why it is so expensive. Also, the features that should decrease the price value of this camcorder are: no night vision (come on! this comes standard on camcorders now!), battery life is a horrible 1 hour and 50 minutes, videos recorded on ultra fine video quality gives you about 7 hours of space, so plan on having a computer to back up your movies all the time so you can have more space if you record on this setting which isn't all that great to begin with! Also, here is another horrible feature, you can only record in MOD format and Windows Media Player, the most default video player around, does not recognize that file. It only plays within the software that comes with the camera. Unless you BUY a video converter software, which is just plain stupid. All in all, I am very dissatisfied with this camera and plan on sending it back and getting another model from a totally different company. The USB connection is in an area that is difficult to open and a terrible place to put one. The power cord plugs in above the battery on the back of the camera which is also a terrible place to put something and annoying if you are using the power cord since the battery life is terrible. The features it offers are minimal. I think the camcorder I got that used the little tapes ten years ago was way better than this one! The LED light on this is ok, but doesn't give enough light to your subjects. It also doesn't extend far or wide enough. It gives about as much light as a laptop LED flex light. Also, your fingers need to be long enough to extend to the zoom feature at the very top of the camera. Mine barely reach to where I have to use my other hand to zoom. I don't know what JVC was thinking when they put this thing together, but they definitely didn't have the average user in mind. I cannot believe that I gave this camera 2 stars....more info
  • JVC HDD Camcorder
    Great camcorder. Technology has really come along way, especially for those of us that started out with videotape... the price wasn't bad either. I have only taken about an hour of video. The camera is user friendly and performs very well. I look forward to capturing many great moments in the future. Hopefully the camera will perform well for several years. I hope that I can make numerous DVD's and actually watch them in many years from now before new technology replaces all of the equipment. I'm still converting old VHS tapes... ...more info
  • Great camcorder for the price
    Excellent camcorder. The 30GB hard drive is plenty to take the highest-quality videos for many, many hours. Just download the videos into your computer, recharge the battery, and you're ready to go.

    I would suggest that you purchase a spare battery if you plan to take it on any long trips....more info
  • Great Camera!
    I took a big risk and purchased this camera 2 days before leaving on a Disney vacation with my 2 year old.

    The risk was well worth it, the camera worked great and was extremely easy to use. Battery life was great and not having to carry blank tapes was a big plus!

    I used this to replace my aging JVC Mini DV camera.

    The quality of the final product was very close to my DV tapes, it was perfectly fine for home movies.

    I was able to seamlessly upload the video when I got home using iMovie on my Mac.

    I don't understand the other reviews stating poor picture quality or problems with a Mac. They may not have set the camera for maximum resolution, it's comes set from the factory at medium quality.

    No, it's not HD & yes it records in a compressed format, but definitely a great camera for the money! I would buy it again tomorrow....more info
    This is an amazing little camcorder! the picture is amazing, even at the highest zoom! at the farthest zoom, you can see the craters on the moon, no joke!!! It has 80x zoom! it is soooo great! the only thing this lil camcorder lacks is good night vision. the only ones that have that is a few sony camcorders. But, for quality and convenience, this is amazing! it is so tiny too! ...more info
  • Almost perfect for us, but not quite
    We looked around a long time for a good camcorder with a hard disk drive for a price under $500. The Everio GZ-MG330 gives us that. It's very compact, but has a lot of good features. Very easy to use. Picture quality is good (but not great -- far from high definition). Very light and compact. Battery life is reasonable (although nothing to get excited about).

    The thing we like best is the price. Very reasonable, at under $300. The second best thing is the hard drive. It's nice not to have to worry about tapes or memory cards. The 30 gigabyte hard drive gives us plenty of time to record at the highest quality setting. When the drive is about half full, we download it to a computer and put the video on DVDs to store permanently. They have made the download process fast and easy.

    The thing we most dislike about the camera is the fact that we cannot embed the date and time in the video. We use the camera for family events, and having the date helps a lot. Although a date goes with the video file on the computer, we're not sure that will always be there or be accurate. We looked for another camcorder that has the date embedded, like our old model, but were not able to find one.

    Other things we wish were better include the picture quality (it suffers quite a bit in low light), and the lens aperture (a better lens would help with the low light problem). The video format also could be better -- the .mod format is a strange one that can be hard to handle without conversion.

    But you cannot have everything you want in a camera like this. We looked at the comparable Sony, and it was quite a bit more expensive with faults of its own. We chose the JVC Everio over the Sony, and are happy with that choice. ...more info
  • Great Value
    This is the first video camera I've purchased in many years. I did my homework before purchasing for my boyfriend. He and his teenage son absolutely loves it! It's so small and the pricetag is really an incentive. They're making videos to share with friends and family. I love the concept of making videos to save to the hard drive of the camera. You can email the video or save it via several options. This camera is rated highly; even over the Sony options. You will not regret this purchase. Walmart has the camera bag plus an sd card that will blow you away. This camrea though is more expensive at walmart. Buy the camera and enjoy; this purchase will not be regretted....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    As a producer on public access cable, I needed to eventaully get my own equipment to film my shows. Long story short, I ran into the HDD series of camcorders and then to JCV. With a hard drive, I never need tapes and I can easily transfer video files from the camera to my PC. You can even trim off the unwanted parts of the video footage directly on the camera! Not only does this have a 30gb harddrive but it also has a micro sd slot. This camcorder is fantastic IMO! Just as advertized it can get up to 9999 still photos, 37hrs of video footage in low resolution setting and 10hrs on the highest quality setting.

    I had no problems with the automatic focusing or light adjustments.
    FF and Rew buttons are gone and replaced with the LCD screen lite-touch buttons and the lazer touch strip...That is really cool!!!
    No lens cap to lose because the lens is protected by a built-in shutter.
    Low on light? This also has a built-in spot light.
    Sound reception is great IMO! From 15' away in a regular room I got clear audio talking at regular tone. No need to shout at this camcorder.

    With the battery in it, its an inch longer than a Motorola Razr phone, just as wide and 3x as thick. Yeah, its small! The connections are well hidden and placed in maybe the best places where you can still shoot with everything connected.

    The full package comes with battery, usb, AC, AV cables, hand strap, neck strap, and remote. No worries if you get a used one without the manual just go to The thing that brought it home for me is that it also comes with the software and editing disc. With this, I no longer need to go to the public access studio to edit my footage and produce a show. Though the main editing program (power...) is a bit hard to find once installed, I had no problems. Import, edit, add intros, transitions, text, effects, then produce add chapters if I want. Basicly you can almost make your DVD run like a store bought movie. Then you can burn to CD or DVD or save as a file on your PC.

    It would be super moronic of me to find something faulty or flawed about this JVC Everio GZ-MG330 camcorder.

    The GZ-MG330 gets my "Highly Recommended" rating,

    Lyfe Et Cetera
    ...more info