Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
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Combining the advanced technologies derived from Olympus' decades of experience in the recording field, the compact and portable LS-10 brings you high-fidelity sound recording that's ideal for everything from live music to the singing of birds. The LS-10: unparalleled sound quality, anytime, anywhere. The LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder is ideal for any musician or nature enthusiast looking to record audio in the highest possible quality. The recorder is also great for journalists who need to interview and report news on the spot. Folder Messages 5 folders, 200 messages per folder, plus MUSIC folder Speaker 2 16mm round dynamic speakers, 8 ohms, and 200 mW output MIC Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, impedance 2 kohms LINE IN Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, impedance 2 kohms EAR Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, impedance 8 ohms Maximum Headphone Output 3 mW per channel at a load of 16 ohms Batteries 2 AA Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH batteries Supports Windows - 2000/XP/VISTA / Macintosh - Mac OS 10.2 or later Removable drive DVD-ROM drive required for installation of included Steinberg Cubase LE4 software for PC Video Card and Display 1024 x 768 pixels, 256 colors or more USB Port One free port Audio Output Earphone output or speakers External Power Supply Olympus D-7AC AC Adapter optional

  • Uncompressed 24 bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording capability, to capture the rich sound quality of music performances.
  • Can record 14 hours on two AA batteries.
  • The LS-10 can play back the high-quality audio it records and play it back on its built-in stereo speakers with vibrancy and clarity.
  • The LS-10 has two gigabytes of internal flash memory to capture lengthy recordings. It also features an SD/SDHC removable media card slot to further expand its capacity
  • WAV, MP3 and WMA recording and playback

Customer Reviews:

  • LS-10 Great Product
    I have had the LS-10 Olympus Digital Audio Recorder for over a month and have really enjoyed this product. The fidelity is good enough for making good CDs of spoken words and also music. The portability and use of external memory cards (SD) for extended storage is a real plus. My only complaint about this product has to do with the software and the use of HDSD. I used a 8G SD and it would lock the system up during a recording. A 4G HDSD seems to be working fine, though. I have Vista Ultimate and the software from Olympus does not seem to work with this operating system. For me that is OK because I can use Audacity in the field on my laptop and Adobe Audition on my desktop system....more info
  • This is the one to buy---Don't waste time on the others.
    OK -I am finally reviewing this great little product. I have owned this now for over 6 months and have made 1,000's of recordings off the radio, television, my kids, driving in the car, etc. I have not had any problems with the unit. I bought a SD card that was on sale at F----s and I had problems with the SD card - The card actually caused recordings to be erased, so buy a good name brand SD card ...I am using a 4 GB one now and do not have any more problems...) The sound quality is great, and the speakers work great as long as you record at near max level. There is no reason to worry about buying this product. I actually bought this recorder to record my parents voice, so that I would have memories and get the way they speak (...They speak another language with inflections, etc.) The unit is easy to use and the voice quality is great. You can record 64kbps for stereo radio and it still can pick up noise 20 feet away in a room. If you record at CD quality, 120 kbps, then it works great as well. This unit can even record 320 kbps and has profesional recording ability as well. Give this unit a serious consideration. It will be interesting when Olympus makes the next generation model of LS10 in the future....more info
  • Olympus LS-10
    I'm very happy with this purchase. The Olympus LS-10 is easy to use and, so far, seems to work great. I was thinking of getting the Zoom H2 and had heard good things about it also, but I really like the larger screen, built in speakers and the 2 GB built in memory. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Functional Tool
    This LS-10 is a great tool for me. Other than handy recording of sounds, it works great as a MP3 player. Music re-production is exceptionally good, much beyond my expectations. So I am using it as music player as well as recorder....more info
  • Nice product
    I've bought this device with a podcast in mind. The recorder has a ver good sound quality, it's easy to use and very lightweight, for his class.
    No complaints....more info
  • Olympus L-S 10
    This is the nicest hardware I have purchased in a long time. It is easy to use, inexpensive and true to its specs. Very nice device. I was about to buy the Marantz PCMD untill I saw this in Amazon under similar products.. ...more info
  • Great sound and easy to use
    I was interested in this product because I heard that the sound quality was great, and I must agree. But I also wanted to mention the added bonus that it is very easy to use. Recording, moving between files, and even deleting files can all be easily done with little to no instruction and when you plug the recorder up to your computer the drivers allowing you to transfer your files automatically download. I think it is a great product all the way around....more info
  • Super!
    I love it, it looks good, it works perfectly I just love it!
    I do my podcasts on it and the quality is outstanding....more info
  • Love the Olympus LS-10
    I love the Olympus Digital Recorder LS-10. It's one of the few digital recorders that records wav files which are uncompressed and high quality.

    Other digital recorders record WMA or MP3 which are compressed and NOT high quality.

    I also like the fact that although the memory on the device itself is 2 gb, I can use SDS memory cards for unlimited memory.

    The only thing I wish it had was a "slow playback" in addition to the "regular playback" which my Olympus VN3100PC has.

    Of course, my Olympus VN3100 PC
    has "limited" memory because I can't use SDS memory cards with it which is why I purchased the Olympus LS-10.

    Anyway, I absolutely love my Olympus LS-10 digital recorder.

    It is well worth the price!...more info
  • Great sound, user-friendly, but lacks some features of the cheaper model
    I definitely like the LS-10's very convenient and user-friendly interface, long battery life capability and sound quality. However, two features which I was very, very surprised to see excluded from the LS-10 (as compared to the significantly cheaper Olympus DS-30 voice recorder, which has the following features) are, first, the ability to set index marks within a track for quick, easy access to a certain segment within the track; and, second, a loud volume during playback through the onboard speakers.

    As a guitar player, I am constantly setting index marks within a track with my DS-30, which makes it very convenient when learning or looping a song clip. It is beyond me why Olympus just forgot or overlooked the inclusion of the "index marker" feature on their more expensive, fancier LS-10 model. Puzzling. Same goes for playback volume via the onboard speakers - this issue is not quite as much of a problem, since the LS-10's external stereo speakers are crisp, clear and put out medium volume. However, at the very least the volume should have been equal to the cheaper DS-30.

    Overall, this is a very solid machine and will definitely get the job done, but Olympus really dropped the ball by not at least matching all of the features that are available on it's CHEAPER voice recorders.

    ...more info
  • Amazing
    The LS-10 is cd quality. A littte hard to learn how to operate but once I figured out the basics I was on my way. I sing with a band and we use this to record practice sessions. Love, Love it!...more info
  • dissapointed with poor low frequency (bass) response
    I purchased an LS-10 last week. I really wanted to love this little recorder. Small size. Excellent build quality. Great features. Great menu system. Great control layout. Great battery life.
    Alas, the sound suffers from poor low frequency response on both the internal mic and the external mic input.
    When I heard my recordings, they sounded thin. I then measured the frequency response of the unit from mic input to the headphone output. (with low cut turned off, of course) The response dropped 3db at 85Hz and by 50Hz it was down 6db. The line input was good to 20Hz. The problem is in the mic preamp.
    I don't know if Olympus did this intentionally to match this recorder more closely with their voice recorders, or if the mic preamp is just poorly designed.
    Its a real shame that this problem excludes this otherwise excellent little recorder from any serious music or field recording on a professional level.
    ...more info
  • A journalist's delight
    Brilliant. The Olympus engineers appear to have thought out every aspect of this recorder, and come up with something that can be operated effortlessly. The LS-10s usability and overall quality are streets ahead of the Zoom H2, which I also own, albeit temporarily. Recording quality is impeccable. The speakers aren't loud, but this is not a boombox. For what I want - which is to check the recording - the speakers do the job perfectly.

    This is the ideal workhorse recorder for journalists, or anyone else who needs to collect quality sound and doesn't want to have to be thinking about how to use their recorder under pressure. Or for anyone who records. The culmination of Olympus expertise in this field, and the end of my years-long hunt for a recorder that I can love.

    For anyone tossing up between the two, this is my take on the LS-10 vs. the Zoom H2. The Olympus:
    - has much better build quality and feels more robust
    - is smaller and a better shape in the hand
    - has a much better menu system and user interface
    - has a more legible LCD screen
    - processes information more quickly
    - works with unpowered mics like the TP7 telephone mic
    - has much better battery life
    - plays back with less background hiss
    - speakers and user interface allow for quick reference playback from a list of recordings
    - interface and controls allow for transcription straight from the unit if necessary.

    I can't comment on the finer details of sound quality. Both units deliver superb recordings, but the other attributes of the Olympus make it a standout.
    ...more info
  • Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
    This recorder is great. It is very flexible with regard to recording times by adjusting quality. From a hour of very, very high quality to what seems like forever with voice. Being able to expand the memory with a flash card is a great extra. It is very rugged. I use it for live recording of music (school band) and the results are nothing short of spectacular. I've not tried external microphones but the built-in ones are pretty darn good. Controls are easy to understand and transferring files to the computer for storage couldn't be easier. I looked at several other recorders and am most happy that I chose this one....more info
  • Nice unit great sound quality SD problems
    Unit is well made and the sound quality is excellent.

    I bought a 8gb sdhc card for the unit.

    The recorder did not report the correct remaining time (4 times the internal memory), but only reported 2gb of recording time.

    The low mic option also seems to be a little to low. When engaged and put around 6 to 12 inches from the subject it will record at a low level.

    Other than that it is a beautiful piece of machinery....more info
  • If you're trying to decide this is the one!
    I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. Everything I would like to say has already been said by others. It's true that the speakers on the recorder are useless, but even if it didn't have speakers it would be an outstanding field recorder for the price. It's very well built and feels very solid. The controls feel great and are well laid out.

    The only thing that I find fault with is the playback volume. Even through the headphones it's a bit lower than I'd like. Once you have the files in you computer they are great and the volume is fine.

    The audio quality is fantastic, and there are enough options in record modes for most people to set it up how they like it.
    Way to go Olympus! ...more info
  • Olympus PCM Recorder
    Very good quality material, very easy to use and understand each menu, better sound quality. Nothing to complain....more info
  • If you are in the market for a digital recorder, this is it
    I was about to buy either a tascam pro digital recorder or one of the competing models - both in the $800 - $1200 price range when Olympus demo'ed me this item just in time to stop my purchase!

    A digital recorder is simply a musical fidelity, 2 channel recording device that can record uncompressed digital or compressed (MP3,WMA) formats. The professional models give you a high quality VU meter for adjusting levels, compression options to prevent digital clipping, usually XLR jacks with 48V phantom power (which this lacks, but that's not a big deal as it does have line in), and the ability to insert additional memory cards. Limited editing can be done on the unit, but it includes PC software for real editing later (see below)

    For half the price of the cheapest tascam unit, Olympus has the same audio specifications, includes high quality stereo microphones built into the unit, makes a unit that is 1/8 the size of the tascam and literally fits in your pocket, and basically the only 2 things you "give up" are

    1 - it uses SD memory while most everyone else is on compact flash
    2 - it lacks XLR inputs but has a line level input plus 2 built in mic's

    Other than those two limitations, at half the price, it's a killer deal for recording in the studio where you have a line out on your mixing board or on the road with the built in microphones. Since XLR->Line adapters are cheap and I have SD memory (it includes 2GB built in flash which will record for over 3 hours uncompressed digital, w/ USB 2.0 out) I'm not to disappointed. Yes, it would be nice to take a high quality sennheiser microphone and plug it right in, but the compact size (just slightly larger than a dictation recorder including microphones) makes this just too optimal to pass up. The extra $400 savings will buy some very nice microphones to go with it!

    If you are thinking about migrating from a CD-ROM to a digital recorder to put on your mixing board or a portable digital recorder to capture music / speech / etc, this literally can drop in your shirt pocket and be ready instantly. I've recorded several hours with it now and am perfectly satisfied with the CDs I burned on my laptop. I'm sure any musician will be as well!


    Other features - it can act as a USB disk drive, includes a CD rom software package of Steinberg Cubase LE4 for compilations, and has both mic and line in jacks for input, as well as 3.5 mm stereo headphone outputs.


    I had my heart set on the $800 Tascam "lugable" digital recorder when I was given a chance to demo this recorder and at half the price the only real difference to me is I loose the 2 XLR jacks and get 2 quality microphones built into the unit - I loose the weight and get a 2xAA 12 hour runtime, and with the built in 2GB I get over 3 hours of linear PCM recording or 60+ hours of WMA audio. The built in backlit LCDs are comparable between recorders. It's complicated my buying decision, but at half price with all the same "recording" capabilities I'm now searching for a simple XLR -> Line mic preamp to compare an equivalent configuration. I would have liked the XLR+48VDC phantom feature but Olympus chose to put in 2 good mic's instead. I've returned my demo unit and am researching the XLR input issue now but I plan to go this route instead of the comparatively huge tascam recorder.
    ...more info
  • great digital recorder.
    Looked at the Sony and a few others but the Olympus was the best. The price was reasonable and it very user friendly. ...more info
  • Olympus Hits a Homer
    The Olympus LS-10 is one beautiful little piece of equipment and is a worthy competitor to the wonderful SONY PCM-D50.

    The LS-10 has a heavy duty feel to it, similar to the PCM-D50
    but of course much, much smaller.

    It has a superb MENU system, with options to adjust REC MODE, REC LEVEL, ZOOM MIC, REC MONITOR, PLUG IN POWER, six adjustment options for PLAY MODE, along with REVERB and something called EUPHONY for atmospherics.
    Other options include BACKLIGHT, CONTRAST, and LED ON/OFF.

    Brief testing yielded very good recordings, with the MIC SENS switch a critical aspect. However, there is a RECORD thumbwheel control, similar to the SONY, and you can adjust for MANUAL or AUTO in the MENU options. Note that the capsule MICS do not move, as on the SONY D-50, so if this is a consideration for you, check out the SONY.

    Assuming there is no limit on SDHC capacity, one could easily stick 32 GB in there with no problem (I currently use a 16 gb in my Zoom H2 with no difficulty)

    Two additional observations:

    -- Hand movement noise is a problem, with the twin MICS picking it up, similar to the Zoom H2 and SONY, so I would recommend using a tripod or handle -- there is a tripod dock on the bottom of the LS-10

    -- At first, I was not pleased with the placement of the SD door, which seemed far too close to the left hand VOLUME control thumbwheel. However, I now realize it's not that bad -- the SD cover is of the rubber type (obviously they didn't want to have these things breaking off by making them out of hard plastic) and it works well.

    I played a number of files on this through a very good speaker system and am impressed again. I believe Olympus has produced a piece of equipment here that will be compete extremely well at this price point ($348 advance from Sound Professionals) with the SONY PCM-D50.

    ...more info
  • Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
    this is a very versatile device. The sound quality is superb. The unit is well built and rugged. If you want to record live music and have the best sound -- this is the one to get....more info
  • Great recorder!
    Great quality recorder and audio. Easy to use. Very easy to transfer audio to computer via either USB cable or SD card. I highly recommend.

    ...more info
  • Decent, but look to the Sony PCM-D50 for Superb
    This unit is nice, but if you are searching for true recording quality, read on. The Olympus is compact, has external speakers, modern functionality, is lightweight, and records at a decent quality.

    I spent a great deal of time reading reviews for this unit, both here on Amazon and on other websites. The unit in which I was comparing was the Sony PCM-D50. I opted to purchase the Olympus unit for a few reasons, but most importantly: the size, external speakers, price, and mp3 recording ability.

    Upon testing the Olympus I thought the microphones sounded thin, and immediately noticed a distortion between reality, and the recorded result. I tested multiple settings and ultimately came to the same conclusion.

    I ordered a Sony PCM-D50 and A/B'd the units. The Sony is like a recording God sent to rescue audiophiles from corporate exploitation of mediocre production supported by superb promotion.

    Here's what it comes down to: If you are interested in size, formatting options, can skimp on the quality, and price is super important, go with the Olympus or another lower priced unit. If you are at all interested in the quality of the recording (musicians), spend the extra money and get the Sony. You get what you pay for, and you won't be dissatisfied.

    Bryan...more info